Rand Paul:

>Can't put an end to the (((Russia Investigation)))

The choice is clear here. If you don't vote Rand 2020, you are a KIKE!

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Better yet James Mason for president 2020

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I don't know, user. I heard that Rand is a manlet.

Fuck off glow nigger.

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Sage and report for supporting zionism.

He’s a damned curlytop. What are you on?

He's the perfect height fuck off

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One of my oldest friends is pure white but has curly hair.

Nigger lover. Check the DNA next time you associate with someone.

Drumpf is the Zionist faggot

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user, i…

Good luck voting in more politicians.

His hair is wavy. Blonde hair blue eyes = Aryan.

I know you jews will stop at nothing to discredit Rand

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whites can have curly hair

Clearly this thread has been infiltrated by curlytop apologists.

I made no comments on Rand.

Sure they can. The 100% pure cannot.


Even Zig Forums suffers from the broscience.

Aryan = Youtube shooter too. But at least she didn’t have a fuckin’ shitwater jerry curl.

No selfies, you fucking yid.

it can, unless you count no white person as 100% white

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Move those goalposts.



Ok Shlomo. You're just mad the Rand family blocked the shekels Israel was going to get. Fuck off no one is falling for your gaslighting. The Rands are the only ones with enough balls the name AIPAC, Federal Reserve, and Israel.

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Pick one.

2024. anyone saying someone should compete against trump in 2020 is a dnc shill.

They brought that upon themselves. You have exploited white guilt like this for too long. It doesn't work anymore.

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This one doesn’t know they’re the Pauls. Not sending your best, Tel Aviv.

No one cares what you have to say anymore.


Yeah, we can read. Try harder.

Cry more.

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You're the only one crying, and strawmanning. I am done falling for your white guilt tricks. No more.

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Fuck off back to Q.


You faggots aren’t even trying.

And this one’s responding to the wrong user.

yea, youre totally not a dnc shill :^)

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How is the weather in Tel Aviv today Schlomo?

No one here is falling for your gaslighting and lies.

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Go hang yourself Jamal. No one is dumb enough to keep up the charade of white guilt anymore but useless libtards

post disregarded

Suicide now.

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Reminder that the NAP doesn’t exist.

very cute tenshi

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Reminder that you were the only one to bring up the NAP, Jamal.

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wow this post really upset the kike shills they are out in full force

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filtered, kike

Go suck nigger cock somewhere else.

Fuck off, zionist.

Hang yourself, Jamal

you shills are so easy to spot

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posting it again to anger the votecucks

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I don’ think I’ve ever seen Ron talking about a NAP, only that mischling Moluneux.


Notice the shills cant do anything but call me a jew for not supporting Israel! Hilarious!
Here's something that pisses off the actual Jews even more! A picture of putin!

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I'm in Colorado and not a Jew so no, you're wrong.
White with blue eyes too so no, you're wrong quite wrong. Again!
Very quit out of the holster but your aim is terribly off the target unlike mine.

Kampfy kikes please fuck off

Oh, please. Putin *is* jewish.

Tough luck

Keep crying.

Hi, imkikey.

Did you just threaten me moishe? That's cute.

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Rand Paul is a zionist.

And a curlytop!

What part about never voting again don't you understand, Jamal?

Zero effort.

rand paul is an open borders lolberg, no thanks

Ah yes Rand Paul, the defender of free speech, who during the discussion on removing the Confederate flag sided with the leftists by saying that it should be removed for being a symbol of slavery.

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Strawman of the worst quality


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(((Guiding the narrative)))
I know it really gets under your skins, but I'm going to vote until the day it's too dangerous to get to the polling precinct.

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Yes a prime bot post full of nice little keywords. Great job. I'm sure after 3-4 years of coding it, you'll finally have something semi workable.

local elections can actually matter, user. im going to assume that you dont have any white nationalists running in your area.

what post am i crying?
what post am i defending insults of him?
youre a shill, so i doubt you'll answer either tho, but im willing to give you a chance.

not only that, he voted in favor of making boycotts against israel, a punishable offense.

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shit photo shop

So empowering. So principled and resolute. Hiding your hair under that coat, curlytop?

Rand Paul is a zionist.

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No he didn't just stop lying

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Even if you have two pieces of literal shit and you are forced at gunpoint to eat one, there is always one piece of shit that is smaller than the other.

inb4 some random sperg shows up to talk about how he would unsheathe his katana and teleport behind the guy pointing the gun at him


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Fun fact: no one forces you to vote, you stupid fucking zionist whore.

Global report for mass spam.

You still mad about being removed, Jamal?

Sad that you're too dumb to see I was waiting for you to post it, lmao

The shit taste in your mouth when you voted and your candidate goes right to the wailing wall is a bitter pill though.


Remember every time you see a smug loli pedo anime girl JPG it's either kampfy the turboroach cunt itself or one of its isreali hasbara tag-team.

The fact all of them combined have only every produced pro-ZOG material on here should be enough for gassing, unfortunately even after the pretend removal of kampfy as mod from here, you can see just as much jew cock sucking going on as before, only difference is anons aren't instantly banned for 88 years for posting anti-Trumpstein/anti-jew material on here

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The thing is your open gaslighting of the board isn't of the quality that a retarded mongoloid would conjure, it's straight up proof that you jews haven't got the claimed high IQs you pretend you do

Reminder that this is a limited input bot that relies on keywords to formulate it's posts, then has a handler edit them to be readable. This is why his posting style never changes, as well as his grammar.

Bump for support.
Trump is a pressure valve for people who want real progress, but people only got pink glasses to look through.

voting takes like 5 minutes.

he absolutely did within the past year. infact is was almost unanimously bipartisan

ayyy lmao, holy shit. you have to go back you filthy tumblrite

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This is imkikey. Report every post it makes.

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Have a rare Rand friend

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And why wouldn’t it be overly convenient to safeguard the status quo?