‘Total mobilization’: Strasbourg bans public demos amid massive manhunt for Christmas market gunman

‘Total mobilization’: Strasbourg bans public demos amid massive manhunt for Christmas market gunman
With a major operation underway to find the suspect, France has raised its threat level and introduced extra security and border controls, as well as a ban on public assemblies in Strasbourg, following the Christmas market attack.

Have you guys seen this? The false flag attack finally happened.
I wouldn't be surprised if the pharisees actually fake another attack so the tyrant government can outright censor and ban every demonstration in a effort to end the yellow vests movement.

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News article link.

Imagine my surprise

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Gee, how convenient. So when they don't find him they'll have to extend the ban to the entire country, right?

how convenient.


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This won't stop round 5, it will just be more violent

As if you need anymore proof that most "terrorist" attacks weren't intelligence agency operations. Half-brains use the attacks to speak up against immigration in a half-cucked response when in reality its the day-to-day crime that's the problem. I'm curious when the last terrorist in the U.S. for instance was caught beforehand that wasn't being groomed by the same agency (FBI) that caught them? I'm sure its the exact same for all jewish controlled Western nations. You want real terrorism to to parts of East and West Asia, Africa, and the Middle East.

Hopefully this is the biggest red pill to the French yet. It’s so fucking obvious it almost hurts

can we expect more terrorist attacks? been while since a trucking happened. wouldnt mind seeing a dozen protesters get run over like grandma on christmas eve.

It's like closing the barn door after all the animals have left. They need to hang for the damage they've done.

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But why? We have fucking millions of these terrorist here already anyway. Shoting people on street is part of islam. Just blind islamphobia.

Perhaps the protesters should be encouraged to bring their own weapons on Saturday. For personal protection, of course.

We need this. Europe need this!


Heil'd. Too convenient.

This is them doubling down on their power. It's open suppression. You've witnessed the third rung.

Levels of suppression, if it fails, advance a number:
1) Propaganda/Indoctrination
2) Police brutality at protests/Foreign police mercenaries (EU)
3) Outlaw of protest
4) Outlaw of free movement/curfews
5) Police raids on dissidents' homes
6) 'Work camps'/Re-education/Gulags
7) Civil War

No more demos until they catch the gunman and if they never catch the gunman, no more problem!

Crime is a big problem, but maybe an even bigger problem is the huge amount of resources these immigrants take. And this is precisely the problem that not only Macron refuses to address, but actually pledged to amplify.
His "state of emergency" is just a lame attempt to bottle up public rage. They don't know wtf else to do at this point.
Maybe they'll even try to cut Internet communications starting next year, when that EU copyright shit goes in effect.

french anons, steal guns and equipment from the cops and use that shit on the judges and police.

So they're getting CIA muds to murder innocent French civilians just to stop this. Disgusting.

God dammit user. There's a reason we say to meme responsibly! And I say 'we' as in generally speaking.

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Let them try.

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Excellent meme.

Meme become a reality.

Hey frog people,

Don’t stop fighting!

t. Strayan.



Who is Macron? Or rather who is he indebted to?


President Macron is often presented as a Rothschild Boy. This is true, but secondary. Thierry Meyssan demonstrates that he owes his electoral campaign mostly to Henry Kravis, the boss of one of the world’s largest financial companies, and to NATO – a considerable debt which weighs heavily today on the solution to the Yellow Vests crisis.

In December 2014, Henry Kravis created his own Intelligence agency, the KKR Global Institute. He nominated at its head the ex-Director of the CIA, General David Petraeus. With the Kravis couple’s private funds (the KKR investment funds), and without referring to Congress, Petraeus pursued operation « Timber Sycamore » which had been initiated by President Barack Obama. This was the largest weapons traffic in History, implicating at least 17 states and representing many thousands of tons of weapons worth several billion dollars [7]. As such, Kravis and Petraeus became the main suppliers for Daesh [8].

The French President of Bilderberg, Henri de Castries, invited the Deputy Mayor of Le Havre, Edouard Philippe, to the annual meeting, which on this occasion was held in June 2015 in Austria. Philippe was to be re-invited in May 2016, this time in Germany. During the presidential campaign in France, both Henri de Castries and Edouard Philippe supported François Fillon, but dropped him as soon as Jean-Pierre Jouyet [9] handed the Canard Enchaîné the financial documents collected by the Inspectorate of Finances concerning the suspicious employment of Madame Fillon [10]. They then joined Emmanuel Macron’s camp.

