Identitarian shilling: transatlantic multinational (((conspiracy)) to subvert nationalism...

Identitarian shilling: transatlantic multinational (((conspiracy)) to subvert nationalism, advance zionism and save jews from the rapidly approaching global pogrom

“In the third rank we shall set up our own, to all appearance, opposition, which, in at least one of its organs, will present what looks like the very antipodes to us. Our real opponents at heart will accept this simulated opposition as their own and will show us their cards.”
- The Protocols of the Elders of Zion

“Where no genuine internal opposition organization exists, a security service might ivnent one, but to infiltrate the more dangerous organizations abroad in order to blunt or channel their actions, and tu surface real or potential internal dissidents. If an internal opposition already exists, it will be infiltrated in an attemp to control it, to provoke opponents into exposing themseves, and to cause the movement to serve state interests”
- John. J Dziak, Chekisty: A History of the KGB

Hopefully all genuine Zig Forumsacks should be aware of this by now, but I've compiled a lot of evidence of Identitarianism/alt-kike/nazbolism being kosher subversion into a PDF document - it's 30 pages long and uses only the words of shills to prove this, similar to "X in his own worrds" infographics.

See related for more info.

Attached: alt kike identitarian nazbol eurasianism shills.png (1340x5878, 4.1M)

Other urls found in this thread: the alt-right identitarian international kosher conspiracy.pdf

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Attached: alt right vs neo cohens.jpg (1270x1097 943.83 KB, 258.67K)

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This is all dumb and gay. Every internet movement is a complete waste of time and an utter failure.
Zig Forums sucks
TRS sucks
DS sucks
IM sucked so bad it died
AWP sucks
IE sucks
You all suck, get off the internet and stop sucking niggerkike cock. The internet is for wrangling niggercattle, you're all niggercattle.

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Good job user.
Fuck all of these people, and the homos that shill for them.


Save the white race, online !

keep bumping, nigger

You do know that the GI shill is going to get to (120) right?
He has done it many times before.

Duginists and alt-kike shills aren't getting invited to my birthday party. Proud white aryan superheroes on Zig Forums only !
We're saving the white race, one shitpost at a time !

Of course. If the yid fills one thread with shitposting and derailing then thread 2 will be created.


Direct link: the alt-right identitarian international kosher conspiracy.pdf

Sorry, I don't mean to derail the thread. This is obviously very serious business. We're going to lead a global very internet online revolution from this obvious honeypot website and we need to have an up to date friends and enemies list.
You guys carry on with this important work, I don't disturb you.

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[asshurt generation identity posting intensifies]

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Are you posting Hitlerian images?
Youre lucky this isn't the GI forum, otherwise you would be banned and kicked out of our BASED organization.

homosexual shills btfo

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Think about how much better of we'd be if "anti-Semites" would actually study The Protocols the way it was done in the past…

Attached: Read the Protocols.png (652x619, 244.17K)

Yeah. So the argument of the likes of Sellner is something like this:
There's your first clue, but let's continue on
Now, now matter how you view that story, there is now another series of mischief-like problems and some relatives and me are being blamed, and we can all see that it isn't us
Now focus on the mischief-makers, because it isn't us.

How centralized and controlled do you think all these internet communication pathways are, and how effectively controlled for the sake of the patently niggerkike agenda do you think all these "internet movements" are?

Finally a good thread. Keep up the awesome work.

But I think "it" makes a point. If things are basically as is thought, then the real question in this current "internet context" is whether or not the control of the internet vis-a-vis this "movement" is in the hands of them or not, and the friends and enemies list is NOT an invalid issue. If all it really IS is a honeypot with persistent, structural MIMA (man in the middle attack) that cannot be circumvented by those not in control of the essential nodes of control (like fusion centers), then "you" may never get "this", but you "might" get a version of something like something like this, if "they" allow you. And "you" would never be able to confirm "this" to "me" unless that also were allowed. Why would this not be the case, knowing how perniciously deceptive, conniving, and technologically bolstered "the opposition" is?

Alright, never mind all this crap, I'm presuming tightly controlled internet pathways anyway. So will some CIA-controlled/Mossad-kike type of person at least help me with a logic problem I'm working on? I assume you are educated and have a High IQ, right?

Okay, then go shoot a bunch of kikes in a synagogue. If that's the only thing you can do that isn't secretly compromised by the jews, then you have an obligation to do it. Get going, nigger. I expect to see you on the news tomorrow.

