Zig Forums goal of 2019: deconstructing blackness

To give context on what I’m about to say, let’s see how a familiar country uses a classification for this:

We need a similar classification for light-skinned “blacks” here in America and, increasingly, for 56%ers. Obviously we won’t get the government to put this into practice, which is why it should be our goal to, if anything, troll the fuck out of niggers and their white allies by reminding them that mixed “blacks” aren’t really black. Even most black nationalists would agree with this and if you guys snoop around black Twitter to see what those apes are up to, they HATE the fact that mixed race “blacks” are glamorized more often in pop culture.

Tl;dr blacks who are any shade lighter than Robert Mugabe or Leslie Jones aren’t black and we should definitely make good use of this as a troll. This thread will be for the dissemination of memes that we can then post elsewhere.

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biblebelievers.org.au/przion3.htm#PROTOCOL No. 5

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So no contributing towards my idea, no critiquing, just saging and accusing me of being a mod?

Just meme them to take DNA test since a lot will found they are part White. Most of them will lowkey start worshiping and identifying with White things like every black person does when they found they are part White. They start thinking themselves as better then other blacks because dey white man now and go full uncle tom. Also american blacks call them lightskins instead of coloured and they are seen a pretty boys an soft because they steal dark skins girls.

Yeah, the SA classification would fail in America. We could definitely meme this to the point where they’ll start taking DNA tests tbh. That would make for one massive shitshow.

Why do you need to post a niggers cunt in the OP though.

It’s not NSFW, though.

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call them something like "part white." The fact that they've got white blood will be annoying since it lessens their victim status and suggests their privilege. The fact that they're only part–but not completely–white will be annoying since it deprives them of a complete identity. As if they tried to be white but came up short.

But something better than "part white." It should include the word "white" at least. Half white, semi-white. I'm sure there's a more clever term someone can think of.

There were historical terms for this ie mulatto, quadroon, etc. but not all of the light skins are 50% or 25% black. I’m sure a good name will pop up.

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Okay this is actually good.

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Holy fuck, some of the shills aren’t even trying anymore.

Daily reminder to bleach those nigger wombs before the ghetto thugs can.
Mixed niglets are much less violent or likely to joining gangs or commit crimes than full blooded nigs, that are guaranteed to be a drain on society.
You don't have to marry them, lads, just SEED them.

Some of them are there is some negro Tribal test which is just a shitty version of ancestry's DNA test the blm niggers were taking. Otherwise I would say a "roots" campaign that says if you're not at least 70% black you're a mutt whos "raceless".

A non-white is still a non-white you stupid nigger.

Would be great if we can devise a way to get blacks to mass take DNA tests..

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This should be pretty easy to be honest, lots of black men are already obsessed with 'light skinned girls' and theres a phenomena to bleach your skin and stuff. There's a very real hierarchy in the black community based on white admixture, and there's lots of bitter blacks who are jealous and resentful.
The whole black community is crab bucket envious mentality.

why not both?

one drop nigger blood = nigger

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if so can we

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So you be sayan’ ,we wuz black jews n shiet

This is why I’m surprised as to how another user hadn’t come up with this idea. Like I said in OP, black nationalists don’t like light skins. It’s a win-win for both us and them, + the shitstorm that would ensue if we could do with this what David Wu did with thot audit.

High yellers

I actually did not know of this term. Thanks, user.

Come the fuck on anons, are you really all this stupid?

We already have a classification. Light skinned. Also dark skinned. Also mixed. Blacks use those terms all the time and give each other serious shit over it, most White people just don't pay attention to how much it matters to them. If you want to D&C use their own language ffs.

If you're too dark you feel like you're not good enough and you'll get bullied for that reason. If you're too light they'll say you're stuck up and you probably had slaves, and you'll probably respond by telling them they're just mad they look like a Nigerian or some shit.

Someone posted a video recently of two YouTube niggers listening to a moonman song someone made about them, and one of them only gets half the bullets bc he's half black. If you know the video watch it again and notice that from everything that was said, that line got the biggest reaction. BTFO so bad they had to edit part of it out.

This is not that complicated.

You have the link to that video?

Send in your DNA for a chance to win a weave.

