Senior Israeli Minister Calls For Mass Genocide of Palestinians

Senior Israeli lawmaker Avi Dichter called for the killing of all Palestinians in the Gaza Strip earlier this year.
The politician who serves serves as a chair of the Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee in the Knesset made the controversial remarks during the Great March of Return protests back in May. He said: “the Israeli army has enough bullets for every Palestinian.”
Days Of Palestine reports:
Dichter is a senior member of the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s ruling Likud Party, which is a right wing one.
Former director of Shin Bet internal security service and Minister of Internal Security Dichter said that the Israeli army is prepared to use all means, including lethal force to deter the Palestinians protesters.
Since March 31, thousands of peaceful Palestinian protesters have been staging protests along the eastern fence of the Gaza Strip, calling for lifting the 12-year-old Israeli siege and reinforcing the right of the Palestinian refugees to return to their homes.
Strategic Affairs Minister Gilad Erdan repeatedly referred to the protesters killed in Gaza as “Nazis,” saying that there were no demonstrations, just “Nazi anger.”
He later added:
“The number [of peaceful Palestinian protesters] killed does not mean anything because they are just Nazis anyhow.”
Israel’s use of deadly force was condemned in June this year in a United Nations General Assembly resolution.

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To be honest I hope they do. This will provide a great counter argument to “muh holocaust” and give us good precedent to justify grnocide of shitskins in our own countries when the time comes

Nice, all us nationalists support Israel.
Lynch niggers race war now.

As far as (((they))) are concerned, we are all Palestinians. First it will be them, and next thing you know it will be the white man.

Zig Forums stands with Israel, fuck those palestinian monkeys

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Fucking based! I rate it 9/11 only because not everyone is riding Israel's cock.

That sounds good, genocide the kikes first.

Wishful thinking. ((MSM)) and Hollywood will still cover for Israel.

Needs MAGA hat.

And a zecond dildo for hIs artificially constructed vag

Inb4 leftists start calling genocidal Israelis white in order to justify their opposition.

whoops spoke too soon >>12547699

Fucking Jews, first they take our land now they want to execute us, doesn't this violate UN terms to fucking do this shit, fucking kikes should head to the gas chamber


So you're saying non-whites matter at all to humans? Tell me more about your nigger DNA

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Genocide the jewish semites first
Open borders for israel

They should actualy try it so maybe whole world would see what based Israel is realy do. But there is already enough facts about what jews realy do. Just read comments how these poor jews see others.

Israel is biggest problem we have so far. You have this globalistic jewish cabal but Israel is like legal HQ for all of their operations. What i realy hate how they hijacking every nationalist politican. I don't even want these kosher nationalist parties anymore. What is point of replacing globalist puppet by zionist puppet. When it is all just part of jewish game.

1- expose that holocaust is bullshit and gas chambers was just showers to stop typhus infesction and all these hungry jews on photos are there because England destroyed railroads.

2- expose how Israel threat people who owned land before Hertzl and Rotchilds stole it from them by help of again fucking Anglos. They just shoting kids behind fence.

If we can get some Palestinians to help then the 'common' people are willing to listen, also fuck the Jews

KEK. Exactly.

Let them fight each other. Chaos and death in Israel can only benefit the rest of the world.

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Also - this booty blasts Mudshits - there is no such thing as a Palestinian. It's a made up ethnicity to garner sympathy from western libs, exactly like the Rohingya.

Some of those Palestinians are Christian. Honestly all the Jews and Muslims ought to be killed and leave only the Christians to inherit the whole Levant. As it should have been until those filthy fucking Arab niggers destroyed classical civilization in the region because 'muh micro dick'.

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We had better be careful what we wish for. If Israel attacks the Palestinians in genocide mode, muzzies will leave Europe to go fight a war to death in the middle east, Lefties will be getting run over by Israeli tanks trying to protect Palestinian homes and a fuckload of jews will get killed trying to … hey, wait a minute!

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Christians are no better than Muslims. They're both adherents of Jewish religions with goyim characteristics.

