(((Mueller))) and the (((Clintons))) are fucked

Strzok got very defensively angry during a public hearing where a republican Congressman started to ask questions about 302s. Flynn talked about crimes from people that they would not want to prosecute. like shady shit he saw working for the Obama admin. Essentially what ended up happening is that due to the prosecutorial misconduct of not filling out and filing a 302 within 72 hours of the interview results in the rest of the case dying.

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Did Q predict this?


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They changed the 302s and probably destroyed any evidence of the originals or their editing process. Mueller also wiped Strzok's phone personally.

Don't post until it does.

so its an interview of an interview? the fuck

(((kimberly strassel)))

MOSSADniggers are shitting themselves.

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Stupid smocker Papadop is running his mouth again, claiming he's running in 2020. Already attracting more FBI attention:


And last week Simona (Mrs Papa) tried to finger puppet a message of "you deserve so much better than him" to herself, but she forgot to switch her accounts and ended up tweeting to herself from the same account. She was so humiliated she deleted her twitter account. I give them 3 months until a divorce.

Clown car WH.

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"George Papadopoulos’ wife deletes Twitter account after embarrassing herself in self-congratulatory tweet "

She sent it to her husband, LARPing as an user, chiding him for being an idiot She forgot to log into the sock puppet account.

But yeah, let's all assume they're all Q10 Mensa ICs.

No they're not. If they haven't been fucked by now they won't be fucked.

Fuck off kike.

Instant AstroTurf, not obvious at all.

The dog ate the original 302.

Mentioning cue is the new "you're a shill" or "schizo"

That poor guy. She's obviously a sex operative, might be even MI6 itself (they use them).

Die, Q-LARPer.

The only people mentally defective enough to claim that anyone is being arrested or punished in any capacity are Qcumbers, you goddamn kike.

She's /ourkike/, just like Jack Pozzobiec, who retweeted her.

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Wait, I thought the Q-larp was that Mueller is flipped and working for Trump? Can they keep a straight story?

Thanks for your continued support, kike.

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The only people mentally defective enough to claim that anyone is being arrested or punished in any capacity are Qcumbers, you goddamn kike.
Reminder that your kike is a proven hoax.

Qcumber is a jtrig shill tell.

Speak English, childfucker.

Bumping again because this thread has (((them))) seething.

Reminder that nothing is happening and nothing was ever going to happen, you subhuman paid shill.

Is this bait or do people on this board unironically believe the q larp?>>12555195

No one does as far as I can tell, which makes b7de4e's retarded gibbering completely pointless.


There is no justice unless we create it.

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Not even, it's just a transcript allegedly of said interview about other said interview

The couple married in March of this year. They met through Joseph Mifsud, a mysterious Maltese professor who is believed to be an operative for the Russian government and who attempted during the campaign to introduce George Papadopoulos to people purportedly connected to Russia.
Papadopoulos said even his family was concerned about his romantic relationship and suspected his wife was a Russian spy.

“I think everyone was a little paranoid throughout this past year," Papadopoulos said. “And yes, you know, I think they thought that she might have been some sort of Russian spy. Of course I never believed anything like that. She’s just, I don’t think every beautiful blonde person necessarily has to be a Russian agent. You know, there are many blonde Italians as well.”

Stupid little names like this are only said by leftists because you think it's an argumentative checkmate. Go the fuck back to Zig Forums or reddit. Wherever the fuck you came from. "Drumfstein," "magapedo," "Qcumbers" etc. are not arguments in and of themselves, nor do they express a comprehensive knowledge of politics. Go the fuck back!


You have no power here. Go fellate your ZOG emperor back on your containment board.


Don't think Sullivan is not a swamp judge. If he had problems with the case he would have thrown it out by now. He also did nothing on the Lois Lerner IRS case. Don't pin high hopes on him. My bet is Flynn gets some community service.

Holy shit these cocksuckers are out of control


Go figure, the sub-human saying "nothing will ever change, deal with it!" is the same monkey whose vast political knowledge amounts to nothing more than making wisecracks about people's names.

She's so nice and pretty and she cares about the USA.

good show mate

imagine being the shill who made "flipped muller" and other bullshit img macros

Really big if true.

Why even bother putting things through the system anymore? If you have some explosive shit why not just put it on the web immediately for mass distribution. There is NO OTHER WAY to root out these fucking scheming dishonest jewey (or just plain jewish) actors than to shine a big bright fucking light on everything they do.

Okay, yid.

The contents of the tweet are true; no one is going to be punished for it.

The depths of your knowledge has me in awe. "q-q-q-q-q-q-larp." Oh my god, how could have not have seen it?! I'm astonished by this display of intellectual prowess!

fuck off qkike does qike fit?

the fact that you but blasted fags constantly shill against q to an unnatural degree is enough to authenticate q and prove q fags right

you have to moderate the shilling or you give away sensitive topics, quality over quantity ya dumb fuck faggot

I men what would anyone do if that happened???