What you have to get your case officers permission to engage? I mean do you have no talent on staff ready to hand? Oh, I see. Okay, any White Aryan types with a High IQ got a minute? We can share the precious qualification of superiority and tackle this logic problem together! And if you solve it first and don't cheat, then I'll call you superior and reveal my race and supposed IQ, to boot!

Attached: really makes you think.jpg (1280x720, 145.03K)

You really aren't very clever, are you? I mean, it is possible you are clever, but they keep filtering "you" out of anyone's interactions with you, leaving your "echo" to seem dull and simplistic. OR, you are actively the agent on "this" end of that hypothetical MIMA'd interaction, and you are uncleverly trying to make me think someone I've never interacted with, who has never interacted with me, thinks I am… "niggerkike".

You see, this crap works on most people, but not on me. I think you should just go ahead and get your troll-facility handler to the terminal and let him show you how it is done.

Oh I see. Ya'll are busy trying to figure out how to "interact" the other end of this and me simultaneously. Trying to "sculpt" the "MIMA-interaction" and such. So you are concentrating on that and therefore cannot create any content, just like an "NPC" would act, especially when it is trying to meet some objective extraneous to a shared experience like genuine communication.

Filtered for being an asshurt schizoid faggot.

You guys will never fit in here. Ever.

Attached: jewish-masterrace-kid.jpg (650x503, 71.14K)

This confirms to me that this is in fact merely an electronic salon that "migrates" many online persons into a sort of "entrapment/phishing" scheme, not unlike what the internet as a whole is more or less capable of doing, and yet here there are more stringent and rather strangely regimented protocols in place. It is transparent to me. And not a soul is trying to do ANYTHING to disconfirm this, which would have happened by now in a natural and open "anything goes" sort of communication environment. While most who ever encounter such things as this will be deluded probably until their dying day if this is never exposed, I am not one of them. You are my moral and intellectual bitch. And I suspect that you are, in fact, a "niggerkike" as you put it.

Youv'e got serious problems with attempting full on ballistic projection. How is that supposed to work again?

Attached: totenkek.png (830x1000, 98.25K)

No, I'm sure I'm not asshurt, nor "schizoid faggot", but I'm sure that this entire website is controlled by such, and your world of controlled opposition dynamics is going to implode soon enough.

Who me? I'm not angry in the slightest nor am I Generation Identity. Are you using another sock puppet after "filtering" me?

Did one of the stray voices in your head distract you?

Attached: 1443731152064.jpg (527x735, 114.66K)

I solved that logic problem already while I was studying the manipulation dynamics of this website and its various agents and entities. Pretty pathetic if this is what it takes to protect a bunch of parasites from the Justice they deserve, which is simply to be exposed for what they really are to a public all-too "filtered" by said parasites. Shalom and Happy Hannukuh. :D

All of these posts but you only needed one line.

Attached: c80d8c6fc2d4b9c09992f214f60ca1a2a2157621.jpg (534x720, 52.56K)

Well, i'ts just funny you see, I study things. And on no other thread, at no other time, have I received so much attention… and the topic I brought up was incidental to the discussion already taking place, by the "you're just a bunch of niggerkikes with a fake internet movement going nowhere cuz honeytrap" type of comments. Soooo.. I simply made some points relevant to the issue, and received zero intelligent replies and a lot of kvetching, sooooo… I figure it must have been a sensitive subject.

So, who cares how many posts or how many lines, each line was a self-contained response to a different post, and so it was as economic as it should be. Anyway, if this is a "shill thread" as some seem to think, how could it possibly matter how many posts someone with my superior intelligence and valuable input makes? The more the better. If you want to "talk down" to someone (with or without sock puppet, with or without segregated echo chambers for that purpose), then it makes you look sort of "uneconomical", unless you are, alas, just another puppet.

No, I refuse to believe that the world is this stupid. A lot of people suspect or even know, or else a lot of genuine content would never have reached this site. But this site IS controlled, tightly and poorly. It is full of shit in terms of its ACTUAL value for direct communication, but still good for finding content, though probably not as safe or desirable for posting content, since the point of a honeytrap is build up dossiers on someone etc. Okay, fuck you and good night, faggot nigger kikes.


You mean as you posted earlier and then attempted to reinforce via an ID switch and samefagging? You aren't good at this.

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Man you guys really suck at this. You just keep restating your same bullshit and keep insisting on your weak premises, and even just make shit up on the fly, like changing IDs. Wow. You really are pathetic.

Glow on, my kinky haired nigga.

