Heads up. These places are all "wired". All of them.

Post here and a file is opened on you. Be careful. And lest you think your "secure VPN" is hiding you…. think again.


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It's all satire and the edgiest of humor.

This individual does not exist.

If you want some honey, suck my cock. Sieg heil, Dylann Roof did nothing wrong.

If the jews come to my house and drag me away I'll know everything I learned on Zig Forums was correct and that Zig Forums is always right. Let them prove me wrong.

Any attempt to supress nature will backfire

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It's probably true what you're saying, but I take solace in knowing I don't believe anything that's said here, or anything I say here for that matter. It's a thematic chatroom and nothing more to me.

Wait, what? "Pledged allegiance to the KKK."

Holy fuck, that is some creative license.

Good thing I've been spending my drug money on machine guns. Now I'm almost ready to overthrow the state and illegally download all the music I could ever want.

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Open a file, open ten files, I don't care.

Holy shit. What are you incel neckbeards afraid of? Nobody gives enough of a shit about you to track your activities. Between this thread here and this one , it's clear that you natsoc ass hats are losing your minds. Stop being total faggots. Just quit.

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The entire Internet is a honeypot, it was designed to be from the very beginning by DARPA.

Acknowledge that fact, then use the technology to our advantage regardless. What matters is that you are in the game. OP wants you out of the game, hiding in the brush like a scared rabbit.

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What game is that? The man flirtng with woman game?

Probably have me on a watchlist too. So what? Only a retard announces the dumb shit they're gonna do on places like this.

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Immediately reminded me of Legend of the Red Dragon.

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Really? If that's true then tell Marshall Erwin at the CIA that Chris Rasmussen said he should go fuck himself for not giving me the job.

The game whereby we put our enemies in the grave by diverting the turbulent waters of the memetic psychosphere towards our complete and final victory.

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Roof is a coward and a murderer who thinks shooting fish in a barrel makes him a hunter.

I don't give a fuck. It's not going to matter soon anyways.

Why's that?

yeah no shit retard that's why everyon uses VPNs

Emmanuel Macron
Elizabeth Lecron
(4 syllable first names beginning with E)

Dylann Roof
Dakota Reed

yeah, uh……

I have been on so many truther sites that there is probably multiple files on me. You can't live life in fear.

This is a war, not a game.

Well, let's see what networks of REAL criminals there are on the internet…
- There are criminals who kidnap people to trade their organs…
- There are criminals who kidnap kids and rape them then sell the videos, and they sell the kids as well as sex slaves…
- There are hitmans, you pay them to kill anybody…
- There are illegal drugs and arms dealers…

But police would have time to waste busting people on Zig Forums for this abominable crime : using words like "nigger" and "kike"….

Well, actually, I would not be that much surprised if it was true…

No, ding dong, those dummies got caught because they opened their stupid fucking mouths instead of just keeping shut and following through with what they wanted to do. You know who goes to jail? People who want to. You know why? Because they consciously fuck up and get themselves caught. You honestly cannot be so retarded to talk to anyone about anything you're going to do. That's literally just willful ignorance.



He posted on Facebook.

He made threats.


Oh no! And that's in addition to the fact that judges think they can legislate from the bench, and antifa is allowed to break the law but anyone who defends themselves against them gets maximally sentenced! Oh no! Oh no!
How about "this is all the more reason to fight because the geniuses legalizing riots have not left us an alternative"? Does that help?

I believe and meme for a "Top Down" solution to the JQ and that does not involve criminal behavior of any kind.

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I think he was hinting that something "big" is about to happen, officer.

He's not a real person, same for Lecron, see

Also what kind of a stupid name is Dakota, and for a male?

Dead men tell no tales. If you're in a situation where you're going to get out in the klink anyway, then at least take one of those cock suckers with you. Also, if they're dead you might get off with plausible deniability self defence.

A pretty fucking gay one.

this. if i'm going to do illegal shit, i'm not going to blogpost about it on the fucking internet. criminals that get caught are the lowest common denominator.

Another scripted event that Zig Forums deepthroats like usual. What's new

Uh yeah, we know. Honestly if you don't have a fucking file by this time, you're just a dumb sheep who refuses to wake up until your about to be slaughtered. Stop being a fucking pussy OP.

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And he achieved absolutely nothing for the cause; he is literally a nigger at heart. Nigger tier retard.

He killed a demorat nigger.

Good show, good show.

>(((Facebook and Youtube))) Accounts

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implying the charleston church "shooting" wasn't a hoax
If it was real then it wasn't even an intentional assassination, just random luck of the massacre.

Good. My file is probably awesome.
If any glowintheniggers are out there, please forward me a copy, and ill trade some of the files ive made on you.

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No sympathy for idiots.

Fuck you. The holocaust never happened but it should have.

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Fukken based humor.

This, what are the spooks going to do to, arrest me? I'm a big guy.

This should be a no shit. Also, holy fuck is this a poorly-written article. The number of mistakes is embarassing.

