USA gets hate speech by the back door

USA gets hate speech by the back door
College student charged with hate crimes for swastika posters

18 year old student was charged with aggravated harassment, a felony.

The unconstitutional law:
New York Governor Signs Tough New Swastika Law

Some TRSodomite guy called up the pigs to quiz them about the case.
TL;DR of the call:
The guy was charged because of the content of the fliers.
Swastikas are illegal to hang in "public viewing"

Knight first amendment institute

Image related is the person who called it in.

Apologies for low effort bread.

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Archive of the article and kike free first post

Kikes are trying to violate ancient Aryan symbology and erase our history from the globe by any means necessary

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Not surprising. Jews have always pushed for hate speech to be classified as violence. I'm ambivalent towards it all though because I know what happens when speech is limited. speech is forced underground resulting in violent blowback aka whites finally fighting back

Hate speech has been illegal since the civil war.

"Hate speech" is a meaningless Jew-invented concept.


Well shit


Hate speech does not exist and has never been illegal. Kill yourself.

Nice try, kike.

Its illegal to say you are boycotting Israel, we have had illegal speech for quite some time

post swastikas to anger the jew

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This man was charged with a felony for his SPEECH and his speech only

I'm sure our commander-in-chief will protect the Constitution of the United States of America. lol.

This is what lawyers and litigation are for.

and They think it's funny

No chance this stands up in court. All this will do is ruin this young man's life since any potential employer will look him up and find this garbage case.
Jokes on the kikes though, they just made someone who has nothing to lose.

a boo hoo cry more little white boy your country is ours. your women are our whores to throw around as we please.your laws serve us and all you can do is post on this image board

lol, only if he represents himself. The lawyers are all kikes. The judges too. Good luck with that.

I took a shit on a dead kike's grave last night. What are you gonna do about it, Moishe?

Well, yeah. I mean Trump pardoned SHolom Rubashkin who is an uber-kike. This isn't surprising. We lost WW2, so the whole world is shit now. Acceleration is the only solution. We need to burn everything down and start over.

throw you jail for hate speech

This is bait, but I'll play: Only by means of unprecedented perfidy and kabbalistic demonology have you gotten to have a little party for seventy years after millennia of getting raked into the coals by every single nation you have come across, and the victory has made you soft and spoiled. Seventy years is a blink of an eye in a historical context, and people all over the world are already beginning to get wise and run out of patience with you. So have your fun for the few years you have left. Get as fat and as self-assured you want. It just makes you easier to catch.
It's not LARPing when we warn you that this time will be the last, and that's exactly why your kind has been puling out all the stops the past few years. Bring on the nukes, Samson.

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This goy gets it.

The French have figured it out, and America will learn it too.


Whites have been getting locked up for hate speech under "intimidation" laws since the civil war.

your soldiers wear diapers and your people are disappearing. the womens lib bullshit jews pushed so hard infected Israel too and now its dying as well. Once the shekels dry up from the US not willing or able to fund and protect them, sand niggers are going to rape all the jews to death. no matter what the outcome is of any of this, jews are going to get their shit pushed in so hard they will never recover. Your days are numbered, kike.


image related

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this. heil hitler and fuck kikes.
– t. jew

SEIG HEIL!!!!!!!

ass clown

Jews used to represent nazis and won some important free speech cases. Not anymore.
What happened?

Illegal laws are not legal. Violating them is not illegal.

That never happened, dumbass.

Charlie was an insane genius who dropped out of the system, created an independent white society, and was persecuted for doing so.

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Cooler than you torfag

See you in the gulag friend

It did with Mike Enoch and weev's spiritual forefather Frank Cohen.

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Okay, thanks for disproving your own claim.

Still was a fucking nutcase, though.

Learn to read IDs

Internet was only limited to academia and corporate (Bell Labs) R&D at that time, and only the apolitical and centrist big brained dealt with it. The game has changed a lot in the last 40-45 years.

Yeah boyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

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So sue me.1st fucking amendment. GAS THE FUCKING KIKES, RACE WAR NOW.

Fuck off jew lover.

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Manji - a Japanese symbol identical to the 3rd Reich's "hakenkreuz"or swastika, but mostly depicted as a "left handed spiral" has been popular for centuries in Japan.

"Japanese Buddhism uses both left and right-facing manji. The left-facing horizontal manji is used to mark Buddhist temples"

the manji has long been a holy and auspicious symbol in Japan and throughout Asia. Now it’s something schoolgirls put in Instagram posts and tweets when showing off their latest hairstyles.

"In Japanese slang manji now has an array of meanings. According to My Navi, kids say it when they’re taking photos like the English word “cheese,”
"Other uses include “to appear strong,” “high class,” … It’s even used as punctuation marks or to mean “yay.”


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"Strong, high class"

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Why put it in quotes, user?

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How the fuck can you make that illegal.
If he doesn't appeal all the fucking way up then hes a moron.


That phrase in particular stuck out to me compared to the others. The photographs of the samurai in the late 19th century really are something, even though they were just bureaucrats at this point, they were still the last real knightly culture to date. Just imagine if the knightly class existed long enough to be captured on camera.

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Blame the emperor.

Not the emperor, just those bob damn Tokugawas.

Who had final say? Who listened to them? The Samurai were chomping at the bit to fuck up foreigners.


The Tokugawas were way more powerful than the emperor, he might've been a god, but it was in Tokugawa interest to keep rebellions and civil wars from happening again.

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bragged out gay sex to bugliosi
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So the Emperor listened to kikes and decided. Thanks for agreeing.

