Punished Molyneux is finally here!

Last month, when Poland was celebrating it's 100 year anniversary, Stefan Molyneux was there to take-in the entire experience from start to finish. During the course of the documentary, he starts to understand the beauty and the essential nature of Nationalism (and he does mention White Nationalism in particular) has in the importance of freedom for the West. Watch it, Judge it for yourself jewtube link for now, post alternates when they're uploaded

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Not to make a blogpost, but the exact opposite cerumstances happened to me. Being a burger, seeing how many Muslims were in Scotland the last time I went there, and seeing the ruins of these abbeys and castles, really demonstrated that the true brits are at risk of extinction albiet most if not all of it self inflicted

Molyneux is Jewish

But does he show it?

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The cult leader has been a quasi nationalist for like 3 years

I've felt it has been pretty obvious since about 2016 that he's gone white nationalist without flat out saying it because he'd lose youtube funding.

And because he's a jew who wants to misdirect his followers into kosher nationalism.

Except he has done many videos going over things like the bell curve and that blacks will always be a lower class because they are less intelligent. How on Earth does that promote kosher nationalism?

He's like AmRen-lite, and AmRen is 100% certified kosher.

I hate Poland, but if they achieve Nationalism and progress technologically while remaining Racially tribal, I wish them the best. I just wish we and Germany could have made it and went into space together with France and Sweden.

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Stfen Molyneux is a big guy. I never thought he'd be that big from his videos.
And in no way fat.

That probably would have hit me hard if I still felt things.

Is that pure kike D&C?
All I get from him is someone who is pushing the line as close as he cane without being yanked off of youtube.

Reminder the doomer meme is just all real anons

He is a Jew. He's admitted it himself and claimed that they are a superior race.

To be near immune from that he'd need to be in the dozens of millions of followers. Pewdiepie can do half his jokes because like I said in one of the recent thread on him: he's more powerful than youtube. Youtube would lose far more in banning him than they would dream of gaining.
sage for reasons

That's the way I've always looked at it. "You can't listen to what he has to say because one of his grandma's was a Jew" is about as nigger-tiered as it gets.

If he is part jew, he's fighting it pretty well.

I did see some mantits a bit, but that's what happens when you're 50 or so anyway. And he is a big guy (at least 6'2 from what I can tell)

Oy vey goy stop purity spiralling I'm still a gateway now give me shekels!

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Is this an LGBTQIAPJ meme?

He’s already a millionaire, or ought I to say gorillionaire.

By insinuating the Nazis and Russians invaded Poland because the intelligence and collectivism of 4/5ths of the worlds jews threatened them?
By continually saying Ashkenazi jews have the highest average intelligence and that's why they head up everything of importance?

Jews make these images and shill these sites look it up. The guy that did all the Ben Garrison edits and started the meme was Jewish and is in jail for it.

Molyneux is an admitted jew.

Sauce on #1?

All of that was to gain acceptance before the redirecting to Kosher Nationalism begins. Just like Jordan Peterson , they will corral as many as possible using a set of suitable narratives, then cleverly guide their base somewhere else completely undetected by their followers.

Just like whole polish "based" government.


Proof or stfu

OPs video did you even watch to listen how this jewish thought leader is attempting to steer things?

Call out stormniggers on their lack of success in helping Whites and watch them recoil as they have been found out.

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Nigger did you watch the fucking video?


Did any actual notable philosopher back then actually called himself a philosopher? This leaf kike pisses me off every time it opens it's mouth and now it is in poland praising kosher nationalism.

Niggers are retarded! What a shocking revelation! It isn't like the most basic bitch libshit doesn't know about that already!

Call us when stefan moneykike says sorry for ever said "facts don't matter".

How about this you fucking cum guzzler?
You are the reason modern philosophy is just a patreon kike cash grab.

He's a legit philosopher, as in he went to college and received a degree in philosophy.

I have no opion either way, I dont find him challenging as an intellectual. He's improved over the years. When he first came about he was irrational and emotionally draining.

Is every shitlib a philosopher now? Has any famous actual philosophers in history had the chutzpah to say "facts don't matter" literally?

Then he can't be a philosopher. Just a kosher nationalist version of a starbuck libshit.

Why do these retards still insist that people here frequent a word filtered forum?



50 seconds in.

We're all gonna make it.

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I posted about all the evidence coming out about the Holocaust being a hoax on his FDR community forum and he banned me, and I was a philosopher king donator.

That's true, he needs to come clean on that one. He'd need to admit he was wrong on that and explain why, then he can be let off the hook for saying "facts don't matter" about the holohoax.

who's "we"

What part of Scotland?
I always thought most of the muds were in merrie England.

Bell curve was co authored by a jew.
this user has it right.
AmRen focuses on blacks, and only blacks.
When in reality, Mestizos are the greatest demographic threat to us.
They also ignore the jewish role in mass migration.

