OKCupid 2009 - Race and Attractiveness

#1. Asian women: #1. White men: #1. White:
White men = 6% Asian women = 16% Interracial Total = 39%
Latino men = 7% (White women = 17%) Total = 66%
Black men = 3% Latina women = 10%
(Asian men = 11%) Black women = 0%
Interracial Total = 16% Interracial Total = 26%
Total = 27% Total = 43%

#2. White women: #2. Latino men: #2. Latino:
(White men = 10%) Asian women = -12% Interracial Total = -11%
Latino men = 9% White women = 1% Total = 6%
Black men = -3% (Latina women = 11%)
Asian men = 7% Black women = -4%
Interracial Total = 13% Interracial Total = -15%
Total = 23% Total = -4%

#3. Latina women: #3. Black men: #3. Asian:
White men = 2% Asian women = -14% Interracial Total = -23%
(Latino men = 6%) White women = -6% Total = -2%
Black men = 3% Latina women = -4%
Asian men = -1% (Black women = 16%)
Interracial Total = 4% Interracial Total = -24%
Total = 10% Total = -8%

#4. Black women: #4. Asian men: #4. Blacks:
White men = -18% (Asian women = 10%) Interracial Total = -80%
Latino men = -22% White women = -12% Total = -67%
(Black men = -3%) Latina women = -16%
Asian men = -16% Black women = -11%
Interracial Total = -56% Interracial Total = -39%
Total = -59% Total = -29%
according to OKCupid in 2009:
asian women were the most attractive to men, while white men were the most attractive to women.
white women were the second most attractive to men, while latino men were the second most attractive to women.
latina women were the second least attractive to men, while black men were the second least attractive to women.
black women were the least attractive to men, while asian men were the least attractive to women.

are asian girls a popular fetish among white guys? are white guys a popular fetish among asian girls? what kind of monsters are these east asian - west european unions producing? the Oedipal half-breeds that want to kill their fathers in order to fuck their mothers, Elliot Rodger.

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when you remove the superfluous text that pic related would have easily conveyed, all you're left with is
sage'd for unusably vague discussion topic

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No need to fear our superior hapa offspring, OP.
Yes, they are more intelligent. Yes, they are more attractive. Yes, they are less prone to inherited genetic defects.
But as long as they are raised in western society, they are benevolent to their western cousins.

You realize Elliot Rodger wasn't a hapa, he was a jew

ffs, they're not even differentiating the different asian populations. and what about arab and indian populations? or are they rolled in there too, british style?


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What a badly written OP. Apply yourself.


It's the other way around, asian women fetishize white men way more than the reverse.

Asian = East Asian, not north asian (slavics), not central asian (slavs/arabs), not west asian (arabs), not south asian (indians), and not southeast asian (brownskins like Filipinos and Indonesians).
I'm talking Japanese, Korean, Chinese, etc.

Fuck off moshe.


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Talks about white women shows image with kike.

Did they ever release anything like this after 2009 or completely shut it down?

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no, it's a jewish meme.

East Asian women are fucking ugly, bitchy, gredy, soulless as hell. They are just super-easy for white men, so white men go for Asian women a lot, knowing their high chances of success.

Reminder that Codemonkey personally endorses posts like this one that glorify racemixing on Zig Forums

Kikes are scared of it. They want niggers. Kikes love niggers.

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It's why they want Harvard to be full of Jews and not full of European Whites and East Asians, so they discriminate and penalize both of those groups in admissions.
Most half-White half-East Asians are smart and good-looking, as everybody knows. That's why (((they))) want to flood Europe and USA with Africans and Muslims and Central Americans.

White supremacists do not have an Asian fetish. That is a Jewish meme. Jews and Asians would like it if white supremacists had an Asian fetish. Jews and Asians think that if they repeat "white supremacists have an Asian fetish" enough that white supremacists will develop one.

I have never heard of East Asians talking about White Supremacists. Asians are busy bitching about Black people. If anything East Asians don't understand where all the White Supremacists are when Obama happened.

The article in is written by Audrea Lim, an Asian woman.

People with yellow fever should be lined up against the wall and shot.

