Prisons = ZOG footsoldier staging area

Recently was browsing the white victims of black crime thread, and I began to notice a bothersome trend. In many of the cases the niggers typically have a record for anything from thievery to rape and murder, even up to serial rape and murder of white women . There was even a case where a nigger was pardoned from his death sentence BY THE SUPREME COURT, and then he promptly beat and killed a white woman.
There are nearly endless other stories of niggers being released from their pens to go rape and kill white women and children, often times in the most brutal ways imaginable.
This pattern has led me to realize that the prisons, and the prison system as a whole, is a racket for the "grooming" or "conditioning" to turn niggers into predators and then release them via parole, pardoning, short sentences, judicial errors, etc. and in effect damning white people to death for the sake of "justice" and "freedom" for niggers who are prone to unprovoked violence no matter what.
instead of sending niggers to prison they should be sent back to africa all of them or to a trench all of them
There needs to be a stop to cops wrangling up violent nigs for the "justice system" to release into the wild to do harm to the white community, only to be returned to their cages to be pumped full of more hatred against whitey

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what does this have to do with the pseudo-military genocidal power structure that is slowly genociding the white race in a brutal and cruel manner?

Actually Trump did this

no nigger, that is not the point, let me put it in terms you can understand
>(((cops))) continue to bring in more wildlife
>(((judges))) decide to "go easy" because he good boy who dindu nuffin
>(((the judicial system))) continues to release good boys despite track records as violent felons
what i'm saying is that the prison system of today is hardly a bandaid for the major demographic issue that is nogs, and the jews make full use of this by releasing nigs who go on to commit more crime against whites.

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I just figured I would share my revelation and promote discussion on the topic so that maybe others can understand better aswell.
If anything it should give you hope that there are those out there who are still picking up the torch and carrying it.
I have done no such thing. Any ill sentiment I held towards the fatherland and the german people in my youth was soley due to the propaganda machine and lemming faggots.
This shit is not mine, nor my generations fault, we are the last generation that has a fair chance of turning the tide.

Been in this since 2013 I am just tired of it all. Everyone bitches and does nothing. If you are zooomer, you better fucking forget this shit and make yourself money and get lads together to further propel yourself ready for 2020 onwards. You're worrying about stupid shit that you can't change.

Look at how chinese work together, emulate it but with Whites or die out. Simple as. I expect you to fight me and if you do, you are dumb fucking kid who won't listen to someone who has been here and done it and got NOTHING. Luckily I am a 27 year old doomer who can rekindle something but these past 5/6 years have just been shit.

Not without millennials and maybe gen x. You're gonna need money and power, lad. Don't think sucking hitlers dick will get you anywhere. Time to fucking smarten up, or lose out.

All the best.

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In all honesty, my options have become more and more restricted as time goes on. My chances of making any sort of modest pay is hanging on if I can get thru college and then into a job, and i've never been a good student.
As for getting lads together, that is a no go, my social skills are a shit due to being socially stunted as a child, as much as I would like to, it simply would not work.
I would like to emulate the chinese in that respect, but as previous I can hardly hold a job or any sort of non familial relationship.
I know we can't do it alone, we are gonna need everyone on board, what I mean't is that after my generation the odds become increasingly stacked against us, right now I would guess the population scale is about 50/50, as time goes on it will obviously tip against us.
Really the point of the OP was a solidifying of belief, not any random spouting, but just reassuring and confirming to myself certain things which ought to be known to an individual.
if you look in the thread mentioned in the OP post, towards the bottom you may see some posts of a sudden realization.

Niggers do exactly as they were intended to do. They are biological enemies that act like a horde of locusts destroying everything from within. But the kike's that invited them in to begin with, are the number one biological enemies of the planet. Get rid of the kike first.
How many members of the SCOTUS are kike's?

So Turner Diaries are becoming a reality.

^ this guy's got it
in 30, 35 years you basically can anchor the foundation to a complete reversal of a population within 75 years. this started in 1965 and i'm old enough to remember when the US was run by white men and the shit you hear on the public airwaves today would've been put out with a cigarette stub on someone's arm in a newsroom. not sure people can understand just how immature american culture has become; the shit that grown men spend their time on would've led to their social ostracization 40 years ago. playing with comic books and dressing up as superheroes in their 30s….jesus christ.
anyway give it just a few more years and this world will mostly be run by Gen X, which by and large is a cynical, self-absorbed population that never learned a goddamn thing because they didn't care. the wave of shit that's going to hit them, they won't be able to handle, and they'll just walk away and quit.
got about a decade, maybe less, before the last really competent people have checked out of public life, and you're left with Zimbabwe at the local and state level. at that point, it's too late.

if its in the sense that nigs do the leg work of jews, then yes.
but in this hellscape we call earth, the jews and nigs dont work "hand in hand" per se, more of jews sit in comfy office in a court somewhere and free some violent niggers to go "confiscate" white peoples weapons their lives
the only foreseeable reason for this setup is that its a slow burn, otherwise there would likely be mass lynchings and shit would get too hot too quick, so with the current structure the disgruntled public wont do shit.

