QueerDSA makes an ad that can't even be considered a high/low quality shitpost

Ve musd dismadle gapitalisd obbression by subbording der inbentions (homosegx and fembinism) :DDDD Id vill deach dose Jewish Vhite bigods a ding or dwo vhen dey mess vith parasites minoridies :DDDD

t. QueerDSA

One literal faggot OP made a "thread" about this but it's lacking content and lulz:

Either way, this is a good opportunity to talk about how the left doesn't even know itself anymore. The video only ever amassed to a whole bunch of walls of text as expected from modern commies. Said walls of text are completely made up of artificial identity politics i.e. claiming homosexuality is being "suppressed" by "(((capitalism)))" without acknowledging the fact that the entire (((capitalist))) multimedia empire in the US and the West celebrates it 24/7. Whether the video intentionally ignored this fact or they are completely unaware of it, I don't know. This should lead to this question; why are they even homosexuals and feminists to begin with? In my opinion, it's probably because "right wingers" hate homosexuality, and since they consider these "fascist reactionaries" to be in bed with "(((capitalists)))", they would create some form of mental gymnastics that homosexuality, feminism, open borders, multiculturalism, and race mixing is what the proletariat should "love and support". Then again it's very inconclusive and nonsensical, because of the (((Soviet Union)))'s stance on homosexuality. In Lenin's own words, he considered it as a form of "bourgeois morality". If you don't believe me, here's the quote:

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Here are the rest of the "QueerDSA" images from the other "thread". Bask in its glorious, intelligent and enlightened statements, Zig Forums. You'll love it. :^)

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These degenerates would have been sent to the gulags by Stalin himself. A real Soviet Russian from the 30's would have curb stomped these mentally ill mouth-breathers. This is exactly why I left gommunism as a whole, it's a giant meme at this point.

*funded by X woke corporation

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>lol all gommies are trannys Zig Forums xDDDD

Regrettable that E. Michael Jones made Barren Metal so expensive because it’s a good lil book that shows why capitalism a shit.

Is he wrong? They're literally all trannies and soys

did you even read the OP?

How can those people be so insane, so detached from reality? Queer proletariat? What? Sexual deviancy always stemmed from the bourgeois, often jewish.

he literally grasped the deepest meaning behind the left:

however, *capitalistas* are part of the same dialectic.

Such a lost cause. Why do they always feel the need to come here, again? No one likes them here except for other /leftycuck/ crossposters doing pretty subversion.

*petty subversion



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Reminder: /tranny/'s admin sucked off the /tv/ BO for permission to shitpost on /tv/

Homosexuality has literally always stemmed from the upper class you raging faggot.

So, how quickly do you think a sockpuppet would get banned for spreading that visual and audio form of cancer on twatter and facegerb?

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Care to explain the context of that webm post? Assuming you are a leftycunt from /leftycunts/ in denial that your new version of communism has nothing to do with Soviet-style communism, and that says a lot considering they are both kosher to the core.

Sorry for the IP change.

This, too.

Hilarious because you can't know if it's a postironic in-joke made by Chapo Trap House/Pantifa goons or real, deluded TSA tards thinking the late 19th century working class really consisted of gays, lesbos and crossdressers who would've gotten on HRT if that had been availiable because their critical gender studies prof told them so.
Good job.

Oh my fucking G-d, don't make us remember that horrible image. Really shows how mentally broken they are nowadays.

Fuck you. Mercy weakens us.

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t. Zig Forums

Exactly. Every time they go to Zig Forums, they keep denying that they fucked up by letting degenerates join their cause, and now they are being replaced. As I have said before.

why is his pp so small?

fucking spoiler that, christ

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Out of touch transsexuals on adderall think every thought that pops into their calcified brain is creative genius.

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Yeah I have the same reaction to be honest.