Hitler did nothing new

Let's get this out of the way: HITLER WAS A FEMINIST. Not a third wave feminist, but still a hardcore feminist

During his time, officially the status of women changed from "equal rights" (Gleichberechtigung) to an "equivalence" between men and women (Gleichstellung). Hitler famously advocated for his feminazi version of "true equality" of the sexes by saying

Hitler did nothing new. Jews have been heavily criticized, killed or expelled from European nations for over 2000 years, but women were always recognized as the most evil beings in the world!

He didn't take away the rights granted to women during first-wave feminism. Now let's see what was legal in Ancient Germanic times, but Hitler the feminazi didn't bring back:
- Legal marriage by abduction
- Arranged marriages (kaufehe) was done by an arrangement of the suitor or his father with the father of the woman. Not the woman herself.
- Widow killing
- Banning women from owning or inheriting property (unless zero male relatives)
- Munt (old high german) or Mundium, which means the wife is under the control of the husband
- Legal wife beating
- Wife selling
Even after this period, Germanic Christian people strictly controlled their women, and were far better than the 20th (feminist) century (femi)Nazis. Of course, Hitler did not bring back headcovering nor repeal the feminist age of consent laws, nor did he bring back not allowing women to testify or bear witness in court, divorce ban etc.

Women are freeloaders in a Nazi society who have the rights to divorce you, take your kids, use alimony and child support etc. Men get nothing in return for their hard work, while women just sit back and relax as long as they pop out kids. Women can take men to court, come into the workplace&schools&social settings to spread their evil, vote/make decisions of their own free will, own property, tell the man what to do/scream/shout/cry threateningly, run back to their family of origin instead of serving their master etc. Another major problem is dating, relationships and marriages for love which are THE way in a Nazi (feminazi) society.

Nazi society is a female-friendly abomination! WHITE PATRIARCHY NOW!!

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Feminazis like you are the #1 enemy after women. Then it's the Jews, Muslims or anyone else.

shitier bait thread, guaranteed mods will let this stay up for 200+ replies

Calm your tits, MGTOW. If you can't find a wahman to lock up in your basement perhaps you have a sister or cousin you could lure there for breeding.

If this is bait, it is poor bait. If this is some jew op to smear hitler, it is low quality. If, however, it is an attempt to confuse newcomers, slide the board, and waste people's time "correcting" OP or "discussing" this topic, well, it hit the mark there. Congrats, OP. You sucked an immense amount of Liberal cock today.

Feminazi perfectly describes Hitler and his followers since you are DIEHARD feminists (albeit not third wave) and Nazis too!

You "feminazis" are just living up to your name tbh. Here's Hitler's speech proving that he fiercely advocated gender equality.

100% accurate

Fuck off Anglin you filthy pedophile ape

This thread smells.

hahaha. Good sir, that was very well put, I must say.

Feminists like you need to be killed. It absolutely disgusts me to encounter such people.

Nazi women enjoyed feminist freedoms and were busy exposing their bodies like the whores that they are, when they should be covered, confined and have no rights. Even their right to live should be up for debate.

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Fucking kek. This faggot is a real nutcase. I have talked to him before. He's the kind of sad, wannabe muslim who just wants to beat White women like they do in IsraHell.
Honestly, he should just go there but he's probably a shitskin and the kikes don't even want him.

They didn't shave their armpits

Anglin and Commonfilth had gay sex the thread

This post is just full of feministy ad hominem attacks and false accusations

Were pre-Feminist Protestants… Muslims?
Were the Ancient Germanic and Celtic people… Muslims?
Was Confucius… a Muslim?
Are Taoists… Muslim?
Were the Vedas written by… Muslims?
Was the Buddha… a Muslim?
Were the ancient Persians… Muslims?
Were the pre-feminsit Slavs… Muslims?
Are the Gnostics… Muslims?
Were the Niggers Muslim before Islam?
Were the pre-Islamic Arabs… Muslims?
Were the Ancient Greeks and Romans… Muslim?
Were pre-feminist Catholics… Muslims?
Are the Amish… Muslims?
Are the Mennonites… Muslims?

I would be happy to beat you and all the feminist men in your family to fucking death, and then take your family women as my slaves. It's just how it's ALWAYS BEEN!

Oh, look. Its another one of these threads.

Thanks CM for bringing this content to the board.

We so desperately needed more "Hitler wasn't novel and he was a feminist!" threads. They really improve things.

Lol look at all the feminists getting triggered.

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Like clockwork. Come and see polish stupidity.