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I think small lightskin latinas are so much better than a soulless bugwoman.


checked, but makeup applies to almost every female

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Reminder that this:
is a fake quote. There is no record of Hitler publicly saying it. it was allegedly said in private in his bunker and written down by somebody. This somebody was later shown to not have even been in the bunker.

Jews, Asians, and weeb Civnats parrot the fake quote everywhere. Not surprised to see that it was in Audrea Lim's article.

She looks significantly more attractive without makeup compared to the asians though.

Actual Asians living in Asia are not concerned with White Supremacy. If they visit Europe, they don't worry if they experience micro-aggressions from White men. They're more worried about sand nigger terrorism. Asian-Americans tend to be liberal faggots, at least the ones in media.

Asian to be more precise East Asian women has one big advantage if we look at women in general. East Asian are traditionally rasied and programed. like women in Europe used to be. this is what makes them attractive. East Asian women have good manners and take care of their appearance. Also, they are family oriented. They are basically good wife material.

But this is only consequence of recent developments with west European (and American) women who have become…..not good wife material. to say it that way. there is no point in starting future with women who does not appreciate marriage and children. If white women would be different in their way of thinking then East Asian would not be in such a demand.

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Who paid her? Who owns the Jew York Times?

You picked the worst possible example for your point because make-up does practically nothing for that actress. You should have posted jolie or emma watson.

Pic related when you discover makeapp

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huh, THAT'S weird

You didn't watch the vid did you…? It sucks to be retarded. you have my sympathy, but no empathy..

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Yes, it is. Why do anons keep saying kikes like when Whites mix with Asians?

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I got more for ya in this thread if you want to use them!

So the majority of women want a reasonable amount of penis that chinks can never provide, but also financial stability that niggers can never provide. It's a shame so many white men have been demoralized by jewish -isms into vidya-addicted slugs or they would realize they will always be the most-desirable masters of the earth.

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Women are affected by porn just like guys, they fell for the big dick meme. It's a normal and acceptable thing for a women to have an 8 inch dildo. Sex toys for men make you seem a huge loser.
A giant part of the pleasure women receive from sex is emotional. There are studies on this. Basically if average dick sized and woman are in love and sex, the girl will enjoy it more than some 9 inch dick Canadian stud at a bar.
Women are getting fucked by xenoestrogen aswell. causing puberty a few years earlier, pushing them to want relationships sooner. It's a fact women can only bond so much. If she's been in love with multiple guys she can't truly love anymore

Asian women are disgusting
Much like every other man on this planet (whether white, black, green or in-between) I was brainwashed into thinking Asian women were the 'ultimate sexual fantasy'….
The medium always pumped imagery into my head of beautiful petite subservient Asian women, who served their men sexually like a geisha girl…
I had an unrealistic fantastical notion in my head of what Asian women were like..
Then I fucked my first Asian girl….
Women are interesting creatures, because if you don't have a girlfriend, and you're all alone, it seems like no woman wants to have anything to do with you…
but if you DO have a girlfriend at your side, it seems like women are always flirting with you and hitting on you
similarly, it turns out that if you have an Asian girlfriend, suddenly Asian women start hitting on you and flirting with you openly
That's why my next girlfriend was also an Asian chick, and the girlfriend after that, and the girlfriend after that, and YES even the next girlfriend after her…
I was on a roll…………………………….
That's why I had an opportunity to compare. Japanese, Chinese, Korean
And I realized that they ALL had the same regrettable attributes:
they were ALL 'tee-hee-snip' vapid idiots, even though they were all very intelligent and educated…
they ALL had disgusting bodies, even though at first glance you would think they were 'hot as shit'… it took a while to realize how disgusting their bodies really were… They all had flat weird asses, their black nipples made me want to vomit, their dark purple vaginas all smelled like kimchi…
One day, I was fucking one of the Japanese girls, and as I looked down at her beneath me, it suddenly hit me:
I realized, "what the fuck am I doing?"
it finally hit me that they were ALL NIGGERS…
yellow, mutant, smelly, stupid niggers

