Going to be a parent soon and looking for advice...

Going to be a parent soon and looking for advice. I was wondering if it would be better to slightly teach my children about race I.e. foster a positive view of him or herself as white and teach them about white accomplishments or go full WN and gradually reveal my power level to them. For example I have a framed picture of Hitler in my study and I was wondering if I should put it away once the kids get old enough to recognize him. My parents were super liberal and I became a WN and believer of the 14 words on my own. I think that process of discovery was what cemented my beliefs since I came to them by myself. I was wondering if kids would rebel against my teaching if they heard it from me.

Also what would you do if your kid said he or she was gay/trans or dated non-white?

General parenting thread go.

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If your daughter ends up dressing like that, you fucking failed.if your little boy wants to fuck dudes in the ass, you failed.

I have a daughter due any day now. This is my first child and I too have thought about these same things. Think it’s important to be a good parent when they’re young and that will help when they get old enough to start making their own decisions.

Boy but we are planning on having as many as we can afford

discipline is important
being consistent it is important
explaining boundaries and consequence is important.

I would teach them red pilled values throughout their childhood, but not explicitly say it's from the Nazis until they are old enough to hide their powerlevel so they don't tell others about it and attract (((unwanted attention))). I doubt your kid would rebel if you raised them that way because if they sufficiently understood the ideology then no substitute could satisfy it. Perhaps give them a copy of mein kampf when they come to age so they can explore more of it on their own. Also if your kid is being a fag or dating a nigger then clearly that's a sign they didn't understand or cared about the ideas. If you want to prevent them from being a fag just give them a healthy diet, good exercise, and minimize outside chemicals.

I cannot think or comprehend of anything more cucked than having a daughter. Honestly, think about it rationally. You are feeding, clothing, raising and rearing a girl for at least 18 years solely so she can go and get ravaged by another man. All the hard work you put into your beautiful little girl - reading her stories at bedtime, making her go to sports practice, making sure she had a healthy diet, educating her, playing with her. All of it has one simple result: her body is more enjoyable for the men that will eventually **** her in every hole.

Raised the perfect girl? Great. Who benefits? If you're lucky, a random man who had nothing to do with the way she grew up, who marries her. He gets to **** her tight pussy every night. He gets the benefits of her kind and sweet personality that came from the way you raised her.

As a man who has a daughter, you are LITERALLY dedicating at least 20 years of your life simply to raise a girl for another man to enjoy. It is the ULTIMATE AND FINAL cuck. Think about it logically.

Forgot to tell you to abort your females. Limited resources should go to your sons who will ravage the lands and conquer in the name of Hitler

You will have to home school cause the schools are already teaching kids about non-binary gender, etc in kindergarten. Imagine what the schools will be teaching in 10-15 years when the kid is older.

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Let them figure it out for themselves, but make sure they get the foundation of white appreciation. That will be what wakes them up to the 14 words if shit doesn't change by the time they get older, god forbid
Raise them with good morals and let them go through their phases. If your kids are anything like I was, fighting them will just make them like it more.

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Spend as much time as you you can with your children, instill a them a good set of values, teach them the value of hard works and frugality, teach them to take good care of themselves, teach them about the importance of family values. Do whatever you can to make them them view you as an worthy authority figure that they can trust. Once they are old enough you can slowly start teaching them about the truth in the world, but the first step is ensuring values and discipline. If you are a good father and your children love you and respect you, they will be in a position to accept white nationalist teachings.

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Veteran parent here. Mine's as redpilled as a kid can get, and I barely had to do a thing. I never brought the subject up until he was about 8, when the two niglets he was playing with got into trouble and blamed him. When he denied wrongdoing, they said he called them niggers. It never occurred to him anyone could just lie like that, so he ran home and cried on the couch. We had a chat about how "friendships" like this can be fun, but they almost never last because you don't have enough in common and they always have the option to hate you for their own reasons.

Next redpill was feminism. He's an extremely boyish boy, so learning about feminism from YouTube videos made him mad that girls somehow deserved more than he did. It didn't strike him as fair, and he asked me how people can get away with just lying all the time. I may have mentioned something about (((who))) controls narratives.