Feminazis are like

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No. He wasn't a feminist, he was able to inherently see the value in an independent hard working german woman to society whether it be through motherhood or career.
Feminism is a jewish subversion tactic designed to destroy the usefulness of any woman and twist them into a sexual marxist.


this, there's absolutely nothing wrong with wanting women to be happy, healthy, contributors to society

Saying so doesn't change FACTS. He FACTUALLY supported all the rights women got during first wave feminism and FACTUALLY advocated for the "true equality" of women.

Hitler was nothing but sickening feminist and a traitor to all mankind

We so desperately needed more "Hitler wasn't novel and he was a feminist!" threads. They really improve things.
Yes they help put things into perspective. Stop being such a feminazi

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no, (((feminism))) is a jewish ploy to d&c men and women

yes, he wanted all of his volk to be equal, he wanted to do away with class differences the white way, not the communist way

2/10 bait. Made me reply tho.


Saying so doesn't change FACTS. He FACTUALLY supported all the rights women got during first wave feminism and FACTUALLY advocated for the "true equality" of women.
Nauseating. And back in the day, the Ancient Greeks and Romans didn't even consider women (full) citizens! Till the 19th century women were under the authority of their fathers and husbands with little to no rights (granted, men didn't have the power of life and death).

Hitler was a revolting and outrageous feminist. A true radical.

Women and men are shit today, user. Take your judeo christian semitic "women ought to be slaves" mentality back to the land of sandniggers. You want a woman to treat you like she's your mommy haha how pathetic.

What the actual fuck is going on in this thread?

For anyone who wants any value out of this thread:

Filter this autist 2007 reddit meme poster.

>Don't breed, goy. Get your priorities right, goy. It's the women behind it all, not (((us))) ruining them.

Agreed. The bait is bad. While OP tried to spin it that Hitler was no different than modern feminists, it clearly just shows a man who always had his heart in the right place.
How would women have any hope in life if even after he takes power they are confined on a low level? Wife selling and abduction are the most jewish thing that anyone could do. It's what turkroaches would do, but got into our culture for way too long.
Some stupid pil-pul is not going to change our mind on what is right.
There's a difference between creating nuclear families and "lmao single mothers need welfare because gender wage gap reeeeeeeeeeeeee" (when in reality welfare is to encourage women to "marry" the state instead of a loving husband) Instead of the policy to give back loan to ethnic German families who make children to support their housing.

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OP, that list of things you want is more in line with the Weimar era.

This is some really shitty bait, Anglin, you turbonigger.

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When do faggots ever shut the fuck up? I have been browsing this shithole since 2014 when the exodus happened on 4cuck and you fucking dickheads never let up on your faggotry,

Make your fucking minds up.

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i shiggy

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lol fuck off

NSDAP policies for women:
May 1933 - Hitler institutes May 10th - his mother's birthday - as Mother's day
Wow faggots did you know this? I didn't.
Now tell me HOW DOES THAT LOOK LIKE MODERN FEMINISM? Women are to be mothers and they give children. That's their biggest job, HIGHER THAN ANY STUPID JOB WE MAN DO AND SHOULD BE HONORED.


Forgot the pics. They are very telling. OP get hanged.

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sure is nice that blatant spam threads like this dont get deleted

Pre-feminist fertility rates were 5-10 children per woman.

Another false accusation by a falsely accusing FEMINAZI!! Beware of these people. They're truly evil (for the sake of women's rights). White knights!

Marriages by abduction were legal in Germania (raubehe):

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That's where you are wrong buddy.

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Waiting for hitler was black

This is the absolute state of leftists trying to subvert opinions LMAO

Yes, we see you brought your old "pepe kek lmao" memes.
It's not our problem that britbongs won't understand that they are going against European values.

You've lost your capability to trick people, jew. Once you take the step to question the authority of fact, you are beyond the reach of the jewish perspective of reality.

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Hitler wasn't a feminist at all. He was fore traditional roles. That's the equality Hitler pushed.

While other professions were still open to women. Sick.
Women still had the freedom to choose
Why the FUCK was the post even open to women in the first place? Fuck that feminist piece of shit!
Still allowed. And WTF at women going to high school? Hitler was a female-friendly bastard just like his supporters in this thread.

LOLNO. Even the house is the man's world. The woman is just there to cook, clean, pop out kids, serve and obey her lord!
Fuck you
Hitler loved appeasing women. What's new? None of this changes the FACT that Hitler advocated for "true equality" of men and women. Listen to his speech and look at the feminist laws during his reign.