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And mixed whites aren't white, either. What's your point?

Hopped IPs already?

you are both wrong, this belongs in /zoo/


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calling niggers white. as an insult. behold! the absolute state of Zig Forums.

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thats easy. Convince them to split from the dems and make a new party to ensure their future is free of manipulations and rule from predominately white(in terms of internal power structure) parties.

I’m being informed that there are a lot of (1) and done kike bots and shills on this thread. Aborting.

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Make something in the spirit of this…

user, nogs already do this to each other. Never heard them refer to each other as "light skinned" or "dark skinned" before, have you? In arguments if they arent the same shade they'll attack each other on that as well, equating the light skin with whiteness and not being black and being a pussy or punk or something.. whereas the dark skinned will be attacked as being niggers and nigger like and worthless

They already do this shit to themselves

Oi Cuz iz wot ur sayin iz dat wez needz ta maek doez fukin half caste fake noongaz fuckin a social outkast soz datz wez abos remain a pure race since a jewz is tryina getz uz extinkt
I'z likez diz, I'z likez diz a lot

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Well cuz iz iz a (2) noa wat uz gottaz az sayz abbat dat woight cahnt

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The 'Z' is not a letter in the UNNA language. You are one of those half cast boong/Jews.

Oi cahnt uz iz da woight cahnt sinze if you'd truely kno UNNA kulta den ye'd Kno dat deyz istonnes o dem UNNA klans around from da Noonga to the Ngunwalls n all dat n deyz all ave differents languagez
Honestly my Aborginal posting is the same as my Ork Posting so it all blends into one

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You need to refine the art, UNNA is an eternal tradition back to dreamtime. You can't learn it overnight. Learn to crawl with the goanna before you walk with the emu. Don't even think of flying with the brolga, you are not ready.

I see what you did there

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Fuck off mate, those white cunts claiming to be true koori's are just doing it so they can claim cenno benefits. One drop does not give them connection to land.


Don't call mongrels white but do refer to them as coloured or light skinned. There's already a divide among the black community. They instinctively seek out products to straighten their hair and lighten their skin. They also worship light skinned negros, however there's a new trend among the mongrels too–a blacker than thou societal contagion where they claim to be less privileged than each other because of skin color. The cracks are there, exploit it to cause a divide.

Not only do they do this shit to themselves, they do this shit to themselves to the point where leaders of black communities often tell them to knock it off so that they can unite against the white.

The op here is like asking us to turn every water molecule wet. We've already won, even before we started.

One drop of animal/chimpanzee blood makes them niggers who can NEVER BE EUROPEAN OR ARYAN.

Report and sage.

Anything with a gorilla nose isn't human.

are they niggers? because we're talking about nggers

Real black fullas.

Every womb needs to be invaded by the holy Aryan seed

This sort of thinking led to the horror that is brazil.
Even their fascist movement in the 30s (integralism) promoted that sort of shit.

I don’t blame them.

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Black already do this to themselves.

"high yella" or "high yellow" has been around forever.
They also distinguish each other on the basis of their hair.
Blacks hate each other so much, they just pretend to hate whites (and mexicans) only
I appreciate you making this thread, but come on man you are either very young or not from America

All these muh dik posts

OP of this thread rage quit.

Is nothing new to America:

Imagine being attracted to that. Imagine wanting to fuck that. At least furries and bronies can't breed and create abominations with their 2d faggotry.

There was never a program of "racial whitening" here like there was in brazil.
There is quite a difference from the actions of individual people to mix with blacks, and then try to get them trained in stuff etc. and a governmental policy to make blacks into whites through dicking.

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Hi, Zig Forums. Not even trying to fit in, I see. Just being a shitter.

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It's called 'colorism' and CNN did a story on it more than a decade ago you retard

Found it…

The key is follow through. You said the campaign started in the 1930s and it hasn't even been 100 years yet. These things take time, user. You need at least 5 bleaching cycles before all the nigger genes are weeded out.

They're both equally shit. One of them just got the gene lottery that made them a baked turd than regular turd color.

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Basically, only White males should be allowed to breed with all the world's females, regardless of their race. In 500 years, the Earth would be an all-White advanced utopia paradise, ready to spend eternity colonizing the stars.

