IQ thread

IQ thread

Was making an infographic about visually explaining the importance of IQ via maps of the world and thought it would be a good idea to have a bread for people to dump IQ related redpills.

I'm looking for some with regards to high ashkenazi IQ being a myth, as I'm making a long infographic / PDF BTFOing the entire concept - I didn't see any in the redpill breads we currently have up.

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It was created by Jews, is overseen by a council of Jews, is selectively interpreted and discriminated by Jews, is used to enforce myths of Jewish superiority, is in many cases completely arbitrary due to Jewish control (look at the fact that Bobby Fischer, IQ reported at 187, is absent from all publicly acknowledged lists of high-IQ geniuses because he was anti-Jew), and most of all, it's a Jewish method of dividing otherwise homogeneous societies and seeding the grounds of discussion with the beginnings of IQ-centric conspiracy 'theories' whose purpose is to discredit anyone who actually does real investigation into racial or cultural differences in intelligence that go against the status quo or the socially acceptable narrative. This is how the Jews shape and engineer debate, while easily leaving themselves with plenty of counterarguments, forcing you to argue on their turf where they have an illegitimate advantage built up by pseudoscience they themselves created.

TL;DR: IQ is a bluepill pushed by Jews to subvert real research about human intellect.

Jews literally lie about their own IQ and have fabricated numerous tests. Jews lying about their own IQ doesn't invalidate the concept.

t. low IQ NPC

Kind of amazing that "gathering information" is a skill that requires 115 IQ and up. That implies that the vast majority of society is incapable of actually learning by themselves.

Are you even trying?

What is "real research" then, nigga?

low IQ NPC confirmed

is there any non pozzed study that confirms an overlap with IQ and empathy?

I'll take 'study into neurological, psychological, and epigenetic factors that affect intelligence and their trends in difference across races and cultures' for 500, Alex. The burden of proof is on the positive claim being made, and to date there hasn't been a valid proof that intelligence is a directly measurable figure with 1:1 correspondence to any potential system scorable by raw numbers. The focus on such an idea prevents theories requiring less irrational assumptions from being presented and discussed, thus keeping us in the state of 'Your IQ might be 115, goy, but ours is 135 and all our statistics say so!'. The easiest way to refute the Jewish IQ myth is to cast doubt on a theory they created during the same historical era wherein they were also convincing American nuclear families to chop their children's genitals off to prevent masturbation.

While they cheat and have total influence over the subject being argued, simply pointing this out rather than trying to defeat the system from the bottom up (against the full weight of (((accredited science)))) is both a more reasonable and effective angle, and is less tainted by attempting to build an anti-Jew position using Jewish language and ideas. As long as they dictate how you talk, you can't beat them, because it is arranged so that all authority to interpret your words lies with them.

If I remember correctly, empathy and associated sensations (embarrassment, shame, sorrow, comfort) are mainly processed in the same parts of the limbic system as pain and pleasure related nervous impulses are. Assuming IQ is a genuine concept, I'm not certain whether it would play as much of a role in functions in this area of the brain as it would in the higher, more sophisticated regions. After all, many animals are capable of empathy, and yet niggers and Jews aren't. Are they less developed than dogs? The answer is yes.

You should really consider including some kind of proof for the genetic factor of IQ. For example I remember a study where they tested the IQ scores of Black kids that where adopted into Middle-Class white families. (where their scores really didn´t improve over normal blacks of course)

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bump, thanks.

This screencap focuses more on Peterson, but also consists of good points addressing muh high jewish IQ

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Why do I need to learn by myself when I trust your dubs?

I like the one showing the highest-income black neighborhood has a higher crime rate that the poorest white.

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It's made up.

Pic related might be useful.

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My IQ was tested at 138 at 11, but currently, whenever I take an online IQ test, I score 125 to 130. Am I getting dumber, Zig Forums?

a country with 1.4 billion people averaging 104IQ but somehow it's all peasants, rice farmers, everyone's poor, the environment is poisoned irreparably and never invents or innovates anything after gunpowder
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Brain cells die as you get older, in clusters. Eventually you might forget your own.. what were we talking about again?

You will have nigger tier IQ by 18.

Can i still rival a jew at least?

You know where China's IQ scores come from? High-class rich highscool kids from Shanghai and to move there and go to rich kid's school you need governmental permission. Source: I dunno, I read it once or twice, might be outdated info, do your own research.

You can certainly redeem yourself to a certain extent, racially speaking, by applying your valor and inventiveness in combating the eternal enemy. There can be no place for you within a white ethnostate, but among mixed states you have every opportunity to belong to the new elites.

Thanks OP, saved.

There may be a point of diminishing returns with IQ if it’s not coupled with some other intangible like creativity and passion.
Chinks are just drones, they can build, they can colonize, they can get good math scores but they lack the intangibles to truly accomplish great feats which is why most inventions are by Whites. The Japanese for example are not good at inventing but they are excellent at perfecting.
It’s why Japs are useful allies. They’re weird as shit though.
I think it’s also important to remember that these tests are categorized by nation not ethnicity. For example the average IQ in the US and other (((diverse))) countries would be much higher if niggers and spics didn’t weigh it down.