Roles? That implies women's freedom of choice. The term gender roles is 20th century bullshit. Women's only "role" is to shut the fuck up and do everything men say! Hitler didn't advocate that. He was all for female choice, female employment, female voting, allowing divorce and all that is mentioned in the OP. Hitler was just another faggot first wave feminist whose followers need to be erased from the earth just like all other feminists.


Fuck off, kike. Your tricks don't work here. Reported.

Just because they have a word for it doesn't mean it was practiced. You're such an obvious kike and this is a polvol thread.
"Raubehe" isn't even an ancient Germanic word.
Yeah, we can totally trust documents from over a thousand years ago, there's no way they would have been tampered with by jew-servile xtian rulers and their crypto henchmen.

Reporting won't work for obvious reasons.

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If anyone haven't seen it. This will keep the yids away, in case of emergency. Finding this took me 1 minute.

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Yes, it's a new word to denote the old practice.

Hitler was such a fucking narcissist, no wonder he lost.

"Rape" and "child molestation" exist in the English language, does that mean it's a cultural institution in the Anglosphere?

Definitely feeling the increase in board quality since the ousting of Kampfy.

lmao wtf blimey cow??

Nobody's perfect, OP.

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Women are highly evil, if not the root of all evil. Just about every religion, culture and philosophy since the beginning of time has this information in it.


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Oh look, it's this faggot kike with his mongoloid waifus again.

Being a feminist is the biggest flaw a man could have.

Hitler was nothing but a disgrace to mankind

Of course the men of the late-20th and early 21st century are even worse.

You are actually a homosexual if you think this is a bad thing. This thread is shitty bait, listen to Hitler's speech on the little world for women if you're curious on Hitler's stance on women.

I cannot think or comprehend of anything more cucked than having a daughter. Honestly, think about it rationally. You are feeding, clothing, raising and rearing a girl for at least 18 years solely so she can go and get ravaged by another man. All the hard work you put into your beautiful little girl - reading her stories at bedtime, making her go to sports practice, making sure she had a healthy diet, educating her, playing with her. All of it has one simple result: her body is more enjoyable for the men that will eventually **** her in every hole.

Raised the perfect girl? Great. Who benefits? If you're lucky, a random man who had nothing to do with the way she grew up, who marries her. He gets to **** her tight pussy every night. He gets the benefits of her kind and sweet personality that came from the way you raised her.

As a man who has a daughter, you are LITERALLY dedicating at least 20 years of your life simply to raise a girl for another man to enjoy. It is the ULTIMATE AND FINAL cuck. Think about it logically.

The most jewish thread I've seen in a while and that says a lot, with how jewish the board has become

In this society, only her. Ideally, she provides you with her services until she's married off (hopefully sooner than later), and then she serves another man.
Women are required for the continuation of the species. They are a necessary evil.

BTW what are you even suggesting? lol

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This thread is full of feminazis without any arguments hurling false accusations at righteous, patriarchal men. The feminazis think that such tactics work, but all it does is expose them.

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This thread is full of polvol1/2/3/4/5/6/hidden.

Women's faces disgust me (unless I'm horny). Every woman has a horrible, dark and evil personality. They're all fakes. Wolves in sheep's clothing!

=That's why women should be seen and not heard!==

St. John Chrysostom, On Priesthood, VI, ch. 8
"There are in the world a great many situations that weaken the conscientiousness of the soul. First and foremost of these is dealings with women. In his concern for the male sex, the superior may not forget the females, who need greater care precisely because of their ready inclination to sin. In this situation the evil enemy can find many ways to creep in secretly. For the eye of woman touches and disturbs our soul, and not only the eye of the unbridled woman, but that of the decent one as well."

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t. Beta MGTOW D&C

Yes, it's very weird. But the intent and the result was good. Damn if there aren't hundreds of holidays that was decided by two psychopaths between two lines of coke. At least this has a reason. Love your mother. You wouldn't exist without her.


OP is a mouthbreathing, IP-hopping retard.

Those are good picts user. I can't help but fall totally in love with Authentic National Socialism (as practiced by actual Germans and not the weird ALT-KIKE alternative that is so often pushed on Zig Forums).

Particularly poignant is:

Based and redpilled. Honest women deserve more protection by the state because they are, in many ways, more vulnerable. Anyone who disagrees is a nrx retard that rejects any social progress in the last 200 years just for the sake of it.
Good. All of these are, objectively, bad customs that should have been abolished.
These are good, but should be managed in the realm of social relations, not in state law.
None of these would be a problem on a well-balanced society, which was the case. There was no rampant divorce, even though it was legal, for example.

