Based Putin moves to protect Russia from coontunes

>Putin noted that “rap is based on three (((pillars))): sex, drugs and protest.” But he is particularly concerned with drug themes prevalent in rap, saying “this is a path to the degradation of the nation.”

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That's embarrassing. Should do something Putin, rap is crap.

>>Putin noted that “rap is based on three (((pillars))): sex, drugs and protest.” But he is particularly concerned with drug themes prevalent in rap, saying “this is a path to the degradation of the nation.”
What made US boomers so fucking stupid that they could not see this?

While this is certainly based, it's pretty funny hearing a Russian talk of "drugs degrading the nation" in a place that has been full of alcoholics for pretty much its entire history.

ban it.

Well he just can't come straight out and say he doesn't want the daughters of The Russian Federation to turn into a bunch of nigger lovers now can he?

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Just killing niggers and jews would be more effective. Would fix some other stuff to.

Hello officer.

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Unfortunately this shit is coming from (((outside of Russia))) and they can't kill the niggers and jews in NYC, LA, London, Paris, etc. pumping this shit into their country.

I'll bet $100 shes a kike

He also banned anime the internet and 8 Chan and had his own hip hop rap moment.


kill all kikes

Don't get my hopes up like that user :(

Hows the weather at the SPLC?

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yes, yes he can
he's putin

But Russia is where I get all of my white rap so I dont have to listen to niggers.
Also Husky is great.

I bet Eddie Murphy is the most popular black actor, too.

Published 10 years ago. He certainly looks like a willing participant. So he wised up.

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I can't imagine why the authorities wanted to #ShutItDown.
Because their daddies fought for Jewish and nigger supremacy in WW2. Well the same goes for Russians but Stalin nya~

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Niggers always complain about being poor and oppressed by da popo though

Surely this appearance was on the advice of some PR hack who has long sense been sent to the gulag.

Wait, what?

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He's consistent at least.

Just like it sounds. Russian rapper swear just like American rappers, that's not what he cares about. He doesn't like them rapping about selling and doing drugs.

More like he doesn’t like them rapping about his governments corruption or his ties to the Mafia that sells drugs

All part of the culture war. Music was actually very important in seeding anti communist sentiments in the east, when communist censors banned punk music (thus making it even cooler, the forbidden fruit) the punk rockers had even more stuff to rebel against. Putin knows if he bans it outright it'll make it blow up even more, that's why he has to encourage artists to think of cooler stuff themselves.



They're a little way too late.

Plato warned about this shit in his day. I'm glad Putin acknowledges it.
That's exactly why the jew used the negro to make rap.

Maybe putin is just like trump like how the rest of the world probably sees DJT

Putin doesn't like the rep slavs have of being the niggers of whites.

that is absolutely horrific to me, cringe levels that shouldn't even be possible

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i don't remember where i read the top secret doc, it might have been in the JFKFiles, or on Wikileaks, but it was a rather long CIA document about one of their rare Soviet defectors in Moscow in the early 1970's. besides being a fascinating glimpse into raw and high stake spycraft, one other detail lept out.

the defector who was a KGB officer and who was feeding stolen documents from KGB to his CIA handler was paid the equivalent of millions of dollars by CIA for his work. he couldn't spend any of the money, or else he'd reveal himself, so he simply buried the cash in the garden of his Dacha outside Moscow. besides money, there was only one regular request he demanded from his CIA handlers: dozens and dozens of rock'n'roll records from all of the top bands of that time. and it wasn't for him–it was for his son, who possessed an illegal record player. in the documents, the CIA chain of command has zero hesitation about dead dropping crates of cash to him. but they have to be dragged to deliver pop music records to him, because they fear if he or his son is caught with the contraband, that will also reveal his espionage work. eventually the defector demands stop wasting time putting off delivering the records and do it or else i quit for good. CIA's handler dead dropped the requested records in Moscow.

this lost anecdote from the annals of espionage shows just how important of a cultural force popular music is. you cannot simply ban it and censor it. the Soviets learned the hard way that even with the threat of gulags, the people still smuggled in illegal Western music and the more it was banned, the more popular it became.

as much as i support banning all nigger "music" because it promotes degeneracy and drug addiction and race mixing and civic unrest as well as glorifying criminal lifestyles, i am only too cognizant that you can't just declare it illegal on paper and consider the problem solved. so Putin will only be making things worse for himself by repeating the same Soviet style censorship campaign.

here's what i would do to eradicate the menace of rap music if i was Putin: you cannot eliminate a problem if you don't even know what the source of the problem is. where does rap music comes from? who is funding it and promoting it and dispersing it throughout media culture?

(((who indeed?)))

Putin has to brutally crack down on the record labels and the sources of revenue for professional large scale rap music. bust their balls and throw every book at them. scour every scrap of paper about those companies and participants. nail them and gulag them for taxes, sexual crimes, drug crimes, any crimes at all in order to take them off the streets and thereby cleanup the streets by eradicating the (((pimps))) who are behind rap music. as for some kid rapper on Jewtube who makes a few amateur videos mimicking the Western degeneracy he was exposed to, let him alone, he doesn't matter. he won't get any views, he won't earn enough money to be a full-time rapper and he certainly won't earn a fortune which he would then brag about and thereby brainwash other youths to follow in his foot steps and become rappers too.

this problem reveals a growing trend that we are going to see more and more around the world. there will be some enormous societal problem that is too big to tackle and solve in a simple way.
Govt and civic groups will become more and more panicked as they grow powerless to defeat these growing societal evils. bu the root of the problem is always one and the same: it's the kikes. fix that problem, and you fix all of the other problems.

Putin will very soon regret his own "I Love Jews" Virtue Signalling, because it makes him powerless to contradict himself in public and crack down on the kikes who are slowly subverting Russian society like a million years the ocean grinding and eroding a mountainous shore down into beach sand.

and it's not just Putin, this applies to the leaders of all nations. they may still be blue pilled and in the dark and deaf dumb and blind, but a day is coming when the red pills will flow and the old flowerly rhetoric of self-congratulations about "we defeated the Evil Nazis hur-dur" will do a 180 about face and then the whole world will look to the source of it problems–everyone will look at the Jew.

Reminder that Vladimir Putin is good friends with the Ukrainian Jew Semyon Mogilevich, the most powerful gangster in the world, and his country is run by Jewish and Muslim oligarchs.

Promoting drug abuse and illegal activity. There goes a the rap in an instant.

damn nigger you suck at shilling

Back in the early sixties the Russians thought it would be good to have African students study at universities in Russia. Nigs from Nairobi showed up and naturally lusted after white Russian girls. They got their throats slit. Russians are funny that way. They really don't like shitskins at all.

Yeah that's some pretty bad shilling. Nothing fucking happens in that video except Putin making an awkward public appearance. i was expecting a breakdancing putin to make memes with.

It's literally turbo folk with rap.

Fuck off, kike.

I wonder what pillars that's based on? If you aren't racist than banning things on a non-racist guise just allows your enemies to find new ways to move around the issue. Literally, 1990s American values, "I don't like baggy pants but upstanding Africans are just as good as my folk".

The baggy pants are to make it harder to tell if you're concealing a weapon.

What about stuff like moonman? Like russian Moonman?

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We don't really know if Putin would care to much if the daughter's of the Russian Federation became Muslim lovers instead.

not just that but also to steal entire grocery carts worth of stuff from stores via slits in the pockets. That's another reason why they tuck their pantankles into their socks.
Anyone got the webm of the niggers emptying stolen food out oftheir baggy pants? Ratbagthieves.webm?

Fucking kek

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