Tankies & the Left Unity Scam - Can we talk about this crap?


It's full on horseshoe theory and it's divisive as hell. Whoever wrote this is no better than your average conservative screaming about the red menace.

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Every time.

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What's wrong, tankie? Are you mad that you have been called out for being a red fascist?

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Everybody's a cop. If you don't want to be a proletariat's cop, you will be a bourgeoisie's cop.

the horseshoe theory is a big fat pile of gay rainbow shit.

it fais to explain why neoliberalism, the paleoconservative/neoconservative divide or hell NAZBOL exist. pays no attention to the economic part of a given ideology and I will wipe my ass with it on pornhub to prove it.

Yeah these five agender blue-haired guys on my campus smoking weed are truly the biggest threat to my plan of world domination.

Really man, it's not even worth to criticize this shit. It sounds like it was written by a five year old, linking to Wikipedia articles and throwing around buzzwords - like, expropriating Kulaks is "imperialism".

We certainly can, but I have never heard of this ziq so why would I want to talk about his blog post instead of the book club? Here's some older left unity criticism that's at least better formatted if you would like to discuss the concept.

Like, driving ethnic minorities and small hold farmers from their land to be put to work on slave plantations in the Russian far-east that had worse survival rates than slaves on the transatlantic passage, like it like a tankie.

Careful about your toothbrush whitey
As real as Neuschwabenland.

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The fabled soviet literary rates seem to be lost on tankies.
So where were those people send to instead, if not plantations they were forced to work at and were not allowed to leave (slavery)?

Daily reminder that tankies and nazbols get the bullet too.

This is a non authoritarian board. Go back to Zig Forums.

Tankies are the least authoritarian on the left.

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95% of all population movements orchestrated by the Soviet government were done during WW2 for various reasons like protecting vulnerable groups from nazi masacres, removing groups from the eastern front who might ally with the fascists, and evacuating skilled labour to continue the war effort elsewhere.

Which people? Which ethnicity? Which "plantations" (in Sibiria lmao)? Wake up from your fever dream and make an actual factual statement someone could respond to.

God, who fucking cares? Why do Anarchists and MLs have to keep arguing about these states decades after they've ceased to exist? They're not gonna come back and whatever the Soviets did in the 1920s has next to no relevance to the here and now.

Being overly concerned about what political opinions you identify with is basically idpol. Your material/class interests are not idpol. Stop wasting time rehashing the same age old arguments and talk to normies. People's opinions they post online don't fucking count. What counts is whether they help disseminate useful information, organize, and take political action.

This. No one gives a fuck about the sublime differences between anarcho-syndicalists and ML with Marcyite characteristics on the question of the USSR circa 1948, they care about their goddamn wages and rent.

So what are you denying here, that the population transfers never happened, that ethnic groups were not deported and forced into hard labour on plantations that they weren't allowed to leave?

What makes something "actual factual" according to you?

Well for starters, maybe cite a source.

What makes a source actual-factual?

I don't know if your source is credible, but neither do you because you pulled it out of your ass.

That's like saying penguins are the least avian species in the north pole.


I don't fucking know, you haven't given any specifics as to what you mean by your claims. At this point it's just Jordan Peterson level of "gommunism killed 100 gorillion" without backing it up even faintly.

Kulaks yes
Didn't happen

Anyway yes "Left Unity" is ultimately a Myth as Marxists / SocialDemocrats / Anarchists hold fundamentally different views on capitalism / Society / the state and governance etc

I have no delusions of long term cooperation between Marxists and Anarchists as one group has historically outlived the other

ziq (Daniel Unedo) is the woke primmie faggot that runs raddle.me.
Avoid everything he is associated with like the plague.

tbh I have seen many MLs rage about how anarchists were out to ruin the revolution at everyturn and will do so in the future. That's why so many tankies get triggered by the mere existence of anarchists int he modern left.

Anyone in the west who whines about muh tankies is part of the problem. Your shitty little anarchist/maoist sect isn't going to do anything. Grow up and join a real movement to help the third world overthrow global capitalism and annihilate American empire and hegemony.

There is less difference between them than appears at first blush. The disconnect between marxists and other anarchists boils down to strategy; they share goals and quite a lot of theory. SocDems advance policies that are favored by MLs in their own projects, and both are given to perpetuating supposedly representative states. Likewise, anarchists and SocDems rail about the same injustices and seem to work well with one another right up to the point that the anarchists break the law and the SocDems perform the inevitable backstab.

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Some guy named Ziq…

…wrote a whole article about that guy, and…

…closed their post with what their plans are.

Maoists are tankies.

Tankies are not MLs and MLMs.
Tankies are the subset of those groups who try to paper over any mistake made during the course of ML and MLM governments, as if they never made a single mistake or treated anyone unjustly.

So, people who don't exist?

Tankies owe more to Marcy than they do to Lenin, Stalin, or Mao. Somewhat hilariously, Marcy was a trot.

No, they definitely exist.

To be more specific, tankies are those MLs that refuse to condemn or who openly support violent atrocities of repression against communists who are leftward of their perpetrators, such as Kronstadt 1921, Hungary 1956, Czechoslovakia 1968, and Tienanmen 1989.

kek anarchists are such of crybabies.

…but having learned the truth behind "left unity," you'll be the one to cry, now.

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Super hard to outlive people you betray and murder en masse.

He's 100% right. Anarchists are the enemies of fascists pretending to be "Marxists", like Stalin did.

When has this ever happened though? The only time I can think of was Makhno's bandit kingdom and even then the Soviets didn't "murder its inhabitants. The anarchists in Spain were killed by fascists. In fact they were plenty of anarchists who worked with the Soviets, in fact even Anatoly Zhelezniakov, one of the leaders of the Kronstadt uprising, did even join the Red Army and wasn't "murdered".

Having a bit of a persecution complex, haven't we?

Name one thing that makes Stalin a fascist.

He's correct that anarchists and statists are fundamentally opposed. This is inconsequential until a revolution actually takes place though, and until then it is a disagreement over tactics. In the Soviet Union, a communist revolution HAD taken place. In State and Revolution, Lenin points out exactly where MLs and anarchists diverge, and he's correct in stating that it's largely a question about societal organization after the dismantling of the bourgeois state which both groups fundamentally agree with.

the anarchist brain is such a wonderful thing

Define "fascist."

They were also arrested by the PCE en masse and many "disappeared". I'm sure that was in good faith though.


Pretty much this, I do have Stalin, Mao, Hoxha, Che etc sympathies but honestly if you care about this shit you're fucking retarded no matter what side you take.

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Wow. Did you learn your shitposting technique from Zig Forums?


Only anarchists care, for me, I stopped to even laughing at anarchists when I was 15.

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Good point, it DOES directly imply the exact opposite of the bullshit you're spouting.

Not an argument

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Honestly this too, I really haven't seen many MLs whether they be anti revisionist/MLM or tankies unironically push for left unity, most of those niggers are just as sectarian as everyone else, perhaps even to a fault. Most niggers that push for left unity are just idealistic kids that are newfags to socialism, who often don't really belong to a specific tendency.

That seems to be more of the case but some dumbass twitter tanks seem to carefag about this shit too sometimes

It gets worse.

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I dont hang out here often anymore but I love watching twinkies meltdown in comments on social media accounts dedicated to calling then out
Today I saw tankies trying to say it's a coincidence that the DPRK has "elected" the same family repeatedly

I think this picture may prove my point more than anything

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I don't believe they are dying from cancer when they have time to shitpost like that. It's probably a scam.

Scams are in line with the party they used to be in.

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