Immigration Facts and Stats

Right now we get most our LEGAL immigrants from the DR of Congo, by far the rape capital of the world.
In a few years the total will increase exponentially via chain migration.

Help me dig.
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The global migration pact is legally binding.

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I thought it would be pajeets or something, at least they can do basic coding.

Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't that the country with the literally lowest IQ scores in the world?

please no more poos
we already have way too many coloreds

Indeed, but you would think that (((they))) would want at least some amount of productivity from the immigrants. Even just so they can say
or some such.
What can a 60iq Congolese do besides maybe flipping burgers or janitorial work?

what country, the US?

think that's Botswana, 54 or 56 IQ. the Kongo's the Belgian colony where they always reference that bs 7.1" self reported penis survey to reinforce the muh dik meme

Probably, all of our refugees are bottom of the barrel. The reason Congo is good for the establishment is because they're Christian and pro Israel so they won't turn on the Jews like Muslims, imo that's the true reason behind Trump's Muz ban. There's so many tricks embedded in the system to keep the Goy Mislead. I'm telling you guys corporations and Churches are every bit as bad as the Jews.

. I was reading in that Cato blog that in some trades the immigrants have driven wages down $11k lower per year.
That's why Republicans will never stop the flood. The politicians will talk about border security and the wall but not legal migration.

Asylum seekers aren't counted in the immigration totals so that's why it looks like the GOP's cutting immigration, they're not. Mike Pompeo is the top recipient of Koch bros cash.
The Koch's have some Libertarian shills trying to trick Mexicans into supporting ==Citizens United.==Nothing changes until Citizens United get overturned.

Asylum seekers and their family they bring later aren't reported in immigration totals.
Here's the numbers, Burma is the place where the Rohinya Muslims are from.

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Breaking: If the Migration Pact passes 2/3rds It looks like it may apply to the all countries int the UN incl the USA. That'll be fucked.

Yes the USA

The truth about the caravan, this was just before the Blaze was bought out. Notice his biggest surprise is the coordination w the media.

Here's Pompeo announcing the record low immigration, sounds great right. Lower in the article he says they'll focus on asylum seekers, which aren't counted in the immigration totals.

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Whites need to have kids. If you're white and not married with kids, or trying daily to get there, then you are part of the problem.

Yep and we need to look at selective breeding, college edu'd whites need to be having the most kids, not obese trailer park dum dums.

I swear i'm am this close to redpilling my mum & dad on non-white immigration. They are smart people so are there any doccos about it that aren't rhetoric heavy you'd recommend? sorry for English,

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Well here's what we were told about the 1965 immigration law. The family unification clause even tricked the cosponsors and the media never mentioned it

Ok here you go, this vid is pure pwnage. I've silenced countless Jews with it.

Here you go dude, it's critical to understand how the media uses artificially induced feelings of guilt on white people, a trait unique to us.

Start at 2 min, this is very important to know.

This is not radical enough, we need to be pushing the message of mass deportation exclusively so that people understand that it is an option.

Immigration reform is an Orweillian phrase used to trick us.

Immigration reform is change to the current immigration policy of a country. In its strict definition, reform means "to change into an improved form or condition, by amending or removing faults or abuses".[1] In the political sense, "immigration reform" may include promoted, expanded, or open immigration, as well as reduced or eliminated immigration.

In America it means more immigrants via legalizing all the illegals.

The problem with Immigration reform, at least in the US and Europe, is that the government would reform immigration policy in such a way as to increase mass immigration and make it harder in the future to change.

Until there a mass genocide of all politicians past, present, and future along with all of their families be careful about asking them to touch immigration policy because they all will increase mass immigration. They are not dumb they are malicious.

The poo in the loos were surprisingly pleasant even in the worst slums. I mean if we were forced to accept refugees who would be at the top of the list?

Friendly people?
And we give all this foreign aid to violent scum, Jews and terrorists.

It literally does not matter. Nothing is going to be done to stop this invasion. What do you expect anyone to "dig" into?

UN is a meme and does nothing because it has no power, the only thing that bill is for is virtue single.

The unknown unknowns, i bet you didn't know most refugees are from Africa.
Hey Schlomo check out the vid above, Indians are surprisingly friendly.

white south africans

also no shit they act nice while theyre being filmed

You replied to the wrong post.

What's the problem, goy?

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Anything for Israel and the corporations.
Keep voting Republican you dumb fucks.

US conducts 6 airstrikes against Somalia extremists, 62 dead

This is the country we get the second or third most refugees from, tell me our govt isn't controlled by our enemies.

Yeah dumb fucks, go whine about Mexicans, the caravan, the wall and border security while African trash pours in legally.