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Are you shitting me? This is best you guys got? Call anyone who is "not you" a jew, a slider, a CIA etc etc, based on POST RATES? All I'm getting is shit from your diarrhetic ass mouths (typically kikish) so all I can do is rebut utter bullshit that sounds like a troll factory of retards slapped it together with their greasy scalps. What do you want from me? Kvetch kvetch kvetch. I said good night and you opened your bullshit up again. Waaaah waaah. I mean, nobody comes here to interact with CIA agents and Mossad agents and shills and assets but just those types of entities, so why the hell shouldn't someone post and do whatever the hell they want. You do this because YOU ARE WEAK. You know it and I know it. You have a temporary advantage in terms of initiative and information asymmetry, but do you really think the Cosmos needs more parasites in it? The time for this realm and its "chosen" dunkopfs is pretty much over. Get used to it. I'm not going to pretend with you that you aren't doing the things you and I both know you are doing. That's like taxing me to borrow my own money.

oh hey it's schizoposter.
Kind of funny that I've never seen you before that chem thread and suddenly you're in every thread on this website. You must post like 24/7.

It's funny watching all the niggercattle though isn't it. Your superior niggerbrain sees right through all these niggerkike lies doesn't it ? You can see the green ray can't you.

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Referring to that IRA thread I understand why organizations are weak because the higher ups will almost always be corrupted, smaller cells that break up the order and function almost completely independent make more sense

Attached: Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.png (2790x9886, 1.62M)

not only that
go one step further even and never organize
lone wolf only

Altright is part of the Jewish shills that hijack the white pro advocacy. Altright moviment has all the symptoms that are characteristic of Jewish subversion in the pro white cause:

_ Islamohesteria: Make the goy hate those whom the Jews have as an enemy, ie: islamic;

Blame everyone for the problems created by the Jews: Jews created and promoted poisonous ideologies that alienated women (feminism), whites (progressism), blacks (victimism) and who are destroying white nations. But according to altright, you do not should blame the Jews, but rather those that the Jews alienated.

_Promove fake Zionist controlled false messiah / opposition: trump, ukip, FN, Pegida, Putin etc.
Trump HAS NOT FULFILLED THE PROMISE: The wars for Israel continue; Intrusion in foreign countries continues; he did not drain the swamp; Hillary was not arrested; has not deported and will not deport the 50,000,000 illegal; the wall will not be built; the false refugees continue to enter (trump has already received more Syrian refugees who abama); anti-white laws (positive discrimination) continue to be promoted and funded by government / or government-related entities.

_Promove and collaborate with other movements and sites controlled by Jews: "dailystormer", "Aryan Radio", Millenawoes, altrigth ", counter-jihadism etc.

_Promove the distortion of the concept of white race so that Jews, who pretend to be goys, are considered white and can infiltrate movement. Promotes the Jewish phenotype as white.

_Promove hollywood Nazism: Prevent the debate about Jewish supremacism from becoming mainstream by associating it with the (FALSE) primary racist type of skinheads and dailystormer.

Attached: 1527922306461.jpg (1024x735, 89.11K)

Dailystormer was just Zig Forums rip offs posted in newspaper form, with jewish anti-family subversion thrown in, tbh.

And exactly like leftists they are incapable of making an actual retort despite claiming to be oh so smart.

If you see someone go on about "larping Nazis", it's the schizo nigger from KC.

Radio Aryan isn't bad. The name is a little spergy, but aside from that, they do good work.

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if pro-whites succeed, Israel-politically-die!

if true nationalists came to power in Europe, Israel had lost allies and won enemies.

Attached: LiveLeak-dot-com-DACT_HKXoAAlKvv_1542157961.jpg (720x591, 32K)

Well, let’s see. We know for a fact that Anglin used to publish Joshua Goldberg, and we now know that not only is Goldberg Jewish, but he’s anti-white (and anti-Muslim) and his fake personas were being publicized by Rita Katz of SITE Intel as both an “anti-semite neo-nazi” as well as a “radical anti-semite ISIS terrorist.”

There’s the fact that Anglin was a full on philo-semite and anti-white and within 2 months decided to go “full fascist.”

there mike enoch , TheRightStuff jumps to defend Anglin and the (((Daily Stormer))) when they are criticized. They call themselves “sister sites” and do fundraisers together. (((Daily Stormer))) is for the young kids and the lower IQ, while TRS is for 20s/30s and people who went to college.
But they are part of the same team: fake “Nazis,” trolls that attack anyone who won’t pretend to be “hardcore” – and of course, both are run by Jews (like Andrew “weev” Aureinheimer and Enoch himself) or people who are awfully close to Jews.

