Hundred Handers: decentralized propaganda operation

Hundred Handers: decentralized propaganda operation
TL;DR Britbong familyman inspired by IOTBW creates way to spread our message with minimal risk of vanning or prosecution, for those men who have something to lose (i.e - familymen etc)

Image related is the introduction posted on the org twitter page.

The operation is ran top-down by the Britbong guy who creates the propaganda materials that are in accordance with (((hate crime))) and (((hate speech))) laws across white countries, 100% legal to distribute.

Each "member" acts as a one man cell and only communicates with the head, who is responsible for dissemination of the propaganda materials (an archive emailed out once per month), thus there is no traceability between members.

Members use, cheap, tested, and untraceable sticker printing machines to print the propaganda images (see below)

It's important that the only propaganda materials distributed are those published by the head, as the head will have an archive of authorized materials (which are all completely within the thought crime laws in white countries), and thus if anyone tries to frame the organization with materials that violate laws, the head can easily refute this.

I have absolutely no affiliation but I thought it was an idea worth sharing, considering the success of IOTBW. Apparently there's around 150 members so far, and it looks like the operation started in may, as per the Twitter page.

Sticker printers:

Contact email
[email protected]


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kike free first post with a few examples

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bump for britfags

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smh you nigger

I've actually came up with a similar idea a few years ago, but the problem is that if the head is subverted, kiked or removed then the entire organization falls. Ýou can also gain control over the heads emails and accounts through hacking and fuck over everyone through impersonation.

Good luck though.

The kikes hold the mass media megaphone, but it is a thin veneer, a facade of propaganda. How easy is it for a few thousand of us to poke major holes in their narrative and shift the Overton window.

If that happens, then a few hundred people have been equipped with sticker machines, a shit ton of propaganda, an idea to run with and agency. This is the beauty of decentralization.

I love it. Keep it up and spread it wild.


Because british anglos infect our community and tear down anything creative that involves more than 1 person. Seen it happen a good 30 times with great ideas from our people. If you think it's "just the jews" you're not paying close attention. The british are schizophrenic snakes that destroy everything. We have any a lot of excellent news networks and media enterprise startups. They get no support because the nature of the british is self-destructive.

I don't see a solution of getting rid of their cancer inside our circles. If I could, block anyone within a 200 mile radius of London, Toronto and Australia.

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wew look at those digits


Shouldn't you be busy larping as an ancient Israeli? That is what you (((British))) faggots do, isn't it. Fucking "spiritual jew" british parasites always leaching off our creativity.

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you can always tell a kike because they'll slip in NOT THE JEWS wherever possible.

Seriously? You spooks don't even try to hide your honeypots for what they really are these days. Any Zig Forumsacks who actually want to put up stickers or other propaganda, don't be lazy niggers and have someone sitting behind a desk in Langley make it all for you and tell you how to go about distributing it only for you to get caught down the track. Do it yourselves, it's really not that difficult

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Not very stylish but achievable.

The typical "cutsie pie" antics of a british faggot.

literally every singe person in this photo is a kike or a shitskin. there isn't one anglo in that whole image.


sticker machine untraceable
stickers completely legal
stickers completely untraceable
not sure if terrified yid or schitzoid faggot

reported for slideposting and filtered


Nope. Just your typical Anglo.

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What else is knew?

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shlomo hates stickers

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It literally says that the stickers are identifiable via a reference number in the OP image, you illiterate nigger.
You'll be totally anonymous though goyi- I mean fellow pro-whites.

Tutanota recently being pozzed is pure (((coincidence))) I'm sure.

Typical lying (((Anglo)))

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It literally says that the stickers are identifiable via a reference number in the OP image, you illiterate nigger.

Nothing wrong with stickers, but encouraging people to go out and engage in practices which make them vulnerable is something only a kike would do. Shlomo wants you to practice bad opsec.

It's wordy garbage, cunt.

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No they're descendants of mohammed now.

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I don't want anyone to stop any legitimate actions they want to go and do, but I don't want to see people getting caught in the trap of practising shit tier opsec.

What white guilt do britbongs have? They arent american (((slaveowner))) descendants.

Never heard of them until previous thread weeks ago about them being compromised. No suprise here.

If you want untraceable stickers, wouldn't you use a CNC type vinyl plotter cutter like you can get at a hobby/fabric store? Or go to a fucking swap meet booth with a file and have them print it for you?

Can we call ourselves the "public hand" instead of the the "hidden hand?"

There was a thread about about how it might be compromised by German intelligence.

