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As the only black French man on Zig Forums I thanks police.

They could milk this bit longer.

I thought this was gonna be what they used to block the riots
Maybe someone is going off script

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pick one

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I am feeling like a prophet, for everything I said would happen happened…
I said that the rotten gov would pay some random mercenaries to do some terrorist shooting, then the gov and police would act even more like Stalin thanks to that pretext, then after a few days the terrorists would allegedly be killed by the police because of course they don't have anybody to put in jail since it was a plot, and so the pretests would end and people would even thank the police and the gov for "protecting" them…

You have to be blind to believe that this was a real terrorist attack and not a plan of the rotten gov bastards.
Now I wish a real terrorist could give these gov sons of bitch what they deserve.

The guy was confirmed a jew. His passport was left behind in his residence.


And by killing they probably refer to smuggling him back into the hands of mossad, so that he can do some more paid terrorism under another identity. Or is there a vid of him getting killed?

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Go back to cuckchan


He never existed to begin with.

And you were terribly wrong
They are seeing it as what it is, the rotests continue, today they blocked some ports, tomorow they're blocking even more shit, and the Act 5 is ready to go.



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So does this mean the Yellow Vests can continue their protesting? Does that mean the EU buildings in Strasbourg are no longer off-limits?

(Probably not)

It's already being muddied.

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fake and gay


no it isn't

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It kept giving a server error when it was archiving.


the thing is, revolvers with designs patented before 1865 are freely availble to all over 18 in all french gunshops
there is no excuse to frenchies not shooting all the kikes
french men just lack the balls

Reminder to frenchfags that it took your population putting a gun to the local police force and painting your government buildings in shit for them to suddenly have to fake doing their job just to convince you to stop.

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Thank you for the info.

Go back to cuckchan if you think that kind of shitposting is acceptable

BREAKING NEWS: An armed man has been arrested at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. He reportedly threatened multiple people with a knife. No one was injured.

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I am sorry user. I promise i will shitpost less here. seems like cuckchan rangebanned my country. please let me stay

As a Chinese Iroquois tribesman I thank bolice

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Try 1892

Frogs pogroming kikes with single action cowboy revolvers would be a funny sight I'll give you that.

Nice webm!
Got sauce?

Go back to Africa.
Gauls rise up!

Nah,,, too valuable of an actor like that Sheriff's Deputy in Cali they keep killing over and over again in those shooting FF. The guy is like a cat with 9 lives 3 of which he has used to date.

Some sick brilliant bastard must have thrown a yellow vest on him

As a non yid New Yorker I thank the badged frogmen

Got it from Oswald.

Which brings me to where Oswald actually came from, Evergreen Colorado where black government sedans used to come to his house on a regular basis while his neighbors (us) observed. We got that kind of shit going on here all over the place. Why do you think we had 22 schools on lockdown over a bomb threat due to the Clinonista hearing. Colorado loves a good FF and we have them all the time. Fucking FF capitol of the USA babe!

jej. Chanology101

>mfw it is just a coincidence

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It's funny that Trump says "trust the police" and they are out pulling FF all across the country today. Loooooool

I'm gonna need a rundown on Evergreen, CO

Same place the South Park faggots are from.
Small mountain town with some wealthy Denver commuter types.

As a Tocharian Kurd I thank the polisi

Well that doesn't sound too bad compared to places like Hartsel.

A little lesson for you shits, if you look at the whole picture of the shooter you will notice he has a bruise on his forehead. This is called a zebibah, or a prayer bump. It happens from praying to Allah (may God shit on Allah's soul).

Rural yuppified mountain community about 40 miles west of Denver. Used to be a cool place but now is totally Globalist scum of the earth insane losers. Scratch Oswald, I meant that guy who shot Reagan he lived here in Evergreen and everybody in the neighborhood used to watch those government sedans come and go from his house and yes it is near South Park where the TV program originated from. Willie Nelson had a ranch here too.

