DC Antifa Has Baby

For the past several months DC Antifa head Lacy MacAuley has laid out plans to fuck this child up horribly. This is clear case of premediated child abuse.
What are the best ways to effectively save this child from her mother? We need an effective case to report her to CPS. Anyone who is an expert in this field please chime in.


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Go Fund Me page for "Radical Parenting"

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My sides. Just fuck them to hell.

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inb4 kid gets into rebellous face and starts rounding up Marxists, Niggers and Jews

lost cause.

For now, the child is wholly under the control of this lunatic and her fucked-up, judaic mentality. This situation is fully endorsed by the (((system))) and so there is nothing anyone can do.
Fortunately, I am very confident that this kid will grow up to be extremely disgusted by what his mother did to him.

He'll harden himself and with head held high gladly lead his parents onto the roller coasters into the ovens.

male = faggot
female = blue hair, nose ring, obese

It's hilarious how left wing drones literally produce the child sex slaves for their Kike overlords.

This whore is "FUCK YOU DAD" incarnate. I want to know more about the cuck that spawned this community fuck sponge of a woman. What a cuck he must have been.

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Political orientation is heritable. Just let her abuse her kid and then hopefully it will kill itself at some future date.



"Free-range parenting is the concept of raising children in the spirit of encouraging them to function independently and with limited parental supervision, in accordance of their age of development and with a reasonable acceptance of realistic personal risks. Seen as the opposite of helicopter parenting"

Don't you want people to be independent and tolerant of a world with occasional risks?

This is just a trick intended to make comedy by proving that Zig Forums has no consistent preferences other than hatred.

I'm not going to up with your bad faith post, kike

As long as parents aren't beating, molesting, or permitting such of their children, other people's parenting decisions aren't really the business of distant strangers. You got subtler disagreements, you have to push them with clean persuasion.

kys rabbi

That baby literally has no chance.

Wow, she gave birth to a White child, does she believe in the 14 words?

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Oh man, it's almost as if the marxist, diversity-pushing, sub-human leftist filth don't practice what they preach. That baby should be put on a pike and the whore and everyone in antifa should get the bolshevik treatment given to German women during WWII. After all, it's what they want to do to us.

Hasn't it been posted here a number of times that children often inherent their parents political views the majority of the time? Not socially, but rather due to their genetics.

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Offer the mother a free trip to the middle east?

Suprised it's not a shitskin tbh.


1809 Belmont NW Rd, APT 10
Washington, DC 20009-5170

Twitter: @lacymacauley

This kid's gonna make Hitler look like Ronald Reagan.

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Saved. For later.

I found a girl who can guide the kid

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I came here to post this. Do absolutely nothing and she will engineer her own executioner.

Why do they look relatively old? At least in their 40's. Is this what happens when grandmas try to get hip with the leftist youngsters, but don't actual understand them? Having white children for example is, I think, against leftist doctrine.

I nearly fucking spat my dinner out. Kid's got a good nose.


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You have been checked sir

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Oh lawd.

The simultaneous pride and resentment are palpable. It is obvious that they've been corrupted by leftism. What is the solution? Marxism is tempting but ultimately futile if opposed by a legitimate philosophy of life. Yes, the leftists in power do all they can to import certified, third-world Marxists, but they've also gained ground on the "white women" front.

The idea that the modern state is a more stable and infallible provider than an actual man is a trusim which contributes. That notwithstanding: it doesn't take much intelligence to see that this will fail in the long run. Instinctual evidence can grasp this.

This is what worries me. Women have instinctual intelligence that isn't necessarily easy to explicate. If they're siding with the state over real men then perhaps we've already lost.

Then again, white women are still close to being anti-statist. Tbh I guess if we didn't have negresses and mestizaz fucking everything up with their 90%+ leftist voting patterns then everything would be alright (politically, at least).

End of boring rant. Send these idiots and the rest of the leftists into the bog.

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She had a fucking White baby? wtf? Why didn't this White winch get gang-bang'd by some boat niggers and have a non-White nwo rainbow child like a true progressive?

you can tell she gets it from her mom … now thats the future we need

Minding your own business about other people's children is how you protect the collective well being, wadcakes.

hahaha holy shit there is no hope for these retards

subconscious racial instinct

Pronoun verb article adverb adjective noun preposition noun. Pronoun verb verb pronoun preposition verb adjective adjective preposition noun preposition noun. Pronoun verb pronoun noun adverb.

Conjunction pronoun verb adjective noun, pronoun verb adverb verb noun.

what kind of Mk-ultra mental psyop monarch agent activation is this?

What does that even mean? Do you want to regress an entire people 1000+ years?

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My fucking sides.

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Story sounded doubtful at first but then made perfect sense.

The kid will either become a fucked in the head tranny commie or very right-wing.

So he's bound to be a normie then.

Jesus, and at one time I had the hots for this one.

That's a not so subtle reference to chicken.

"Chicken" is what pedophiles call their victims.

Nah, I know of a guy raised by radical lesbians who ended up an antifa pot dealer with a scat fetish.

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This child will become the hardest NatSoc to ever live.

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What is the isssue here? Does that not work anymore?

How do you know? Besides you're wrong. It's "baby carrots".

I'm inclined to believe this. But still, fuck her, the kids gonna have loads of baggage to deal with later in life.

It's truly disturbing to know that some "people" are actually this dense.


Were in a lawless nation that is manipulating its own citizens to accept communism by force, using proxy thugs. These people can commit first degree murder and not see more than 30 days in jail. They are first class citizens and we're not.

you're both wrong
It's "birds eye peas"


Oh fugg this kid is so fucked

This image is fucking horrifying

They all look like demons in human form wtf

Is this satire?