Hi, paid jewish shill. Way to expose yourself.

I can do lot of things but i realy don't know how to find some Palestianian. We know they where they live. Somebody with balls could travel to Israel and make some interviews with them.

What realy piss me how these Israel fuckers control every nationalst figures and make them more or less useless. Look at Salvini.

It took one brave nazi Alpha dude to start fire. Than spread than fire so italians get angry enough. Lucky for them it hapen near elections, so they could vote for Madman. Than he have to do some politican stunts to make good deal. He stop NGO ships. And than fucking Netanyahu invite him for photoshots to Israel.

I can already tell there will be no more progress in Italy. Just like Trump. He build 4 prototypes of wall and that is all. Israel is key.
Israel have to be seen as place where people are shot like animals. So it would be politican suicide to support Israel. They are not friends or allies. We know already how jews see everyone else. Just figures on chessboard to use and throw away.

We could screencap comments on IDF youtube for example. Remember Rainbow nation video? We could do similar thing about Israel vs Palestine.

Verdammte Juden.

useless shilling

You men except for the part where they've been White and responsible for every single scientific, technological, philosophical and humanitarian breakthrough for the last 1500 years?

We should also expose the fact they killed Americans

That's because they were White. I don't see Christian Africa putting out scientific advancement.

god i hope one of those palestinian baloons hits your house

theres no such thing as historic israel

Again? Do something about it rather than whining here about it.

No, the jew worshipers die with them.

You're actually fucking retarded you kike

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Jews kill chickens too. Is every mess of dirty squawking animals with the IQs of potatoes my based ally now, or just the desert ape variety of non-human filth?

Well no. How does that relate to anything I said?

No one supports or sides with israel here unless they are a kike or a braindead boomer. Wanting Palestinians to wipe israel off the map does not make you muslim.

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I didn't say that. I pointed this out because people (shills) like to pretend that Muslims are "our friends" for being against Israel when in reality "Palestinians" are at best another out-of-control golem of the Yids.

fuck off zogbots.

That is fine. Obviously if there is thread about Israel, JDIF shills have to join.

Can we collect some materials about it? I don't know much details about it. I am not American or muslim. There are some videos from RT about Israel massacres. I could make video if there is enough material about it. Maybe someone else with better english than me could make audio commentary for it or something. We will get nowhere until we expose Israel.

There USS Liberty but some American user should know whole story. I can google some stuff but you never know if you read truth or propaganda.

We should be smarter and use all sides same way like jews do. Leftist love Palestine. Europeans hate muslims. Turn everyone against Israel if that is possible. Explain that Israel is responsible for refugee crisis. I simply don't want to see another nationalist sucking Bibi cock. Would rather have leader who is enemy than traitor who serving jews.

No one fucking did this. Lets make this barney the dinosaur simple for you, israel being wiped out by shitskins is good for the west.
Israel is not the front line in the defense against islam.

Kikes sure love to hop id's

I'm sure you can point out the genetic, linguistic or cultural markers that differentiate "Palestinians" from other Arabs then.

And why would anybody do that or why it is important? Goal is to fuck Israel. I don't give a fuck if there are genetic, linguistic or cultural markers that differentiate "Palestinians" from other Arabs.

Not only that, Israel is the reason why muslims are a problem in the first place: if there were no kikes importing them to Europe, there would be no problem. Shitskins are free to be muslims in their own countries and run them any way they think works out the best for them.

I'd take Paleswines over Isreal any day. Imagine if you will for those of you too stupid to connect dots: An easier to handle enemy that is out in the open and obvious destroying an enemy that hides in plain sight and behind the guise of "friendship"

So you fully support the Muslim (Jewish) scam about there being some sort of Palestinian ethnicity. Good job.

Exactly. If jews stop liberating their countries and inviting them to Europe, we could send them back. And even rebuild their shitholes to boost economy.

Trump is useless anyway. We should stop support him. There have to be way how to pain Israel as vilian. Imagine how fucked they would be if Usa stop supporting them.