There’s “weev” – whatever exactly that is supposed to be
weev is Anglin’s main man. He moves, talks, looks and acts jewish. Auernheim is a jewish name. Hewrote this before going to prison (from which he managed to get out veeery early…): “Any attempt to brand me an anti-Semite is idiotic. I have no problem with any person solely because of their Semitic descent. Take a look at my last name, “Auernheimer”. Think about the likely origins of this name for a second. Even a quick Google reveals its origins. The most famous Auernheimer of history, journalist and author Raoul Auernheimer, had his way boughtfrom the fires of Dachau by his uncle, Theodore Herzl himself. Come on, I have curly hair and brown eyes here. The claim many“journalists” are making that I am some sort of Nazi is preposterous, but I suppose you have to resort to ad hominem when the public overwhelmingly supported me on the basis of the facts of the case.”

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a jew from germany

There Scott rhodes (real name :Scott platek) .
Platek was busted leaving flyers promoting the DailyStormer at high schools and parking lots.

"Platek" is a jew surname.

Scott platek also paid for the (((Patrick Little))) robocall in an attempt to spread Little’s brand.

Attached: little-rhodes-maymay.jpg (740x762, 132.67K)

you are batting 1.000 brother and these kikes, who say a whole lot of absolutely nothing prove it, Gott mit dir

Your pic related needs to be smeared in the faces of every "Christian" and littering churches the nation over to drive home just how cuck'd these LARP's have become. They're not concerned with doing for the Orthodoxy in the M.E. It's too hard and can't be accomplished on a Walmart scooter

ever spent any time around kikes, moarpheus? anti-semitism is a natural reaction to their behavior. it's impossible to know jews, or know abou jews, and not hate jews.

They're called votingnigger cultists, OP.

Nothing can stop the final solution of revelations. The lake of fire calls for them.

Kill yourself yid.



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The term is votecuck

Isn't paul watson a fag?


Oh, so strong, you people who have to hate. Soooo strong. So prosperous. Enjoy your stagnation…

There's more likely to be a nuclear war than a pogrom against Jews.

Who said anything about hatred here?
Exterminating the kikes is fufilling the duty to humanity.

Attached: 7cd17dc5e85efe0a8a756120edd05d5767e4e86f4f2af9e01ebc9581762b8b6c.png (634x727 1.2 MB, 65.86K)

There's nothing wrong with hatred, it's a valid emotion. The jews have spent a lot of effort trying to make society think that the emotion of hatred is evil and anyone who has that emotion is mentally ill and must be rejected from society.

Hatred is natural, just as much as love is natural. God hates many things, and to hate the things that God hates is to walk in righteousness.

Seriously, with so many goyim knowing now, they are going to be the primary ones blamed for World War 3.


Attached: LiveLeak-dot-com-CzPvJ40XUAAsgBW_1542158258.jpg (1024x1024, 147.63K)

I sense and directly perceive a profound improvement in the focus of the propaganda, which is a direct evidence of an actual and well-realized improvement in the content of the zeitgeist which has promulgated it. It is a veridical opposition to the false-dualism that it directly opposes.

In reality, it is Gaza everywhere, they have simply compartmentalized the propaganda and other information flows and Skinner's Box conditioning so as to make it hard to perceive due to all manner of ethical and cognitive dissonance. Therefore, erode that, and this meaningful propaganda will gain traction, and not only that, but in direct proportion to its truthfulness rather than in inverse proportion.

I'm not always in the same location, and sometimes I have to restart the wifi connection. Anyway, I've filtered you and the other shill, so you'll have to "nigger assemble new niggerpuppets."

Filter all you want, bitch ass. I'm not here for your approval or anyone else's. If they can't see you are a shithead and shill, that's their failure, not mine. Everyone knows that only the shills do what you do, and never produce anything substantive. You seem childish.

By the way, just one more thing. When I filter out all the shitheads calling me this and that, the thread looks a hell of a lot better. What a cohencidence..

Remember "He cries out in pain as he strikes at you". May as well add "He calls you butthurt and schizoid while he attacks with schizoid butthurt".

hand rubbing intensifies

schizo generation identity pleb back to bump the thread some more



Great post OP.

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how can people look at this mischling thot and not see that they're being taken for a (((ride)))

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Tweet about family escaping along with last name being Simonsen confirms her Jew status. I even jerked off to her once. FML.

where can you read them?


Theres a video of a bar full of Generation Identitaire guys chanting "kill the marxists and the capitalist jews"

they're going to kill their own leaders?



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just looking for the get

Fuck off sperg.

I wonder why so many ____ post on Zig Forums these days.

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