A large portion of these kids these people fuck up will be the most radical National Socialists when the time comes and they turn against their parents.

False. The state must cultivate the youth.

Could be literal Hitler we're looking at

If she is antifa why is her child white??!?!??!?!?!?!

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All this time the only acceptable time line that Doc should of sent McFly back to was when before the jews gang raped a young Michael J. Fox boy autitioning for a role in a movie that would only been seen by pedo Hollywood jews..

(((They))) even tormented him during filming of back to the future. Maybe why he literally shakes till this day

Of course, the character's are standing on a masonic chessboard when the word is cast. That is where the magic behind the words begins. Can't unsee that which is seen.

I would reply, but all I'm doing is posting onto a node that JIA controlled on an internet that is JIA controlled, so until I get a communication system that is not JIA controlled, fuck it. Good luck guys, enjoy the honeytrap. They'll keep showing us each other's content, and totally phishing/entrapping, while totally not allowing meaningful interaction between posters. Enjoy the farce.

40000 keks

you get used to it


Antifa baby parts for sale, contact your local PlannedParenthood meat market.

Improvise, Adapt, and Overcome

A blogpost truly worthy of clownworld.

My fucking sides fam.
Aussies learn to shitpost as soon as they are able to talk.

What the fuck does this even mean

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Not a kike post. user is right, the recently revived concept of "free-range parenting", as explained in that wiki article, is actually about returning to the sort of proper parenting I, as a late Gen-X kid, enjoyed in my youth. It's changed so much in recent decades that it may be hard for younger people to comprehend.

We generally started making our own way to school by 6 or 7. By 8 or 9 our parents were happy enough to let us roam out of their sight for a few hours, as long as we told them where we would be, and were back by a certain time. This was regarded as perfectly normal, a gradual loosing of the reigns was part of the process of growing up. It wasn't without risks - we didn't even have the instant contactability of mobile phones back then - but raising a child to be unable to function independently risks bad consequences too.

The reason they were able to allow us this degree of freedom was that they had set firm behavioral boundaries when we were younger, and properly enforced them with punishments, including physical when appropriate. Our stay-at-home mothers were around enough to pay attention to the important job of parenting, instead of lavishing us with attention and indulging our whims out of guilt for leaving us with strangers for most of the day. With this proper parenting, we learned enough of how to behave and became streetwise enough for our parents to progressively grant us a greater degree of freedom as we demonstrated the maturity to cope with it.

I'm sure that the abandonment of this sort of proper child-rearing - it would be considered neglect and abuse by many now - is what produced the entitled snowflakes of the Milennial generation, who demand the authorities look after them and protect their precious feels. They were never prepared for the harsh realities of adulthood, are totally unequipped, and don't want to accept them.

All that said, I cannot believe this leftist loon is going to implement anything like what I just described. Most likely she's going to completely eschew the "boundaries and responsibilities" aspect, and do something akin to the German Kinderladen approach of the 1960s, which facilitated pedophile and sitting Green Party MEP Daniel Cohn-Bendit getting his rocks off:


"free-range child" sounds delicious! Anyway, let the bitch fuck it up, at best it will hate her and with any luck, will grow up to kill the bitch for us.

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The level of cognitive dissonance required is unfathomable. Brb all my views are correct and totally on the right side of history BUT if I don't let my child range freely with no guidance I'm a racist nazi. Lets be real though, by free range she means if it's a white male to turn him into a trap.

Better than caged human, amirite?

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looks a bit abo

She means she's gonna raise her child without any supervision at all

It's funny until you realize we're at a stage where the (((UK))) or (((Australia))) would lock them up for a joke.

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Fuck off OP let her degenerate gene pool die off. Make room for those that can actually contribute to society, no point in carrying these anchors.

they're english, not australian.

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We need more cute rayciss kids. I feel like we aren't bullying each other to have children enough and this stuff makes great propaganda.

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Pretty much this. Somehow, I think the kids will be even worse than the coddled, helicopter-parented Millennials. Things will get mighty interesting once the kids reach a point where they can actually hurt their mother.

kids that are raised by freaks always turn radically to the right. we might be seeing the birth of the fuhrer.

This kid will be chemically castrated and if it doesn't kill itself it will desperately try to fight white supremacy

in the meantime harangue her for not following her own rules and refusing to bring another WHITE MALE into the world. also badger her for not having an abortion.

God i hate that bitch

i dont know, the irish are stubborn as fuck. he might have a chance.

Most likely, she shacked up with some soycuck or some SWPL. At my old job, I worked with a dumbshit chick who curiously looked almost exactly like the woman in the OP. She was into Punk Rock as a teen and never grew out of it in her adult years. She wasn't enrolled in a conventional high school and instead graduated from a shitty alternative high school designed for kids who couldn't complete the current curriculum. Almost all these types of schools emphasize art and alternative learning.

Said woman has two kids from unplanned pregnancies (same man, at least) and constantly lamented that she could never have time for herself and her idiot friends to go out partying. After two months of working with her, I realized she'd never work a day in her life in ideal circumstances, so her shitty attitude spilled over into crucial areas of the job.

At one point, my ex-boss let it slip he didn't hire a prospective candidate because her work history included activism with radical leftists, and her cover letter made several references to her political views. Said candidate's social media presence was also quite toxic with posts advocating blocking major thoroughfares in service of BLM. Dumb shit co-worker gave me shit about it and acted as if turning down this perfect stranger was an attack on her best friend.

odds are it was a black man tho

Report her for having man hands. That should be enough.

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