Stay away from malls and the mall of America tomorrow

Stay away from malls on December 15th stay away from malls just stay away. It's called the mall counter terrorism hostage crisis. Try to warn the right authorities if you can. I cant promise if it's tomorrow but it's in the future real soon either this year or early next year.

December 15th Mall of America occurance - This is not a meme. Strong sources claim that a false flag will occur and that the defense cabinet are planning to claim rights of stopping it to raise the defense budget and justify a second Syrian invasion. They're gonna use it to scare the American public with a second September 11th.

Mattis wants a bigger budget and the NSA is in on it as well.

There will be many children there for the spongebob workshop, in Minn, maybe they will even use them as fake hostages to heat things up.

Greatest ally will only benefit from this. IDF is conducting operation Northern Shield and is DREAMING about the okay from big bro America to act.

They are going to claim Syrian terrorist cell, they'll say the Somalis are paid agents. But they definitely share an interest (Islam)

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bumping fuck it


prove this isnt just a copypasta of the vegas shooting

also, why do insiders never have decent spelling or grammar?

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Why do most people not have decent spelling or grammar anymore? (It's because of texting and spellcheck.)

well, I wasn't going to the mall tomorrow anyway

I'm just getting lazy and not proofreading.
Spellcheck is for the weak.

Because the government hires Pacific Islanders and southern Asians almost exclusively for low level bullshit. The big Hotel chains do the same thing, they hire the diminutive races for administration because only do what they're told and what's written, they don't have independent thought. Usually.

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There is not even a mall near me.

2nd largest population of Somalis in the US is Columbus, Ohio. (thanks, Clinton) We've already had radicalized attacks.

user lives near Dublin.

Should I go to Polaris Mall tomorrow? Easton?

Q did not predict this.
I'm going to mall tomorrow to pick up some sweet swag


Bring a gun.

Why are malls so full of people during the holidays?

Are they really buying gifts?

Or are they trafficking children?

Who owns all of the malls?

The 15th is tomorrow.

Mall Shooting has 12 letters.

15-12 = 3

Look for politicians who's name start with 3.

These are the bread crumbs

Keep digging patriots.

Trust in the plan.


Q-LARP bullshit.

What are at malls?
What to people do at malls?
(((Who))) benefits?
Define commercialism.
Define manufacturing consent.
Define subliminality.
Where we kike one, we kike all
-Not a Jew

These are always hilarious.

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godspeed and may you gat many n*ggers

Did you even read the OP?

You're decades late. Anyone here been to a mall in ten, twenty years? Someone young enough might have never been.

Hmm I wonder which option is best

The option where you don't go to malls

Queer kids


There is no plan.

Option 1: Q-LARP bullshit.
Option 2: Prove your claim or fuck off.

do you even logic?

No one goes to malls anymore.

Who the fuck goes to malls

Remember,,, there is no such thing as gun free zones it's just another psyop to make you think they really exist so you wont bring one. Loooool.

You're full of shit but I'm screencapping anyways.

Even if this does happen sooner or later I would think big gubberment would learn to look for leaks of their plans on fucking basketweaving forums.

Oh come on man can't you just lighten up and play along it was just starting to get spooky. Malls are like virgins they don't even exist anymore let alone black vans. Party pooper!

Only niggers go to malls so they're the ones who will be shot.

So what you are saying Mall Rats are gonna died Saturday by Glowniggers at the /b/hest of da Jews to pin it on The Lion of demascus to Go in a Seize control to bring Forward a giant Stepping stone towards The Construction of Greater Israel and Also Gun control to dis arm the population so we can't object to this Fuckery OP …This is Big if true
Screen cap for Just in case Happening

It's not happening unless OP is the shooter.

Why do you Capitalize random words in Your Post? It makes me think That you're a Bot

Now we get NSA leaks on Ha8chan?
Haha, really?

OP you can't bring a gun into a (((Gun free Zone))) I think that would be illegal

Game Controler Lost a Finger in the war


Checked and keked

Clam down, sped.

Well shit.

Bearded Clam or no?

What is your opinion on the WQ?

1) Women are angels who are not responsible for their actions because they were forced into taking drugs and getting fucked by multiple random strangers because of men, kikes, parents, [insert any reason here].


2) Women made the choice to be degenerate whores when they could've ignored the kike's programming and lived a humble, Aryan life.

Choose nigger.

Posted in the wrong thread, TORpedo?
Option 2, but that doesn't mean we should go MGTOW

Thanks for admitting you have no proof. Go back to your containment board.

We missed you around here

It's great for shills, at any rate. They never prove a goddamn thing they say, even when asked directly, so you can just repeat it and make them fly off the handle.

Prove it.

Not wrong thread. Option 2 is the most logical. I think Whites should organize in their respective communities and push a brand of White Sharia. However no one wants to organize and Zig Forums enables degenerate behavior of White women.

Prove what?

Okay, die. No one does anything you say they do.

You are literally autistic. Let's say it is Q LARPing. Who the fuck cares? Did OP scare you into not going with mommy to buy a new pair of jammies for you?

this sounds like the best day to blow up a mall. echoing 9/11 a national day of training exercises is the ideal smokescreen for a real attack. as a bonus, you get to stress test the army of responders at the exact moment when they least expect it and when they should be at peak performance. if you succeed, it would be a double shame on them, by making the cops and the army and the spooks look like inept fools.

It would actually be almost on the exact anniversary of Sandy Hoax, (1 day after) which would be interesting. But in all seriousness, even if someone was to shoot up a mall, in this day and age would there even be anyone there?

the sooner greater israel happens the sooner civilization will collapse so let it happen, plus malls are only in cities anyways so let it happen, plus only niggers go to malls anymore.

