Walmart Testing Flippy The Job-Stealing Robot Cook

Walmart is testing out a new kitchen robot assistant named "Flippy" at its Bentonville, Arkansas headquarters in order to see if it might make for a valuable team member in its in-store delis, according to Yahoo! Finance.

While Flippy had somewhat of a rocky start at a Pasadena, California burger joint - having to be taken offline after its human co-workers couldn't prepare patties fast enough, the robot has had more recent success flipping 17,000 pounds of chicken tenders and tater tots at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles.

"Walmart saw what we were doing and said, ‘Could you bring Flippy from Dodgers Stadium to our Culinary Institute?" said Miso Robotics CEO David Zito.

The way Flippy would work at Walmart is that an associate would place a frozen product on a rack, which Flippy would then identify and pick up using visual recognition technology. Flippy then "agitates" a basket of frying food to ensure even cooking, after which the robot will move the basket to a drip rack.

After a human tests the food's internal temperature, the associate can season it before it's placed in the hot food display case.

"If you think about commercial kitchens, they really are micro-manufacturing facilities. And yet, they are some of the hardest conditions for people to work in," said Zito. "Our whole thing is not about job replacement, right. You hear this over and over again. Automating food is very difficult. Ask any chef. Their goal is to try to faithfully reproduce that delicious recipe that they unlocked once. And in software we do that all day long, we make an app, it’s great, and everyone gets the same experience over and over again. With food, you crack that code once, and you get that flavor that’s so great and then it’s so hard to faithfully reproduce it. What we want to do is assist the hardworking linemen cooks and chefs in America with tools to give them the ability to faithfully reproduce while taking the burden off some of these more repetitive and mundane tasks."

While Flippy is advertised as an "extra set of hands," it's also much cheaper - with a one-time cost to purchase and minimal ongoing maintenance, Walmart and other employers won't have things like pesky Social Security and Medicare tax, federally mandated breaks, or liability insurance. That is, until Flippy becomes sentient and decides to get revenge on his human slave masters.

Flippy, meanwhile, isn't the only game in town. A Japanese convenience store chain, Lawson, has installed 5-foot-tall robot which can cook "gyoza" dumplings and other items for its customers, according to NHK.

Customers who order the bite-sized chicken at the counter receive a package that is placed in the box-shaped robot. Cooking takes about 1 minute.

Lawson officials say fried chicken and other hot food sell well during winter, but that sometimes stores cannot prepare enough due to the worker shortage.

The officials say Lawson stores nationwide use about 40 thousand tons of chicken to make about 2 billion pieces of fried chicken annually. They plan to install cooking robots at other stores. -NHK

Lawson President Sadanobu Takemasu has pointed to labor shortages as a serious problem in Japan, and said that his company needs to use the robots to maintain efficient store operations.

So? This development was inevitable. Who are they stealing jobs from, if not from genetic dead ends and niggers?

Doing the jobs Americans won't.

Good, we need the most automation we can get as fast as possible.
If we don't, someone else will

I support this

if you read the description, an hominid has to be near it, the little robot doesn't do everything
If your job is literally just deep frying chicken, you have some thinking to do about your life decisions.


Kill yourself automation kike. You subhumans would have an ever decreasing pool of working whites foot the bill for upwards of 90% of the population who are living on welfare.

Hire robots, deport refugees.

The thing is, why the fuck are non-whites still imported if the shitty jobs are automated?!


World wide human genocide to get the numbers down to a manageable size of 500 million.


Good, no more cum in my sandwich

Your own fault for enabling the ever increasing welfare state. The advancement of the HUMAN race should not be hindered because your pet SUBHUMANS need jobs
Cut welfare and the nigger hordes die out on their own, or get put down in the biggest chimpout ever

World needs janitors and burger flippers too. Also the ease of labour is one of the reasons the world is degenerating. Zig Forums should oppose automation, as it is just another platform of Jewish technological control and slavery.