KYS Fred. Anti-white women is anti-white.

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Any kind of feminism is cancer and deserves the gas.

Feminism, marxism, kikeism, all same shit.

Women aren't the ones voting for liberal policies and doing degenerate shit. The kikes did it! Both are responsible you white knight faggot. One for the promoting and the other for being retarded enough to follow it.

Except your daughters won't be pure waifus. They will be degenerate like all modern women unless you go Mormon and brainwash them with hell to make loyal to their communities. Even then what happens to a Mormon girl when she leaves her community for college? Exactly you fucking cucks.

Fucking slap her shit to hell if she isn't a "pure waifu".

Sorry hun but degeneracy ain't welcome in this south.

I honestly can't tell whether you too are speaking about fucking your own daughters or something else.

In this day and age, you lay a hand on your kid and you go to jail. Counselors and teachers try to brainwash your kid into thinking that little slap was serious and try to send them to therapy to talk and share their feelings.

That kid then thinks it was a poor victim of abuse and then becomes a degenerate doing drugs in bathrooms and getting fucked by boys in her college class.

back to reddit nigger


Fuck off. Why do you sick fucks project your fantasies of incest on everything?

I don't do dudes, and if fags think that is Jewish, oy vey.

Hey man it is you who raised a whore by your own fabulous example to her on how to behave (I suppose that she is a whore because you are a pedophile) but whatever…I didn't raise any whores and I won't raise a whore in the future either. Because children learn a lot more from how their parents behave than what their parents say. Just saying…your pedo degenerate whore daughter got it from somewhere…(you) and if you didn't raise an appropriate daughter that is really on you and not on your daughter. Children don't raise themselves…so it is 100% your fault that your daughter is a flaming slut.
Course, maybe if you hadn't put your dick in every one of her holes and then been jealous like the CUCK you are when her husband fuck her it M I G H T have gone better for her.

You faggots still won't argue against the point that modern women are fucking trash today.


(copypasta time)

Dude…you got some MAJOR PROBLEMS…I don't think you should have children…but I hope the government is monitoring this because someone needs to call Child Protective Services on your ass…you shouldn't be fucking your own daughter and then blaming her for the fact that she is a 'slut'

lol how many threads are you posting this garbage in? get a life faggot.

You're just another heavily indoctrinated white-knight who doesn't realize that hitler did nothing new. WAKE UP!!

You're not in on some huge secret about the Jews. Stop being so goddamn childish! The Jew problem was always known and necessary steps were taken to solve it. But that doesn't mean women weren't recognized as the worst evil ever, as OP stated. The woman problem also needs to be solved.

Correct. Women's existence is essential for producing sons, so we can't wipe them out!
Oh god. Please don't remind me! THE HORROR!!!!
I can relate.

Women should be confined to their rooms unless they have too cook, clean or look after the kids. They should only speak when spoken to and only be visited for sex. Otherwise flee from them!


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There's a reason why every religion has some sort of warning when it comes to women. Zig Forumsfags refuse to recognize the WQ and will white knight them to death because they're incels who think they're Chads.

This stinks of SJW rhetoric but for white germanic women…

you're in literally every single thread on page 1

Hitler gave complete artistic freedom to the woman film maker Leni Riefenstahl, and she created 2 masterpiece films for the Reich.

And according to the CIA's (OSS) dossier on Hitler, he would help young women who came to cheer for him by giving their unemployed husbands jobs and then giving them fully furnished apartments. CIA also claims that Hitler loved children and was often moved to tears when introduced to groups of kids.

so yeah, Hitler was a feminist in the true sense of the word and not the post-modern false feminism which is just a cover for Bolshevism and Degeneracy and Anarchy.

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I complained to the MODS because it was getting so old. They are in every single thread derailing all of them. Same bullshit. We can't even have a conversation because they are in EVERY FUCKING THREAD DERAILING IT. Complain to the mods. It is the only way to get them to start banning these fucking derailing losers.

I wonder if OP is the same guy who made the set of posts in the picture. What do you call this retarded style of argument? I bet it works great on people who are ignorant or severely fried on drugs though.

That's still not being a feminist, though. That sounds more like benevolence, which is the opposite of feminism.

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You're an early riser, and a hard worker moishe.
You'll get an extra shekel in your Hanukah bonus this year.

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Birth rates quadrupled under the NSDAP. Feminists just want to ride the cock carousel and never settle down and have babies. This is nothing but kike D&C.