In April 2016, Emmanuel Macron founded his political formation En Marche!, whose marketing strategy was copied from that of Kadima (Forward!), Ariel Sharon’s pretended non-right, non-left party. As for Macron’s programme, it was built on the notes of the OCDE [11] and those of the Institut Montaigne, of which Henri de Castries was president. In fact, En Marche! was created in the offices of the Institut. But Castries fooled Fillon into believing that this was pure coincidence , and that he did not support Macron. He continued for months telling Fillon that he was ready to become his Prime Minister.

Initially, the financing of En Marche! was not supervised. It was a simple association which was allowed to receive gifts from abroad. The names of the sponsors were not revealed to the Tax Office. Arch-billionaire Henry Kravis was one of them.

During his campaign, Emmanuel Macron regularly met with the ex-President of the IMF, Dominique Strauss-Kahn (« DSK »). These workshop meetings were denied until they were revealed by Le Parisien, much later, when his reputation as a sexual pervert had died down. DSK (admitted to the Bilderberg Club in 2000) brought both the support of senior government officials and that of French company management – the sociological alliance which had supported the collaborationist régime of Philippe Petain and reformed again in the 1980’s around the Fondation Saint-Simon.

In June 2018, the Minister for Youth and National Education, Jean-Michel Blanquer, was invited on the proposition of Henri de Castries to the annual meeting of the Bilderberg Club, which was held this time in Italy. This lawyer, a specialist in Constitutional law, has always linked political science and education. He was one of the three central directors of the Ministry for Education, then director of the prestigious Ecole Supérieure des Sciences Economiques et Commerciales (ESSEC). He has known Castries for many years, frequenting him at the Institut Montaigne.

When the Yellow Vests crisis began in France [12], it quickly became evident that this was a profound problem which could only be resolved by addressing the question of global finance, which President Macron can not do. During his electoral campaign, he surprised sponsors at a dinner in New York by making accusations against the financialisation of the economy. It was no more than electoral rhetoric. He was taken to task by the Mr. and Mrs. Kravis – financialisation is the system that enables them to operate the « leveraged buy-outs », which have made them what they are.

Faced with the Yellow Vest movement, President Macron will have to sacrifice his Prime Minister as an expiatory victim during the next elections (the European elections of May 2019, which will certainly be lost). But apart from the fact that he has to hang on for five more months, who is there to replace him? When you owe the financing of your electoral campaign and the choice of your Prime Minister to NATO, it is unthinkable to replace him without first referring to the Alliance. The ideal candidate for the job would therefore be Jean-Michel Blanquer.

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Imagine when the French people begin to raid the ZOGbots homes and to tear apart their eyes and chop off their hands on the streets.
Divine justice.

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I'm more worried about an "EU Army" consisting of military age muslim "refugees" armed to the teeth by the kikenvermin of Brussels going from house to house murdering French, German, Italian, Austrian, Dutch and British people with force of tyrannical law, frankly.

White people rise and overthrow the evils.


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I wonder how they found out the guy's identity.

Don't be mistaken, either French law enforcement or European law enforcement, be christian or muslim, be White or sandnigger, work for the same masters.
Anyone of them will enforce tyranny just for the shekels and goodies.
This have been demonstrated a couple of days ago.
Whites are slaves on their own lands and Democracy is a charade unable to resist neither scrutiny neither legitimacy.
As soon as the population wake up to the reality that ZOGbots are not there to protect them, but to keep them in check and to impair them from to regain sovereignty, the real rock and roll will begin.
Even the army is not serving the nation, but the banksters with aggression wars for profit.

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He was already a career criminal and wanted for other crimes - an ideal patsy

That little bitch wants civil war he will have it

Underrated info here.
Globalism can never be disguised.
Trump will get the rope too if he sells the country even more.


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He had a real Isareli passport in his appartment. Mossad agent.


"The suspect, allegedly named (((Chekatt Cherif))), was allegedly born in Cherbourg, a city which has long been known for its relationship to Mossad-operated false flags and espionage actions. Further, the name “Cherif” is often believed to be Arabic, but has a long and storied history of being used by Israeli media members and embedded Mossad agents as well."