Most modern jobs are pointless make-work that are there so people have a way to justify their income. Think of how many service jobs are just organizing and maximizing nigger gibs or advertising/selling shitty products. It has been this way since women entered the workforce and we suddenly had the same amount of work for twice as many people. With automation, it will become 90% make-work. Sure there will be a lot more jobs for programming, designing, and maintaining the robots, but the entire purpose of the robots is to make it so corporations can hire less people overall. I'm not sure how we can get out of this, or how we can restructure society so people do less while still having a higher quality of life. It seems every time the workforce is increased through adding women and immigrants, people's real salary decreases while corporation profit increases; the long run of everyone being better off never seems to happen as predicted in classical economics.

This would be a good thing if our countries were not flooded with shitskins.

Say it with me fully automated space communism

Cant wait to hear illegals complaining their jobs have been stolen by robots.

Based on the way things are progressing, that will lead to the worst quality of life possible with next to no income for normal people. Robots will get all the best jobs and proper self-maintenance while goys will be basically cattle for their genetically engineered, immortal jewish overlords.

I think there is a difference between using automation to take jobs like big rig driving away that still require some skill and as such can pay a liveable wage vs a robot that literally flips a burger patty.
I don’t know if I’ve ever met a White line cook in my life anyway. This is hurting who? Wetbacks, niggers, and… high school kids?

This thing is little more than a goddamn appliance, it isn't taking anyone's job and we won't see machines doing jobs like this for a long while.
On the other hand, jobs like accountancy could have been automated decades ago. They haven't due to the (((lobbying))) by members of the bureaucratic class to keep the tax code so chaotic you need a human to manage it.
Its troubling the hated of working class job on here though.

use virus against non-whites

In the 1990s, the bloat really kicked in across America. Cheap Chinese labor dropped the cost of everyday items, Leftist fast money policy made it easy to earn lots of money while simultaneously degrading the value of that money, and the new peace let us go nuts with being useless because the long stressful years of conflict were finally over.

Keep in mind that we never really knew peace since the start of the first world war. Even when we were not fighting wars, unresolved issues and constant world conflicts brought flare-ups frequently. After the second world war, we launched immediately into a Cold War which threatened us with nuclear annihilation on a constant basis.

When that burden lifted, we became a navel-gazing society more concerned with drawing social attention than being effective. This dovetailed with the internet age in which the number of likes, clicks, upvotes, and views dwarfed anything else in importance, even actual working business models.

That created a culture of cuteness, or being harmless and amusing so that people would like you even though your product or service was mediocre. The dot-coms pioneered this, telling us about their free cafeterias, green programs, social responsibility, and other things that make voters sigh contentedly. The whole culture seemed to follow.

Cuteness manifested in the soyboy smile, the self-deprecating humor of Bill Clinton and his chocolate clone Barack Obama, the pop ironism of indie rock, and the endless sharing of personal stories by people in the media. It transformed CEOs into buddies, parents into best friends, and made everyone egodramatic.

Businesses rose on the strength of their cuteness. People did not want an effective shopping experience, common wisdom ran; they wanted a unique and evocative one. Who would go to a stodgy old 1950s-style store when you could go somewhere where everyone had an unusual name, was overly friendly, and the store had its own “culture”?

That came crashing down when Whole Foods lost to 1950s style store Kroger because people got tired of paying extra for lower-performing cuteness:

Whole Foods is losing millions of customers to what was once an unthinkable threat: Kroger.

…Kroger’s sales of organic and natural food totalled $16 billion in the past year, compared to $15.8 billion at Whole Foods, according to Barclays.

…Whole Foods’ same-store sales fell 2.4% in 2016. That metric is expected to fall another 2.5% this year. Meanwhile, Kroger’s same-store sales grew 1% in 2016.

If you wonder why Jeff Bezos now owns Whole Foods, you can see why: the Whole Foods business model failed as soon as a significant competitor came along, and as it turns out, people are unwilling to go to Whole Foods if their Kroger store offers similar products.

For those who have never been to either, the contrast between Kroger and Whole Foods can be dramatic. Kroger has linoleum floors, signs in a functionalist font, neat rows of products from big American brands, and employees wearing uniforms and looking professional. Whole Foods has quirky handwritten signs, polished concrete floors, employees who look like nu-metal musicians, and lots of small brands of a New Age, holistic, organic, hippie, etc. vibe.