Reminder to use Tor and/or uMatrix.

so just like every nigger that attacks white men, white women, white children and white elderly folk?

Weill is a (((you guessed it))) name. She authors anti-White articles regularly: thedailybeast.com/author/kelly-weill

You may think you have us cornered Mr. FBI Nigger but who watches the watchmen? Face it we are all in the same boat as far as lists go.

If I am being watched why do my youtube videos only get 2-4 views?

a file is opened on me by the glow niggers? good. bring it on. they better open a fucking encyclopedia on me. i want them to. i want to be on every goddamn watch list they got. i may be a powerless peon, but if i can head fake the spook traitors to waste millions of dollars keeping track of me over the course of years or decades, then i have done my part to help bleed The Beast.

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Stop dicking around on the internet, feds, and go catch the bad guys who drove us here in the first place.

They're gonna need a bigger file.

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He killed an explicitly anti-white senator. The most you could hope to do for this movement with a single bullet would be put it in your own head, faggot.

Yeah, and they better send me a Christmas present for all the infotainment they use from boards.

I'll just turn my VPN off now because like you said, it doesn't matter anyway….. wait a darn second…

This is all just an elaborate and slow form of suicide.

The feds are the enemy user, the whole fucking system is the enemy.

Thanks for the FUD, Mr. Snowden.
I don't think everyone can be silenced through fear of surveillance but I bet you've gotten a few people to stop posting here.


This. Adult dead weight to be annoying. Imma pull be like a 4 year old and to the noodle trick so they have to carry me.

Spooks can't even shut down telephone scammers.

Nobody gives a shit, FBI-kun

They were making threats from fucking Facebook.

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is this not fud defined????

why should I be scared about fud OP???

Checked. They cant even follow up on Wikileaks emails.

I really wish I could see my file then because I think it would be a good laugh.

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Some of those pesky Zig Forumssters are making lists of their own.

Speak for yourself. I don't need a VPN because I'm smart enough to always browse using incognito mode.


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I've got Microsoft Defender; likely one of the most secure programs on the net. And it was free. The feds don't even know I'm online

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Did you make that for me? Either way, I now know what success feels like.

The hate crime statute is nullified by the Supreme court ruling that "hate crime" is an infringement on free speech. Making threats is a different story.

Link to case?

Just LOL, you think a shitty free VPN will hide you from a multi billion dollar security agency called the NSA, you're already on the list buddy, stop being a bitch and show your true colors to the people you know in real life otherwise you're a coward and a disease opon our cause, and cowards go to hell

That's the way I feel about it. If the authorities step forward and brandish everything I've posted here in the interrogation room, I'll laugh like a small child to KNOW that all this conspiracy shit about the jews is really true.

you actually think it matters? you actually think people who've had a racial hatred against you for millennia give a shit whether you've said something they don't like online?

the bolsheviks killed tens of millions of russians without any access to technology, simply because of who they were. and they hate americans now for no other reason than the population is highly Germanic, and just as they wished to bring down an economic powerhouse by murdering millions of ethnic Germans, they will do the same in America.

when your peoples' IQ is only 95 or so, it is much easier in the long run to bring everyone else down than to raise yourself up.

be a good doggy all you want. in the end, it won't help you one bit. they hate you and want you dead.





Everyone on this website is protected by virtue of this ruling so long as you don't actively reveal SSN's like /baphomet/ did. Anyone who doesn't know about this ruling should feel kind of embarrassed because otherwise you'd be unknowingly incriminating yourself by posting here. Not even sure how the Germans operate here, beyond being super dodgy about what they say.

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Cowards die and rot just like the brave.

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Some of you guys are alright, don't go to the בית כנסת tomorrow…

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Enjoy rotting in the ground then, while I hope to rise to the heavens one day

This. Nothing I've said on here has been serious


The one promised by a dead jew?

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Yeah go ahead and open 15 files and name em all GET FUCKED CHAIM

Fuck off reddit, I raw dog baph.

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Wait, what's this cause you goons are talking about?

most the posters on Zig Forums are either jews or spics larping as national socialists, so the joke is on Mr. FBI nigger monitoring this thread

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How did you get to him? He's in Summit County Jail awaiting sentencing.

Oh, no, not a fucking file. I guess I'll never post here again guys. It's been real. Real GAY that is. Just like OP. sage btw.

Who do you think is running them? They are all CI's and goons.

Yeah I'm sure whoever "invented" these people intentionally left obvious clues like that just for autists like you to figure them out. Get a grip mate.

the jesuits?

"be careful"

sounds like you are saying
1) this place is not exposed yet
2) the public can follow you some how.

user are you saying 8ch is sharing our data… with who???? share proof or stfu

we are already aware

dam I want access to my file for shits and giggles like a timeline lmao

I don't have a VPN, don't know what it does or how to get one. Everything I saw about VPN was tl;dr. How screwed am I?

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