"Also being reported by sources: the suspect’s apartment contained a large number of Israeli made grenades and several IDF Galil firearms. Also allegedly recovered from the suspect’s apartment were several passports, reportedly including a forged French, and a real Israeli, passport."

Was necessary because some of the armed forces were beggining to side with the Gilet Jaunes. Discourse begginning to refer to Macron's government as "regime" forces, and the Gilets Jaunes had acquired at least 1 Leclerc MBT.

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And yet innocent white people are murdered by subrraces.
We need to wipe them from the map ASAP. Its a matter of survival, fuck morals.

wew now they care about border control when people are trying to get out

Wut?? Whats the source of that, sir?

Daily Crusader again good user.

I don't vouch for its reliabiltiy and I imagine the shills will come out and say it's cucked but here is a picture they've acquired somehow.

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Is there really anyone here who didn't see this coming as soon as these protests started to gain steam?

Who took the picture? Who posted the picture?
I don't know, seems fishy…

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Not possible until the (((government))) that protect them is gone.


It's far more likely to be the French gov't than the Mossad. They've already been caught sniping protesters, and have everything to lose.

Agree. Can't say I'm sure who took it and posted it. As I say, its provenance is unclear. However, the fact is that that is a Leclerc tank, and those appear to be protestors on it. Who else could they be? Government agent provocateurs? Similarly, its possible that a sympathetic Colonel agreed to support the protestors in the upcoming civil war against the regime forces. Such things happen.

I don't post it as definitive proof. It is circumstantial and suggests an escalation of tensions which might support suggestions that it was necessary for (((the regime))) to up the ante here by kicking off a false flag with the help of Mossad.

Looks like another Ginger…
Is this him?

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Is this him?

Looks like it.

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Any driver outside of their vehicle on the highway is required to wear the yellow vest. That can be a picture of civilian or military personal when they were transporting the tank on the truck.

I hope they find that evil white nazi and skin him alive for shooting those innocent people. Macron is doing what any respectable person should do.

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You cannot expect us to buy your bullshit.

Stop feeding him.

Yes sir.

It is not meaningful.
1 tank needs support to engage and survive, and it has none.
The military responds to (((NATO))) and the (((government))) and can it take out with one anti-tank missile, not big deal.
Whites can win this, not by a frontal assault, but by a million of small paper cuts.

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1 tank needs support to engage and survive, and it has none.

The military responds to (((NATO))) and the (((government))) and can it take out with one anti-tank missile, not big deal.

I agree. But it would be symbolically huge. It would be the first step up from civil disorder, to actual revolution, and where one steps forwards, others might follow. It only takes momentum. One battalion commander sides with them, followed by a division elsewhere and so on. It makes people question where their loyalties lie - to the French people or to a corrupt regime imposing its will on them?


One tank can lead the crowd past the police lines to the Elysee Palace and storm it.

But reality begs to differ.
That tank will never travel more than 5 miles without to be destroyed.

Knowing that the last few jewish false flags resulted in martial law for several months after the attacks, why would a pro-Palestinian anti-isreali terrorist kill random goys and not a single jewish elite during one of the biggest anti jewish establishment protests in recent times?

Hmmm we shall see; put it on a flatbed truck, cover with a tarp and truck it to where you want to deploy it. And hell make them destroy it. Imagine the press photos of a burning Leclerc on the Champs Elysee on the front page of every newspaper in the world. CIVIL WAR

Wait, what Christmas market gunman?

Was there another attack?

You know how it goes, the largest protest against the jewish elites gets broken up by an anti-isreali pro-Palestinian terrorist who decides to kill goys and gets France under martial law… which only benefits the jewish elites and puts a end to the protests against the jewish elites which is embarrassing them in the world's eyes…again.

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Hardly with a lightly armed population.
However it is possible to fight with guerrilla tactics and to make it work if the electric grid is turned off.
(((They))) use electricity to feed surveillance cameras and cell towers. Phones are used to locate people looking at what cell tower is hooked at any time plus listen to people's comms in real time. This ability (((they))) have gotta go.
Only then, the ZOGbot open season can start, to diminish their numbers and at the same time acquiring their weapons is the way.

here we go…the rumors are rife


Strasbourg attack not a govt conspiracy to undermine Yellow Vests – Interior Ministry official
Published time: 12 Dec, 2018 10:27
Edited time: 12 Dec, 2018 11:33

The Strasbourg shooting, which claimed three lives on Tuesday night, was not a secret government ploy to undermine the mass protests gripping France for weeks, contrary to rumors online, a senior official has said.
Secretary of State for the Interior Ministry Laurent Nuñez said he was “outraged” by claims that the attack in Strasbourg may benefit the government in its struggle against the so-called Yellow Vest movement.