Later on, really in the last year or two, he's learned about IQ, and needed some guidance on why we hide our power levels in school. By now, just before age 12, he's on the fucking /ball/. You know that cheesy Elf on a Shelf Christmas toy? The local bookstore had a variant called Mensch on a Bench, with a kike sitting on a small seat. My son pointed out that his nose wasn't big enough for a real Jew, and then he educated his mother about how exaggerated the holocaust was. He thinks maybe 300,000 died, total, and it was mostly not on purpose.

I never had to force anything on him. I sometimes gently guided his questions, but to force a point of view just gives a kid something to rebel against later on. These days, though, he's at the point where he'll (privately) name the Jew when he sees some degeneracy on YT, or when a nigger does something stupid he'll lean over and mutter "average 85 IQ" to me.

No telling if this lasts all his life, but the things he believes now will be reinforced over and over again, so probably he's wide awake for good. I also make sure to help him understand when his books or school lessons are conditioning him into NPCdom. When Schindler's List comes back into theaters, I'm thinking about taking him to see if he laughs when the strongest propaganda (((they))) have is pushed right off the screen into his face. See if the Jew's pictures work on him, or if he's been inoculated.

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You're planning to send them to marxist indoctrination camp to learn about bad mustache man?
Faggotry and trannyism don't exist, it's a jewish cult promoted by media and goverment. Again, where are you planning for them to learn of these perverse ideas? Why is your child race mixing even an option? YOU are supposed to raise your child, not the goverment.

It doesn't mean it's not true, does it white knight faggot?

Neck yourself, copypasta-ing yid.

This. Even without all of the nonsense about trannies being pushed, public schools are a disaster. The curricula have been dumbed down progressively with each generation. Not only are homeschooled kids not subjected to a bunch of bullcrap, they also make public school kids look like drooling retards for the most part. The bar is set pathetically low in public schools.

based dad

My wife and I have to work to support our family and neither of us makes enough on own to raise as many kids as we'd like while homeschooling.

Also there's the whole issue of socialization that comes from schools. We may send them to a private Christian school

Wise words. Many parents do not realize this and will suffer because of it.

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I can't believe anons will fall for this LARP. This board is dead LOL! Ride this White race tiger into oblivion. It's over GG

Public school is totally fine, if you're an active and engaged parent. Mine is in PS, and it's a learning experience for him. Naturally the school is 95% white and 3% chink – I'm not stupid – but the few niggers he sees in the wild have taught him a clinic in their natural behavior. He's also wise to the spics, since one of the little fucks just stole his folder last week.

Some pills are hard to swallow, but you can't learn what you must from white-flight private school. Mine needs to be tough. I'm buying him a .22 single-action for Christmas so we can shoot together.

It goes without saying that you won't be sending them to ✡catholic✡ school if you want them to actually learn Christian doctrine (such as hating jews).

Reminder that codemonkey allows these posts.

Not an argument. I'm saying modern women are done and don't give two shits about the White race. They are whores and materialistic. How do you argue against that cucks?

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I fell out of the habit of automatically filtering Torfags in every thread. Time enough to start again, I think.
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Women are fundamental members of society who serve the role of nurturing the next generation and carrying out household duties. Besides, if every white man followed your idea there would eventually be no white women left and the only people who would gain from that would be (((you))). Go back to one of your shitty mgtow containment threads and leave this one for the greater aryans who actually abide by the 14 words.

You faggots really believe a fucking 10 year old kid would be questioning the Holocaust when he is indoctrinated 40 hours a week at school, after school by his peers, with TV and homework.

You think his dad has time to raise him? Declining wages and more working hours to cover for people who were fired and never hired? LOL!

Why do you redditniggers feel the need to include prostitutes in your propaganda?
It just seems so strange, like when you would spam Trumpthots posting their cleavage wearing a Trump hat.
You cry that you want a different world, and yet you embrace the evil so long as its aesthetic. Sad.

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Not an argument. How about you answer this cuck? Where can a strong, proud, White man find a good, virgin waifu for marriage? Church is the wrong answer. Very few religious Christians are left and set their children's marriages with other devout families. If you aren't a devout family well known in your community you will never break it


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You shouldn't be having children, you're unfit.