Islam is a religion bent on conquering unbelievers everywhere. There quite literally can be no peace between Islam and other religions. They would be trying to conquer Europe with or without Jewish involvement and have done so ever since they came into existence.

they wont. they are niggers who only care about gibs and spreading their religion

Thanks for breaking news. Same way like white goys are jewish golems. I don't care about Palestinian ethicity at all. That is not important in any way. Except for your to derailing discusion.

There was land we call now Israel. People who live there we now call Palestineans. Jews take over and killing them slowly since WW1. If Palestineans have blue skin and 6 fingers is not realy important part of this problem.

Jews from Europe just come there. If they did not act like fuckers, i would not care about it. But they are reason why Europe going to shit so it is problem. And again like before it is fault of jews.

True. But Israel hijacking nationalism. So Europe will be better if there is no Israel so we can face Islam problem without parasites who send them here without fight.

We only care about stopping and killing the kikes, rabbi. If we have to arm and deport enough muslims back to the Levant to kill you, we would be more than happy to see that through.

Palestinians are not a threat to Israel. As I said in my original post. They exist to create the vague idea of a "threat" to Israel that is then used to influence boomers and other zogbots into "supporting" Israel.

And without kike subversion any muslim incursion will end up just like in the last few centuries after industries were invented.

Sure thing. How about we arm every muslim countriy next to pissrael and let them have fun? :^)

Hopefully. Remember that Muslims can be just as subversive as Jews in warfare.

And get BTFO when they get out of line just like the recent 500 years since calvary machete rush stopped working about then.

Trumpkike's Hanukkah evening address video on Jewtube is a pretty good whitepill about this.

And muslims can't be White, therefore Christians are better. Fuck off.

N-no goyim b-but who would defend you against Islam?

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Boomers will die out sooner or later. Palestine is maybe not real threat but that is also not important. Boomers and Zogbots would support Israel because TV said their are our greatest ally and best friend. If all palestinians die, than Israel will just start shit somewhere else. Even without threat Americans would still send billions because Americe is owned and controled by jews.

Israel should be flooded with genetically inferior semitic shitskin genes to dilute the jewish IQ.
Once israel has learned to be multicultural it will technologically be no longer a threat to the west, no longer will it siphon billions of US tax dollars to them, its airforce and nuclear arsenal will collect dust just like every other shitksin nation around the world not being given weapons by the west.

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Funny thing is we don't even have to arm then. Just do a cold pull out of the sandbox and shit will hit the fan for the kikes.

It why the yids pump so much money into the spying and AIPAC in the US. They keep watch one very college university to quell any leftist who brings up Palestine. AIPAC buys congressmen and threatens opponents in elections to fund their opposition if they refuse to support israel.
Israel will be wiped off the map if it loses US support and it knows it.

The kikes really are cursed, lol. Either supporting kosher nationalism that will inevitably grow into ethno nationalism of supporting leftists who think of them as another branch of "white people".
Yahweh should just bring them all back to hell already.

To be honest that sounds easy, we could easily convince some Palestinians to speak up, we could also connect the dots back to Israel for the refugee crisis to others also


Hmm. I wondered if it was a good idea to play on the lefttard "white privilege" and "white supremacy" narrative by claiming that Israel is "white supremacist", because it bombs "the poor POC" and media is "white supremacist" because it covers shit Israel does up and always supports it. This would serve to get non-whites riled up against the jew and would help conservacucks/kosher nationalists connect the dots.

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the arab world was fine before the US and jews started to fuck with it.
The CIA literally created modern jihadism to fight the soviets in afganistan, while jewish autism literally caused attacks in europe like the one on the olympics

So are you just a dirt nigger trying to convince Zig Forums that dirt niggers are worth a single shit? Because that will never, ever happen. If someone invented a device that destroyed all jews by turning them to tapioca pudding, with the side effect of eradicating all "palestinians" aka arabian sand faggots at the same time, every one of us would jam the trigger button so hard it would sink to the center of the earth. And then user would invent a machine that shoved jewish pudding into an oven.

