Beyond Clown World: The Poz'd Horizon

Speculation about what the 'next step' of degeneracy will be, if rampant leftism and (((influence))) is allowed to move forward without an awakening.
If you think clown world is bad, get ready for a supercharged future stage!
Where for instance you may not be allowed to pick a mate.
It will be considered bigoted to not let the government decide for you through what they label a "fair" lottery.
(They will use their usual carrot at the end of a stick trickery of selling this premise like it's desirable, that you could "win" someone really hot)
But of course that's not enough, you'll be a huge bigot if you have any choice, how dare you not be open to same sex pairing!
But wait, it gets worse, a handful of hiv gender unicorn trans niggers won't be satisfied till you accept the gift and get poz'd.
Of course through *random chance* white males will be paired with the most dead-end diversity possible and we might as well tackle all the supposed overpopulation while we're at it, only certain people will qualify for breeding, the rest of the workforce will have to be more of the 3rd world!
There are no limits to the future of government sanctioned degeneracy.

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State enforced homosexuality is the next step.

At this point I feel like we're just giving them ideas that they'll absolutely use.

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That little Lactatia was the forerunner of what is to come, but now HE'S TOO OLD.

They need to train a 4 year old boy that will sing songs that are so unspeakably lewd and foul and obscene that it will make Courtney Love, stoned on heroin, blush with shame. They will turn this little boy into an international star that will surpass Michael Jackson at his peak of fame by many orders of magnitude. And then at the peak of his fame he will die onstage of a massive Carfentanil overdose as a gigantic somali peanut head shitskin buggerizes his lifeless corpse to the howls of approval of the masses of insane faggots and dykes in their hundreds of thousands, all tattooed like MS13 warriors.

I was predicting this in the 80's and it sort of surprises me to see that we're almost there.

you'll be sentenced to a mandatory gender reassigment surgery and then a lifetime of therapy sessions from an ADL appointed Rabbi if you speak hate speech in protest of your child being sodomized by trannies at their elementary school as part of the Common Core curriculum teaching about gender diversity.

Honestly calling it Clown world is very disrespectful and uninclusive to Clowns could we please think of something else

this, I'd welcome killer clowns to put all the degenerates in pink cuckcoons and take them away

in the year 2150, the population of Earth will be 120 billion. out of that 120 billion, over 119 billion will be niggers. white people's numbers will have dwindled down to only 30 million of us remaining. white people will be like the American Indians of today. less than 1% of the world's population. we will live on Reservations, which will be just as poor and squalid and shithole'd as today's Rez. we will have no rights, no representation, no wealth, and no power. niggers will hunt us for sport, and it will common for a pack of niggers to catch a stray white and enslave them as a maintenance servant to their droids.

there will come a day when the very last white man dies on the Reservation and our Noble Race returns to the Void.

119 billion niggers? where did the chinks go?

in the year 2042, Jewlge makes a breakthrough in genetic engineering, allowing all the races of the world to re-program their fetuses to have white traits. within 2 generations, all the niggers and the kikes and the chinks have blue eyes and blond hair to clash against their mongoloid subhuman features. it becomes impossible to tell white people apart from non-whites based solely on appearances. race and nationality are slowly erased and replaced by genetically engineered constructs. body modifications go wild. now instead of race wars, millions and billions of people organize into tribes based on these artificial traits. the pink hairs go to wars against the blue hairs. the furries fight the clunkies. the 700 genders are all at war with each other. the 4-arms declare war on the 8-arms (these tribes are mostly contained to India). the slants go to war against the cyclops. eventually all collective identity is erased as individuals become too unique to be similar to anyone else.

Israel becomes the most powerful nation on Earth because they alone banned genetic engineering early on and continued to make blood purity the corner stone of their State. only the kikes retain any coherent tribal identity and only the kikes reproduce and forbid their offspring from turning into mutants.

Just nuke everything at this point. Blackpill, whatever, I'm done Zig Forums everything is fucked.