That is pretty fucking mindblowing.

Great argument.

IQ decreases with age.

IQ is a measure of being able to use logic and reasoning. It does not account for things like creativity, ingenuity, problem solving, etc. Math is nothing more than logic using a number system.

China (and a lot of developed Asian countries) are interesting. They usually do extremely well in situations where there are pre-defined rules where they can apply logic and other means to come to a conclusion. However, as most of you noticed, they have a serious problem with things like individuality, creativity, etc. And it's exactly why they come across as "bug men", they are smart, they can do math, they can figure out problems if they are given a set of rules to work with to solve that problem. But once they run into a situation where they have to come up with a solution on their own, they're dumbfounded. And IQ tests don't test how well you can come up with your own solution. They generally display a pattern, leave you to recognize the pattern, and then decide what the next piece of the pattern should be.

I have a good friend, he's a teacher at those fancy, private schools for kids in China. They are all very bright kids, they can do math and things like that no problem. But, the huge caveat is that they have almost zero creativity. My friend taught in both Western and Eastern schools. The Chinese grab math and stuff like it's nothing, really easy. No bullshit games like with Common Core or all those convoluted tricks they use to try and teach people math in the West. Not to mention, Westerners usually end up "hating math" because they suck at it.

The extremely interesting thing about the Chinese students comes when it's time to do things like creative writing. My buddy, the first time he taught a creative writing course, was dumbfounded. The kids could not use their imagination at all. He gave them a simple assignment, like "write about what would happen if you were at your X dream place doing your Y favorite thing", they couldn't come up with any answers because they couldn't put the thought of something not real into words. I'm actually pretty sure that in the West, most of these Chinese kids would be considered autistic and placed on a huge amount of drugs.

I think it's a lot like how NPCs don't think to themselves in language. I assume most of us here do that, we're used to it and assume everyone does. And it's second nature to use, we assume everyone has it. But that creativity that Western people have is one of those things a lot of Western people take for granted and assume that everyone else is just like them.

Basically, from my (and my friend's experience), Chinese kids are great and doing logical stuff, but they can't come up with their own solutions. It's why developed Asian countries are all some sort of rip-offs of Western ideas (Capitalism, communism, socialism, etc) and they don't even have their own economic philosophies outside of looking to the West and going "that's good, lets use some of that".

At the top, you've got white people who have the intelligence and the creativity. This ends up with white people being responsible for a lot of what happens in the world. Economic systems, political systems, wars, etc. It stems from intelligence and creativity together.

Below that, you have the developed Asians (usually north eastern regions). They are more intelligent that Westerners (generally), but they lack the creativity to come up with their own ideas, for the most part. They're basically experts at using things that creative people have come up with and adapting them for their own use, and executing them fairly well. For example, see how Japan has done capitalism (and Korea copied), or how China has done "communism".

The rest of the world, they lack the basic intelligence of developed Asians and they lack the creativity and problem solving of Western people. The end result is that you end up with a group of people who can't invent things. They can't even "borrow" philosophies and ideas from the West or the East. In fact, most of the time they don't even understand how those systems work and instead spend their time complaining that they don't work right, and working on ways to bypass the system (gangs, crime, etc).

When you look at places like China, you're looking at people who are smart enough to copy something and make it work. But they're not smart enough to understand the implications or care enough to do something about it. That is a form of intelligence as measured by an IQ test. And you compare it to places like Africa where they don't really understand how these systems work and they're completely lost without someone guiding them.

They're smart, but if they don't have things spelled out for them they don't understand and they don't do anything about it.

I have wondered about the fate of the mixed for a long time. I look around me for other mulattoes, i do see them and it's strange: some (like my case) ended up with paler skin (or spots of different skin shades) and smooth hairs, while some looks deadon Hispanic with fuzzy hairs, but there are common trait that my fellow goblinos all share: Brown hairs, and brown (sometimes African dark) eyes, or even like myself clear brown eyes with a dark ring around the iris. It is very rare for me to observe a blond haired mulatto and thus i do see why whites want to preserve the way they are. My mother tells me i have the squared face of a Frenchman but i look at the mirror and i see nigger lips ruining my entire face.
I hate it profoundly and i bet it is the unwanted reason why every girls i've ever met looked at me with disgust.

So consider yourself lucky that i am enraged enough to be willing to sacrifice everything i have/do to fuck up (((the ones))) who subverted my father to get abroad for a gf because he was demoralized by state Sponsored feminist laws which turned womens (of any race as long as they live in the western world) into snakes and gave me a face that condemns me to a rotting loneliness forever. Good, I'll have nothing to lose.

Consider yourself lucky i don't larp as a white too.
I don't know if i should blogpost my testimony to the racemixing and why it's bad thread. As a cautionary tale.

i fucking hate my life.