Ok, show us where that button is! Sounds like a dream come true!

Pray to God they eradicate each other wholesomely. No more problems.

did hezbollah give you back your destroyed merkavas yet?

As you seen there are already people here who support it. And America was brainwashed by 9/11 anyway. Islam wasn't problem before jews start to fuck with them. I visited Istanbul as kid and later as adult. Diferent story. Now you need bodyguards to move in Egypt because danger from ISIS.

I have zero problem with muslims if they stay out of Europe. I have zero problems with niggers if thay stay out of Europe. All i want Europe for Euroepans so we can hate each other here like before.

I am sure Zig Forums will have no problem to help Palestine against Israel. After all Zig Forums loves Assad.

Yes. If you have magical doomsday machine that would kill all jews and in same time sacrifice Palestine, it would be worth it. They would do so rest of middle east could live in peace. On other hand jews realy did so much damage that there is mercy for them.

It absolutely works, I've used these talking points with sympathetic rhetoric towards the palestinians accompanied by some choice gore pictures and you instantly get an Israel-hater, It's even better when you start mentioning Trump's favors towards Israel.

Israel is not white and should only be called white when it is conquered by actual Europeans again. Calling israel white supremacist is attacking/slandering white people. Call them zionists or imperialist, terms that can be applied to all people and races.

Once they learn every democrat full heartedly supports israel as much as any republican boomercuck its all over, that person is no longer in the 2 party system.
Then they just need to connect the dots as to (((why))) the entire government supports israel. At this juncture their beliefs can go in any direction.

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True. We shouldn't use word white for jews. They are fellow white when it good for them. Simply don't use word white at all when you talk about Israel. Maybe just use for Israelites.

Great idea user. Use hate for Trump as fuel on hate for Israel. If Trump goes down with Israel i have no problem throwing him under bus.

Fugg, i hate Israel now.
Ban Nazis!

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What a stupid fucking piece of shit you are. Do you know why the USA has a navy and marines? Do you know when they were commissioned? Do you know what "the Shores of Tripoli" means when the marines sing it?
Here's a painting of my white ancestors killing your piece of nigger shit ancestors because the homosexual fuckery of your mutant faggot race predates photography.

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if your viewpoint wasnt utterly retarded you could perhaps come up with a more recent example dating before the sykes picot crap


negro detected.

Who do you think you talking to? We can deal with Islam. Israel and judaism, zionism is bigger problem. USA have navy and marines so they can bully everyone else and call it FREEDOM. Still. None of that is important today. You can use some 200 years old stuff. I can use holodomor. If it make you feel better, you can call sandnigger.

I have no problem fighting muslims. But not for benefit of jews. I can find many historical events when muslims invated Europe. Not important now because we are trying to turn world against Israel.

By the way do you have some songs when about time when come to Europe to kill other whites during WW2?

Okay, let me put it even more simply: Why should white countries bomb muslim countries, if at the moment shitskins are flooding our nations? Would make more sense to exert force against shitskin next door than muslims 6 gorillion miles away just minding their own business?

Whites should be killing all non-whites where ever they find them until only humans remain.

Now here's the part where you hurr and durr and try to figure out how that statement is wrong, because you will never be white/human, just like the jews you work for without realizing like all golem fucktards.
Sage for double-post.

the CIA created the mujihadeen in the 80s dumbass.
and the point is that after the turks, british and french were kicked out of the middle east everything would have been fine if a certain club of retards didnt show up to fuck everything up

Okay, let's kill kikes first, mudslimes after. And we should cut any support for Israel. After all not a white mans job to help shitskins with their squabbles? :^)

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how about we just cancel your yinon plan?

Nothing would have been fine since the Muslim world is run by 80 IQ inbreds and no nonwhite society with such a low IQ has ever managed to remain stable.
The only reason the Saudis are still in power and Arabia has any kind of development at all is because of WHITE PEOPLE GIVING THEM THE TECHNOLOGY TO EXTRACT OIL.