their nipples are pitch black
their vaginas are purple
just like a fucking nigger
their noses are flat and wide, their lips are thicker….
alien niggers
Japanese are no different….
they're nasty yellow niggers, just like all the rest. Their vaginas always smell like fermented cabbage, and they're stupid as shit (even when they're well educated)
and Japanese men have the weirdest cultural boundaries on their relationships with their women… Japanese men are always complaining and being browbeaten by overbearing women who openly tell them that they are 'not man enough' to satisfy them.
(tiny dicks)
100% TRUE… that's why if you pull your nose out of the ridiculous effeminate anime cartoon shit, and actually research real Japanese culture, read their magazines and study their society, you'll discover that relationships in Japan are nothing like the childish ridiculous embarrassing fantasy children's cartoons you guys seem to like so much.
Even in their everyday advertising, it's common to see a theme of angry frustrated men submitting to the condescending insults of their overbearing women…
(that's why Asian women always fuck niggers)
Asians actually ARE niggers

psycho bug women? really?
This is why men shouldn't be allowed to make 'reproductive' decisions.

Find a good aryan white woman, not some bitchy slant cunt, who couldn't possibly compare to the beauty of the white aryan woman.
Ricemixing is still racemixing, it is still the cause of white genocide.
When you date, stay within your race, if your dating pool goes outside of that, you are a traitor, it's that simple.
Asian women are repulsively ugly.
White women's beauty is that which inspires the legends that have shaped the Earth.
Asian women are terrible wives and mothers, White women are naturally wonderful at being wives and mothers.

Go away, soyfaggot

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Does anyone have that rant by an user whose 'asian qt3.14 waifu' was gaslighting him and sabotaging him and destroying his personal possessions? Vindictive whores and cunts (who wouldn't fuck you after you married them if you paid them; and you will have fucking psycho whore bug kids as well)…but their so b-b-b-beautiful, right anons? I think I saved it somewhere…

Are you a white woman? Why so desperate to lie to a man?

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It is true, if you all think asian psychos are 'mating material'. You really shouldn't be let out of the house.

Your future wife and the family dog…I want you all to notice that this is a BUG WOMAN who is doing the butchering alive of this dog here…that is who you all are going to reproduce with, soulless NPC bugs

Fake and made by a kike

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His dad wasn’t a Jew. He was English. Note how he tried to be successful movie director but never got any notice and lost most of his money. Eliot wrote about that in his manifesto. The Jews blocked his Dad from ever being worth a shit but he probably never was anyways

Hapa futurism is inevitable.

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Soulless offspring of bug people.

His dad is a crypto

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Asian = East Asian, not north asian (slavics), not central asian (slavs/arabs), not west asian (arabs), not south asian (indians), and not southeast asian (brownskins like Filipinos and Indonesians).

I'm talking Japanese, Korean, Chinese, etc.

bug people…their just so beautiful I can barely resist masterbating to their lovely physic…not only are they soulless NPC's but their every movement is full of grace and beauty…there is nothing fake or immoral about them

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Honorary status = Revoked

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White men think Asian women still have values like white women did pre sexual revolution..

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No one wants to eat dogs without, fuck off chink.

look kike…you are free to fuck all the soulless disgusting bugs you want, lets just not pretend that they are something they are not.

if you think chinks dont wear even more makeup you're retarded. They also get surgery such as shaving down their mongoloid jaws

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And you have the nerve to call others degenerate.

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Ding dong go shit poo mi mouf preez

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See here is your problem
bugs =/= values
they are nothing but vacuous breeder bugs who are going to breed mongrel soulless spawn who will marry niggers and spics until your DNA is completely erased. you all are looking at genetic death and genocide everytime you hold 'bugs' up as something worthy of your cum.

you are proposing that you fuck the death of your race.


I don't trust these number anymore. Since OkCupid started requiring your real name for your profile or to lie and other such big brother shit. The only people left on it are lefty shits who take their (((medication))) in the literal sense turning them against the natural and healthy belief of antimiscegenation

if i remember correctly the husband ended up suing his wife because their kids were so ugly and she hadn't told him she had extensive plastic surgery before he met her

Those are gooks. You are thinking of a case in chinkland. The picture in
is an advert in South Korea for a plastic surgery clinic.

so both the parent bugs had surgery but they couldn't operate on the kids yet?

