VICE: shitskins "need a break from white people"

VICE: shitskins "need a break from white people"
Vice accidentally makes arguments in favor of the ethnostate by pointing out the shitskins feel isolated and unhappy being "minorities" in White countries

Link to video
(too long to rip and upload on this shitty VPN)

Not much else to add, really.

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note: the globe is ours

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Cool, get the fuck out then.

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That would be the logical conclusion, but these are ungrateful shitskins. In shitskin logic, the conclusion is that they should stay in White countries and White people should leave. After which point they would just follow us and the cycle would begin yet again.

Segregation now. YES.

Do not interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.
Ethnostate push from the radical left and especially black separatist movements go into out favor. We shouldn't laugh at this idea, or get angry at it, but fully commend it and encourage it. In fact say that they are right and that both parties have the same idea.


That response is a good non agetative comment that might contribute to the discussion.
Just addendum, this is a post truth era and that article is just a sensationalistic commercial because VICE has been hitting low numbers. They aren't indication of what the left or blacks really thinks. Do not look at it if you want to know your enemy. That is why you get the sage. That and having me explain this basic Sun Cu shit.

If we were to blow up this article make it go viral and have Whites and Non-Whites squaring off on twitter to proclaim who needs a vacation from who. That would literally pour more fuel on the fire than anything Zig Forums has done for months.

Just imagine where non-whites would be if our racist, bigoted ancestors didn't enslave them and reap the rewards from their labour. Think of the rich culture we have taken from them as our own. I think we whites should go on strike, drop out of the system. We should let the non-whites and oppressed take the reigns and run things and learn from them.

This. Out. Don't come back, either.

This is exactly what I was thinking, it's delusional on their part. Needing a break from civilized society and quality products of all sorts that whites created, pfft fuckin retarded. Saging cuz it's kind of a dumb thread, but it is fun laughing at how retarded nigs are.

I'm banned from twatter, I don't really have any way of disseminating the article. Could be worth starting a cuckchan thread, they love raids.

Only Jews think separation is a bad thing.

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Sure, but keep in mind that they feel entitled to our lands. But wait to remind them that they must go home after they agree to the premise of segregation.

KEK taking a break from mooching gibs off of whites.

I'm not sure about that. If we complain about it they'll want it more. If we commend it they'll "wtf i hate vice now."

America is the land of mutts, if you're an American you can go fuck yourself because you're the equivalent of a nigger if not worse because you are mixed

No one cares, paid jewish shill.

They work hard to mooch those gibs off whites.


Pretty sure Kek actually earned those gibs.

Ooh I'm Jewish now that I've hit the sensitive spot, stfu you larping Nazi piece of shit, you amerimutts don't even have your own fascist movement like every other European state, you're a disgrace to us Europeans, you mixed shit skins can go pretend to be WW2 Nazis while we do the real work with our real fascist movements!!!

Holy fucking christ, you're not even TRYING.

'F' is for FILTERED, they never say anything of value anyway. And the mods don't do anything and no one else complains…ok, maybe I will report before I filter them.

You are what you are yid.

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Just an attempt to point out white people need to go away. This won't be viewed as a reason to leave white countries and go back to their home shitholes, as any half sane mind would concur from such a pitiful moan. No, the only logical conclusion this, or any other article draws in the mind of madness is that white people must leave. Where to? Well, it will be quickly pointed out that we don't belong anywhere. So leave as in disappear. Die. We have no home now. Right now it varies from subtle hints to outright demands, between race wide mind games to individual acts of violence. Chipping away until the numbers are comfortable enough to just go ahead and go full removal. The roaches and rats in the walls are simply breeding and bitching, waiting until there are enough of them to eat the family inside.

sounds fair.

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Why is America included as a "white" country? All you mutts are from Eastern Europe.


This. And other user is right, don't interrupt your enemy when they are making a mistake, don't argue when they wanna do this kind of shit, this benefirs everyone involved, but you can think of it as them hanging themselves with their own rope if you need to stroke your petty anger boner.

I thought Inuits lived there, which I don't mind mainly because they can't biologically live anywhere else.

The Southern Cone should be excluded from the circled area. Argentina, Uruguay and Southern Brazil are pretty White.

True. Only cuckservatives complain about non-Whites wanting to separate.