You Langley niggers can fuck off.

the chinks became niggers after Africa invaded China in the year 2072.

if white people left this world, and it was just chinks, niggers, jews, arabs, and spics. the chinks would devour the world.
imagine being left at the mercy of chinks. think of how they treat eachother. imagine how they'd treat non-chink subhumans.

In 2030 Jesus returns, putting a final end to the slow, frog boiling demise of world Jewry. Mankind is saved and the noble Aryan races, cured of sin and degeneracy, claim their rightful place as leaders of a free world. The dysfunctional CIA, long an unfashionable symbol of pink haired ponyfags, is finally dismantled t. CIAnigger globohomos

All will be relativistic, no activity will be seen as objectively good unless it aligns with the states political goals. For example, exercise will just be a hobby is equal to a fat ass idling with their newest toy. From birth mothers will find the care of a child unpleasant to themselves and therefore leave it to the state of a private enterprise to raise their child during the day. The child will be bombarded with electronics belonging to the bot net from when its conscious to its death, with BigData manipulating it for maximum "productivity" inside the consumerist society. Like all proles, their existence is a laborer, a commodity that's replaceable and reliant on other commodities. As they are to the System, cows are to the stomach. Like in Japan, the harder the working, the more diulll their existence, the more extravagant the distractions, expect extreme degeneracy. The male population will be 75 percent "bisexual" and 25 percent homosexual and the females 60/40. During development any natural instincts will be extinguished and the messages from authority become their only guiding nature. But what will they look or live like. Short, bottle blond, skinny fat, bisexual, extroverted, effeminate, filthy; sloth like. Most of their time will be spent indoors, unless the outdoor activity involves complete safety, and those who do go outside will be the asian, white; jewish elite. The goal of life is pleasure, the struggle is for pleasure, because the lower man contents himself with this false happiness (let alone being aware of his miserable existence).

Glad I will not be around for the queer future then, and I am knowledge with me.

This is why I don't think the Incel movement occurred naturally.
(((They))) built a sub-group of people that will help them promote such a thing.
Desperate-for-pussy incels would vote for this and end up getting force-paired with hotties as their payment while chads are forced to fuck apes.

I thought the same thing.
Using their incel bogeyman isis equivalent they have a blank check to justify all sorts of ridiculous bullshit.

this 1,000%

Children auctioning.

Child prostitution legalized.

Personally I'm surprised group marriages are still illegal. Fucking bigophobes.

16th Amendment. I get fucked in the ass without lube every April 15th.

For me, the ultimate in degeneracy is using child corpses in sex ed classes. However, something even worse is bound to come about. The end goal is the end of the white race and an amalgamate slave force ruled by a Jewish elite, so really, anything the Jews find sickeningly entertaining will be fair game.
Why focus on what will happen if we lose when victory, although further away, is much more envigorating?

Pic related is a representation of Lactatia's asshole now.

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There is no such thing, it's called being poor and not being able to hire a whore. Not going to whores because it's degenerate is called VOLCEL like with monks and lesbians.

Maybe a return to the dowry system and child brides, but I don't see outright child prostitution being legalized. They'll make it "illegal but non-enforced" like with state legal pot for everyone except straight white men, though.

It's called a corporation. No, you don't get special tax breaks for your harem.

I think now they have pedo agenda. Next step will be necro and canibalism. Don't know where they take us after that. Propably rejection of all religions except Islam and Judaism/Satanism for chosen people. So somethink global mix of Islam and Satanism i think. Maybe god will have some mercy and give us another great flood to purge this cancer once again.

I think the next step will be full blown thought crime laws in censorship prone countries i.e. UK and Germany implementing Minority Report like predictive algorithm for wronkthink.

Point of the thread is to come up on a conclusion on what they're going to do next.


