Happy Sandy Hook Hoax Day!

Happy Sandy Hook Hoax Day!

Today is the day that the kikes have staged this false flag operation in a bid to remove the constitutionally garanteed arms from Americans and further cause damage to America.

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I have yet to see one single reputable source it was a hoax, beyond anecdotals and wishful thinking. Yes the media is egging shooters on because they want a gun grab, but I don't think they have the ability to pull off something like this

first post jew post

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How dare you.

delete yourself, npc and your whole npc shit family family. the world would be better off.

Despite the jews constantly deleting all videos containing MSM self-incriminating videos of the Sandy Hook-nose hoax, there's plenty of resources with evidence and proof which you jews deny

Shouldn't you be on another thread somewhere posting smug anime loli girl JPGs?

Let's talk about Sandy Hook-nose

It definitely has nothing to do with (((Michael Bloomberg))). I would not research into this topic any further my fellow gentiles.

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Oh shit. These false flaggers can't get this done done right. Their npc nog has gone rogue.

Is every mass shooting a hoax then? Is there some cutoff point between real ones and false flags? There's even ones in other countries sometimes.

They don't look like the same woman to me. Perhaps you suffer from face blindness. It's a common defect among autists.

My mom works at a small town school district. I was blown away when she told me they had crisis actors come in and how much they dolled up the special fx. Always some kids from some theater class. Guns shooting blanks.

All this for a small ass town.

>That means you have the issue in discerning images of similar faces

Looking at that first image closely, it seems like the girl in the center has a smaller jaw than the two on the sides. A wider nose too.

What if we have been fed a line to attempt to make us look ridiculous? Would make sense for Jonestein to do something like that.

Considering that OP is contending that these three women are the same people without any shed of evidence other than his subjective evaluation of their faces then yes, it is him that has the issue.

The thing that got me to believe it was the video I saw of the people going in one huge circle into the building and back out. Also there was all the name tags showing even on a couple nuns.

was it real or a hoax

If you own guns why would you give them up? Just because the jews say guns are now illegal, hand them in doesn't mean that anyone will care. Reinforce your door frames, have multiple full face respirators on hand for when they break your windows and tear gas you. Unload every round you own into the traitors that arrive at your door. Die a man, die proud, die free.

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Fun fact: There is the father of Sandy Hook "victim" that still goes around panhandling for donations and opeates a literal personal army who turns up every time Sandy Vagina is being discussed on the net.
Even ED caved to the guy and deleted his article because he threathned to sue them.


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He is a confirmed kike

Yearly reminder that Sandy Hook "hoaxerism" was a jewish psyop to discredit research into actual conspiracies, and, of course, Holohoax revisionism.

Kikes are bloodthirsty killers, if they wanted a mass shooting to happen, they'd do it for real, and probably drain a little blood for their religious practices.

Those videos were left up for years, and only started being removed after Parkland - which also happened. Prior to that, the only videos that ended up deleted were over copyright strikes by Lenny Pozner .

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The deaths at Sandy Hook were filed under "State Police Misc", which is specified in the report, and the report itself was dedicated to the victims of Sandy Hook. There's really only two ways to explain that: either Jonestein, Fetzer, Halbig, and everyone else who pushed the "the state police said nobody died" narrative are illiterate/mentally retarded, or they're lying to you and trying to make you look foolish. My guess is the latter, at least for most of them.

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Bump for smiling Mr. Robbie Parker super happy that his daughter just got 'slaughtered.'

Nice. Glad I'm not the only one to have recognized this.

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All this for incremental gun confiscation.
I fixed that for you, user.


Fed spotted.

Shootings with evidence are (sometimes) real. Shootlings, like sandy hoax, that have no evidence of ever occurring, are fake.


The crisis actor autism is literally the jews rebranding their failed "pallywood" propaganda strategy as disinformation to harm the reputations of their enemies.

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You're a dumbass and you're missing the point.
The issue isn't whether or not the jews have the ability or will to do violence against us; obviously they do. And they have.
The issue is whether, in this instance, the evidence points to it being real or fake. And all of the evidence points to it being a hoax.


The evidence doesn't point there. Nothing that happened at Sandy Hook was exactly out of the ordinary, but people choose it to set the "hoaxer" narrative, and develop a set of rules to "prove" other events were hoaxes.


Show us the security cam picks of the shooter coming through the front door of the school (which was locked) bearing his weapons.

I read this very same face blindness / common defect among autists post in a Halfchan Sandy Hook thread just a few days ago. What are the odds? Crazier still, it was in response to a completely difference photo comparison. Amazing cohencidence.

That kind of thing is rarely released, and even if it wasn't, that wouldn't be a sign that nothing happened and it was faked with actors. If anything, wouldn't they use the hundreds of actors they would have had to hire to shoot footage of that?

How do you know? There is no evidence of what happened or even evidence of anything happening at all.

All evidence of anything was destroyed.

Meaning evidence that nothing happened too.

Many of them are real. The San Bernardino ISIS attack in 2015 is what a real mass shooting looks like.

Look, there it is again. It's almost as if what you're saying is a scripted response or something.

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The "hoaxology" "experts" like John Friend disagree.




It's fairly common to accuse anons of having autism, especially when they display signs of the disorder within their posts. Face blindness is associated with autism.


If you honestly cannot discern the differences of the faces of the women in the OP's pic you have something wrong with you.

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That's the first time I've heard that line. Imagine a bunch of wimpy IDF soldiers sitting in huge phalanxes of military tents out in the desert filled with row upon row of trestle tables and folding chairs and used old HP desktops from the 1995 all linked to the internet. Each grub has a list of talking points and an alert system sends him to emergencies where the truth is breaking out to shut it down.

Other techs keep a careful surveillance of places like this and track down users for registration in their databases of haters.

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You can start from here. Lurk moar though.

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I know that he's a good goy. He did expose Sandy Hoax for what it really was though. I consider that a good baby redpill.

The Isabel server won.

Friendly reminder to check the Hebcal for every happening, real or fake and gay.

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And of course the obvious one

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That's literally how they do it.

This wont embed a doco that has been scrubbed from utubes. A group of independant journalists that investigated sandy hook.