For years, Whole Foods was satirized as “Whole Paycheck” because of its high prices, but if you avoided the convenience foods, it was not always a bad deal. Most of its clientele however bought frozen meals, packaged snacks, and pre-prepared foods, spending twice what they would at Wal-mart or Kroger for similar items.

As it turns out, however, being cute and relying on people who are similarly caught up in a cuteness bubble does not lead to growth because functional people simply cut out the stop at Whole Foods and go to Kroger’s where they can buy everything they need. They also get better service because the employees are less egodramatic.

Whole Foods is famous for having high wages for its employees, but products frequently missing or mis-filed on the shelves, and the difficulty of finding help or even a wandering employee on the floor. Quirkiness and cuteness took precedence over utility. Like Barack Obama, Whole Foods was too heavily invested in the appearance of being good and caring for the little people to make a functional organization.

When Amazon took the helm, it began improving on the “cuteness” with the type of standard business process that made Kroger effective, and the result is whining from the coddled cuteness which does not yet realize that it is an artifact of a time gone by:

The order-to-shelf system is a strict set of procedures for employees to follow that uses scorecards to prescribe specific ways to store, display, purchase items on store shelves and in stock rooms.

“The OTS system really aligns with Amazon’s core practices. It’s to make everyone interchangeable,” said a Whole Foods employee in the New England area involved in labor organizing. “They want us to become robots. That’s where they are going, they want to set it up so they don’t have to pay someone $15 an hour who knows all about the food, they can pay someone $10 an hour to do these small tasks and timed duties.”

…A Whole Foods employee in Southern California said the culture at Whole Foods had changed as upper management has focused on maximizing profit and homogenizing stores. “Local and speciality products have been cut and replaced with more conventional mainstream ones, and regional marketing and sign making has been removed,” they said. “We are losing the shopper and team members who helped make us who we were.”

In other words, they are going to run it like Kroger because the Kroger model won and the Whole Foods “cultivated quirks” model died. Not to say that the Kroger model is the end-all be-all, because like most business processes it is blocky and imprecise, but the artificial cultivation of image, altruism, and false localism seems to have gone the way of the dinosaurs.

The same is happening across the West. In the 1990s, we figured that we had won, so we could just keep doing what we were doing and we would rule the world. We brought in immigration, Chinese control of our government, and businesses based in public appearance and not actual results like the dot-com idiots.

We thought that we could just sell ourselves on the basis of our wealth and power alone, and not have to do anything to keep those afloat. At the same time, the problems initiated in 1968 came to the fore, with our ethnic diversity destroying what we thought of as “white culture” and racial diversity shattering any sense of unity among “Americans,” whatever those are.

As a result, we fell into a culture of salesmanship and pacifism based in being interesting, different, unique, unusual, and ironic. This cuteness culture is slowly dying, and not just in our grocery stores, as the voters and businesses punish those who were its advocates and replace them with more 1950s-style function as you see in Kroger.

The automation of meaningless, trivial and mundane jobs isn't the thievery of said jobs, but the relief of monotonous tasks that Intelligent whites SHOULDN'T be doing. You're allowing a youngster the ability to be pushed forward into a career of mechanical, electrical or chemical engineering, forcing society technologically forward.

Reminder: High skilled jobs go first with automation.

Why would they complain when they get welfare and access to horny white women?

It's not a matter of working class being hated, it's a matter of niggers and other shitskins who demand higher pay for menial tasks that is the issue. The push for automation is a direct response for this because most business owners know that a nigger flipping burgers isn't worth being paid $15 an hour. Frankly, I see it as a way of discouraging the mindset of making a living off of an entry-level job. Niggers either get their shit together (which anons know they won't), or starve in the streets. Though it might encourage them to chimp out and give reason for open season.