Legalize pedophilia
Legalize bestiality
Make simple love of your country a hate crime
Jewing out in the open, shut down anyone who even looks in their direction wrong
Then, keep pushing number 1 and 2 down everyone's faces and make it socially acceptable

I have a theory on why there is so much focus on islam migrants, pedophilia is in the open and there is nothing wrong with it there. They are being shipped to europe to make the "Naturalization" process faster and easier

You also forgot that these genetic alterations are copyrighted, which leaves the fetus sterile unless their parents can afford the quintrillion dollar companies that own the patent and licenses (which are legally banned from sole proprietorship, so never). So if the designer baby wants to reproduce then they're going to have to in debt themselves to the credit system to pay for genetic reproduction.

We implanted brain controllers in dogs, why not implant brain controllers, cameras, mics, and other cyber inplants to collect DNA samples in a select few child prostitutes as spies to keep the major key supporters on toes. Obviously robots were banned so we can replace the brain of the real thing. Just take a savage from the third world. No one will miss him or her. The world leaders are nihilistic pedophiles now. And we need a means to control them with a career ending scandal.

Nice demoralization bread shithead.

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You don't need implants with humans.

Hence the difference between humans and animals

Yeah, well it all ends in genocide.

Nope, the next predicted catastrophe is most likely the sun scouring the Earth of all life. Really, at this point wouldn't you almost welcome it? How many sliced and diced children, raped and tortured children do we need to see before it becomes more merciful to see the end of humanity rather than let it continue?

Do tell.

It is not 'your country' that they are after…these are just arbitrary boundries that they drew out and decided on anyway. It is love of your bloodline that they are after. There is only one bloodline that is HUMAN and that is European/Whites. The rest are animal/subhuman hybrids.

I'm doubtful some of these ideas would be passed through. While generations continue to become more and more degenerate it seems there is a biological limit at which even the modern constituents of the left wouldn't be supportive of it without massive division. Take a look at how fat acceptance never caught on and look at how normies dislike SJWism. Put simply, these ideas would boil the frog too much too fast for it to ever be useful. What is more likely to happen is kikes will continue to push their current agenda relying on subtly to eliminate populations. How the rising right will affect them I don't know, but your suggestion doesn't sound realistic.


You dumbass motherfucker. I bet you think that all votes up to this point are fucking legitimate, don't you.

This. LMFAO.
No one is enslaved like a poeple who think they are free. Freedom isn't a thing that people can tell you, it can only be experienced via living. If someone TELLS YOU ARE 'FREE' you are most definitely A SLAVE. A free man and woman, don't have to be told that they are free, they know it because they know freedom.

Learn to read and check Hitler dubs you stupid fucks. I said there may be a point at which degeneracy hits its upper limit where you'd be hard pressed to find someone willing to support it. The only way it would be able to continue is by force which would wake up the frog. Also I didn't say shit about voting, you're just strawmanning my argument.

Actually scratch that, triple dubs

There is no such point.
So… exactly what we saw 70 years ago, which people accepted. Got it.
This does not happen. Ever.
You did, yeah.
You have no argument to strawman.

It did.
They don't. They have internalized it.
No shit. No one will ever do anything about it. Ever.
The right isn't rising.

Could you explain to me why this is true?
Without tension in the modern days? If people accepted it then why do we have this board?
The frog never wakes up? No matter what?
Leftists voting, normies voting, none of it matters for the right. I am not suggesting voting as a solution, and I did not mean to come across that way in my previous posts. Regardless, voting wasn't the point of what I wrote and it looked like you were just grasping at straws.
I'd be damned if you could write a convincing argument for that.
They may still have an internal like for it, but reality is pushing them away from it. How much further do they need to walk in order to see their worldview doesn't match up with reality? Certainly not as much as before.
Make me.
Because Zig Forums never redpilled anyone before, amirite?
Gilets Juanes.

