Tradionalist crutique of modern film and TV adult and children

Why Is there not a jewtube channel or any other platform to put certain films in a traditionalist light and critique them for the Marxist bullshit they are surely we can awaken some normies by pointing out the Marxist bullshit

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Yes fascist film review is what I'm saying but in normie terms

there's a radio show on (((trs))) called the poz button that sounds like what you're looking for.
it's actually very good

You do the parentheses but consume it anyway? Good goy.

There is a major lacking of philosophical discuss within the right wing movement. We've got a lot of people speculating, a lot of shit posters, and a lot of e-celebs jerking each other off. It is irritating that nobody is breaking down the meta philosophical differences between different views and reaffirming their values. This is a major thing. Everybody says they're apart of a movement, but they don't understand the historical or philosophical playing field.

i didnt know one could circle jerk himself off
that's quite the show of dedication

As someone who idly deconstructs commercials whenever with friends watching tv i do enjoy pointing out the layers of social programming.

My favorite lately is pointing out the recent Verizon commercial which is embedded. Notice the comments already being disabled.

In this commercial we have your knowledgable sales Jew coming upon a single mother (no father present, there for it must be inferred in every commercial like this) with her blonde child. Throughout this short commercial, our adult Jew goes through his pitch, but is not having a conversation with the mother, instead bypassing her directly and only speaking to the child. (This is a very clear normalization of adults talking to children and circumventing the protective barrier of parents.) The cherry on top is the ending, where our adult Jew is bold enough to reach into the popcorn bag of the child, going past the mother standing inbetween, but behind, the adult Jew and blonde child. This is the ONLY point where the mother protests, but its done jokingly by the commercial to reinforce how they want this seen as a nonchalant depiction of an act between an ADULT and NON-CONSENTING CHILD which mimics pedophilic contact.

Everyone i have pointed this out to in real life has been immensely disgusted even without pointing out the Jew. Every time they witness it, my deconstruction of this material reinforces itself and the sickness builds.

Oh, as a bonus: In the condensed version of this commerical THE MOTHER DOESN'T EVEN TALK.

If this is the type of content people want, I would consider working on this as a project in the New Year.

How about redpilling normies about movies and television by refusing to speak to any normie who watches movies and television because they are fucking NPCs and are beyond all hope of saving?

I don't like interacting with people because they are usually full of shit. At least children still have some sincerity left in them. If you call me a pedo for that I'd… react strongly if it were in person. But this behavior is called commercial behavior. And, o fuck it, there's just a fucking CIA Kiketard doing a MIMA on every fucking comment on this god damned site and there is no way to "e-Pill" the rest of you because that is the most guarded secret of this motherfucking information system and for all I know you know about it but have never gotten a response ACROSS the internet concerning unless it is controlled by the.. What's the use.

I didn't read anything you said but I noticed that whore has no tits.

Picking apart, criticizing, and planting seeds of what is distasteful in the content your norms consume from afar is the way to go. Pointing out subtext, nonverbal communication, and the pedophilia push will make the norm choose to stop consuming, which is the most effective and long lasting change.

I'm not going to sling shit at you for being more comfortable talking to children than adults, but I'm not going to dive into your vague statements and half hearted use of ellipsies and your end of "What's the use." You may as well not have posted.

1) your picture is of a jew with a noise job (if you dont know this you are ignorant and should lurk 2 years)
2)its called youtube and /pol … you can do all that stuff there and here, no one is stopping you retard

You son of a bitch., No Jew bastard or biotch has ever had a nose job. Fucking white racist shit. You made that up…

what about the fucking state farm commericals with Aaron Rodgers. Its very subtle but strangely poignant.

1) Aaron rodgers white guy customer
2) Black trusty sales man plays the calm smart guy (but he barely talks the entire commerical)
3) Goofy white man enters with retarded comments
4) Aaron Rodgers plays the strait man

The archi-types in this commercial are clear especially with the fact that the black dude is not even necessary for the commercial but he still in some ways plays a main character.

there should be some kind of game show on one of those eceleb right wing roundtables where they play "what are they programming".

you play one half of the commerical … then everyone guesses then you play the other half

lightening round is when the hosts describes the commerical and the last two contestants have to guess the brand, maybe with a hint of what the brand makes.

only if you promise to become an eceleb and eventually start dressing like a girl

im on the fence about your idea. it's a good idea because it would be effective at recruiting and converting normiefags. and it's approachable, since everyone can relate to being a passive consumer forced to watch brainwashing Content created by kike hives on Madison Avenue. as opposed to Zig Forums being unapproachable unless your power level is already very high, because becoming an Esoteric Hitlerist takes years of (((noticing patterns))) leading you to the private study of arcane and taboo topics that are censored in most Content, which requires you to excel at searching for and finding citations. that is a process that comes naturally only to Autists, which is why we have an unusual high number of spergs among our ranks.

