Since 2015 the inclusion of B.A.M.E. (Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic) characters in UK advertising has doubled from 12% to 25%. However, 3 in 5 adverts (60%) still feature all or a majority of white people. NEGATIVE STEREOTYPING REMAINS. While the percentage of people feeling inaccurately portrayed has reduced - by 9% for Black people and 7% for Asian people - many feel their culture isn’t recognized or that they’re negativity stereotyped in advertising.ETHNIC IDENTITY IS COMPLEX AND PERSONAL
Ethnicity is one of the most important identity descriptors for B.A.M.E. groups. However 
the scale of importance varies with 77% of Black respondents strongly identifying with their classification, compared to 53% of Asian people and 46% of mixed race/mixed ethnic groups. Asian and mixed race/multiple ethnic males are more likely to identify with their gender first showing that standard classifications gloss over important cultural identities.

Full Document here:

td;dr - 3/5 adverts were white only and 10% of the UK is Black or "Asian" so we need to do more to make sure 100% of adds are "diverse" because muh diversity is strength.

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Full PDF

more evidence as if needed that the primary purpose of advertising is not to sell the named product.

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Not enough jews either.

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Anyone else ever wish you could toss a 9 month pregnant coal burner into an industrial shredder? Also how could there not be enough niggers, I dont think I've seen any ads that aren't interracial couples. Maybe just have all actors in all advertisements be 100% nigger by law?

They aren't even hiding that it's about genocide anymore lmao

That is not the same as

3/5 all white or _majority_ white
We all know they shove niggers in almost every commercial.

Well, step over slavery and genocide because the jews are aiming for the pole position in committing the biggest crime against the human race in the history of mankind…the violent abolishment of race itself.

It is likely that only 20% or so is only whites, and the remaining 40% is whites and shitskins.
They paint a picture that having shitskins be a minority in your ads is bad, even though they are a minority in your society.
These people are insane and need to be disposed of.

There is no way niggers make people want to buy things. It must just be a demoralization thing. They can't get away with putting interracial cuck porn on a billboard, so they just put a pregnant coal burner with a nigger instead.

Just not the Jewish race.

This right here is the leading cause of why I can't watch TV or read magazines anymore.

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The study is also very revealing as is shows here that "minorities" identify with race first and foremost, while whites do not (because we've been brainwashed that way).

The are asian mongols. The have mixed with everything, while inbreeding themselves into psychopathic spheres unheard of. They stole the term jew, they made up their so called religion on the mockery of others, and their "homeland" isn't theirs either…never was.

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I see this non-stop here in the US, as if white women can't date any one besides a fucking monkey. I wish the would to burn.

they specifically target white women, because if you can burden white wombs with brown babies, not only is their kid not white, but they can't have other white babies during that time.

What about the representation of B.A.N.E?

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Our media is all based in a mere few cities around the world user. Only they need to burn.

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If only France wasn't so far away, I could die with a bang instead of a whimper.

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My god! We have to invade France immediately in order to liberate these oppressed people from a tyrannic and genocidal authoritarian regime!

Why do westerners have to represent everyone else, India does perfectly fine producing a shitload of movies, some of which actually really good, representing their own culture.
Why is everyone expecting white people to do it for them?

nailed it

Furthermore, they DO have weapons of mass destruction, a lot.

Well that seals it. Call up the neocons we have a war to plan.

They did help us with the tea tax problem. How can Trump, the world's police, stand by and do nothing while the French have a fuel tax problem?

So the shitskins are colossaly overrepresented already but it still isn't good enough? Seems about right.

The kikes have done you a favor, and if you feel this way, then a lot of other people will too.

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B.A.N.E. representations rises.

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Forgot to fix the white box.

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Actually been thinking it would be better to take the father of said coal burner with his entire extended family sitting in front of him and lay out the choice. Cull the mongrel spawn of his daughter and her shitskinn fuck in front of her and the rest of his family with his own hands, or watch as the entirety of his family is burned alive at the stake. Of course making sure live vids of the whole thing is streamed. Pretty sure after a couple examples there would be some exceedingly interesting conversations about whom exactly is 'family' around a lot of dinner tables.

If we have do to the heavy lifting of saving our race. We may need to 'recruit' the more standard normalfags into the ranks somehow or they will take every opportunity to cuck the fuck out and pretend they are the 'good guy' hero in their own story while externalizing what has to happen onto those whom have conviction. Making the story of the salvation of their race their own is paramount to ensuring our long term goals are seen to. Arguing with words is clearly not working.

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Magazines are just ads, I don't see any reason to ever pick up one of those pieces of shit.

Now is not the time for mutlikulti, that comes later.

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Walking into a Lloyds bank is like walking into an Owen Jones wet dream. There are no exclusively white ads, and they always have a massive gay poster with a white man kneeling down proposing to a black man with the caption "He said YES!" not symbolic at all. It's usually on the cash machines as well. When they had it in the window of my local branch, that window got smashed.
I personally am removing my business from them after decades, not that there's much better but Lloyds do seem to be by far the worst for this shit. It's disgusting to any normal human being.

Majority white =/= Majority White Male.

I'm guessing the "Majority White" ads involve only a white woman. With a black man as a "supporting role" (despite caressing her)

This stuff is kike trash of the highest magnitude.

HA HA HA. Ultimately this is going to fail when they realize that this offends a majority of people from every race and start losing customers and market share. Everyone should be proud of their own race and should not feel the need to mix.

How can we exploit this blatant attack on blacks? Black is beautiful!


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Are you fucking serious? Nearly every fucking advert has some shitskin on it and it's just the worthless wogs because never have I seen some currynigger or oriental bloke in them not sure why they aren't whining about that. It's gotten so bad now you'd think half the UK was made up with niggers but they're just a couple percent and less than pajeets and gooks no less. Fuck this country deserves to burn, this is our karma for not siding with Hitler. If we really were the good guys, we'd be rewarded but God is punishing us for siding against Hitler with dark devils on our isles.

here you go, user, have half a cord.

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I thought about this too. From a white perspective, anti-miscegenation argumentation usually goes along the lines of preventing black taint from entering the white bloodpool. But whenever blacks raise white lovers/spouses on a pedestal as status symbols, they are implicitly agreeing with this view, and demonstrating a desire to racemix upwards in society. Because their child will be less black, he will have a better chance in a white society. Not completely wrong either, but again, implicitly signalling that fullblooded blackness is something to be escaped rather than affirmed.

Maybe we could meme black genocide as a corollary to white genocide, as in essence they are the same thing.

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