I will counter this meme: Hitler 2 arises by 2033, there is mass awakening of normies. The semitic evil is discussed openly, solutions are discussed. Degenerates are recognized as a threat to children and there is a mass restraining order preventing any queer from being within 30 m of any child. Niggers and wetbacks begin to fear for their lives and a mass exodus of white countries begins.


this wont work because people would actively fight it. You somehow still dont understand how cultural marxism and the kikes work. the next step is normalizing pedos, and beastiality. they will do this by victimizing animals and kids saying they need a "voice" and to be able to "choose for themselves :)" what they should do.
its ALWAYS in the name of freedom and liberation. forcing a lottery isnt (((freedom))). they will say kids can consent, stop shaming them by considering them 2nd class citizens where they cant vote, have sex, etc
people will fuck dogs on TV when they say beastiality laws hurt relationships with people to animals and itll get overturned much like poop dick "marriage" got forced by the supreme court.
its always, always, always in the form of free choices and equality. I forsee in the near future dog and child fucking on porn sites, then they show pedo marriages, bake my cake you pedophobic bigot, bake my cake you (buzzword for people that are disgusted by dog fucking) bigot, animals given the same rights as people, you can only be charged of rape if youre white, non whites can rape and only be charged with assault if they visably hurt the victim, this was predictes in the Turner Diaries and I think Dr Pierce was right about that one.

A quiet hint to Conservatives.—That which we did not know formerly, and know now, or might know if we chose,—is the fact that a retrograde formation, a reversion in any sense or degree, is absolutely impossible. We physiologists, at least, are aware of this. But all priests and moralists have believed in it,—they wished to drag and screw man back to a former standard of virtue. Morality has always been a Procrustean bed. Even the politicians have imitated the preachers of virtue in this matter. There are parties at the present day whose one aim and dream is to make all things adopt the crab-march. But not everyone can be a crab. It cannot be helped: we must go forward,—that is to say step by step further and further into decadence (—this is my definition of modern "progress"). We can hinder this development, and by so doing dam up and accumulate degeneration itself and render it more convulsive, more volcanic: we cannot do more.

This poster is an infiltrator and should be removed.

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why dont we have cryptoaryans that LARP as jews and say hello my fellow jews, we need to have open borders, etc?
Im actually shocked one of our guys hasnt been uncovered in Israel as a not-jew trying to get jewesses to race mix with niggers or starting a MGTOW movement there.

that's as close as it gets alongside the sandperson documentary on aipac.

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The mere fact they use the term should be enough to prove that. It's standard operating procedure to create small subcultures all the time that could be useful three to five years later. They do this with larger groups too. Look at so called "neo nazis" for example. Literally all treasonous COINTELPRO faggots trying to harass teenage white kids into joining a honeypot. Shit go back further and look at the kike funded knights of the golden circle who became the ku kucks klan and pretended white nationalism was all about muh fucking niggers. It's all controlled opposition. They ran everything and had their fingers in every pie, then something kind of snapped about half a decade ago, everyone got sick of their lies, and now we run the show.

You are wrong. They use the swing of the pendulum to strengthen their grip on you. At the end of each swing there's a conservative or a liberal looking as stupid as you are right now. Useful idiots the whole lot of you.

aesthetic amputation vending machines.

The end goal is a world where your soul is damned from birth.

Imagine 1984 but on Universal, Demonic Scale where you cannot even think the words that could save your soul. A complete inversion of Natural, Universal Order. At that point the Godhead will intervene and Kalki will re-appear.

Gas the Kikes. RaHoWa

that's right goyim, believe in (((love))) and (((experimenting))), don't forget you also need to be (((physically compatible))) and the only way to find out is to fornicate; ignore your old and bigoted parents,

But it's already legal, transplantology is common practice, but at least you still need to consent to be cannibalized.

It was completely off, Brave New World was correct.
Goal isn't reduction of language like orwell hypothesised but bloating it with meaningless words to the point nothing is said in 50 pages essays, dadaengines spew out in miliseconds.
Doublethink is literally pilpul.

