Federal panel warns of national blackout in EMP attack


How would Zig Forums survive? What are the most vital resources and knowledge to have before it happens?

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Get faraday cages and plenty of copper safes

To keep what in?

Consider your source imbecile.

just full-throttle accelerationism.
just gives a jump start to the RaHoWa and gives whites a solid opportunity to fight back, yknow with the botnet surveillance machine being kill and all.
also I will take this opportunity to shill for pssurvival.com/
get a hard drive that you don't mind stashing away for long periods and load it up with everything on there as well as several other "resources" visit Zig Forums for more information and then keep a laptop handy, once you have acquired a decent laptop and loaded it/the hard drive with all the information and the corresponding programs to view said information, you should then remove the battery and store the laptop, hard drive, battery, and a power cable in a faraday cage, this can easily be done with a metal trash can or a cardboard box completely covered in foil, the thicker the better, please remember to do this AFTER you have loaded up all info and packed it inside the box.
godspeed lads.


If an EMP does happen, 90% +/- of the population will die according to military studies.

I fail to see the benefit of keeping this on a laptop instead of just having physical books?

Time of year probably matters a lot.

fucking checked

It doesn't, people simply don't have the knowledge anymore to survive without electricity. I'll try to find some of the studies, but the scenarios are absolute nightmares.

Laptops/tablets are more compact and can hold a library of data. I'd think solar charging would be pretty damn important though.

Nevermind that the time to learn isn't when shit hits the fan. You can't just read a book and become an expert. You won't know what works in your environment and what's a waste of time. You'll make too many mistakes.

I also notice a lot of survivalists focus on MacGyver tricks and meme skills, but don't know how to grow and store potatoes or catch rodents. A lot of meme survival is for waiting for a rescue or surviving a couple days while you make it back to civilization. It doesn't help if you need to actually sustain yourself when civilization collapses.

You don't store potatoes, you can grow them year round.

lmao. Yes, you do store potatoes. Good luck surviving if you don't reserve enough for a bad winter and enough to use as seed potatoes.

jews and their sheckles?

To add. 20 watt portable solar panel, 21000 mha powercore, smartphone/pdf archive/64+gigstorage/radio/multidigitool, with faraday is vnice. About the weight of a larger book for the entire system, yet techno-accelerationistically savy.

Uhh, what happens when the battery runs out? Typical laptop battery does not last that long, unless you stash multiple.

It's called a hot house and using used tires, you nigger. Potatoes can be geown year round.

Grown, holy shit pajeet.

personally I prefer books simply out of durability and having something tangible. However ther are many limiting factors that books have that laptops do not, those primarily being size and price. For starters the media to mass ratio, you can fit an entire room chock full of books in a small drive no bigger than your hand, so that solves the storage and portability issue. Second is that a drive can range from either free to cheap, depending on how much storage you want, and information is free. books however take up a lot of space, they're dense and heavy, and most importantly they cost money. especially if you were to try to get a paladin press book after they tanked, prices skyrocketed in a mere few weeks.
There is also the issue of there simply not being enough books, such as limited runs, etc. information can be indefinitely replicated.
There is also one other thing to consider, fire resistance, if your freezing your ass off and on the verge of death, those books are gonna look like a real good trade off for not freezing to death, and so you burn them, not an issue with a hard drive. There is also the risk of faggots coming to burn your shit via molotov cocktail, and so you end up losing large quantities of your shit, shit that likely have not read, and are not likely to read even if it survives simply out of time consumption. keep a hard drive in a safe and nothing short of a fucking bomb is going to even scratch it.
Plus with a laptop you can also store memes, porn, music, etc. so if you get tired of reading you can chill out and relax.

Memes won't save you if potato beetles or blight hit your crop, a bad winter wipes you out, a bad summer drought strains your irrigation techniques, or thieves trash your plot of land.

But good luck surviving off a stack of tires when you don't even know how to store potatoes.

Let's say the blackout happens. At least 6 months of no social services and you live in an apartment. How can you grow food or survive?

Be scared goyim.

Remember to have list of your local jews on paper then. YOU are the one that has to be a threat to them, and the second there is a chaos you know what to do.

I can make my own power and have months of food on hand. I also have a garden, and live less than 200' from the Pacific Ocean. I already enjoy eating seaweed and fish, I can increase their share in my diet. My wife eats all that stuff too. Some stuff like the hot water heater would be turned off but I could use my solar capability to provide lights. Heat isn't a big deal here, it doesn't get too cold.