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Wilson's Effect, when younger there is a higher environmental effect on IQ that slowly diminishes to a more genetic based IQ as you age. It's actually a big thing to look out for when environmentalists bring up early IQ testing in transracial adoption studies, when you do the follow up post graduation you see that the IQ's flatline and fall back to an average level for the race the kids belong to.

I hate that global AIDS map. The difference between Africa and the next most infected nations is HUGE statistically. But the coloration of the map makes it look like Africa is first followed closely by the USA and other nations. Nothing could be further from the truth. I really dislike that map. Course if we could bog our faggots in European nations then we would have almost no AIDS at all. Faggots are nothing but Death personified.


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The 115 IQ jewish ashkenazi average intelligence is a complete myth.
Vox Day comprehensively debunked that claim using the average IQ if Israeli jews (98 points) vs the percentage of Israel that is askenazi. Two thirds or so. At this point it is merely a mathematical problem.
If 115 IQ claim is to be believed the sephardim must have a sub 80 IQ == dumber than blecks. Not a credible claim.

How would that prove anything? Half or more of the entire global jewish population is in the US, you can't make any statistical claim about jews without accounting for that.

The first is bullshit. I am surprised no one mentioned it.

Childhood IQ is bullshit because it is based on age peers and not the general population.

Jews earned the nickname kike by literally being illiterate and unable to sign their names when they first started slithering into the USA. Does that sound like a race of braniacs?

that look says it all.

Is it really that bad?
t. Black man living in ~85% white community

My kids will probably share your fate but I don't want them to turn into a self hating faggot

Self hating faggots* that is

IQ is only relevant if it's below 100, above 100 only agricultural and environmental skills matter.
Because those keep you shitting, pissing and breathing.

There are 195 countries on earth and only 100 countries in that list, you absolute moron.

Bobby Fisher was brilliant in his heyday but he rapidly became crazy. Have you read his blog? He could barely string together coherent sentences, kinda like the Timecube guy. He slowly and sadly descended into lunacy and schizophrenia.

The only way to resolve this problem is to live among your own people and not in some (((multicultural))) hell scape.

He was coherent almost until his death, there are videos of him as a 70-80 year old man, talking complete sense.

Fischer was redpilled about the JQ,
(((they))) want to make him look crazy.

According to that image it seems like race is the real thing of importance, rather than intelligence. Just compare the European region to the Asian.

By that logic 99.9% of Whites are worthless.

I can't find it anymore but he used to have a blog and his ramblings were approaching word salad level. I have a distant relative who has schizophrenia and Bobby was almost there.

bad pic for anyone who isnt already red pilled. requires combing through some statistics charts. normies need to be spoonfed.

IQ tests are largely Jewish and this is something very few on Zig Forums ever talk about. The current industry standard is the Wechsler-WAIS, created by David Wechsler a Romanian Jew.

I don't think the IQ test is exactly a Jewish conspiracy though. One of Zig Forumss biggest problems is that it views things in terms of conspiracy rather than as a result of systems. Systems-thinking is more difficult than conspiracy-thinking, and you gain a better understanding of why things happen the way they do, even if you end up coming to the same conclusions. What I mean by this is: because the IQ test is Jewish it favors Jewish traits. Not even intentionally, but because the Jewish concept of intelligence differs from other people's concept of intelligence.

The fact that the IQ tests are Jewish means that the test will weight heavily towards skills that are favored in Jewish populations, probably not even intentionally. If you ask a Jew what it means to be intelligent and a white person, you might get subtle but important differences in definition. The IQ test is weighted heavily towards verbal-language skill and abstract thinking. No real value is given to creativity (which is very difficult to test for anyways), to mechanical aptitude/physical problem solving, etc.

The other issue is that the entire idea that you can mechanistically test a person and reduce them down to a number as part of a larger social-machine is an extremely Jewish concept to begin with. There is a reason so many Jews go into psychology and neuroscience, it's because they view humanity as meat that can be reduced down to its parts and thrown into a spreadsheet. It's a merchant view of humanity that can be reduced to quantity and admits no qualitative subtlety.

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You could move to California, Texas, or Latin America and run shit. I have nothing against mixed people per se, I just don't want them in my country and will destroy on sight as soon as fog of war presents the opportunity.

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When they tested the "Jew" IQ and arrived at a figure over 100 it was simply because the study was performed on a very small group of people who were in the same university. Look it up.

Average IQ in Israel today is circa 90-95. Meanwhile in the rest of the world IQ has increased over time.

It is lonely and depressing when you possess a high IQ and are surrounded by literal retards. Everywhere you look is stupidity. Everything you hear is blatantly false. Takes an iron will to avoid the blackpill.

Don't give your kids a face they'll hate. It is obvious that the purer a genetic strain, the more geometrically appealing their are overall. That shit could counts as much as the colorful plumage of birds who knows.

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Do you like Rick and Morty by any chance?

Then why do IQ tests contain spacial and logical problems, two things Jews score consistently badly at?

Fucking this.
Polite sage.