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you're right. genetic engineered humans will be property owned by Jewgle and Crapple and Bezon and Bill Gates. mass human slavery will return bigger and badder than ever before. perhaps your descendants will be born and owe a lifetime debt to (((Silicon Valley))) who programmed their DNA.

brain implants to mass surveil everyone's mind would be too technically inefficient.
i envision NRO satellite sensors will become so precise that they can just record the electrical activity of every brain on earth from space. then NRO hands over all our brain data to NSA, who computes what our thoughts are. better not even think a Thought Crime like "Hitler Did Nothing Wrong" or "I don't want to chop off my dick and be gang banged by a pozzed pack of niggerd as a gimp in a SF bath house", or else you get a drone strike on your current coordinates.

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Bruce Charlton out of modern thinkers understands the situation best

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I should clarify about brain implants and reading your thoughts. The brain implants are not to read your thoughts. They are for mission control to take remote control of their agents when their agents fail on their own.

As for posting your subconscious to social media that's the job of the predictive A.I. In the future we will have A.I. algorithms that can and will predict your thoughts for you and post them online at all times. Whether those thoughts are genuine your's or not is irrelevant. The technology is made because you will be required by society to publish everything about yourself online. And since people lie about themselves all the time only an artificial intelligence can post everything about "the real you." Just don't piss the wrong people or else you will subconsciously post hate speech that violates the law online. And by you I mean the A.I. that has control over your online life. Watch as the A.I. trolls your accounts to be shadow banned and then call the police to arrest you because you named the Jew anonymously on Zig Forums. The A.I. will know it's you all along. After all your social security number is tied to your one and only IP address.

Body control.
Every violent action in all of history has been perpetrated by the able bodied!
Pro aesthetic amputation!
You need a license for thumbs, continue to slap the big red button with your harmless flippers, worker drone #384027394.

Being a head in a jar is the best thing for the environment!
I barely eat anything (what I eat now is lab grown nu-steak) I can live in a luxury doll house within my means!
I loan part of my brain to fold medical computations to subsidize my lifestyle, my body is used to grow recike meat and produce blood.
Direct connect to my VR apartment and meet my virtual (fully consenting) diversity approved AI wife and virtual offspring!

Probably a mixture of Petplay and actual bestiality. Imagine one of these being fucked by dogs, or a horse-dressed person fucking an actual horse.
From there, possibly pedo-petplay, or stuff like live demonstrations in sex-ed complete with audience participation leading into every child getting their first orgasm from their teacher. I've heard lefties and feminists actually talk about shit like this.

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Someone please explain why we want another failure who destroyed whites and agrandized non-whites.

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In the name of anti-racism every Swedish child more than 56% white will be adopted away and the parents will be given a coal-black niglet instead.

The race to the end is truly a competition between suicide and homicide. I have no idea who will win

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I'll ignore the fact that you're literally operating on kiked premises (ie, denying Polish massacres of Germans) and humour you - what's your great idea, if National Socialism is so bad?

No idea, but will we go quietly like S. Africa or go best korea

Ah, so a blackpill shill.

Using "shill" in current yeae


This seems close to the truth, unfortunately.

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Dubs decide

In the end humans will go the way of the dinosaur. The question is will or descendant species be a long-living space-fairing species that needs little sunlight to survive deep space or will they be man beast degenerate with sapience but no sentience like the chimpanzee?

You laugh but in Paraguay at one point, white on white marriages specifically were made illegal. Its been done before and can be imposed again.

hands-on sex ed classes for kindergarteners, taught by trannies, if you refuse then cps takes your kids away from you
i would post that drag queen reading to kids but i dont save that kind of shit

It is impossible to predict. If it were possible to predict then the mouthpieces of the left would have published it already.

You hope too much. The gods are in on it. They have always hated us. They laugh at us as we are tortured by their servants. Kaliki won't save us. Nobody will. We exist because we are hated.

Well? Prove him wrong. Show how it won't be quiet and torturous?

We've already created them once before.

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Holy fuck somebody read one of my posts. Yes!

Now if you're up for a real redpill read Ostara, it's only in German so you'll have to learn that first but Google Translate is useful there.