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As an accelerationist I fully support robot automation of any and every task. Why, you ask? Because liberals want their cake and eating it too, there is no stopping the endless waves of turd world migration so what will happen when robots and automation meet limitless low skilled labor migration? i dunno lol ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

We're headed for dark times. This isn't just about blacks and Mexicans flipping burgers. Anyone who works in the food service industry, in a warehouse, as a janitor/custodian, or any retail business, grocery, or any store with a check-out lane are all targets for automation. We're already seeing this with fast food kiosks, Amazon's check-out-free grocery, warehouse bots, and restaurant kitchen assistants like in OP. All of these automations start off as pilots in a few select locations, after which they are expanded. Once those expansions prove successful and they iron out the kinks missed in the pilots, the automations will his mass production. They will sweep the nation over night and catch the entire world by surprise and hundreds of thousands of workers are laid off, unable to find work elsewhere since their skillsets have been rendered obsolete.

The talk of guaranteed basic income will have to come up sooner or later, but how it's implemented will be interesting. Basically, you will have hundreds of thousands receiving this income, but how much are they entitled to? Will they receive just enough to sustain a minimalist lifestyle (shelter, electric, heat/air, basic appliances, economy vehicle, and access to world news) or will they be granted enough GBI to live lavish lifestyles? A balance will need to be reached, but, in the end, what CAN'T happen is that we all become slaves to corporations and their automations.

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Japan doing it right. Why import expendable dregs with expendable dreg level skills when you domo oregato mr roboto?

100,000 per year.
By definition, a balance cannot be reached. The existence of UBI is inherently communist and will instantly collapse the economy.
We already are. No one fights back at all. The future is white genocide and a billion nigger slaves who work for jews for all eternity.

All dumb brainless jobs must be removed so the everyman has more time to think.
That will just make them angry at the money system, which is synonymous with jews.

In Germany, the McD employees are well groomed and good looking.

Holy shit, you natsoc faggots can't talk about any political issue without shoehorning your shit ideology into it.

Get the fuck off fullchan Zig Forums right the fuck now. Get out.

Filtered the torfag.

Global report. You're not even trying.

It's the red text fag. Let's test.

Zig Forums is not a natsoc board.

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Global report for not even trying.

It honestly seems like there are some pretty good opportunities here for literally anyone to post literally anything on the board. Anything. Including stuff that, you know, could perhaps get Zig Forums's financial account pulled and be unable to stay in existence.

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Looks like Codemonkey missed those Nazi banners. Probably residual from when a natsoc faggot ran the board before it was globalized. I'll send an email to CM and let him know.

My mistake for creating this thread not knowing there are tons of gommie subhumans on this board because they got exiled by their tranny subhuman BO. Zig Forums and all its past incarnations is and will always be a natsoc board, never forget this.

This some sort of new meme? Global report is for CP spamming cucks, not someone who disagrees with you.

Global reporting is also for the more blatant shilling because it actually gets CM off his ass and do something. It's why all reporting is automatically to go for global.

Oh god, Kroger's is awesomness. I'm Canadian and we don't have them here but I went to the one in Fairhaven near Blaine and it was so nice there. Love Fairhaven to death. What an adorable town to live in.>>12550847

robot police will slaughter rioting shitskins without mercy.

Probably because having dirty niggers handle your food is not something Euros appreciate. It's a matter of enforcement.

Suicide now.

good. i support this. because once replacing the minwage nigger's and spic's jobs with robots is proven successful, then more sophisticated models of robots can work up the labor ladder.

my end game goal for AI is i want to see managers and VP's and Executives replaced by goddamn robots and AI. let's get rid of the real useless eaters in this economy, who steal disproportionately bigger slices of the profit pie for themselves, while only dropping crumbs from the table for us laborers. i fervently hope the course of development of robots can go from from "would you like fries with that?" and skip over the middle class jobs and radar lock target the upper class jobs of our lying, thieving Overlords. i want to see the ranks of the (((Banksters))) decimated. i want to see millionaire kikes in $10,000 suits throwing themselves out of windows because a robot just took their million dollar a year salaried executive fat cat job from them. and the robot does their job orders of magnitude more efficiently than the kike.

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Kikes first.

When all jobs are automated, what do humans do, dumbass?

Global report.

EVERYTIME these fucking hipster fags always have to slide a quippy remark or cutesy fucking line in.
Replace them with syntax driven AI writers already we just want the news notnyour cutesy content shit.

The kike thinks he has power here, cute.

Now global report me for thinking you're a fucking idiot.

