Anthony Weiner: Producer of Child Pornography

Hold on to your hats, because IT'S HAPPENING :^)

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There were at least 1.4 million items found on Weiner's laptop and the FBI was told that Huma and Hillary were outside their scope

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Producer, director, and star!
It’s just Hollyweird. Nothing to see here.

Surprised Black Cube hasn't shown up to the thread yet.


How do all of these creeps have more data than the data hoarders?

Doug Brand and Imran Awan installed Blackberry Enterprise Servers on all the DNC staffers laptops and desktops, then had them all syncing everyone's phones, even Hillary and Huma's.
Weiner went a step further and created an "insurance" folder where he kept blackmail video evidence which the NYPD said would implicate at least 70% of the US government

Nothing is happening, dipshit

why is nothing important to you?

Sounds like fake news. Got a source on that? And no, truepundit and q posts are not legitimate sources.

I want to believe something is happening but Anthony Weiner was "investigated for sexually explicit exchanges he allegedly had with a 15-year-old girl". This came out in January 2017.
What's new about this?

Wasn't it Huma's insurance policy not Weiner's?

I'm just stating the fact that the system will not attack itself. If you believe otherwise, you have a low IQ and should visit your doctor for a vasectomy to prevent spreading your low quality genetics.

the FBI agent dropped a hint by explaining the scope on Huma and Hilary was limited in the OIG report, that was enough to get a new investigation going.

the "insurance" folder was found on Weiner's Dell laptop which the NYPD had in its possession until sept 2016 when the FBI collected it.
It's because of the NYPD that we learned about the folder and that the contents would show at least 70% of the US government was compromised by blackmail.

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Yep, this. Everything was funneled to Weiner (and probably through him, Mossad), to MI5, and also to Pakistani intel.

You're getting sweaty, schlomo.

that's right, and Huma is the Muslim Brotherhood's link

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It's funny that Weiner and Huma broke up but then realized they'd have to go to court and testify against each other so they're back together to save them from that fate.

Just remember anons. There exists a reality where;
Is a thing.

So there are programs to compare sets of images with itself to find duplicates.
Do you think that CIAniggers share their CP with the FBI to see if images match and are CP? Because CIA has all the CP, or close to it.

Bump because cuck-chan threads are getting slid too fast.

there is a very strong possibility that the NSA has a backup of all the evidence but because of the "fruit from a poison tree" technicality (no warrant was used to gather the data) they couldn't use it in court, but they can corroborate the evidence with NYPD who kept a backup copy of the laptop's contents to verify the validity of everything stored on it

The NSA could just accidentally leak it to the NYPD and it would be allowed in court through exigent circumstances.
For example;
If I illegally break into someone's house and steal a laptop. That laptop can be used by the police to charge the home owner if it has CP on it.

Nothing is happening OP you stupid faggot. That letter is clean as a whistle, stop creating drama you melodramatic bitch.

Hi there, Anthony.

Chained in unholy matrimony. Huma must want to kill herself daily.

I take it you're the only one retarded enough to touch this, kike? Sound a bit nervous since you immediately resorted to ad hom, rather than any effort to actually discuss anything.

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When the ZOG Emperor doesn't do anything about this or any of his other kid-fucking kike friends, will you finally kill yourself out of shame?

You're not very good at this.

Eric Prince talked about this on Stefan Molyneux and on Breitbart when it was new.


You seem awfully nervous about something that is supposed to be nothing.

It's not a system genius. It's a bunch of individuals with their own wants and desires.

Quit thinking like a Communist, and then the situation will present itself as how it really is, and how I perceive it.

Fucking' knew it. In some of the recently released Clinton emails, where Clinton forwards Huma an email and says "pls print" happens a lot Huma will respond and include what's very clearly Huma's gmail in the cc or sometimes Huma's personal email is already copied along with Clinton's
They also operated on a few different domains. there's the clintonemail domain, Clinton Foundation domain, gmail domain, and obviously the senate domain. It's not inconceivable that these systems were compartmentalized to a certain degree but varying parties sometimes kept material for their own uses blackmail, selling of secrets, etc

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Memtics don't make things happen, individuals acting to create the situations to make them happen do. It's a vast network of individuals with something to gain from the actions.

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That isn't a source either. Some random zogbot jackoff making claims is not a source, smelly dumb boomer scum. Learn to evaluate evidence.


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How is this any different than the Trump underage sex allegations? Oh, that's right - one is about a guy you actually like and the other one not so much, even though they're both suit and tie politico slime.

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Reminder that Q-LARP is a paid jewish shill and a proven hoax. No one is coming to save you. No one is being arrested.

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Nothing is happening. He's getting released from prison early in spring. The die was cast when they charged him with the lesser charge of transferring obscene material to a minor.

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nothing exists between your ears and legs.

anyone else slightly surprised that the FBI uses the term "CP" in their documents regarding it as opposed to writing the whole term out as one would formally?

Yes. Mods would actually nail the kike shills effectively if they go after those crying a scriptes "q larp" response.

