Why aren't you Nazbol yet?

Capitalism is a system created by the jews to keep us down. Nazism is great but it's still capitalist if we're being realistic. If you truly care about the welfare of your people, you should be Nazbol.

Nazbol will also have an easier time succeeding. Most people don't know what it is and it isn't demonized like Nazism. The hammer and sickle symbol will also draw communists and socialists to our cause and then we can educate them easier.

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National Socialism is already inherently against (((free market))) and Libertarian ideals.
Bolshevism will always bring kikes however.
Never because at least the most braindead good goy can still at least say Communism killed fuck tons of people.

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Gee, I dunno.


I can’t read Russian, only Enlisg, German, and Irish. Nazbol is some next-level vodkanigger masonry.

Hitler didn't know what the fuck socialism was so he made up his own definition. Nazbol is real socialism.

The official national bolshevik website states that it is a racialist ideology.

Nazism is not capitalist, shut the fuck up. Nazbol has no reason to exist other than because it's not "evil nazis".
National Socialism is National Socialism, socialism that works for the nation, the people, rather than every single human being on earth.
Capitalism actively works against homogenous societies, as they are not very profitable.

Stop shilling, kike.

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Except the NSDAP did practice socialist economic theory and governmental and social organisation, what the fuck are you on about?

The fucking Strasserists wrote the adopted economic policy you alt kike cretin.

because National Socialism is the perfect balance and NasBol has too many of Communisms inherent problems to work

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Hey OP. Want to know how I know that you're the user who made that PewdiePie thread?

Dunno about that, but im pretty sure OP is damage controlling in the anti GI thread up right now.

I think you mean communism, which was literally created by the kike (((Marx))) and then later became famous once (((Lenin))) adopted it.

We're supposed to fight the jews not submit to their batshit crazy psyops cult
Killed millions of whites
Hitler never intended to kill any slavs, only transform their culture and promote germanic law
Shut the fuck up

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I'd hate to do you like this op. knowing google and all, but…
I googled Nazbol… First result

"Nazbol is one of numerous Neo-Nazi movements on Russia. It's name literally means "National-Bolshevik"

!00% sweetie…

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They're both the same Jewish shit.

and then they'll co-opt it.

This. I will never join something that doesn't allow for freedoms, fruits of ones labor, or the right of private property. I am for an ethnocentric nationalist socialism.

Oh fuck off already.

Daily Reminder: National Bolsheviks are Strasserists without the respectability.

I'm not anything on this place. You people writhe so obediently. I can mess with other people, but everyone seems to say that valuing ethics is nothing but suffering, so as I disagree, I'd rather speak of it here. You're the ones who deserve to be hated, aren't you? If you're true, you deserve it for speaking truly of ideas that will destroy your nations. If you're false, you deserve it for speaking falsely of your enemies.

But hey, economics. I should be grateful, right? Topic shift.

One of the great aims of the government is to secure for itself the consent of the governed. No vast rape is this, but a functional and necessary pattern. For the government that operates without consent enervates and immiserates the public, and the government which requires of its people the appearance of consent does no less than that, and the whole of the people if prevented from striking will instead down tools in disgust. Why now must I preface a concept of economics with this?

It is because this is the basic problem with authoritarianism. Brutal governments lead societies of intensely reluctant workers who lie constantly. They take away the workings of the people on poor and uncertain compensations, and they devalue the underpinnings of their economy. They exert vast power from on high and excite the imaginations of people who imagine themselves worthy of wielding vast powers - but to excite the imagination of such people is to launch into vast and irreconcileable boondoggles that fall down even as the people sicken and tire of being lashed forward.

For the public must be loved, and they must find love in this world, and it must never happen that the love in society is too concentrated into too few people.

I told you fags everyone posting about this was a leftypol retard.
There's no such thing as nazbol.