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Totally unfit.

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No one believes you. You failed. Tell your boss to fire you.

No one believes you. You failed. Tell your boss to fire you.

You realize we can filter your dumb tranny ass with 1 click right?

I hear you user. I've been in the parenting game for a good time now and have raised children that ironically hate niggers and think hitler was a ok dude, who also know to keep that info close to their heart in the appropriate circumstances.

Thing is when they were very young I didn't say anything about other races, I just observed their natural reactions and watched them become racists by themselves. Without a parent to condition them to think natural reactions are bad they naturally thought blacks were disgusting, had disgusting skin and smell, and wanted to stay far away from them. Same with arabs and spics. They laughted at poo in loos, found them to be hilarious and something to look down on. They were wary of but ok with asians initially, but soon realised that the couple of jap kids they met were more trustworthy then the 3rd worlders and chinks. Then as they got older realised that 3rd worlder asians are a joke and chinks are not to be trusted ever. They found the japs different but ok.

Without brainwashing there is a natural order that asserts itself. Really a great experience to see it play itself out.

Pic unrelated to the story, but a great example of a sign you failed as a parent.

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Go back to reddit, sterilize yourself, and never come back.

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Women don't nurture children anymore. If they nurture anything, it's their hangover and their fur baby. Women can't cook or clean these days. They spend their time working, on social media, and slutting it up at the clubs.


You can really tell that this is an important topic given how hard they are trying to derail the thread.

No one believes you. You failed. Tell your boss to fire you.

Yes, I realize you can cover your ears and eyes and screech loudly.
That doesn't change that memes built upon filth show the filth within those posting those memes, coward.

If you're actually a strong proud white man, it's not hard.
You're just not any of those things. You prolly don't even lift.

There is no higher duty. Naturally, the subject draws kike sliders like a pile of shekels. We persist.

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That's true, and obviously not everyone is in a situation where homeschooling is an option. If you are financially independent I think it is the best way to go.

Still not an argument. Why won't you respond to my claims instead of crying like a cuck? What's your body user? Very little I'm guessing

No one believes you. You failed. Tell your boss to fire you.

You need to be crystal clear from a very young age that they are not to date outside their race, ever, EVER, E V E R! No matter what else you do, make sure that you drill that into them from a young age, that is probably good enough until they are older and you can start leaving information on IQ and race around the house for them to 'find' and 'read' (best if they feel like they shouldn't be reading it, like they are sneaking the info, because then they won't rebel against it as teens). Do you have the resources to HOMESCHOOL, must homeschool…anything less should be considered 'child abuse' IMO.

Other than her body her face is average at best. This is one of the most common types - the farmer type, a reduced cromagnoid. If she was a man she would be unattractive.

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Women never cared about the White race.
They're designed to serve their own interests, and you have proven too weak to control them, just like you were too weak to control the muds.
Jews poked the hornets nests and you couldn't fight the sting.

Lay on the stingers, faggot, and realize expecting women to be human is no more sensible than expecting dogs to be human.
Your dogs have turned to wolves because you failed to keep them domesticated, and instead of having the collective will to rebreak the wolf, you cry as it eats you and your family.

Explains why I hated black people as a young child, and called them brownies as a derogatory term (since I'd never heard the words negro or nigger before)

Hannukah is an important time of year, you should be spending these days with your family and community, not shitposting on Zig Forums. What would your mother think if she knew that you where wasting your time on a Nazi board during Hannukah? What would your rabbi think? Your not actually helping the jewish community by doing this, you are just making yourself look like an idiot and hastening the inevitable.

Children are the most precious gift that the gods can bestow upon us, fatherhood is a heavy burden but it is one that men of virtue MUST bear in order to ensure the continued existence of our civilization. Daughters are especially important, because women are the bearers of culture, they raise the children are are largely responsible for instilling in them the values that they carry for the rest of their lives. This is why the jews are such major supporters of feminism, because they know that if they can simply corrupt our daughters, they will eventually have an entire generation under their grasp, never mind the will of our sons. This is why they push for the destruction of family values, the end of two parent households, cuckoldry. They want children to be raised without fathers, and to be raised by mothers who have been poisoned since birth by social Marxism. There is NO BETTER WAY to fight back agaisnt the scourge than by raising daughters, and raising them to be strong, healthy, and filled with virtues that they will someday instill upon your grandchildren. Sons are important to, for fighting wars, building things, carrying on your family name, but in this war of culture that we are waged in now, the all important pivotal responsibility lies upon our women, our daughters who will someday be the mothers to our grandchildren who will someday dominate the stars.