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Niggers and homeless drug addicts

The false flag is for Ukraine not Syria.
Ukraine has been massing troops at the border with Crimea and in Mariupol region for a couple of week now following the BS with boats (that they hoped Russia would just sunk instead of capturing fairly unharmed).
The only way the glow in dark stay in power there is if they delay/cancel the Ukrainians elections through martial law.
The only way they prolong martial law is if there is actual fighting.

They already cranked up the propaganda saying it's Russia that is gonna attack for a week or that they're the ones behind the shit in France.

Same thread was up on cuck chan earlier. Source was an israeli geoflag.

Not true, Chinese tourists come to the Mall Of America by the thousands every day. I bet they get a million a year.

A year or two ago I had two different dreams involving the Mall of America. In one of them, I was up on the second of third floor and could see the theme park in the distance and there was some kind of gas attack and I remember chocking. "Nerve gas" came to mind for some reason. Another time there was a mass shooting and I escaped the the parking lot. Spoopy. Now, in regards to Somalis some things they have done in MN
The list goes on, it's insane. They're everywhere too. Opsec be damned, I grew up in MN and I can remember Camp Snoopy and the days before Somali hordes arrived. They're everywhere now, it's freaking insane. The Twin Cities used to be a containtment zone but the entire state is getting browned, and cucking out by electing them into office. The worst part about a false flag would be permanent security increase and the leftist faggots whining on social media.

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I too grew up in MN and often went to the MOA to play in what was in the 1990s the state of the art arcade in the Midwest. These days I envision it as a sort of burned out half collapsed Fallout env, teeming with burqa wearing orcs and zog hit teams.

I don't need an image board warning to stay away from malls. Malls are the worst places in the United States to congregate if you're white.

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A guilty pleasure of mine is reading q-fag postings and then watching the dilapitated boomers below attempt to make sense of it.

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My penis is 5 inches long

Nightcrawlers are roughly 5 inches long

Human penises are nightcrawlers grafted on to our bodies thousands of years ago

Keep an eye out for outliers


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come on now, this won't back your prophecy mister FUD where are the proofs of this supposed op?

Its always so fucking convenient, isnt it.

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Reminds me of the Kenya mall shooting where the IDF showed up to rescue the victims.
That was a really jewy false flag attack if you ask me.

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This right here made this autobullshit in my mind.

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We already know that the only possible plan you can cook up is "I won't go to the mall". You can't stop the wider world from succumbing to history as it always does. Tbh the shitskin incursions are a good test: will we see the big picture and purge them or will the Marxist lies win?

The only consolation I have left is that, if our enemies are successful, billions of shits and jews will die in the ensuing chaos and lack of white-guilt-extracted resources.

This is really suspicious and I hope there are competent law enforcement agencies monitoring this thread and the situation. Like not the FBI or Fusion Centers.

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Why not go, steak out a hiding spot there are tons you won't get found in and record?
Or stay on the perimeter and record.

I don't doubt this and in fact, have been expecting it.

Lets be honest, after the (((gas))) attacks false flags became laughable, Trump and all the other neocohens came out and just said WE ARE STAYING IN SYRIA FOR ISRAEL and no one battered an eye.

Next false flag, if not stopped, will be blamed on IRAN and be the pretext to war with them. PERIOD.

Thanks for sharing. Even if it doesn't happen you know (((they))) are planning it and who knows how many times posts like these have averted another 911.

Exclusive: Inside the Bill Gates-Backed Startup Aiming to Stop the Next Terror Attack
March 14, 2017

Fear Pays: Chertoff, Ex-Security Officials Slammed For Cashing In On Government Experience

Is it a larp if you meme it into reality?

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Given that we had hundreds of bomb threats pop up yesterday the moment the CF hearings began I think it's smart to take all this shit seriously as I took those threats as a message to the POTUS of "you are going to pay for this". I hope I am wrong but those are some people who will do anything at anytime to anyone to secure themselves.

Somalis have been flooding into Minnesota through the Canada / Minnesota border.
An Israeli firm handles border security at that particular location.

Can you elaborate a little more on your dreams like are they usually premonitions or have significance?

We know they'll do anything, the thing is it's obvious they don't know WHAT to do. Faggots are just scrambling at this point.

The Wise will avoid the בית כנסת and any חשיפה ציבורית

Somalis march against Amazon, despite "prayer breaks less than 20 minutes are paid & productivity expectations are not adjusted for such breaks". Do non-muslims get paid 20 minute breaks?

The South Park season 22 2 part season finale about the Amazon center opening in South Park is predictive propaganda and predictive programming 100% i just watched them both it's about Amazon destroying the mall in South Park and it's filled with predictive programming like the Maroon 5 music video before the Las Vegas shooting.

"Good luck sucking Jeff Bezos dick you stupid cunts" That South Park 2 part season 22 finale was predictive programming and so was the Amazon prayer break protests held by Muslims in Minnesota just like the Maroon 5 music video what lovers do before the Las Vegas shooting. False flag confirmed so how do we stop the US and Israeli government and cops from killing people in Minnesota tomorrow?

Something better fucking happen i tell you hwat

there are literal continual shootings at the mall of america, the place is a dysgenic hellhole

how could you even discern a terror attack from the constant daily nig noggery that takes place there?

While I agree with your sentiment I mean something should happen as in a big habbedings since op was such a faggot about it



Which makes them extremely dangerous.

I didn't know it was this bad!

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Pedo warfare confirmed

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Well…now it probably won't happen.

America could have been great.