Uncensored Social Networks

These are the only somewhat free sites that I know of that come close, anyone else have recommendations?

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bitchute will be uncensored when they relocate the servers to the USA instead of Bong

You're smacked m8. steemit & minds ban people for wrongthink. Read ToS you daft cunt

if you want an echo chamber build your own pleroma/mastodon instance

how to spot trannypol in five words or less

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Why would anyone, in their right fucking mind, attempt to do anything "uncensored" inside of the USA?
They don't need logging regulations, when the CIA is capturing all the metadata, etc.

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I wanted to like minds, but it's basically a bunch of thot's wanting to show you their tits for bitcash.

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Diaspora is de-centralized, and it seems to be up to each pod administrator how anal they want to enforce the tos.


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gab mewe and wrongthink

gnusocial fediverse mastodon

maybe anons could gentrify the usenet ghost town? you can text post for free on servers at www.open-news-network.org

No thanks CIA.

minds used my account while it was inactive, i can't trust it at all

not trying to be a usefull idiot for the glow in the dark crowd. you can usenet without revealing your actual IP. Just observe basic opsec.

There are no uncensored social media sites that:

There is only one answer to this, and that's high-profile politicians (especially Trump), pundits, and political e-celebs orchestrating a mass exodus to another site, preferable Gab since it has the most Twitter-like UI. However, Gab has a bit of a natsoc faggot problem as it is, so those will need to be removed before Gab begins to look attractive to anyone who spends a lot of time in the public spotlight.

So what I am basically saying is that you will be relegated to 8/pol/, the shithole of the internet that no one cares about or pays attention to. There's your answer.

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yeah but how stringent and arbitrary is their banning? is it as bad as jewbook and twitter?

Social media is required by law to be held accountable for all illegal speech spoken on their pages. Social Media is no longer a platform. They never were platforms. They are publishers who have to curate and control the content its users post.

All social media is anti-free speech like the main stream. Fuck off.

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You should read up on how this stuff works more before you talk about it. Your concern is valid, but you clearly have no clue what you're talking about. Don't just say metadata like you're building a GUI interface using visual basic to track the killers IP address.