Yep, you outed yourself, kike. The JIDF are not sending their best, are they?

obvious kike is obvious, thanks for the bumps, pedophile yid

Best I could do for now.

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Just pick one already, shitskins. In truth, what they really all want is the death of anyone of European descent. None of them are afraid to admit it, so what's holding them back from creating a civil war against Whitey as of now? KFC, reperations, welfare and child support, perhaps?

What the fuck does that shit have anything to do with the thread? Are you a schizo by chance or are you trying to create some form of subversion because your next post sounds way too ominous to a raging leftard whining about muh ebil gnatzees? Also, you're not supposed to put spacing below the post number. That's leddit-tier.

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This is only a third world problem and LUCKILY we can FIX THIS.

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So go back to Africa then.

last time i got to take a break somewhere white
i found my nans posh town had also been muddied
i feel isolated and unhappy being a minority in a white country
and i'm white

Made me lol, well done, here's your (you)



It's a kike not a cuckchanner.

One and the same.

You honestly think any of these fuckers are going 'home' to their old lands? Really?

Does the grave count as 'going home'? If yes, then, yes, they will be going home.

You're an ugly gross kike with a deformed face and a warped mind. Choke to death on your own circumcised dick. Reported and filtered.

Ba-Kawanda-land when?

Fear of the inevitable outcome?

You forgot to circle spicixo, eastern russia, half of australia, and the little corber of aperica

They don't think that far ahead. They haven't done it because they can't manage logistics on their own.


It is time to deport niggers.

You forgot that niggers were really the ones to create all the prosperous countries and then ebil YT magically appeared out of thin air and stole all their supreme wakandan technology out from under their feet simply by existing.

We also harvest and sell their melanin because it's basically nigger pixie dust.

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I used to get into arguments about "white privilege" and racism being about power and not stereotyping but I have recently started agreeing with liberals about blacks being oppressed and miserable under white hegemony.
I just take their ideas to the logical extension: it's time for segregation. These poor blacks cannot catch a break and are continually trapped by the evils of white society. Whites have had 100 years to prove they can be egalitarian and they clearly just can't do it. Why force it? Time to go our own ways - for the good of both races.
This kills the liberal.

NBD they already have too much of it to be HUMAN.

Honestly black nationalists are potential allies. Theres no reason we shouldn't talk to them, we have the same aims and logic.

Slavery was the biggest mistake the US ever made, even bigger than the central bank. Existing slaves should have been deported with the foundation of the nation.

OLD AF and /pol doesn't care what a nigger wants. /pol knows that what a nigger needs, is two in their monkey head. Posting Vice shit… kys OP.

Good to know this retreat is only making them weaker.

A break, huh? I know a great spot, with convenient rail service to the door. They'll have a gas!

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I used to get into arguments. Now I smile a retard and pretend I only speak French.


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I was just thinking earlier: Why are Guatemalans coming to the US, when Brazil is right there?
Its like 700 miles at best from Guatemala to the US border in Texas, more like 1900 miles to the California border. Its a hispanic country, why can't it take them? Fuck, why not Mexico?
Why do Americans have to 'welcome' these fucking low-cog mud people who can't speak our language 'seeking a better life'?
Can they not find a better life in Mexico?
Fuck, why don't they go to fucking Cuba? Its a socialist wonderland, right?
Send those fuckers there.

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Because the goal is to destroy the US, so the US doe not have a chance to go full HAIL VICTORY like Germany went SIEG HEIL after weimar nya~

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Funny how they don't need a break from our technology, science, transportation, or medicine.

The continued push to convince shitskins that they are the worlds minority and make is seem like they have to be forced to "take a vacation away from white people". Non-whites are the worlds majority and have been for a long time but as long as they are convinced to believe they are the "minority" they can continue to be convinced to play the lowly victim.


I don't know why this meme hasn't been done yet, but a jolly kek was had on my end.

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You know the way out.


How can we meme this into reality?

Yeah, shitskins don't have the same dictionary in their heads as Whites. "Segregation" isn't just a division of ethnicities into their own self-governed communities, to them it's "Whitey has stuff we want and won't let us take it." I'm sure they know on some level that, when Whites and non-Whites are segregated, there's not a single fucking thing that they do or produce that we need or want. Segregation is entirely bad for shitskins, and entirely good for Whites. That's why they hate it. They want our stuff. That's it.