How much experience have you had raising racially conscious children? How did you find your pure White waifu who bred them for you?

Are you LARPing son?

Is he strong proud and aryan, or a bulbous faggot standing around in public with his guns out like an idiot? It's clear.

How do we solve the WQ then? Women Question

Don't go full 1488 hail Hitler tier shit right out the gate or your kids will be inclined to rebel against it, or may attract the attention of (((teachers))) if they repeat it at school. Just redpill them gradually and consistently, and explain Zig Forums tier shit to them like " you know teachers and TV say this, but really.. " That will be the best way to go

I'm Lutheran which is why I know church sluts. What is your opinion on how the WQ should be handled? Realistically not this stupid RaHoWa Siege fantasy

There's no problem with them, the problem is you. And the Jew.

Jews poke your domesticate 'pets' and get them to rebel. When they do, you cry because you lack the collective will to rebreak them back into domesticity.

The problem isn't the dog, user, it's you. You're too weak to control them, and so you don't, and you're also thusly too weak to redomesticate them as you are.

Thanks for the tips m8.

This guy has no children or gf and he speaks more sense than anyone in this thread. LOL at all these LARPing faggots here speaking like they have any experience in the matter.

Will you fucking KIKES stop derailing every fucking thread with your FUCKING WEIRD ASSED FUCKING OBBSESSION WITH WOMEN! FUCKING HELL! IT IS ALL SO FUCKING TIRESOME…god damn no one can even start a thread without you fucking faggot women hating kikes showing up and derailing and blaming women for your own actions in the world.


Ok nigger speak in English. What does

How does one control a woman? Please enlighten everyone in this thread with your wisdom.

It's not true, because only a degenerate failure of a man like yourself would forgo raising a daughter out of a fear of her being "ravaged by some random man" when she grows up. If you are a man of virtue, then you would do whatever is in your power to pass on your virtues to your daughters and to teach them the importance of dignity and modesty. You would teach her to find a good and honorable husband who and provide you with grandchildren. Young women who allow themselves to be ravaged by degenerates do so because they where raised by men like you, who had no good virtues to instill upon them and failed to ever be a positive role model. Degenerate parents raise degenerate children.

You should be honest with your child, but be careful. The younger he or she is, the more likely he might blurt out that you have a Hitler picture on your wall.
I should however state that I do not have a child yet so I am speaking only through my experience with other children.


Women aren't women and men aren't men anymore. Who do you think caused this to happen? What is your suggestion on fixing this issue?

A modern woman is a beast to be tamed. Women are marble who live to be sculpted by their superior.

Chad will abuse your daughters and she will still cry for him. When she settles for some beta alt-right nerd, she won't hesitate to divorce his ass for Chad if he called her.

Another one reported for derailing.

Here you go bud.

Lay on the stingers.

Why can't you defend m'lady with logic and reason instead of crying like a little bitch?

I will destroy these arguments one by one. Give me some time. Shall I put it in one large post or address each with its own?

Allow me to be your spoon.

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This appears to be either a shill or a very immature and bitter teenager.

I agree with this and is one more reason for women to stay home. However, as a home schooled student myself, I would recommend finding ways to socialize your child with his peers as often as possible.
Elsewise they will end up without much social skills.
t. Guy who developed good social skills but whose brother didn't and became a transexual the moment he went to college.

This rings true.

If you act like a delusional child, don't expect people to treat you any different from one. No one argues with children or the delusional.

Just filter/ignore and move on. Once you do that, they're spamming retarded shit for nobody to see.

NOT A PLACE FOR KIKES TO FUCKING BITCH 24/7/365 ABOUT SOMETHING TOTALLY OFF TOPIC…and you fucks are in every fucking thread I am in derailing every fucking one with your BULLSHIT.