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we can use castizo and mestizo too, but apply that to spics and their halfbreeds. We must divide and conquer the shitskins. Also, we need to start using mischling too.

how exactly would that be possible when everybody now has less iq due to whites breading with muds
no, it would be a muddy color
unless you only breed in 1 black every 5 or so generations to mix them in while staying white. but then whats the fucking point it would take 10million years. just sterilize shitskins, there problem solved in under 100 years. or if you want be nice implement a one child maximum. there, problem solved in like 200 years


Brilliant. Love it.

I'm gonna breed that dark chocolate and prove you wrong.
#bleached #colonized #makeamericawhiteagain

It can happen in seconds if all nonwhites drop dead

This sounds like a kike program to destroy the other races. Like something straight out of The Protocols
biblebelievers.org.au/przion3.htm#PROTOCOL No. 5

OP is a kike exploiting this.

Here's the black bitch I'm currently breeding:

You're advocating for further "normalization" of racemixing.
We need more sharp distinction between racial groups, not more "blurring."
Racemixing is genocide.

Racemixing is genocide.

The demonization of White people is one of the forces that is fueling the rising tide of Nationalism. Dilution of the meaning of the terms "White" or "White race" is counterproductive.
Mulattos are black.


That is exactly what you are doing.
"Deconstructing race" implies that race is not real.
It is real. It is genetics. It massively affects everything, including intelligence and behavior.
The White race is a genetically distinct population group with multiple distinct sub-groups. Anything that causes that distinctiveness to be lost is genocide.
Racemixing is genocide.

Brazil. Mexico.
The results of what you describe are very much known. And horrible.

And they are all trying to tear down White people.

And what is the point?

Reminder that after the haitians mass murdered the White colonists (haiti revolution 1791 to 1804) they went on to mass murder the "coloured" mixed race blacks. Those mixed blacks who escaped the slaughter went on to found the Dominican Republic. This phenomenon has been observed multiple places during black civil wars and revolutions. The darker blacks murder the lighter skinned blacks leaving behind the dumbest, most violent kangs. Crabs in a bucket, indeed.

The risk is reinforcing the (((narrative))) of "race doesn't matter!!!!" They will try to claim that everyone is mixed race and it's all a "social construct and we are all the same." They do this already, but this sort of "fracture point" would be used as yet another avenue of attack on genetic race and pure race people.

Racemixing is genocide.
Any White person who creates mixed children is a traitor to his or her ancestors and Volk.

Just like India, right?
Just like Mexico?
Race mixing is genocide.
Race denial is genocide.

Yes they are.
Mulattos are black.

Race mixing is genocide.
You are advocating for White genocide, regardless of your claims.
Mexico, Dominican Republic, and the shittier parts of Brazil are the outcome of your bullshit.
White x White = Right
White x anything else = Wrong

Reminder that christianity is one of, if not the, single most powerful cultural forces advocating for White genocide. They have been teaching Whites by the billions for over a hundred years that "we are all god's children and all are one under Jesus." Christian groups have led the charge in bringing "food aid" and "medical aid" to backwards shitholes hull of low-IQ black and brown peoples so that their population could explode into an army now invading White countries.
"Diversity" is genocide.
Globalism is genocide.
All abrahamic religions are poison and none of them are White.
Stopping White genocide is morally imperative for every White person.

What could be more cruel to a child than damning them to corrupted genetics?

The only thing they hate more than white people, is each other. I mean they have a seething disdain for each other if you ever pay attention.

What happens the second they get into even the smallest of arguments? Suddenly the other person isnt a "nigga" they're a nigger and its absolutely meant to offend them, everything about them is subject to ridicule and disdain, their income, their relationship partners, their hair, their skin, their teeth, their clothes, their car, the smell of their breath, their sexual prowess including the size of their dicks and the smell and/or looseness of their vaginas, their criminal record, and on and on and on.

I mean, really listen to them get into an argument sometime, its insane, there is no such thing as a "low blow" when it comes to an argument between them. Which just reaffirms my statement that, the only thing they hate more than white people, is each other.

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