A cautionary tale

For all you who idolize marriage to an Asian woman, I urge you to watch the vid related. I have seen this exact sequence play out over and over again….once she gets married, all sex is cut off. She spends all day on the phone, laying on the bed and getting fatter and more apathetic. Bosses husband around, no affection given. Little supreme gentleman baby is sitting in a crib with a freaking LAPTOP, no attention from either parent…his mixed-race brain will be mush by age two.

Seriously, take a moment and educate yourself. The vid is worth it.

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The guy is being a whiny bitch though and the girl has some post birth depression or something.

Unless you know this girl since childhood or she's 14-16 you're fucked. For Amerilards this goes double due to retarded AOC laws.

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Low effort thread. I guess it's needed because nu/pol/ is literally fucking retarded but still.

Yeah, I'm not a fan or advocate of the mtgow thing either, and its a shame the guy felt the need to title his vid that way.

This thread is more about the idolized anime fetish imaginary version of Asian women that mesmerizes so many channers, versus the grim reality in 90% of actual cases.

Of course he's a whiny bitch; he married a gook ffs. If he was a real man he would have found himself a genuinely hot white woman with a good head on her shoulders.

Let us fill his comment section with some race mixing facts.

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Don't ever marry a non-white.

In a way he's getting what he deserves though we don't deserve to have to live with the idiotic choices he's made based on his own fragile egotistical needs and the urgings of the itchy knob of his insistent prick.

To be fair this should only apply to Japanese women.

I'm a wizard because of this shit. Don't want to racemix and create happas, don't want to play tango with the nigger brained degenerates white women are now. My only option is to not bother at all.

Anime is stylized to the point where anyone can see their own racial features mirrored in it. It's also made predominately for the male audience in mind, minus a few genres, so it's just a bunch of men creating idealized versions of what they wish women were. Anyone who would conflate the two spheres has mental problems.

Miscegenation is a worse crime than murder.

I don't have an ounce of sympathy for him. He married a chink, through his genetics in the garbage… because… marrying a non-White is "easier". Well, there you go.

^ To the comment section

^ To the comment section

the jew fears the high IQ hapa

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You live under your own delusion (and the race propaganda in the media). Not nearly as many European women are like what you think they are.

You live under a variation of the propaganda.

You are a virgin because you never learnt to form relationships with real people and all you do is make up excuses for it.

Fuck off kike.
Chinks ONLY process data of their best. It's not even remotely close to their average.
Additionally a good majority of any official IQ test is tailored to chinkery. Counting different size sequence of numbers forwards and backwards is part of an IQ test. No shit chinks will do excellent when the IQ test request them to be an abacus.


i dont' want to be mgtow either but it's the state of the fucked up court system and jewish mind control that convinces people to get married to dumb whores and then can't leave

what do you think is going to happen here?
he already has a kid with this ricewhale

he's going to divorce, or she eventually will, and the courts will use the video against him as she claims he emotionally abuses her and blah blah blah probably raped her 1000 times and beats her diddles the kid and a million lies in court.

the court jewish court will side with her no matter what lies she says, she'll get full custody, and child support, and god help this guy if he makes enough, alimony, so she can continue to sit on her fat ass all day long, and he'll get zero child custody so she get's maximum child support, (he can't have any custody or visitation, he's a danger to the child!)

this is what drives people to not get married
this is why white birth rates are so low
i'm sure not every woman is like this, but it's a massive problem.

i don't even think it's unique to whites
black men get fucked by this system too, darquesha doesn't want him around helping to raise the kid so she can get max welfare from the state

i don't think mexicans have this problem because atleast in the first generation or two they come to america they are still afraid of any police interaction whatsoever, and they still have some religious beliefs. give it to generation 3 and all of this disappears and it's the same.

Also the "smart" Asians are few most of them are stupid.

All the indicators show explicitly that we are at the Spenglerian end of our civilization. All that is left now is to sit back, make yourself as comfortable as possible, and watch the magnificent show as it all collapses around our ears. Also make sure you are very well armed so that at the very least, when all law and order collapses around us, you can slaughter your enemies and revel in the bloodbath.


lol he somehow couldnt tell she was a massive bitch before? he also keeps saying they are married then suddenly says "even when we were married" because…they are going through a divorse?
thats the first problem
at this point, if you are going to get married, she needs to be a virgin. thats more important than it ever was. I wonder how many boyfriends she had before him.

haha holy shit the race war has officially started in those incredibly based youtube comments

Yeah I'm amazed; Jew Tube comments are far more racist than Zig Forums pol


then why did he get married.