It's a "look how good we are! You can tell by their ugly children that they were born ugly, but look at how we fixed them. Book an appointment with us."

bugs look something like pigs when they are little. their noses are just like looking straight into their skull…I wonder if they have to spend a lot of time cleaning their boogers or do they just fall backwards into their head cavity.

Hate to ruin your internet lore but It was an advert. Someone shooped in the potatoes as a joke much to the dismay of the female model.

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In Asia I saw alot of Asian women with niggers in Japan only foreigners I saw with Japanese women were niggers. Didnt see any interracial couples in Hong Kong. Vietnam I saw a mixture but lets just say the gold digging whores and lady boy queers were dating old fat ugly guys and the most beautiful ones were with niggers. Asian women are truly degenerate sluts. White women arent as bad or slutty. Although I've seen alot of white women be race traitors. Asian women literally are addicted to brack chocorit. And who wants to date a race of coal burners? And betray your own race at the same time. I dont want that black crud on my white pud. And I dont want any rice on it either.

lol you're a bad liar

OKCupid is owned by jews.
Same as tinder.

Yessir, the future is eurasian! I'll be so glad when everyone looks and acts like kazakhstani people!

Lol believe what you want. Think I wanted to find out myself Asian women are soulless nigger loving sluts? It was a traumatic experience for me. If you havent been to Asia you dont know. I saw it for myself with my own two eyes. Dont go for slant eyed gooks that burn coal. They also seemed to date alot of pakis and Indians and cheat on their foreign boyfriends with other foreigners

Heres some proof I was in Asia without doxing myself so to speak. Some nigger was talking to his gook gf in the Narita airport. And I saw other nigger gook couple in the international tokyo airport.

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Tbh fair this is what my gook gf said to me personally though. But she told me Japan and Korea has a nigger problem and are adopting western slut values. I cant look at asians the same anymore. My ex was Chinese she hated niggers but she was a slut and a gold digger. Cold heartless bitch.

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I believe she couldn't find work anymore, too, because everyone thought she had too much plastic surgery.

Who cares shes a rice nigger

anyhow, there is a problem with regards to women programing. this new updates that (((they))) are pushing are just not working.

East asian women are still on older version of operating system and that is what makes them attractive in eyes of modern western male. And make up with lot of surgery.

But, let us be honest here. man and women want to produce best quality offspring for the future. it is a survival of the fittest game, after all. And if you can not find a women of your own "race" (monkey species) then you go to the next best offer. For "white man" (man of european decent) it is pretty hard to find a women to marry and have children with. as you all know. East asian women are westernized and have older version of operation system. this is the reason why are they attractive. It is shitty situation…for all involved.

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J.A.P. vs Jap

Jap wins

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you should always view women without make up and plastic surgery. how they really look. women are very skillful in deceiving about their looks and manners. making a judgment on some phonographs is not very wise. especially making judgment based on cartoons and TV and movie programing. same principles of propaganda are used on east asian markets. And just as how Hollywood movies do not depict really in the world around us it is the same with east asaian propaganda. it is not reality..and women are using this situation in their own advantage.

you do realize that east asians have heard about Bernays propaganda ? they are just making their own version…it is not real. like US propaganda is not real

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Common user…who wouldn't want to get some asian pussy that could produce beautiful daughters like these

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Let's no forget this Jap gook flew to Europe at her own expense and PAID to fuck a nigger. A nigger whose porn career includes fucking gross fat old white whores.


Asians are sluts let's face the truth. Some arent MOST are. If you are blue pilled about Asia you'll get cucked the same as anywhere else.

More Asian degeneracy

More racial mixing propaganda with bug women and a negro

to each his own

this is good example of brainwashing by (((American))) propaganda

Jews want gentiles of all cultures cooked together in a pot until their own culture less tradition less "mega"-mutt so they are easier to control and it fulfills their Talmudic ideals of the Messianic age. Jews were created and work for the demiurge. They were born from clay not fire as Aryans. And non whites in general lack souls or the ability to achieve liberation from the material world. Racial admixtures are incapable of self realization as well.

hahaha never change, r/asianmasc