There are many dumb niggers such as yourself in the world. I am sure you will find somebody to love you someday, but that isn't me.

I know to grow potatoes year round. Was doing it as a kid. You plant the potatoes in the tires inside the hot house. That's all you're getting. Figure it out yourself.

spring summer and into fall are good for general survival (ie: food is "available", not freezing to death, etc.) people can readily find relief from heat via, shade and shelter. winter however is where men are forged, the killer cold seeps deeply into all things, and if you are not prepared for it, it will chill you to your bones.

Get all your 56%er friends together and raid whitey and the Jews who live in the upscale parts of town?

If you can live off the land there is plenty of woodland but you'll at least need some basic gear.

Sounds like you have it good. What's your neighbor situation like?

Always keep some old potatoes around.

I spent three and a half years in survival mode while things were 'ok' for everyone else and I can tell you for sure that the survival learning curve is astonishing (once you have been there, done that, it isn't much more to learn in terms of the physical survival basic, how not to freeze to death. etc). In a national situation the problem then becomes securing your location and roving bands of subhumans (something I did not have to deal with). Although wild animals and wild packs of dogs were a moderate threat, (you must have a gun and ALWAYS shoot them when you see them in a pack). I did spend a lot of tense moments staring them down and keeping my back in a defensible position; [varg has some interesting stories about that in his days as a young child in Iraq video]). One of the things I think I did best in my situation was refuse government aid. So I learned what it mean to begin to starve and I learned how to survive under immense pressure. It would be totally different if the whole nation was in this situation, starvation would be rampant; then defense, blood ties, relationships and security would be paramount. I still think that 40% would survive…I know that I would teach everyone around me who was European everything I knew of survival and care for my kin and blood relations the best I could.

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You're gonna die nigger, not even kidding. Memes got to your dome, RW Emerson. Hike up a couple mountains or through dense forests for a few hundo, with some good ole fashion books to keep your sentimental boy pussy from becoming unlubed..serious, try it now while ypu have a practice shot.

If you aren't reserving a portion of the crop for famine and a portion for seed, including potatoes, then you're a meme survivalist. One of the main advantages of potatoes is how well they keep, and it's absolutely necessary if you're actually living off them.

you should look into TPS (true potato seed) as the traditional planting seed potatos is a bad long term strategy that has been created by modern farming and could potentially get you fucko'd by nature.
(see; late blight, irish potato famine)
TPS doesn't have this issue as often as instead of simply being clone of last years crop its has the benefit of added genetic diversity which can be used to increase crop yields and disease resistance

nigger did you even read my post past the first line? as much as I like books I am not ignorant of the superiority of electronic information devices

In the ground space of a used tire you can clone or produce a 12 plus potatoes from a single spud. I think the most we ever got out of a single spud was 20 something spuds that we used for seeding.

You're not getting what I am saying, you don't need to store them, because you're going ro be constantly producing spuds.

I hope there are more men like you out there whom we can all consolidate with and lay the foundation of our new ethno state

That is technically correct, but if your initial spuds are from different batches you should be fine for quite some time. Getting them to seed isn't as difficult when you have hundreds spuds laying around.

Then dont prefer books when shtf, and im sorry.

Ideally keep them in the ground where they belong, so that you are the only one who knows where they are located. Also, sunchokes are a staple crop that is wild in the US (and will grow almost anywhere, in any soil without human intervention), can be harvested anytime, the are PROLIFIC growers, are highly nutritious, delicious and high in starch. They can be cooked exactly like a Potato, mashed, boiled, broiled, sliced, dried and made into a paste/flour. They have the added benefit of not being recognizable by the common man as 'food'.

What you need to know before you plant sunchokes:

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These days a lot of varieties are sterile, but I have some that grow the seeds. However it's not convenient especially if you're pressed for food. It's easier and quicker to grow them by dividing the eyes/tubers, and if you have different varieties the risks are lower.

And all you potatoe fags, look into contained vertical growing methods.

a good point, priority before perfection. have to get the seed in the ground before starvation starts to set in.

see the above.
There are certain pleasures in life that we must sometimes give up, but if all goes well and we are able to retain what we have and are able to procure and produce more later on then all the better

I live in a neighborhood in a small town which is mainly comprised of retired veterans. This is a resort area with light agricultural, fishing fleets, cows, etc.

And yeah I have potatoes in right now and seed taters in storage. I still have tomatoes I picked when they were green, I wrap them in newspaper and put them on the produce rack in my basement and they turn ripe in a few weeks to maybe four months. I don't buy canned or store tomatoes, my late fall crop ripens through the winter.