I don't get you people who want to have sex with Asians.
First of all, they're not actually that pretty. Take all the makeup off a chink and she is not all that attractive anymore. Take the makeup off a healthy White girl and she is still pretty.
Second, what kind of racially confused boy claims to want to preserve our race and then beds down with a non-White?
There is absolutely no excuse to sleep with an Asian. You can claim that White women are all feminists buy we both know that this is not true. And most women will adopt the morality of a man she loves if you articulate your position with boldness and confidence.
So when these grown up children whine "Ooooo All women are feminist sluts" what is really going on is fear of rejection and laziness. They want sex but are too weak and lazy to put any effort into building a real relationship with a member of their own race.

So if you're just after sex, just do your race a favour and get a fucking fleshlight.

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Only Japs are smart, everything else is subhuman. Also Indian Brahmin are pretty smart too, but they're just mongrelized ex-aryans.

Nice generalization there nigger, nobody wants to marry a 3d bukkake baby

LOL at this roastie-kike typical reply. As if their own experience is discounted because somewhere a few good women exist. You subscribe to the same form of myopahy you deride in him.

Don't get married at all you retards. At least in the west, asian or not.

niggers arent really affected by these courts as much because J'marcus doesnt have a steady job for them to force him to pay alimony or child support from. they will tell the nigger to pay a small amount of money to the system to which he will suck his teeth and shuffle his feet and just disappear. then the system has to see if its worth it to track down the nigger so he can pay 200 a month chump change. Leshekwa just collects gibsmedat from shitting out kids and getting welfare, EBT, section 8 housing.

Pussy paradise doesn't exist unless you're podesta-tier degenerate and kidnap third world kids to rape and eat.

Nice job

The difference between Asian smart and European smart is like I state: Asians are great at being an abacus. European smarts are about cleverness, and ingenuity which you can't test for. Not even remotely.

a what?

i cant identify with being a faggot like this. no sympathy

Tbh, she is behaving that way because he is an insufferable asshole. She is probably debating about how to leave him.


Two Words

Russian Girls

From Russia, not Russian-Americans
Russia-lite also acceptable, e.g. Ukraine, etc.

My heart breaks for that kid, I can imagine the pain he already has in his heart from all of this.

Incorrect, and I even learned how to properly use the form "learnt".

Something about having lived in the South where they still use a lot of King's English properly.

They get fatter with age. You can see it in every russian woman's cheeks. Every single one.

MGTOW is rising

Enjoy the inevitable divorce. You marriage shills haven't been able to counter this, other than "hurr durr you have to "shape" the right woman". Implying this A) exists, B) she just won't leave you for some other guy / cheat.

Nigger how the fuck can you blame any man for being afraid of marriage when marriage nowadays is nothing like what it was and like many other thousands of examples of miserable men, does not in anyway guarantee access to sex?
If she's unhappy for any reason she can no-fault divorce you, take your shit and leave you with a cardboard box to your name. And you have to pay for her and the kids on top of that.

If you're pic related, which I suspect, after reading your post, then no woman will ever marry you, or even touch you. That doesn't mean every woman is "Trash"

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but this is not unique to east asian women. it is very similar in any women in the world. and this happens to happens to white, black, yellow…green man. and at the botom of it….it is mans fault. he did not know how to program his wife and make her useful. She gave a birth to a child, her life is more or less secured until her death. first he (her husband) will take care of her (alimony) and then the child will take care of her. she has zero incentives to do anything. and she is playing hay day…in the end, why wouldn't she be playing hay day ? husband is doing everything and taking care of everything. she does not even need to fuck him.

Think about this situation from women perspective…why would she do anything except play hay day ? What are her incentives to cook, clean…vacuuming…there are none.

this. and in the end…it is mans fault. every man how is supporting this type of behavior in women is in fault.

as long as women in general would be able to find provider they will take the path of least resistance it is elementary psychology

The path of least resistance is the physical or metaphorical pathway that provides the least resistance to forward motion by a given object or entity, among a set of alternative paths. The concept is often used to describe why an object or entity takes a given path. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Path_of_least_resistance

you as a man (husband) are responsible to not let this happen. to prevent this from happening you should choose very wisely who you merry and make your self the best person possible to be able to handle this type of situation.

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Unfortunately this, women drank shlomo's koolaid. Men are pretty weak willed and shitty too nowadays.

The "get a cute Asian gf" lonely faggot isn't going to like this.

But first he needs to wait for a big, magical tornado to sweep him up to unicorn land.

you get good material and then make her better in a way that satisfies your needs

for that you have to be best guy for her. and that takes a lot of effort on your part.

but that is mans own doing. considerable amount of man settle for best that they can find. and they are lowering their standards for wife. which, in effect lower everybody standards for wife material.

Not an argument user. Still waiting.

but, let us not get into merry of MGTOW debate.

How do you see solution to problem of this man ?

I do not mean divorce. I mean to get her to preform her duties as housewife ?