If you look at his passport, it says Israel. Nigger.

Does this mean the yellow vest protests can continue now?

I say a good place to have just a little above my front sight.

Israeli != Jewish

Hartsel is in South Park which is the southern part of Park County Colorado totally run by Deep State operators.

Quality shitpost

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In this case, he is a jew. But nice try, kike.

Physical traits say otherwise

Trips say yes.

Not every jew is Ashkenazi you braindead faggot.

Do they rent green houses too?

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Jews don't get that spot in the forehead, uncultured swine.

Yeah I know, the place is surrounded by spooks.

What is Mossad.

Uh huh, I got em to the left of me and to the right. I am knee deep in them and they fucking hate me always spooking my ass. Always. Got to look the fuck out around here big time or you're fucked.

why split hairs when we can gas them both?

In the era where the cheapest phone has a 3 megapixel camera and photo flash we get… grainy photo taken from a 1990's polaroid disposable camera
How is such a thing even possible?

I like seeing kebab removed, but I'm also getting tired of police conveniently shooting these suspects instead of detaining them. I know it's intentional. It just gets tiring. And it always follows the same formula:

Fuck, even normies are seeing the pattern for what it is.

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>(((Terrorist))) shot as we're approaching another non kosher protest
Every time

Melanin or GTFO

nice polaroid

Nah, what's unbelievable is they still walk around not strapped thinking it can't happen to them.

Fuck off Ari.
The shooter was is? a jew.

Killing one of them is a start.
Now, when they go door to door, and start killing each and every one of them?

They found a weapon cache at Schiphol a few years ago, they were probably going to do a hit and run attack using public transportation.
North of Rembrandt Square is a huge hive of those scumbag shitskins.
Goddamn those fucking mudslimes ruining another great part of the world.

Yeah just send out a government survey like here in America and kill all those who think virgins are real. Looooool.


when Jews let Muslims come in so they can play them and the whites against each other while their own business goes unchallenged…

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I remember when Zig Forums wasn't so gullible and would recognize these shootings as fake or planned inside jobs.
ISIS has been irrelevant for months. Suddenly they come up with this terrorist attack right during the yellow vests protests. Sounds fishy to say the least.

I think corrupt rotten governments are behind ISIS and use this fabricated enemy as a means of manipulation. Not only could the french govt channel attentions away from the yellow vests cause and protests but they also gain more support from the french people because they'll naturally stand by the govt against ISIS and they terrorist attacks.

What they probably did was put him on a flight back to Tel Aviv where he'll change his name and strike again somewhere else.

Proof? Never heard of it


who let the jews in????
stop crying retard

stop making sense, no one wants to hear it, the state has made reasonable demands and the people will accept them. peaceful protest worked. political change was accomplished. citizens return to work.

Pure coincidence I assure you. The rumours that this agent…I mean killer was working with Mossad, had an Israeli passport, and was party of a plot to curtail the impending second French Revolution are totally untrue…now go back to sleep goy.

Inb4 macaroni thanks the police and is glad they are on the (((french))) his side. Inb4 protest bans are not lifted due to worry that (((something else))) will happen.

I hope this incident doesn't slow the down the yellow vests. The timing is suspicious.🤔

Will they dump his body into the ocean?

Lmao at the lapsus

pictures of white women smiling pisses of kikes. they'll never have them - they'll eternally create kike banshee women that berate them

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Are you not entertained?. Scared already?. Israel can invade Lebanon without noone knowing?.


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how very convenient of you to kill the mossad kike so he couldn't talk.

Allah has promised the Muslims victory

fuck off nigger.

(((*merchant's song*)))

Surrender now, we have you surrounded.

You frogs better still tear this kike govt. down and lead the way for the rest of us. It's your responsibility, you chose it, Blut und Ehre. youtube.com/watch?v=zyxRF6QBuoA

Oh. My. God. This is a display of white supremacy and intolerance. Pure racism!