Those things give you the shits if you eat more than 2-3 ounces at a go, it's not a great survival crop. The potato is much better and very hardy.

Ha, I was about to mention those in my reply as I began reading your post. Sunchokes are great for keeping in the ground in a pinch and almost nobody knows how to identify them, you're completely right.

you should check out some organic varieties and consider getting a few spuds to start transitioning your stock from sterile clones to good healthy natural alternatives

I like this idea a lot, we need more wild plants that we can rely on that no one else would even consider, this provides food security and physical security in that people will think your just a faggot with flowers instead of a lifetime supply tubers

You have to make sure the soil has value first. Poor and low quality soil isn't going to produce anything worthwhile.

Agreed. In order to optimize the chances for success in doing so, muh least resisty my man. We keep our techno, efficiently/safely, descretely, independently, so as to maximize distro.

I've been training myself and preparing for this scenario for a very long time. I've always considered it the most likely destructive scenario possible, be it nuclear EMP or solar flare. The physical demands of even basic shit without power is something most people don't even remotely understand just as you said. I actually enjoy the challenge of surviving with as little as possible. I don't know how to describe the feeling, but it's a true test of who we are as individuals and knowing that we have within us the ability to survive. The pride it gives me knowing I'm better off than most people in that regard is something few people will ever appreciate.

I will say your 40% esimtate is too high,10-20% is more likely. There's just too many factors that come into play in survival when water/food/safety/health/sanitation go out the window. There is no safety net for the steep survival learning curve. You fuck up, you die. There are rarely second chances.

It's easy to amend soil, just throw a bunch of peas out and they will grow and fix nitrogen and you get a crop too.

Sometimes the soil is just never going to be good and you need to trade for planting soil worth something.

If you are in the south, you have access to one of the greatest starvation foods that mankind has ever known called Kudzu. This horrific plant is fast growing, over 1' per day, impossible to kill, a food resource in plain sight that the common man has no idea is right in front of his face. The roots of the Kudzu can be leeched (the alakines in a water bath; much like leaching acorns), dried and made into a flour that is comparable to bread flour, though not as pliable or spongy as bread it is carbs a plenty.
First pict:
Some people see the vine that killed the south but I see a food resource that is fast growing, need ZERO CARE, is visually invisible to the common man and could easily feed an entire village, for years, if they rotated the harvest. I see a wild food resource that is going to save the lives of many Americans in desperate times.

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The East coast of the US needs vast amounts of food imported, and that food needs refrigeration year round. There will be a mass die-off if EMP hits because there won't be enough food and distribution will break down.

Add in gibs me dats looting broken TVs and you have a recipe for a zombie apocalypsem

If you amend properly with compost and phosphorus which is easy to get, and add some sand or loam if you have clay soil, you can get it going. But for many people you're probably right, buying soil might be the best option.

I have a two ton compost heap, 8x16 feet and it's like 5' high in the middle. I have a black food safe plastic sheet over and under it and in a year I've made more soil than I can possibly use. I might just turn the whole faggot thing into a hill by planting grass seed on it, I can dig it up as I need it.

Nice. Tomatoes are also reliable because of the seeds. A quick ferment and dry and they'll last years, and you'll never have a shortage.

I have some fertile varieties, but I love my sterile russet and yukon golds for the pure poundage they yield. It's obscene how much I can get with 100% sustainable compost I make myself, with no artificial fertilizers used.

Your average person has 2 days of food on hand. Two days. How much do you think a section 8'er has?

The grass will bring in bacterias to break down the soil and let other things process it. I would plant the grass.

Hope they do it in the winter. That would suck sweaty balls in the Summer.
I'll assume most of the stuff in my safe and ammo cans would survive so I will still be able to power small devices. It would be troublesome if they staggered the attacks over a long period of time so I would try to keep the critical stuff shielded when not in use, even after the initial habbening.
Refrigeration would be handled at the spring house, and I might be able to rig up a tiny hydro-electric system off of it too if my portable solar panels weren't meeting my needs.

Something that I feel doesn't get a lot of attention is good clean water, post-shtf water purification facilities will cease to operate and many waterways and bodies of water will become incredibly polluted very quickly, people need to know how to procure moderate amounts of clean drinkable water, and when I say moderate I mean a surplus of water, enough to drink in a day (and further out) and enough to use for hygiene and cooking (teeth brushing, soapy water bucket + rag)
think Tatooine water farmers. make a sort of farm with lot of solar stills.
this also serves the purpose of turning unarable land into usable and even using the soil as fill for other farming/construction applications.