as for the bad parts of your idea, nobody should be consuming Content from the Electric Jew anyways, so what is there to Critique? turn off the kike's mind control and ignore their movies and TV because they are irrelevant time sinks that take away from your time spent on self improvement.

but if your idea was done in a fully blown and sustained manner, with several hours of critique per week, i could see it becoming a real thorn in Jewgle's side. the last thing Jewgle wants is for millions of viewers to deconstruct the advetisements themselves. Jewgle's customers would go ape shit over their ads becoming counter propaganda for the alt-right. Verizon would shit bricks over videos saying they subliminally promote Pizzagate using NLP techniques and cues. Verizon would demand Jewgle ban accounts that critique Jewgle's ads. and that would be a Happening that would make news headlines and give Jewgle a black eye in the public opinion.

overall, your idea is good enough that you should do it. just don't become an e-celeb grubbing for shekels yourself.

i agree you would like the poz button
borzoi, the host, is a smart, likeable guy

There are a lot of sites.

Every show on TV in the states is infested with niggers, nigger loving race mixers, lesbians, faggots and kids dressed up like prostitutes. Take a look at everything the CW produces. Every super hero show has everything I just stated. Supergirl, for example. Supergirl herself was race mixing with nigger Jimmy Olsen. Then her sister is a lesbian. The Flash… Barry married a nigger. Every show on the CW has some form of nigger loving, lesbian, faggotry on it and the corrupt the superheroes of our youth to brainwash the youth of today into thinking that being a faggot will save the world as we know it. Don't believe that is a story line? Watch the last Legends of Tomorrow. Constantine had to makeup with and kiss his nigger, faggot lover, in order to save the world.

Have you found a show featuring a lesbian race mixed couple of kids dressed like prostitutes?

You mean like this? Vigilant Citizen is a good one, but because of the occult many are just going to roll their eyes and ignore it.

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What, you don’t spend hours with your auto insurance agent on the weekend? Wtf is wrong with you?

I vaguely remember a site called commonsensemedia, but it was just typical Bush-era boomer christfag movie/tv reviews/parental warnings basically.

Even cooking shows are infested with this bullshit. Fucking commercials are 100% race-mixing and faggotry.

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There is absolutely nothing wrong with Blade Runner 2049 and if you watch both movies (the old and the new one) you realize it's completely different and not just a reboot.

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Eine koch show

Hey I'd watch it. Heck, if I wasn't so busy these months, I'd make it. Sounds like fun on both ends.

If you want nice cooking show, view Townsend's/.

Here he is, pretty based

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simpler still, identify pozz patterns and distill into mspaint memes
once people know the stereotypical jewish tricks on tv, they'll never unsee it

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wow what a gweat qwestion that needed its own thwead

I did this the other day, but with the news. Pointing out how the media blows up a white murdering a black, then 5 minutes later showing a clip of a black prostitute who shot her customer pleading for clemency - painting it as if the nigger whore was the victim. The subtle programming of anti-white pro black. My folks jaw dropped. I am all for working on this type of content.

I have seen an influx of niggers civilized looking niggers in commercials recently that is really pissing me off because spics outnumber niggers yet you barely ever see spics in any commercials EVEN IF YOU LIVE IN MEXIFORNIA.

One day you will learn that natsoc is the only way.

Probably because of the language barrier. Pic related. Every. Fucking. Time.

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Jews jesus christ.

I think they're trying to infer that the cuck is dating the mother, thus being 'cute' with the kid for cuck points.

Oh, and I don't know about you anons, but one of my early redpills about all (((advertising))) came from pic related.

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I thought that last planet of the nogs was pretty alright.

This one's okay.

Democritization of the arts was a mistake, instead of auteur made films where the main creative componant came from the director, it is now democratically the writers (multiple and diverse) who make cliche and indoctrinating shit .

TV is degenerate
Sitting on your ass watching other people do things
Being (((entertained)))
You would be better off DOING SOMETHING
Not sat there like a slug passively absorbing psychic poz

There is:

Enjoy before it is banned.


Perhaps not in America. In Europe there are plenty of writers and publications that get into that deeper side of things. Of course, not everyone understands or appreciates the intellectualism and are much more about seeking belonging at a low level and bein' 'ard.

Isn't he in a noise cancelling headphones commercial where everyone in the stadium disappears and only a young girl is left? I think it's supposed to be his daughter but I don't think she could have come out of his boyufriend's asshole

John Wick 2 is the only one on the list I saw and I didn't see the first one. I would have watched Logan but too many young boy's assholes were harmed in the making of that film.