The Zero Day person will have to use PGP messaging to make sure the message is truly coming from him, and the email has not been hijacked.

this is not how IOTBW works
anyone can print those posters and stick them anywhere, the same way anyone can post redpills or write them on their money, we work becouse we have no organization of any kind we're just a bounch of random anons from all walks of life who all share the same goals and ideals
all this bong faggot had to do was meme, spread and incite other to do the same
this smells like a honey pot

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this isn't how OP works either

Mistakes are being made

gee, how usefull
look at all these tinny stickers saying nothing at all sticked in random places where barelly anyone will notice them
is this the material aprooved by the (((head)))? how about posting something more usefull like:
the shit i can come up´with on the fly is a millon times more effective propaganda than any of these (((aprooved))) stickers
not to mention this tread ain't that long and there's alrready a bounch of retarded shills prjecting their kikery on anons calling this honeypot for what it is

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This. Subhumans think they fool anyone

Quads say read this:

the jidf ain't sending their brigthest ones i see

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That's what you people said about IOTBW. Good thing we didn't listen to you then.

take a look at all the places those sticker were posted
it's either some place out in the middle of nowhere or someplace that looks like the inside of someone's house
IOTBW worked becos it was posted on universities or other places where leftards would see them, get triggered and sperg about it
these stickers not only say nothing at all but are very small and very well hidden, the one who posted them obviusly had no intention of making effective propaganda
"It's ok to be white" works becos the message is subversive and those blue pilled normies who read it think "why would it not be ok to be white?" and then they see how the leftard media throws a bitch fit about these posters existing
"feminsm is cancer" or "multiculturalism has failed" do not have the same effect, the messages are way to direct and generic, they do not get people to think, in fact, most bluepill normies are likelly to think this shit was posted by some random alt-right natzee and pay no atention to it
this is the most obvious honey pot i've seen in a while
also, gotta love the amount of (1)s calling everyone who poinst out the flaws of this "plan" a shill

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Do they have to?

Pretty ingenius actually. I will be getting a printer dedicated just for this.

Stop behaving like a nigger, no one can deny the jewish zionist global hegemony, but to pretend that betrayal didn't come from the very top of all our political structures is giving a pass to all those cunts who sold out the trust of a nation for a few fucking shekels.

And with that said fuck kike D&C rhetoric too.

This, honestly. We all know Bezos is a CIA plant, so what's stopping the CIA from obtaining the address one used to buy these specific printers/ink and getting that person v&?

Surely you could circumvent this by buying another Brother printer/ink model, but I'd take this operation with a grain of salt regardless. Shipping it to another address is probably the best case scenario, but what about the billing address?

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OP is a honey pot user. look at posts like

Lol My post is like 3 above yours. You can't call it a one and done you stupid fucking new fag? Also you can't just call something a slide thread unless you can point to what exactly is being slid. Mandatory lurk for 2 more years.

Hey why don't you tell us how the Jewish Masonic Queen secretly controls America and how your not a degenerate D&Cing traitor to your own people. Go ahead, i'll wait.

Onto the topic at hand however.

A viable idea but poor implimentation. Allow me to extrapolate a more viable method for sticker creation and dispersal for fellow sons of Albion and our brothers on further shores.

Firstly most printers, as is commonly known, are tracable due the printing process itself (perhaps a kind user has the information regarding this somewhere) as well as having a very visible money trail. However this applies primarily to off the shelf printers. A good work around is purchasing older second hand printers from outside your area of living. You can usually source an older second hand printer from sites like Gumtree and such like with great ease or buy at a car boot sale. Always pay cash. Don't haggle or make yourself memorable. Make no eye contact, hand over money, keep it simple, follow the KISS rule.

Sidenote: There is infact a list of more secure printers out there that theoretically don't have tracking dots iirc, put on your detective cap and have a look for it if you want to go all out.

But this only solves the initial printing issue, not the adhesive issue. Regular adhesive is fairly useless however there are two alternatives to use here. You can buy off the shelf poster paint in any cheap hardware or stationary shop but if your wanting to either keep footprints to a minimum or need something stronger, you have wheat paste available. Recipe is as follows;

For larger batches same directions but amounts to;

Notes regarding mix

General tips on methodology

- Be sure when setting up and using the printer your device is not connected to any networks, internet or local. It's not paranoia when someone really is out to get you.
- If insisting on dispersal of information in urban areas (a risky but potentially rewarding application) follow the gray man guide and do disperse in areas free of observation. Not every corner of every city is monitored.
- Do not disperse information in your local area unless you are absolutely sure of opsec. Be intelligent.
- Rural areas offer good operational range due to a lack of observation, a working method is the use of targetted information (e.g. the effect of migrants on rural locations and crime statistics involving negroes and other undesirables). It can and will be absorbed quite readily. Look for main walking/hiking routes/key junctions and deploy at sign posts and so forth. However do not apply directly to the sign, locals will object to guide posts being defaced in this manner and will have a negative effect on viability of material.
- And finally, I cannot stress this enough, follow your opsec to the letter. Do not skimp or falter in it. Do not join discords or any of that crap. Follow the letter of the law in this endeavour. Leave no chink in your armour.