Don't worry Trump is dismantling the prison system, they will never be taken off the streets again!

Most insightful post I've seen on this board in years.

not the point, the point is that the system has been somewhat weaponized so that they can accumulate the worst of the niggers so that they can keep track of them and release them at a whim, at which point they strike

Obvious D&C troll is obvious. All this happened before GenX was born or had any political awareness:
1913 Federal Reserve act
feminism and women's suffrage
rights for niggers movement
WWII and consolidation of jewish power across USA and Europe
Also their financial control of all countries through central banking and the IMF, and the invasion of countries that resist.
Vietnam and leving entirely the gold standard
Sweden as playground for cultural experiments
Reagan outsourcing all manufacturing (just go to college, goyim)
the motherfucking EU
9/11 and its fallout (PATRIOT Act, etc.)
All of these and more happened before the average GenX'r was old enough to run for president.

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It's way more nefarious than that…after bringing them over from Africa, the jews calling themselves South Americans were actively owning, torturing, raping and race-mixing blacks. Then when the FED was established and the South wasn't willing to pay into it, the Jews switched sides and pushed the abolish slavery agenda to get the north into fighting their own brothers. After that the jews forced blacks into all the white communities, while helping out the white nationalist movements financially to rebel against it, while also riling up North Americans against racism, and riling up blacks to stand up for freedom from the white devil.

And that's where the black/white divide in the US came from. Fast forward to the present and the jews have full control over the blacks and spread them across the world as a weapon to establish poverty and violence wherever the settle. And of course they can always play the racist card to further tarnish whites, which led us to 2019 where the goal seems to be to utterly switch the public perception of black and white. Of course blacks will always be the biggest danger to their own lives, but that's just optics.

OP you have just discovered what "prison justice reform" is for and now you have also realized trump is pushing hard for it

Prison is inherently jewish, it's not a concept found in traditional European cultures. The penalty for theft was always repayment of x times the amount of the theft or execution. The penalty for false accusing somebody was the same penalty for that of the accusation. Dungeons were simply used to hold prisoners for brief periods of time. The modern concept of holding people in a building indefinitely came from the more recent concept of debtors prisons, when white people couldn't pay off their (((debts))) they were there, and we all know who the (((masters))) of debt are.

You are absolutely right. Prisons were psychological cesspool of race war. Races used to be locked up differently. It was Jews and (((homosexuals))) who lobbied races to be mixed while in Incarcerated. This blewup as race riots and violence. The prison gang culture got started because of it.

Now there was this man called Dave Macgoven who made a starling discovery. He wrote a book about it. He discovered that most serial killers had been into prison or in military. He also discovered that most serial killers murdered in states where there were major drug trafficking going on. The only exception was cults. Now his thesis is that the pop culture serial killer profile is a lie. That most serial killers don't kill by some "modus operandi". Serial Killers don't kill the same races as they are, they hardly ever use one type of a weapon, and if they do it's because that's just what they happen to use.

He made some interesting findings. One was that almost all serial killer have at least one victim that is some high status business man, political victim or has something to do with drugs. Usually a drug dealer. He hypothesized that most of the serial killers were hitmen. Many of the murder victims of serial killers were prostitutes or junkies. Said serial killers most likely didn't kill those victims, but when caught by the police for one murder, the police would try to pin as many murders as possible to the killer, and this way trying to clean their table.

In most known cases of serial killers there are evidence of others being involved in the murders, or others helping serial killers to evade capture, but these are never investigated. In some cases serial killers have been helped to escape by cops and prison staff. There are many serial killer phenomenon that has occult written all over it. Sometimes these serial killers have connections to high ranking governmental agencies and politicians. Also connections to organized pedophilia.

Dave also made the hypothesis that big portion of serial killers were victims of MKultra or military brainwashing. They were learning to dehumanize people and kill with no remorse. In vietnam it was pheonix program and the usage of drugs that made the veterans so fucked up in the head. When they came back to USA they were good at killing and torturing. With no money and no prospect for a life they started to wonder as nomads and do crimes.

He also noticed that hippie scene was full of serial killers and strange deaths. He also made the discovery that most of the leading hippy artist were children of high ranking military officers. He hypothesized that the hippie scene and the serial killer phenomenom were psychological operations. Partially to destroy the fundamental trust americans had in their communities, and to hide crimes by the deep state, like drug trafficking, and assassinations.

Most of the serial killers were black or jews targeting white women and children.

It's the same trend with migrant crime in Europe. Any pusher is out within days by an activist judge order. Migrants accused of violent acts aren't even detained anymore, just moved away from the place where it happened.

Judiciary is the third estate. Media is the fourth estate. Jews control them both and this is the result.

If that's the case, just buy a bunch of rounds and become a contract killer in 20% white America. That's my plan. Not gonna lie, it's gonna be nice to be able to shoot some random nigger in the back of his head when I'm having a bad day, since the police will be too incompetent to catch me.