Why doesn't this add up?

White Person + Black Person = Not white Baby
White Person + Asian Person = Not white Baby
White Person + Indian Person = Not white Baby
White Person + Mexican Person = Not White Baby
White Person + Any other Person = Not White Baby

Do whites have the weakest genes?

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Blacks by average have smaller cock sizes than whites do.
The largest few cocks on record are of a white man.

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Remember anons: white women are the most racially loyal of the sex/"race" pairs. Tied with white men.
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No, we have the best genes and introducing the slightest amount of your own blood turns the entire thing to shit. If you weren't a nigger that would be obvious from your own logic.

No. They hybrids are all marked so we know not to breed with them.

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Explain the OP then. Why can't whites beat out other races when they mix?



We are the purest, furthest away from the base, and thus, the most easily tainted by less pure creatures aka non-whites.

Recessive genes. Whites got that way because they became an isolated population that was able to lock in these recessive genes. Racial purity is much more important to whites than other races for this reason.

Does this includes certain Asians that were isolated as well?
Or even the Native Americans?
What about that one stone age tribe that's still going on in Brazil?

The normal response here would be "go back to 4chan" but don't even do that. Instead, spray the wall with your brains.

Because White Genes are pure. And the thing about purity is that the slightest contact with dirt will taint, sully and pervert it.
That's one reason other races don't particularly hate white people: they got nothing to defend, they were born tainted and their offspring will be tainted aswell. Whites however, have a future to protect and to keep that future pure, we must clean some dirt from this world.
Starting with you.

Non shitposting answer: you're a fucking idiot. White + Black doesn't produce neither a black no white kid, a mullato isn't of either race thus no set of genes is actually stronger than the other. If you DO want to evaluate how strong a set of genes is, then it's easy: which set has an average life expectancy of 37, dies by gunshot 68% of the time and can't keep more than 2,5% of it's population in any job that requires education higher than 9th grade? And which set gave you Rome, The Renaissance, Astrophysics and the Goddamn Internet? Let that sink in.


You see it to some degree in Asians (look at how hapas are so far fucked up from the Asian baseline), but not as much as when you mix a white. Different environments, different selective pressures, and random chance causing genetic mutations to take different paths.

I did. Read my explanation again until your monkey brain comprehends it.

It's not recessive genes, it's delicate genes because we moved so far from our genetic base

That's not true. There are recorded cases where a white child was born to a Finn and a Italian.


So you're telling me the cause of discoloration is due to impurity? Makes enough sense. But wouldn't this also follow for other races?
Another thing: It's obvious that some races are better than others at certain things. Example, blacks are generally the better athlete. Asians are generally the smarter race. What distinct advantage does the White Race have other than it's purity?


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Its basic fucking genetics, go take a course and then you'll understand that 'dominant' and 'recessive' have nothing to do with 'weakness', you fucking scientifically-illiterate pleb.

Jesus Christ, this is the trash that used to get banned. Thank GOD we replaced the corrupt Zionist mod with a corrupt /intl/ mod!

Oh, wait, no, not God - CodeMonkey.
So, more like (((Satan))).

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Why are so many of you cucks doing anything other than report and close thread?

because we never were meant beat them out by breeding you retard that is nigger tier. its recessive so it forces us to maintain it and keep our spirits true if we dont we wil succumb to race mixing. it is this mastery that we must have that makes us better than the other races

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Because the mods don't do shit you cuckolded faggot. CM replaced them all with /intl/ goons, and now they don't do anything but occasionally delete spam (unless its one of their shitposting threads like this one).

I really, really hope you're just shitposting, but in the event you actually ARE just some low-class low-cog faggot who never studied genetics, here's a good starting point for you to achieve edification, you disgusting plebian.