This is how pathetic paid shills have become.

If it's something that can be automated, chances are it didn't take a very high amount of skill to begin with.

Not really, considering jews want people to work dead end jobs for a handful of pocket change. That way they get all the profits to themselves. Bots will keep people out of dead end jobs and force them to look elsewhere.

Plus I think you've probably global reported half the board in other threads, myself included. So far no ban, sucks to be you I guess.

"Robots are doing the jobs spics wont do!"

These jobs are the gibs shitlibs get for being allowed to be a bunch of faggots.

We focus on colonization and agriculture on other planets I guess. Not every job will be gone, just less people needed to complete each task, so spreading out is the only option.

No one cares.
Okay, run along now.

That's code for white genocide, idiot.

You fucks want to live in cities instead of farms and hunch over your takahatchi jew box 360 playing chinese vidyas, so this bullshit is inevitable.

You going to throw out acronyms on a whim and call anyone who doesn't know them a jew? You haven't put out a single counter argument against the idea at all, and act increasingly paranoid and delusional. May want to cut back on the larping, bucko.

As someone who's worked all stations on the line up to the question of "Is it worth being head chef, if I sacrifice half my liver to alcoholism?"… I say good. This robot will take care of the fries. Now a nig won't screw it up.

No, please, keep pretending you're literally too stupid to read conversational context (or know a goddamn thing about the subject). Keep pretending you don't know what UBI is. No one is ever going to support UBI. No one will ever support communism.
That's funny; you literally just said you don't know what the idea is. How interesting. No one is ever going to support UBI. No one will ever support communism.
COINTELPRO doesn't work on us. Project your own psychoses somewhere else. No one is ever going to support UBI. No one will ever support communism.
Funny how no one said anything about that but you, christkiller. No one is ever going to support UBI. No one will ever support communism.


Fuck both. Innawoods is the way to go.

in the end it's in the jews interest to concentrate the needed work pool down, so they're easier to keep track of, threaten and generally offer mafia-like protection from hordes of niggers, so if that group thinks of revolting then the kikes say 'look, all these niggers, we'll be saying you're at fault and not us for them not having gibs'

I support UBI in conjunction with a white ethnostate and eugenics. What now?

you're wrong. not 1 billion niggers slaving under the kikes for eternity. it's actually going to be 4.5 billion niggers.

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Good job, Bill Gates. lol.

Nothing to add, but these are good posts.

Only in that context it is feasible, but communism was tried in many pure White countries already, and failed miserably every time.

The issue more at hand is how many businesses require prospective employees to have many years of prior work training, but all the entry level positions are being evaporated, or taken over by low IQ shitskins. Especially those with work visas and can have deportation hung over their heads for overtime and to work harder. The type of behavior management can't do with some teenager who will flip them the bird and go back to their parent's house. Boomers were then convinced that spending tens of thousands of dollars putting their kids through school would get around all that. Get a college degree and skip the grunt work. Except now the degrees are worthless and don't turn students into productive employees, but ideologically driven bern victims who care more for stupid imaginary social justice bullshit instead of doing anything that actually matters. Like actually making your community a better place. But why would you want to make it a better place when it is filled to the brim with people you don't care about because they are all fucking niggers and wetbacks? To which they say they empathize with, but really in their heart of hearts they don't, because they don't do anything of substance to help them. And if they did they would get nigged and nogged as is the custom of any subhuman to bite the hand of the master race out of pure cardinal sin envy.

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Obsolete all jobs! Down with labor!

Long live the only people who matter! Long live the ancestral overlords and their total disconnection from the needs of the society beneath them! Long live the narcissistic puzzlers and their obliterating invasions of all other cultures and communities! Long live the unstoppable plans of the "uncertain" people who recoil and invert all criticisms! Long live the people who "never" hate anyone! Long live the new all-knowing aristocracy of the perfect!

Long live the people for whom criticism is too stressful to tolerate, for no other population sees a path to prosperity. Yet for how long will descriptors like these align with a group who can bring about prosperity?

If they weren't loveless assholes pretending to be honest while having little integrity and less vision… There are people out there with a lot of bright ideas, but they think they can take over without giving back.