PiS is cuckservative, and Poland is being mudded, just at a slower pace then the west. (you know all of the poles in western Europe that the poles in Poland love to brag about? PiS is using that loss of working age males as an excuse to start bringing in noneuro guest workers like Asians.)
If western Europe falls demographically, you can be damned sure the east will as well, just a little later.
Our enemies will not rest until the last white woman is raped and has her throat cut.

He promotes gayass lolberg individualism, from the few times I watched him.

I don't know what it is about Americans/Canadians but these people love a 'cult leader'. Maybe it's their idealism or something

hes jewish hes not white stfu

have you seen the populace of NA lately … they fucking need Jesus, someone to shepherd the herd

Im guessing america


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Intellectual dark web gang gang

I can feel white-hot, teeth-grinding rage when I drink enough. One of these days, I'm going to snap.

shh your not supposed to tell anybody that and welcome to my world

You should snap, but be smart with the explosive energy of your snap, kneed your snap out along the years and delay the build up of the snap smartly, then your snap would actually be worth something.

so put simply kill as many fucking jews as possible LMFAO

pretty much lol

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He's a fucking jew ffs. He's not going to expose them.

wew that "history lesson" about 40 minutes in is peak boomerposting

Poland is an illegitimate country and its people are a disgrace to Europe. It's not surprising Molyneux would pick this country to visit.


He promotes many things. But he does back White having Nations.


You are such a fucking loser lol Cringe.

Die in a carefully constructed fire

The Polish are as retarded as the Anglos and Americans in that for a country like Poland with almost zero muslims their nationalist marches are almost all against muslims, ignoring the millions of Africans and other 3rd world invaders the jews who do own Poland intend to bring in.

When your entire philosophy is based on the counter jihad jewish lie that muslims control the media, banks and by proxy our governments and are behind the blackening of Europe, then all you'll get are endless wars in the middle east and not one mud deported from Europe, just more refugees that every country involved in the conflicts are now legally required to rehome

Capped for top keks and for later use on the influx of cuckchan newfags.
Sounds like some Steve Roberts title shit.

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He still believes in the lolocaust.

Facts don't matter, goy. Don't forget to donate.

So is the Pale of Settlement.

Mostly the major cities like Edinburgh and Inverness. The country isn’t so bad Muslimwise, even though pajeets have pretty much established themselves.

Who cares if Molyneux is a Jew or not a Jew? Molyneux's a retarded manbaby who leads a cult of retarded manbabies, and if you like him you are one.

Don't care.

Nigger if he *did* start going 14/88 white power gas the heebs race war now Bowers did nothing wrong HEIL HITLER his channel would be shoah'd, his bank accounts would be frozen, he probably would be arrested remember, he's a canuckold and freedomain would be stripped of a domain registrar. I'm not saying he thinks any of that but I am saying if he did there's a basically zero percent chance he would be able to express such sentiments without being shoah'd right now.

You faggots like to forget it's extremely hard to talk like we do without consequence places that aren't here

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We're going to be rounded up by jews and killed in white nationalist camps or just murdered by niggers and spics in the middle of the night. There's no "making it", you fucking dumbass. White genocide starts publicly in under 20 years.

Reminder that you aren't fooling anyone.

That's not even vaguely what I said my hebreic friend. In fact I stated the opposite when I said, and I quote, that I'm not saying he thinks any of that. What I am however saying is that if you have any sort of platform at all, which like him or not the guy does, making a video about how Bowers was a saint that did nothing wrong and how you're wise to the JQ and think we need fifty more bowers every day for the rest of time is a fantastic way of getting your shit stomped in by the tribe that runs virtually every form of getting messages out there.

So if you have a platform with a sizeable following, would you rather A) make a stupid and it is a stupid video, don't get me wrong fifteen minute video fellating the chosen in hopes the thing blows over, and then continuing telling normalcattle the harsh truths about how awful women are, the lies and deciet of the DNC, and other things of that nature or B) risk getting everything you have taken away and very likely arrested again, Canada over literally essentially nothing that would accomplish nothing before Gupta Pajeet at youtube shoah'd your video?

Or C) just don't address the issue at all which would probably have been the better answer but that's not what the dude did

You forgot your catchphrase, I don't *think* it's filtered anymore

Like I said, retarded manbaby. And Joe Rogan is a retarded manmonkey.
Molyneux is just asking for it with those super upclose shots with the most whiny backpfeifengesicht face ever.

dunno what this self-inflicted take personal responsibility for something you didn't do meme is all about
my city was given away to mussies before I was born
When i follow the chain of causes and effects I don't find British people inviting muds here. I find Jews. With Brits always resisting viciously (but within the rules). The jews break the rules everytime.

You've got to stop that. And stop being such self righteous retards about it. Brits are probably the hardest of the many victims of the hebrews to sympathize with, you guys are so high and mighty about being disarmed cuckolds it's insufferable, I want to feel bad for you guys, I really do, but holy piss the majority of your countrymen actively hate themselves, freedom, security, etc. to the point it's pitiable more than anything

t. someone not really in any room to talk but still, the point still stands

That user wasn't me. But nice catch. He's still right though. And you still know it! Who's going to lead us? Is it you? Will you post your location so we can rally behind you?