They are in every thread I am in tonight. THIS IS BULLSHIT THE MODS AND OP'S NEED TO DO THEIR FUCKING JOBS.


I'm not going to delete it it takes two seconds to filter and its instructive to see what kikes other non whites or mentally deranged whites spam on here

Not to mention it illustrates how low IQ they are. They still try to reply to people even after they said they've been filtered.

The problem is there's no way to ban these dumb edgy twits without banning tor itself.

Well, tough nigger.
Women are major factor in child rearing.
If you can't discuss and find a solution to the issue of kikes in your society providing female antagonism and generating demoralized weak males, then you can't even begin to talk about reading children.

*Rearing children

This. It's always a good idea to teach your kid to be reserved about politics.

Better get a paternity test OP
Never heard that one before…

What's to destroy? They're your arguments, simply put a different way. Why did you think women were ever anything but dog-minded hominids that we domesticated?
If I come in your house, and you dog is usually not allowed on the couch, but I lure him up onto the couch and pet him, and you don't correct it, what has your dog just learned?
This is basic animal behavior.

Reminder to filter and ignore gender-sliding kikes. This is not a MGTOW thread, this is not a gender thread. This is about our aryan children growing up right.

Filter and move on.
Filter and move on.
Filter and move on.
Filter and move on.
Filter and move on.

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Congratulations, op.
Baby will get sick and possibly die in hospital.
And it costs too much monies.
Sex hormone development is retarded by malnutrition and can make kids gay, saturated fats during and after pregnancy is required for healthful hormone production.
Supliment and eat everything mum can keep down.
Fenugreek will help produce more milk.
Babies are on ketogenic diet until they get solid foods.
Colostrum is good stuff.
Don't cheap out and buy shit diapers, clothes, or toys. Less is more and quality over quantity. Cotton only for clothes, except for spandex on socks and drawers and such, natural rubber instead of vinyl, glass bottles w/silicone nipples instead of plastic, local foods not sprayed with pesticides, herbicides, or antibiotics, fermented foods sch as pickles and kraut.
Not to your partner or children.
Private school homeskool will enable you to teach your kids more than public schools and provide more dedicated time. Make the k-12 experience like college with a major focus they choose for k-6 and 7-12, and a minor focus they choose anew each year. Take them through the ages, Stone Age - Modern Age, k-6 and again in more depth 7-12. Use this as a framework to teach them about their race and cultural group and how other humans are different.

I agree with what you said about my post, it is technically derailing it and I apologize for any inconvenience it caused for anyone who wanted to just read about how to raise a redpilled child. However, is replying to every post in all caps and autistically screeching about it really improving the thread? I was just discussing about the causes and solutions of the modern woman crisis in a fairly civil manner.

Trips > Dubs

Following the old rule that it is not polite to speak about politics or religion and explaining to them that some things are private family matters also works well. But that has to be followed by their parents as well so in public you have to set the example and then sort of pseudo explain your actions to them as well.



The parents teach their children to be materialistic whores? But Zig Forums told me it was all the kikes and women have no responsibility in the choices they make. They're pure angels who were led astray :'(

Do you want you child to be socially inept?
The world is a cruel place and the kid needs to know how to deal with shitty people and shitty authority figures.

Sometimes having some booty, is more important..than drankin' water, man.

I like booty!

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Look who it is again, ID 000000. I'm fed up with your shit faggot. The other day when you called me a newfag, yeah, haven't forgotten about that yet. Fuck you I've been on here for months and probably get on here more than you anyways. Don't you know that you make yourself look like a newfag when you call others newfag? Just because you learned how to hack your name and change it to "000000" does not give you the right to disrespect anyone at any time.

for those who filter tor

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Aaaaaand dropped.
I thought you were redpilled on women?

The rest of your post is just talking past the point - you ignore the foundational concept of women NOT HAVING AGENCY and leap into decrying them as though they have agency.
I come up to you and say "Dogs don't have agency" and instead of addressing that point, you just start kvetching about how dogs are responsible for their own actions.

I repeat: Women are basically just dogs. If you expect them to act like humans, you will be disappointed FOREVER.