A burning Leclerc…that'll be the headline…

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The state of emergency from the previous attacks was never rescinded.

French lawyers being arrested at the Rouen Palais de Justice by the riot police


This keep getting better. Civil war when?

Of course its not a secret when everybody knows how obvious it was.

How do I say “checked” in French?

Check them.
Trips confirm


Yes, we need things like work place sabotage, followed up by some multikulti’s death. Leave it unclear whether it’s the employer solving the problem. Meanwhile workers make more demands and infrastructure suffers. Sabateurs eventually can leave “dangerous” job to go full time against the regime.

Why not dual passport wielding kikes or zionist traitor politicians?

A tip from your brothers in the east, even if your work is such that you can't walk away from it. You can still intentionally gum up the workings of the state. Miss orders, reschedule deliveries, intentionally run machines in such a way that damages them without outright breaking them. 101 little things that carry a veneer of plausible deniability done on a mass scale can bring the state to it's knees.

They're probably also trying to increase the anti-immigration aspects of the protests, both to denounce the yellow vests as racists for an excuse to shut down the demonstrations, and a D&C tactic to create tension between the left and right who, so far, have been fairly united, and who's differences mainly rest in their views on immigration.

Small things, traffic cameras, nails and glass on roads transited by (((government's forces))), sabotage of ZOG collaborators' cars like sugar in the gas tank or paint remover on the hood, clogging the pipes of government buildings, throwing yellow paint at ZOGbots' family members; creativity and payback have no limits.

Those things work too, but the idea is that you're not doing anything that is actually a crime if you get caught. Running the engine hot, writing the wrong date on a shipping form, not locking doors, under servicing machines. None of these things on their own are provably deliberate, and even when a factory boss knows it's happening on a mass scale there isn't really anything he can do about it.

This is for people who have to go to work, either because they'll starve if they don't, or they work in places deemed strategic objects and compelled to show up even in times of crisis, or if the person in question is simply a coward and doesn't want to commit more direct action. The point is, this is something anyone can do, and if everyone starts to do it, the whole system starts to shake itself apart.

If you've got people also doing the kinds of things you're suggesting as well, that will accelerate it, but if you're willing to mess around with that you may as well just do rear line duty at the protests and take it a step farther.

I'm pretty sure the protesters are beyond giving a fuck about their government at this point.

THIS. Best way to gum up the works is small, low risk actions that en masse, slow and fuck up the govt.

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Checked twice

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You don't use sugar. Use Dirt instead, or better yet, sand in the bearings. Abrade the gears and the damn thing has to be taken apart.

Martial law involves the use of military and guns…

Take America for example, they actually own their own hardware and have yet to have done anything more useful than shoot empty soup cans in a forest despite their nation being raped from under their feet by the jewish controlled puppets they elected.

How can unarmed citizens compete with fully armed military preventing them from being out on the streets after dark?


any scenario where europeans are not totaly fucked up? it is like if you have aids, cancer and ebola.

A word of advice, you typically don't want to go around shooting at guys with more guns than you have, if you can help it. If it comes down to the army just wanton butchering their way through the countryside, you want them firing first, as every single one of those soldiers is going to have someone he's worried about seeing butchered.

No matter how good the goy, they aren't going to want to see their wife shot for missing curfew by ten minutes, their parents crushed under the treads of a tank because they couldn't pay the new war taxes, their children tore apart by the new mass conscripted muslim levies, because they didn't show enough respect to the new overseer.

If they have to shoot at you, and they can't think of a single good reason to do it, but a whole ream of reasons like the above NOT to do it, you're going to see mass defections, and THAT's where you'll get the guns you need to shoot back. But you start shooting first, and you'd be surprised how many of those soldiers convince themselves that you needed to be put down instead.

Kek, who the fuck is going to buy this line from an already hated administration.

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is macron even going to make it to the elections in 2019?