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It's not worth it anymore, no matter how much you guys will plead or project or use recycled insults (lol virgin, lol fedora, lol neckbeard, lol incel), doesn't change the fact that in (((CURRENT YEAR))) marriage for women is wonderful, for men it's a ripoff.

well, of course it is. it is made (purposely) that way. now, we have agreed on this…let us stop winning and find solutions.
It is obvious that this specific man on video made mistakes that he is now paying dearly. Let us use this opportunity to avoid making same mistakes by learning from this example.
or do you have better idea ?

Could always just not marry. I have absolute confidence in my woman. But I keep everything in my name out of common sense.

Yes, repeal the 19th Amendment, do away with no-fault divorce, strike down child support payments, abolish alimony and institute preferential treatment to men in family courts/child custody hearings. All of the issues that are plaguing modern marriage would virtually cease overnight if power over the family was repossessed by men. Patria Potestas: The Greatest law ever written.

Meant for

it is obvious that she is bored out of her mind. she is laying in bed and playing mobile games. she has nothing to do and husband is doing everything around the house. And, of course she is getting bigger and bigger because she is laying on bed and doing nothing. no exercises…nothing. he has no influence over her and she is not respecting him.

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He's a gamma male. All women are repulsed by gammas. She probably thought, oh I'm marrying a white guy, he will be much more masculine than my countrymen. But she didn't realize that only the lowest tier white men date asian women.

i understand you. i really do..i do not even have anything on my own name. because of that reason. but what about kids ? what then ?

That is all nice and all…but realistically we can not do it at this moment. let us find solution in line to our current possibility's. we are fuck, not only there is more women voters but also there are traitors in out own lines. and there is no chance at this moment to take women right to vote. this can happen only if we crash and burn this system down in the whole world and rebuild it from start.

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Asia isn't a country, and there's no shortage of white women who act the same.

You're an idiot

checked. If I ever have kids, they'll be getting older phones

Hapas don't test any higher than Whites it even seems like they average DOWN than their native populations.

and black…and any women if she can get away with it. and whole system that we are living in is letting them get away with it. system is even giving women incentive to not be housewife's or to divorce.

It is not white thing…it is not black thing..it is not yellow thing or green thing. it is the problem of system that is made in the way that there are no big consequences for this type of behavior. and women are taking line of less resistance. and that is completely logical and expected from them. system is designed for that purpose.

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That baby is like two. PPD doesn't last that long. It also has the oppisite effect where you wanna cling to anyone smarter then the baby

Well, if you have children with a woman, you should trust her completely.
It is true that things are very fucked up right now. The jew's greatest accomplishment is not their corruption of our elite but the sneaky way that they have turned White men and White women against each other. That is a crippling racial weakness.
I'm afraid that until we have overthrown the kikes, we will just need to live with that risk and vet our friends and our lovers carefully.

Only marry worthy women. Women of absolutely high moral character and racial awareness. I am not certain whether low character whores can be recovered to their race, but I have found that the most rock solid relationship is built upon us knowing that we are members of the most persecuted minority on earth; Healthy minded, racially aware Europeans
It's almost like a secret club.
Also, shared and complimentary interests is gold.

Not a real man then, but a jewish media slave. A real man goes for a genuinely good mother and genuinely good keeper of the household. Her "hotness" is irrelevant.

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This is what "do it for free" shilling looks like. You get what you pay for.

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That goes against basic biology. You're only fooling yourself if you say that sexual attractiveness doesn't matter.

That time traveller guy is going off on these non white subhumans and all the soyboys are ganging up on him. Disappointed he didn't get more support.

Basic biology is the happiness a man gains from growin old with a large family that he sees grow up and become successful. Your "basic biology" is that of a teenager who looks at jewish porn all day, it doesn't conform to the reality of historical European civilizations where it was standard practice for good hard working men to marry the best homemaker they could find and create a large family with upwards of 10 children. Also, nobody said attractiveness doesn't matter at all, but it's way down on the list of important factors.

Is the guy a WN faggot?


Don't blame your failures on the world you whiney little bitch. And stand up straight while you're at it

Why, because they're the only race as schizophrenic as jews?

But user, this is wrong and Hungarian girls are better.

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What about all the legions of soyboys out there who were raised by single, feminist mothers? Do you think these "programming" skills just magically appear when they hit puberty?
No, if anything, they have been pozzed by feminist programming in both their home through their mother and society at large.
These guys never had a chance and you are pathetic scum for shaming men and putting the blame on them for living in a pozzed society full of worthless thots.

Tenda, did you get bored?

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user, you understand Japan is the country in which the concept of 3DPD was birthed to begin with, right?

By the way, listen to this idiot bitch about his child like a woman.

You'd have to be as soulless and dead inside as a chimp chink to even get to that point in your life.

Chinese girls night and day better tbh fam. Japs are stuck up cunts. Been around both of them.

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Sure, that will protect you from her (((attorney)))


Many, many Christian Asian girls, and more devout that white bitches. They don't become Christian to be "born again virgins," most of them are virgin until marriage.

White women care more about financials

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hit the treadmill, fattie

How is that different from any other woman?