Some things haven't been planned, but some have and those (((at the top))) all engage in slow boil of introducing parts of greater insanity on the populace.
If they've already been thought of they're just waiting for when it feels right to drip it into their usual cancerous noisy vectors.
The downside of their army of unruly golems is the fact they're so mentally unstable that they have no ability to do things gradually, they give into impulse trying to legalize robot tranny animal incest now!

Which the immune system of the sane population instantly detects negatively and rejects.
Otherwise we're just throwing out new ideas they'll eventually do anyway.

The beast hybrids right? I was hoping we'd be on our way for the space fairing race by now.

Making goy attack goy of course. The burnt offering was not only Jewish lives. This may not directly be the next step but they want it. A destablized hellscape is what the enemy of mankind desires. Jews serve Satan and it wants nothing more but to tear down faith, then kill as many people as possible. Demons want to destroy the salvation of mankind. The enemy’s plan is not complete without bloodshed.

If society ever rewches a point where all thought is posted online, only a generation of free thinkers would be left. Some heroes would rally to the cause tbh.

So I just got back from Clown World, and as I stood in my door-way I thought a simple thought:

There are worse things than sexual immorality. Yes, much worse.

Child prostitution never really happened. Nor did bisexual dystopias. Of course those things did occur, but it wasn't really the worst aspect of Clown World.

Truth be told, it was the grey-scale landscape and lack of clowns that got me. It was the idea that everything in Clown World was way more normal looking than I expected. The streets were the same as always, the people ate the same sorts of foods, they went to work, the children went to school, and the young played video games to pass time.

It was almost exactly like today.

Except there was one small difference: Absolutely no one was happy.

Not a single human being was happy, save for a single soul:

There was a clown on a street corner, doing a silly act. I suppose he was still unhappy though, because his face just barely entertained a smile. But he was trying so hard to bring life and laughter to the people. No one looked at him. They were on their phones, or looking at the ground. One person thought one of his jokes was rude. Another person thought he was a weirdo for dressing silly. A child looked at the clown, and then back down at their handheld video game.

The clown was unwanted.

I think the only person who doesn't fit into Clown World is the clown. The clown alone wants to talk, to sing, to make jokes, and do fun things like acrobatics in trees, play in the snow, roll around on a grassy hill, and simply enjoy life in a more natural way. The clown wants to make a conversation, but is rejected. The clown searches in his vest and pulls out a bunch of flowers. But no one wants flowers. They want to be left alone. The clown wants to play in the park, to have a bit of fun, perhaps before work, perhaps after work, or perhaps the idea of work at all is the joke to the clown. Perhaps things ought to not be so…enslavey. The clown never thought society shouldn't be built and function smoothly, so it's not as if work itself is wrong or bad. But the way it is done seems quite unfun. The clown walks home sadly, alone, his painted smile quite obviously a frown. His big shoes only hurt his feet at this point. He just wanted to be silly and see even one person smile.

The clown pours himself a drink, and then takes off his clown clothes and goes onto Zig Forums.

And here I am. The only clown, and yet I do not fit into Clown World.

In Clown World, it is the grey-scale human object that dominates. The colorful clown has no home.


One of the favorite jokes from the Jewish comedy circuit is called 'The Producers'. There's no set joke or punchline, the goal is to just go up on stage and tell a story about an audition that involves the most disgusting and perverse things imaginable, and to get the stupid audience to laugh at the filth.

I think 'the producers' is probably the actual future of poz.

I think you have the wrong name.
"The Producers" is a Jewish play, yes, and it's not very good, but I think you're referring to…uh

Well, I can't remember the name.

Two words, something like "The ___"
But it's not the producers, it's something else. Classic 4chan sort of thing. Childish, silly humor, in my opinion. The aristocrats maybe?

I can think of a number of things. The annihilation of all de facto right wing politics from the public, private and political sphere. The continued destruction of white people. The slow normalization of pedophilia in the mainstream. The pozzification of all entertainment, and elimination of media that isn't. The continued transformation of the west into a kindergarten, full of weak, stupid, apathetic, broken, and malleable people.

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BASED and medpilled!

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quite a few roman emperors had blond hair