Some stuff I can't do, the slugs get my turnips and beets every single time I've tried. They don't touch carrots, which I now plant instead. Peppers aren't very productive here but the small hot kind I have in planters, I bring them indoors in the winter and they produce a winter crop. I have pepper plants nearly a decade old, with big thick trunks the size of your wrist.

Electronics. Duh. They'll sell for a hefty price after the blackout.

If I do that I am going to take it all off the bottom tarp. I need a workout anyway, maybe I will rent one of those tiny Bobcats for the job.

Only if it's not big box store crap.

Speaking of crap, it's great to know someone with a cow. Or turkeys… their crap is even better.

But if you're really desperate for soil and shit hits the fan, look to the forest. Rich forest topsoil is amazing stuff.

If it happens on the 2nd or 16th of the month… maybe a week's worth Assuming they didn't sell their EBT gibs for crack

have you tried putting down diatomaceous earth and maybe even a mid section of a plastic bottle in the dirt a few inches with sharp teeth cut onto the top?

It entirely depends on the expected duration of shtf for each individual within their environment. Its evident that no one in this thread is currently living completely off their pack, and so they make compromises in relation to what they think will regain their stability to their present. So, it's a spectrum of habituation, slippery slopes n all. I left the grid awhile ago and imagine i look at you just as crazy as you do me when i roll into town. Want to roll into my wilderness?

that sounds like a dream user. being able to feed the ethnostate while also living a simple life working the land

I've been building a faraday container for my more important electronics, the base is all copper.
I need to build a lid and line it with aluminum foil.

only things I can see wrong are 1. cultivation getting out of control and it spreading like wildfire and 2. american diets aren't adjusted to it, so it may cause some digestive/nutrition issues, but im sure it can be overcome

Thankfully, in such a scenario, the fluoride plants of the USA (etc too) are destroyed and fresh water flows free. Inverse osmosis and other such filters (of that power level and more, as weaker ones filter less toxic things) work wonders. These last ~1 year or more, and I'm sure that it's possible to make your own.

Had to restart my router.

Having starved and having eaten a literal shit ton of these little suckers I can tell you that having the shits is preferable to starving. :) My soil was really alkaline and not much would grow there voluntarily, but those did and perhaps because the the alkalinity of the soil I didn't get the shits from eating them.
Yep…the reason that they are reliable in my mind is because people don't see them as a resource and they don't need any care at all. Just stick them in the ground and walk away for good, no watering, no maintenance…just gathering and eating.

Exactly…I don't know about you but I love the taste, like the best carrot/apple/potato ever.

Yep great 'hidden food resource'

Exactly. I consider myself so lucky, the luckiest person in the world to have learned in a non-survival situation. It is really difficult because it isn't like camping or 'I can go home when I want' there is no, going home and you are forced to survive.

I think when we start our ethnostate that children need to be taught as a part of their education all of the technological advances that made humanity possible from our origin to now. So the more basic things they would learn as little children, who to make clean water, how to find and gather wild food, how to set a snare, 'hunter gatherer' shit. Elementary age children would learn how to grow crops, mill and use water power, industrial revolution skills. High school children would learn technical skills and the electronic age technologies, explosives, and weapons/self defense, as well as intense learning in chemistry. College age would learn advanced physics and biological technology.

So their entire education would be intimately paired with the accumulated knowledge of OUR CULTURE…making them invulnerable to starving and a lack of resources.

Yes, it would have to be rotated in the diets with other starvation food resources so that people weren't getting sick off the change in diet.

This "consider yourself VERY VERY VERY lucky" thing is good as long as you keep your ego tamed. Never let it swell up like a balloon.
Positive Intentions are very very powerful.

If my post ends in an even digit, then my words will eat shit and I can finally get around to traditional drawing.

Faraday Cages isolate electricity. They protect electronics.

Your post has ended with an even digit.

Sounds like you know your land well. That'd be the hardest part for anyone who wants to just dive into it. They won't know what works and what doesn't, what pests are around, etc.

I had some problems with earwigs and aphids, but after I planted some long strips of native wildflowers nearby to increase pollination, my pest problems were noticeably reduced. Judging by the large population of hover flies, I believe I repopulated the insect predator population. It also brought back the toads. It was probably my best year for cucumbers, basil, and a few other things.