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You can be Huma sent it to her buddies in the Muslim Brotherhood..

this fucking pedophile shit
if it's real, tear it down. all costs, tear it down
if it's not, quit agitating

i think this post is all that deserves to be said by someone at a total distance. it's up to the people with skill and access enough to make critical decisions to carry through on relevant decisions. it's an unhappy thing to trust others on, but trust is the only thing. it's so distant. all we can do is stop whatever portion of it crosses our reach directly.

you know, this morality stuff… if leftists are really so unspeakably pure that they can lash out at anyone who dares speak of evil… if they're so clever they know how to lash and hate and still be considered all-loving… they're gonna just win every favor of social causality as soon as they learn to stop lashing out. it's just the unchallengeable hatred that kills their perfect presentation. the thing they're clever enough to be acknowledged for having is going to carry them everywhere once they're clever enough to make the illusion something real. let people be people. let people care about what they care about.

but illusions never changed into something real
i'm wide awake and i can see the perfect sky is torn

any of you that are actually secretly conservatives need to be better at being loving and tolerant too, because alienation moves towards love, the people who fall out with the dishonest are powerful if they find better things in truth

Familiarity breeds laxity? Yeah, struck me as awfully unprofessional.


Can you give me a rundown on BC? And their apparent involvement in whatever happened to Assange?


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Did you just drop a Natalie Imbruglia lyric? I think you did.

Hey, cool it with the anti-Hibernian remarks.

ah good to see that this only took
better late than never amirite??

He’ll get probation and community service coaching high school girl’s PE when all is said and done.

one fucking word:
and how the fuck are we supposed to ascertain if its real without putting pressure on the fucking pedos? obviously the cops/feds arent going to do their jobs.

unlike cops and investigators into this stuff the honest ones obviously, not the ones covering for it, we dont have a code we have to follow. sure, accuracy is very important, especially with such charges like pedophilia, but the fact stands that while we dont have enough evidence to get it done in a court of law, we have the most massive mountain of circumstantial evidence to get people thinking. putting public pressure on these freaks is effective hence why the pizzagate thing was so hyped, then they got that glownigger to shoot up comet, and scrapped the whole thing. it was too close to what was actually happening and combining that with all the work that has been done digging into them, theres enough to at least get people talking and thinking about it. because thats the main issue with the pedophilia stuff. it happens en masse everywhere in the world, and people simply dont talk about it. either from shame, fear, or simply being unaware of it.

so no, i will not stop agitating
its not my battle to try and point fingers at particular people, but it is my battle to point in the general direction of the obvious child sex orgy, because, you know, that shits fucking fucked, and the (((people))) responsible deserve to be flayed alive eternally

i mean the guys already been charged as a sex offender, no?
id wager they wont be able to give him the same kind of light sentence he got last time, especially if we make sure theres enough public attention on him while this is happening.

bonus points, when normalfags go "literally who?", you can explain how the FEDs finding CP on weiners laptop and seizing it is what made the hillary email scandal which was ongoing at the time this happened mainstream and validated the whole thing.

We’ll see, but he has a better chance than almost anyone of getting a little smack and being sent back home to a cushy job and, more importantly, Twitter.

this is why im saying we should meme him back into relevancy while this is ongoing
i mean the guys name is weiner and he is (((suspected))) of producing CP. wouldnt take much effort to get memesters to signal boost it imo

Never did that, faggot. Gain some reading comprehension.

Afaik there is no evidence of Epstein being a pedophile. His sex slaves were all pubescent teens. Same with Weiner. He was messaging some 16-17 year old thots.

Your trips of divine wisdom suggest that you read the FBI vault on Epstein. IIRC his lawyer, whom you might recognize, managed to get him off the hook despite quite a lot of evidence of foul play.

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i sincerely urge you to look into the the absolute specifics of what transpired in the courtroom especially the evidence that was tossed out or otherwise obfuscated during that case and then tell me that again

and would you look at that
thank you user

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Can you cite a specific instance of evidence showing he engaged in any pedophile activity? "Pedophile" being properly defined as sexual activity with pre-pubescent children.

Been hearing about that and the insurance policy since 2016 when will the people who have the copies of that hard drive drop it?

"Insurance policy" is for the most part fake news.


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The agent was only authorized by the warrant to look into emails if the metadata suggested they contained CP. They literally say IN THE SAME SENTENCE "I did not review tcontent of these emails". So this letter means the exact opposite of what you're sperging about.
I bet you got a lot of points posting this on the donald though. good job faggot.

Hebephiles gets the rope too.

Coming to a timeline near you.


its means all the dirt on 70% of the government is sitting at the FBI untouched. I can guarantee they had a peak at the goodies, but they can't do anything about it.

It's funny because the Zig Forumsack is a sociologist.

Sure thing, Shlomo.
It won a Cannes film award.
Also Playboy featured child porn in the 70s on its front page, I think a couple well known magazines did too.
I'd link the Blackpilled video that covered it but I'm phone posting.

What about heebphiles?

Shut up mossad. Your pedo empire is collapsing and there's nothing you can do to stop it this time.

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1.4 million items is not that many datas. true hoarders have at least 6 gorillion datas… with infinite datas available in the gas cloud

In weiners case they actually have evidenc and a victim. #arizonamafia #nxivm