Good luck fellow sons of Britain. For our people. For Europe.

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kikes always pull
as if they dont puppeteer every single international organization and every pleb shabbos is either a mason or part of some other secret jew club
it's the jews. it's 100% the jews. shabbos goyim are just wannabe jews.
gas yourself, fag

Good luck on transitioning into the next stage after it takes off. Whoevers doing this knows his shit.

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Breddy gud. Countersignal shills gonna countersignal.

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Like the kikes would ever care to interpret their laws properly. If they want you jailed they will get you jailed. If you hurt them that's enough for it.
Also I'm not a codefag so I don't trust you supersafe tested 100% safe system. Nothing is safe if its plugged in. Nothing.
That's the whole reason for ink and paper.

Of course, you could just "quote" them. I'm not sure how they would stop or identify some guy putting up similar stickers.

i never said this was a slide tread, i just pointed out that jids like you bump it with pointles post whenever this honey pot thread gets slid out of the front page
>open a zip file (((we))) send you afterwards
>do not post any redpills that are not first aprooved by the (((glorious leader)))
and the propaganda messages?
very small stickers with the most generic and direct messages most normal fags filter through the ant-natzee firewall kikes instaled in their brain.
All the examples posted were sticked in the middle of fucking nowhere or in someone's house posting shit where nobody sees it ain't the greatest way to spread propaganda
i can call you (2) and done, and you only came back cos i called out your shillery. That said, i wasn't refering specifically to you any way. I meant all the shills bumping this honey pot thread and projecting their kikery unto any user that pointed out the many flaws of this (((plan))) as if name calling was an acceptable method to persuade anyone that this isn't a honey pot
you're trying to hard to fit in moishe

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Always buy a printer for cash from a thrift store or somewhere else that nobody gives a damn who you are.

To further explain myself, I'm all for information spreading, but not retarded "cool hidden swastika 1488 amiright" posting. We need the best redpills. We need to hurt the system where it all comes from. The trust. EVERY SINGLE COUNTRY has a law enacted some year ago that started the debt slavery or changed the banking forever and the charts go down like a rock. We need a big fucking red chart going downwards and at the breaking date it would be written which date it started, by whom, whats the trend, what does it mean, and so on… The money is the God that is worshipped.

Your printer isn't "untraceable" and unless you get it second or third hand the tracking codes will be used to identify the purchaser.

If you want to be safest, find an old laser printer from before the tracking dots were being used. I recommend the Apple Laserwriter II series because they have some of the most reliable printing mechanisms out there and there are plenty of parts. Also make sure to use a proper driver, Windows printer drivers will print the tracking dots even if this capability isn't inherent to a printer for whatever reason (it's old most likely). You can buy sheets full of stickers the same size as those OP is using if you want or you can scale the images to fit, then cut and paste with flour paste.

But don't use the sticker printers OP suggests unless you can get them second hand and drive them from an OS which won't backdoor you.

Interesting. Could we make white stickers that during the day seem all white and during the night they glow in the dark?

Dude you can print your own stickers. We're waiting. Print them, post them and share with us what you did. Go on.

No. The idea itself is great though.

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Poster & flyer thread

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This has fuck all to do with religion, the gods are still amazed by the state of mankind.

This is outright CIANigger trash. They want a handle because they have lost a handle on those they have trained. You should have thought about it at first. There are many men not made to be bullshitted about. You answer to them. This isn't an alphabet war anymore.

You want a villain and not a savior. I'm afraid you're wrong on both fronts.

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You're all getting lawdawged and you're going to have to kill in supermax. I am going to ever make sure you stay in a hole after it all goes. I'll give you my home address. The whole shithouse is going down in flames. Many a man have passed the bar under the eyes of robert cops and the state of the world presented here, the tutelage of every book on law in the world. Justice stings, and taking down farce judges all the same.

then use the idea to form a non-kosher hundred hander group

If this isn't trappier than a chick with a dick, it could be worthwhile…

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You mean a chink with a shekel.

Everything within the law goes beyond state and government rules. God hates a coward.

Britain must rise for the world to rebel agains (((666))) rule. They are the most familiar with the foe.

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This rule has been included since Thread #1. The message is strong alone, no fucking advertisements, no ulterior motives, no unnecessary hierarchy. We don't need some fucking Kike ripping designs from Zig Forums then slapping his brand on them before he sends them to his 'hundred hands' 3spooky you fucking larp.