Hungay's Slave Law

Why is there no thread about this?
Seems like the V4 also has its inner turmoil.




Could this all be a d&c-style dezinformatsiya campaign against the EU and US to strengthen russian positions? Remember the agency.[3]






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It's called being a salaried, fulltime employee.

This tbh. Salaries are for chumps. Wages are the better choice, you put in time you get paid for it. My company has a really hard time getting people to move from unionized to management positions since everyone knows they'll be working even more hours in management but won't be making lots of money for it.

This is not the US we're talking about, and even if it were, it's a shit situation which you should be against.

Watch Zig Forums applaud the steppe niggers out of principle alon. No sense of perspective.

Two words: EU austerity.

Orban does not want to leave the EU so he has to abide by at least some of their rules, regulations or demands.

Weimerica already has worse laws tbh why should Zig Forums give a shit about muh slave labor when most Americans work probably 1000 free hours a year?

Really? Muh Russia?
Fuck you fags are boring.
Also the EU and the US are not on the same side.
We are not allies in any way.
America occupied continental Europe after WW2 and haven't left ever since.
If there would be a european spring it would be against america and NATO.

Here in Hungary young people are all going west to work because this country is a shithole.
So there is a huge demand for labour.
These retards decided to raise the working hours to counter this instead of encouraging to raise the wages.

kys identity cuck

Fuck off faggot, this government is just corrupt as shit.
The entire economy is built up for foreign investors to bring their industry here because we work a lot more for a lot less.

Nice attempt in a subtle way to start a d&c on the EU vs US again.
Here, anything that helps us white people against the jews or their treatment is #1 priority, not which country is more important.

Was this an Orban initiative or the EUkikes pushing it?

Only the most brainless of NPCs would be pro-EU at this point.

Yeah Orban is a globalist. If he were a nationalist Hungary would be leaving the EU.

Sadly, there's still quite the number of them around, and they happen to be extremely loud.

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Any HUbro in possession of this knowledge?

This is either a bot or a stupid person. Orban's been slowly but steadily putting distance between his country and the EU.

Where did the true strategists go? I've also noticed this increase circlejerkery without any recent quality content.

The law has been lobbied for by the Western companies in Hungary, who sponsor the ruling "based" FIDESZ party.

Fun fact: as a result of 20 years of (((neoliberal economic policy))) that Orbán himself has been enforcing, over 80% of Hungary's capital is foreign-owned. International companies enjoy preferential treatment and tax immunities over local ones, and then send the extra profit abroad despite agreements to invest it locally.

It's called "political communication", user. You must be very unfamiliar with how representative democracy works.

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That sounds like basically every other western country. What solutions are the protesters proposing? Who is going to fix the problem?

Because it fucks with the narrative they were trying to make about Orban not being a kike shill faggot.
How can they have a right-left intra-european conflict without a fau-nationalism right-wing side?

Don't group me in with that subhuman.
There are no good shabbos for Zionists.

Then again, given how weird this OP looks, might also have to do with last image. Or last image is damage control to do with first two.

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Hunfag here, the EU kikes weren't in it openly. Not sure what happened behind curtains, chances are some German company demanded it.

Labour market is fucked here, and employers know this. They demand more overtime and chances are the worker goes away.


Is there a single world leader who doesn't go pray to Hadrian [the Roman Gods] anymore?

This final world empire was absolutely atrocious.

IKR this chaps my ass pretty hard because it has almost been impossible to extricate (up to this point; thank GOD for DNA) the germans from the Germans.

No, every world leader goes to pray at the Jewish wall to the Jewish "god", or whatever the hell that thing actually is.

Its the same all over. The Spaniards and Italians have their own Sephardi menace able to move amongst them, the British and French have their own equivalents, its a real shit show. It really is too bad the Romans didn't just manage to wipe them out, or at least drive them far enough into Asia that they never came back.

I wonder who could be behind this post…

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There is no 'driving them anywhere' even the Romans were infiltrated by romans. There is only one solution, a biological weapon that exterminates them completely off the planet.

There are still White people in France?

Anti-Semitism is undemocratic and unacceptable. I am a Hungarian of Jewish origin. But I do not have a double identity. My identity is Hungarian and I have no problem with being Jewish. I never denied it and my father would hit me if I did, "says Viktor Orban.

Source (in French) :–l-infrequentable.htm

Holy crap! LMAO He is an e-celeb ALT-KIKE as well…GMO motherfucker raised from birth to 'rule over the goyim'…now I see what my ex-military acquaintance was going on about when they said that Hungary couldn't refuse refugees unless it was 'planned' and they were protected. As those of you who were paying attention to the 'chatter' on Zig Forums know that Eastern Europe is to be preserved while Western Europe was sold to the niggers by the royal kike british family for their financial malfeasance in the City of London.

Why would the east be protected tho?

Yeah German owned, are you new to international politics. Of course the Germans are the "bet noire" on the Balkan or Eastern-Europe, that is, in doubt blame Germany.
I really, really wish them well, with French, British or US investors and I can't understand why Germans would spend their money on people that hate them. In Asia are good investments too and nobody expect you to excuse you or blames you for buying there.

You have to be a retarded Aut-kikeiste Anglo or American

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>Source (in French) :–l-infrequentable.htm

is this true ? any other sources for this ?
there is no information about this on his wiki page…

but he was finances by soros to attend oxford university

I read French and this is exactly what it is written, word for word. Les Echos is a french financial newspaper with good reputation (among kikes ofc)
So "based" Orban is a kike, like Putin-Chelomova. Ukraine is also ran by the Jew.

Either, as put it:

Or the more sensible explanation, it's once again a cannon fodder buffer between spheres of influence.

The real question is why shills post their "memes" here that celebrate ZOG and denigrate other Whites. I think we all know (((why))).