I'd take him any day over you.

of course you would, gay boi

If you can't even be trusted to call Charles Manson a manlet when being critical of him, you can't be trusted to do anything. Worse still, you might even be one of them.

calm down, sissy

A lotta projection for a hired shill.

cry harder

Idk if the Tokugawas were kikes or not, but they kind of ruined Japan's economy for 200 years (the samurai were the ones raking in all the dough during times of war). The Tokugawas also kept all the other lords from building up their own armies by making them live near Tokyo to spend crazy amounts of money. (ironically similar to what Louis XIV did with his lords.)

You're blending in, little guy. Just keep going.

you blend in well sucking a mulatto felon's cock so hard, fag boi

amateur shilling

It's amazing how threads improve when you filter Torpedo posters

boo hoo, cries the jew

Is this the best Langley can do in the year of our lord 2018?

Come on torfaggot. I know you've just finished dogwagging niggers on twitter but you could at least make an effort to change your dialogue to reflect that.

no u

fumigation tiem
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weak bantz tbh
step it up, faggs

Check your handbook, I think they may have given you 2008 by mistake.

change your diapers, jeb

Your performance review's gonna suck this month, eh chaim?

low energy. work harder

Are those things you expect to see on your boss's appraisal of you? Probably not far off.

keep trying, jeb

Why can't they just pose as militant Buddhists?

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It all sounds delicious. I'll have column 3 -+ with the wonton soup

wy or friri?

all he has to do is keep appealing, and Cuomo will get BTFO by the upper courts

It will result in more precedent saying this kind of speech is legal (duh), so it won't be all bad. There is zero chance for this surviving the court system. It will be a lost faster too considering this isn't commifornia.

Can you stop reeing at people repeating facts? This Zig Forums is almost unbearable at this point.

No, Charles was the victim of homosexuality and single motherhood. He was abused so badly that he became an abuser as a way to cope. This is very common. We should pity him and look at his story as an example of what can happen when children are left to predators.

We have to kill the abusers, the faggots, the single mothers who treat their children like this. Drug addicts and all the rest. Kill them so they might not pass on their curse to the next generation.

That’s more of a hate movement

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At various points in history people were willing to die and kill for their rights. At this point the kikes are aware that a large portion of the population are not. People seem to believe that because the Constitution says you have the right that you actually do. You don't until enough people are willing to give up their life and today's definition of humanity for it. An argument can, as is always, made that the person will simply win in court. These arguments are made by people that have no understanding of the short term and long term cost to actually fight such a thing in court. Sure, the person may actually win (that is becoming increasingly less likely), but they will forever be in debt and have a black mark upon themselves for being dragged in to the process in the first place. By being charged they have already damaged that person considerably. And when the person loses, as they do and will, it will be forgotten to those that were certain that the outcome would reinforce their supposed freedom. Why? Because to admit that you can be imprisoned for saying or writing something in the United States is admitting that it is all over. To admit what others, including those who wrote these guarantees already knew. They are only truly guaranteed by the blood of patriots and traitors. That, as time changed, people would either remember the cost or forget. It has been widely forgotten. At this stage some will happily walk to the gallows believing that words written hundreds of years ago will save them before it all goes black, if only to avoid the reality that they are not in control.

1. Kill yourself. It never happened.
2. Then leave, you fucking cuckchanner.

And even if you are willing to pay the cost of freedom that isn't enough. Freedom has a threshold, a proverbial boiling point to keep it in tact. A few drops of boiling water will not keep the bubbles and steam alive. Too many have been brainwashed in to thinking that there is a limit, too much of the water being poured in to this pot is kept at a safe 100 degrees. The few boiling hot drops are not enough. Maybe a flaming barrel of hell under a cast iron pot of water is waiting to tip over and reheat it, but at the moment it seems like everyone is afraid of accidentally burning something or another.

Polite sage for double post.

Buddhism is more compatible with National Socialism than Christianity tbh

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D.O.B. 12/6/57 (age 61)

4 Bittersweet Ln
Mount Kisco, NY 10549-3705

917 923-2710 - Wireless
718 452-5201 - LandLine
212 269-0000 - LandLine
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nigger are you serious?
delete this shit before you post it
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Iran and other Muslim nations are going to kill you so hard. I can't wait to watch Mohammed rape and kill your mothers and sisters on liveleak and repost pictures of soiled JDF diapers. You fucks are so up shit creek and everyone is waking up to der ewige Jude. Enjoy what little time you have left on earth because I'll be laughing at the carnage of your undoing until my last breath.

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The exact phrase the commissar utters in my nightmares while I'm being tortured to death.

Now you faggots know why we wear gloves and print IOKTBW posters on secondhand printers we bought with cash.

The funny part? If we lived in a NatSoc society, cuck faggots like Cuomo would get the motherfucking rope for being anti-white pieces of shit spend their lives mouthing the slogans of the Party. We'd never be able to spot them, because they'd sound like they're talking sense, when in reality they're just NPCing the received wisdom.

Post more hate speech. Really pile it on, and if you're caught find a Jew from the ACLU who'll work pro bono until it gets to the Supreme Court. Let's find out where we really stand, so the normalfags will have one less illusion.

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charged != convicted

Unless you are 100% sure this can be done anonymously do it for fun. But if you want to redpill normies, find better images to use as fliers.

And be smart, there are 100 other "nazi" symbols and images that can be used, make them look like retards for getting triggered by pepe the frog or other obscure shit.

No shit its what (((they))) want, another white shooter so they can bolster the "all whites are evil so no guns" claim.

Daily reminder this is literally thought policing.

Well, mainly this will put a lot of New York Jews in jail since they are generally the ones painting poop swastikas.