Ashes and Echoes

No. Absolute purity is demanded from the start. If you have ever been tainted, you are forever tainted. No forgiveness for anything or anyone.

And you faggots like to lump people counter signaling with disingenuous arguments with those who are just "playing it safe"

molyneux is a libtard with the cognitive bias of a liberal arts college.
hes only on the right asfar as basic race and anti-communism goes, but when it comes to socio-economic issues he thinks the "invisible hand of the market" is gonna give everyone handjobs

Don't lose control (snap). The world is designed to bleed energy. Mindlessly flailing guarantees defeat. If you stay calm, and truly observe and understand each element of your world, you can figure it out.

His a kike acting in his own racial interests. Compare his reaction to the synagogue shooting to how he acted in videos about actual tragedies, he never showed that much emotion.

Fuck off yid.


Yeah, maybe it will come clean when it is about to hang like that kike in Jud Süß.

Maybe you shouldn't have posted retarded non-points?
There's no point to be made, unless you are a jew fed and you enjoy making the Holocaust relevant again.

Seeing Hitlerites who LARP as actually respectable pro-NatSoc people is sad. Can't the feds get a better wedge?
You should be worried about what the J*ws do today, not what some G*rmanic fucktards who didn't believe in Nation-States.
Hitler was a fucking idiot who could have just been content to have Germany be a shining example of working National Socialism, but instead had to become obsessed with "Lebensraum" and his expansionist/Imperialist project of a "1000-year Reich" covering most of Europe.

It was german imperialism which makes Germans think they create universalist political system and deserve universal power. When Germans create something in their country, they don't think of this as their own, local, national solution, but they think it's a universalist system, which has to be adopted by others

Germans refuse to accept nation states, which is why the most important nazi ideologues spoke about Grossraums, not nation states.

The fuckwit is largely responsible for the deaths of millions of White people, ruining Europe and delivering it to the Left for several generations - putting it in the precarious situation it is now in. Fuck him. People who worship that retard make the task of European ethnic nationalists more difficult, not easier.
Lebensraum Ost policy was as retarded as you are being right now.

Germanic people have been historically dindu booga booga as immigrants are and as annoying and destructive as Jews, also historically.

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Newshill is obvious.

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Why do you faggots always cry about the germanics btfoing rome, anyway?
Rome wasn't even rome anymore by the time they invaded.
Kill yourself, weev.

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'C-cause Rome is forever user… I… you… you to-too.
It wasn't just about the military / militia border that they forced themselves over, or anything else after that.
G*rmanics were also known for we wuzzing all over Europe and dinduing the Celtics in Gaul. Constantly.

Which one? The first? Clearly it comes from nu/pol/ over on 4normies.
It straight up lip services the untermenschen point.

Feels good. Still want a new Kikefy back anyway over Numonkey.

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can you come up with a new copypasta?
stale shit is stale

lol fuck off kike

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Fuck off learningcode

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This legitimately isn't copy-pasta.

Who? Why do you keep track of all these autists. Weev, 'Learningchode(who).'

Yeah, though, Western-Europeans are as white as it gets, their descendants too and the many white-ethnic soup whites like White-Americans follow closely.
Hating anything that isn't NW Euros is still a meme and not dead serious at all - dead kike on a stick is low effort theological embattlement between theological positions, it's cheap and as stupid as most theology - meds not white was always a meme - you don't really think I'm retarded like that type of meme-spewer bottom-of-the-barrel-lord do you?

Hell, if you're as stupid as the people in the screencap as to BELIEVE that people like that do exist, then, you're already pretty retarded enough.
I can legit only think of the low-IQ who believe people like that exist as a literal and dead serious entirety -and- low-IQ people might also buy into these meme-tier concepts literally - or are just particularly theologically motivated.

Hitler wanted to kill a 1/3rd of all whites minimum at any given time. Hitler wanted to kill the Slavs and the slavs are pretty much white enough to fit into the racial category (hu)'white.' Although 1/3rd of all whites were dirt eating commies anyway, he also hated the Polish and the like.
G*rmanics are still Grossraum tier imperialists that wanted to make everything within out. I don't care what other effects they had except the major and obvious ones because quite frankly the small fry stuff doesn't even shift anything to any order of magnitude.

Because you shill here, that's why.
And the evidence you have for this comes from where? The Nuremberg Trials? The mythical "Generalplan Ost"? Quit spouting Allied propaganda, drone.

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1. Hitler considered Slavs to be Aryan.
2. There was no attempt made to exterminate Slavs, in any capacity, by Nazi Germany.

I love how the kike who made that really thought he had a great argument with "why would they invent an execution method from thin air", when death showers are just one of many made-up execution methods.

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You really don't m8. Poland is just a semitic ruse.
Its like Israel, not eve a real country, just a fake thing made by philosemites to harm those who opposed them.

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