If you're not a shill you're literally a caved in head wojak boomer magapede retard.

If you haven't learned anything these past two years there isn't any hope for you left.

We're done with distractions. We're done with image macros "proving" ridiculous 4D chess "justice is JUST AROUND THE CORNER" theories. You're never going to get traction or time from intelligent right wingers again.

You're left with 85 IQ magatards. If this meme works for them, whatever. But you have no business here.




Sorry, we'll be staying. Maybe it's you who should retreat and find another board?

Make your suicide happen.

This thread has triggered some of the weaker members of our coalition.


There is so much crazy shit happening… just speechless… only shills are talking, kvetching

This, frankly.

SA Goons. Weird Twitter.


Today's latest news is pretty big too. Mueller (technically the SCO - Special Counsel's Office) committed prosecutorial misconduct by destroying evidence (Strzok's messages), per news today. Huge story, because it's Mueller's first undeniably fireable offense (he's been a real fool of a prosecutor thus far, engaging in acts the left has always criticized, until the shoe was on the other foot).

< 56 tripped
criminally unchecked

tfw no 10/10 Italian gf

Using green textw like a leftist would? In my Zig Forums thread? Fuck off Soros Slaves.

so everything gets covered up and no one goes to jail. ok.

q is a faggot


are you saying /pol is wrong

oy vey

Rat faced Mueller

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>(((Mueller))) and the (((Clintons))) are fucked
I doubt it. It'll be 2019 soon and the evil clintons will stil be free and hellary will be campaigning again with half the nation behind her while billy takes a nice flight on epsteins lolita express jet for the 666th time.

Fuck off, Q mentioned that Merkel was Hitler's daughter you retard. Shills for israel, against racism, and so on. It's boomercuck tier. Same thing jones did by complaining that ebil natzee are winning the nwo even though they are all kikes. Remember she was supposed to be behind bars multiple times according to their posts, but hey that also was part of the plan.

and by that time US (((cities))), which determine the whole state's vote, will be 75% shitskin, and hillcunt's henchmen will make the midterm rigging look like a skid by-passing winrar's payment request.


the blue check marks are celebrating again

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Hahaha that nigger's been cooking shit up for DECADES.

Reality was in the opposite direction

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I think getting an unlawful conviction is part of the plan, to illustrate how shoddy the justice system really is. My feeling is that Trump will pardon Flynn.




^Pretty much sums up this board since 2016.

Still waiting on my fucking wall.
Still waiting on that cunt to be in handcuffs.

Don't ever post ITS HAPPENING ever again.
From now on only post once it's actually happened.

Though something tells me if we follow this rule this place is going to be pretty fucking empty.

Just go back to Reddit, kid.

go back to facebook

Thanks for the updates. It's no fun trying to follow the shitshow but how else can you reverse the brainwashing when your retard friends decide to start talking about politics

Already revved that VPN and can't go back? Fuckin' retard.

Bumping this thread again.


You keep saying that, but I'm not seeing it.

That describes Zig Forums since before this site existed.
I think 9/11 and the ensuing media orgy are to blame for the insatiable craving for more happening, at least among those old enough to remember. All we got was the new normal of an increasingly oppressive police state; the eternal jew wars are entertaining but can never match that first hit. Everyone is chasing that dragon.
I suppose mossad has a hot one cooked up for us, we'll just have to wait and see. The only difference is that we will be watching live streams instead of cable news channels.



I assume all torpedos are Semitic and pedophilic
Torah project indeed

Well at least you're bumping the thread.

I have yet to see a single person with real power here.
Just larpers.

I'm a loan officer. I routinely deny nonwhites if I can at all get away with it. I regularly approve whites who are marginal. I've gotten in trouble for writing so-so loans in the past, but so far nobody has made the race connection. Maybe because I've never approved shit for interracial couples or immigrants.

Someday they'll catch me and I'll deny everything. Let them prove it – there are other places to work, and in the meantime I may have helped a few white couples get started on babies in a home of their own.

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Nobody is fucked, dumbass. You idiots who believe we still have even a shadow of rule of law need to neck yourselves.

If only you guys knew how bad things really are. Chief Q-nigger sent these niggers here.

neonrevolt.com/2018/09/17/Zig Forums-bootcamp-learning-to-chan-like-a-pro-neonrevolt/

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Fucking sickening.

News flash - nobody gives a fuck about jewish puppet trump. He could personally nail Hillary to a cross on live TV tomorrow and he'd still be amnesty ron, king of the wide-open border. TRUMP IS DISCREDITED. REPUBLICANS ARE DISCREDITED. Genocide is the only option left and the kikes are never going to make killing your enemies legal.

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Well done loan user

Will anything come of this?

who else noticed the entire thread was derailed with this

I would check that diaper.

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I'm in economic development planning - let's leave it at that - and personally prevented about a dozen business initiatives and company buyouts by Israeli actors in my home country.

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