"A human being should be able to change a diaper, plan an invasion, butcher a hog, conn a ship, design a building, write a sonnet, balance accounts, build a wall, set a bone, comfort the dying, take orders, give orders, cooperate, act alone, solve equations, analyze a new problem, pitch manure, program a computer, cook a tasty meal, fight efficiently, die gallantly. Specialization is for insects.”

-Robert A Heinlein

This is literally our only chance of ever physically fighting back against the ZOG. This is what we want. It's why they will never do it.

An EMP or Carrington Event has been said to require 4-7 years to recover from, by the way.


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I know what they do, just curious what that poster needed all the cages and safes for. I'd focus on saving solar power and communication devices first.

I haphazardly planted some sweet potato slips this past summer. I was surprised how prolific they are. Phase 2 is seeing if they will keep through this winter. I've got more slips going on a window sill and some whole potatoes in a makeshift "root cellar" under my porch.


Just go live with the amish, wew that's hard.

solar isn't such a big deal as there are other methods of power generation, as for communications devices I would let it be, those require someone else to have it as well, and chances are gonna be that those who do have it aren't going to want to be your friend. remember friend, priority before perfection, get your archive first, your "genesis" plan, your "rosetta stone". other stuff can be added after

get out jew, this discussion is a key factor in the survival of the white race, your belittling has no power here

All of your lifesaving equipment is electrical. Defibs, cars, intravenus machines.
I would save a defib and solar setup in a footlocker or something. Most decent footlockers are solid aluminium or steel. Just keep all the items away from touching the sides and bottom, line it with rubber mats or something of the sort. If they will fit a 2 way radio set, and a handheld ham set.

That's movie tier shit. Real humans don't just burn books.

There's a good chance of government broadcasts and people getting news out, and two-way radios put your group of people on a whole other level than another group of people if they're in the stone age.

I know this is bait, because I mentioned EMP devices I saw a few decades back two weeks ago in the rec room.

I iz smurt

He nailed it. I really need to read him, it has been years since I read a book for pleasure.
Do you guys all know about the FOXFIRE books?
They are expensive IMO (I get one per month to supplement my library). I will have the entire collection in a few months.
They are basically 'old timer' books on how to do literally everything you need to survive as an independent human without any 'modern' resources except common tools that the very poor in Appalachia would have had. They are the collected folk wisdom of the Appalachian people.

some of mine survived remarkably well, I am trying to select for a crop that can be left in the ground in winter. Here is a hint though…to ensure that they survive in a SHTF scenario (or if you are guerilla gardening) simply rig up a 'trash greenhouse' made of a sheet of transparent plastic arranged to look like garbage but cover the plants and protect them from frost ensuring a longer growth/harvest time. similar to pict but make it look like trash caught between some old tires, palets, and bricks/cmu and other assorted old glass bottles…you basically want to hide your crop in plain sight by making it look like a shitty pile of trash. So one sheet is not messy enough and the other one is too messy, you will have to experiment to see which one looks naturally like trash but hides a valuable resource underneath.

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Why doesn't the sun like us?

Bury the big stuff in boxes/caged 4+" deep for safe retrieval later on. Get a rooted smartphone with storage, download the shit. Ultra power saving for study, power for coms, or off.

How much protection does the ground offer from EMP and solar flare?

I am friends with several area ranchers, I can gather all the patties I need. We also have open range land hereabouts.

EBT people tend to eat out now that fast food places accept it, I say 2 days max.

Better to have and empty tummy and hunger pangs than a full belly and the shits, from a nutritional perspective.

It's the same with potatoes around here, the only thing I do is pile some soil on so that only 4-8" of the plant is above ground. Nobody knows what they are and if they dug them up they'd have to climb a tall fence and then deal with a hail of gunfire.

The more I learn the less I know, but yeah wildflowers help. I have a big hedge teeming with life but it also emits slugs and snails.

If only the Sun would EMP the world. Imagine. You'd have biblical level rivers of blood and billions would die.

Hams will be kings after SHTF, the hubs of communities. How else will people get news and information, and get messages back and forth? US Mail will be offline because all their sorting and handling and everything relies on computers.

Remember reading undrunkenly that 4-6 ft. is the negator.

come Blackout Chan, come! (^ᴗ^)

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I don't think the networks will be active considering their exposed nature. I can see using it as a basic storage device for all knowledge that doesn't require actual experience to be of use. Like programming languages and the sort. If you can set it up to be able to directly interact with other computers for diagnostic reasons it becomes a tool as well.

someone get a drawfag in here, we need blackout-chan