Girl, if you were actually white… But nah, I don't want to say it. I don't want to play into your fantasies of a white culture that hates you the way you hate them.

Race is bogus.

Africa's problems are cultural, not genetic. They're superstitious suffering people with repressive governments and a heavy loading of ancestral suffering the likes of which western nations have finally shaken off. Get them into porn, health, and pacifism if you want their birth rates to fall to something that doesn't provoke a recurring generational nightmare.

They mock us.

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Did you get lost on your way to Reddit, fuck off.

90% of population. And it would be good, if it didnt meant unemployment for all of them with no social security. Its not socialism, where people would get the produced stuff for free, so close to utopia.

What will the nig do after he is fired? Why the fuck do niggers still exist?

This is I don't get. Leftists and corporations and neoliberal governments complain about global warming, climate change and overpopulation.

Then why the fuck do they promote non-white birth rates instead of finding ways to actually genocide the non-whites that destroy the planet?

It can only be mental illness. They don't really care about the planet. It's YOLO for them.

I've seen the future of Wal-Mart and it's self serve everything, pick-a-bin shopping with bins delivered by automated trucks all willy-nilly in the store, high security 'airlock' entrances with automated cop summoning technology for shoplift prevention, u-scan, basically like the Costco from Idiocracy.

Boomers wanted that. If I knew back then what I know now, I would have thrown that super nintendo in the garbage like my dad told me to.


I never wanted to get my kids a fucking console, ever. If they wanted to play vidya games, I wanted them to at least use a computer for it, and learn about computers.

My goddam "greatest generation" parents got them a console, and it ruined my eldest for ever being fluent with computers.
I saved the other two, though.

And as for living in a goddam city…are you out of your mind? I moved into the small town setting, in the mountains, and never looked back. It's my kids that want to live in cities, because that's where the shekels are.

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We should replace Mexicans at farms with Robots.

you spelled Kikes wrong

Seriously, the problem will solve itself. The new John Deere El Tomato Picker 3000 XL will come to market within a few years, rendering all those "guest workers" obsolete. Today any job a beaner can do can be automated. That will also go for you Jethros in West Virginia. Up your game, people. You can do it.

Our Tier-1 automotive plant went on a huge Advanced Manufacturing Implementation last decade and kept production in the US. Cut staff 50%. We save lots of money on light bulbs now.

Americans seriously need to tool up their skills, especially wrt to internet of things implementations. But we will always need skilled trades as well. Be best.

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The only errors would be input errors. You would still need humans to oversee things but for the most part the shitty parts that are mostly human error are going to be phased out. In that video i still saw human workers. They also where white. Seems like the jobs they took away were the shit ones that nignogs were in charge of.

Majority of jobs would be things like tech engineers, repair or other TRADES. Not anything a robot arm can do. Also women who sit there and bitch while getting to play farmville in secretary positions are going to get blown the fuck out as well since their jobs can easily be converted to robots.

This retarded user lol

True this.

We laid off a lot of bitchy, idiot floor workers who constantly complained about 'muh workload'. Automation made their jobs much better - for robots.

Those left a highly skilled metrologists and engineering techs who babysit the robots. They make good money, get to think for a living, and are happier in their jobs.

It's the way of the future in American manufacturing: automated systems in a "dark" factory programmed and calibrated by a skilled workforce. When we need service we employ skilled trades and pay them well.

This isn't a negative. automation to perform the mundane chores is fine. It means we don't need replacement shitskins to mow the lawn.

Wouldn't the machines still need to be protected? A employee can call the cops, but this is kinda like a vending machine, a nigger can just break it. I think guards would still be needed to watch over it.

Just get rid of the niggers. problem solved.

You're not a boomer, you're an anomaly. And a good one at that. Don't wear that label.

Well guess what faggot, you're getting BOTH. immigration legal and illegal has not declined, and more jobs are getting automated, so suck on that.

Next up, burger flipping robots turn former useless burger flippers into burgers. Come get your soylent burgers, half price regular hormone bovine burgers and a fraction of the cost of natural grass fed organic patties.

the fewer walmart employees touching food the better
fuck anyone who complains about muh robots taking muh job