The future of the Right/Alt-Right

Is the alt-right the new hippies? The 60's counterculture died out, but its members retained its leftist ideals and got jobs and positions of power, in spite of anticommunist efforts.
Do you think the same will happen to us?

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Yes, in that it's an artificial (jewish) movement masquerading as something that goes against the semitic establishment.

The anti-communists were mainly just Trotskyites whose only gripe was that the communists weren't jewish enough.

Its dead jim.

The hippies and the 60's counterculture were a psyop, just as aut-kike is an attempt to shut it down because too many people are being redpilled on kikes (gee, stopping their predatory behavior for a few generations never crossed their minds).

The presence of right-wing jews in the Alt-Right is what sabotaged it from the beginning. Outlets like Rebel Media will openly oppose the spread of Islam, the ideologies of communism and its offshoots, and massive third-world immigration, but naturally oppose anti-Semitic ideals or discussion of the JQ for the simple reason that it's illogical for them to oppose themselves. The result of such activity is, ultimately, to lead its followers close to the truth and then send them down a massive detour away from it. The Alt-Kike and Alt-Light have no long term future because their methodology and structure prevent them from accomplishing anything that has to happen for globalism to die.

Imagine being dumb enough to ask this

The alt-right is full of feds, informants, Satanists, NazBols/Duginists, pedophiles, kikes, etc. ANYONE who is a namefag, be it using their real names or pseudonyms, should be viewed with skepticism and then doxed and harassed. The post-Rockwell “movement is a complete joke. Eat a bullet, OP.

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No, because the jewish mindset now is white replacement, not white brainwashing. By the time you're old enough to be in a position of political power, America will be 40% white. And that's including Persians, light-skinned Indians, and North Africans/Arabs. Also:

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pick one faggot

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Not the new hippies, but the new Weatherman/SLA for sure, only playing on the opposite side.

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good thread cuckchan retard

Alt-Right is a dumb label. If you need to label multiple groups who are pro-white, just use "pro-white" or white advocate" so that what you mean is clear.

Secondly though, whiteness itself is insufficient as an identity. Although it is an important component, it is just one of multiple. Achieving an all white society will not solve the problems of morality (sexual deviation, weak family relationships, parasitism, nihilism, etc.) we face in the modern world.

Ok, maybe "alt-right" wasn't the right description. Would pro-white/racially aware white be a better description?

Dissident right. Far right. Balk-right. Ethno-nationalists, white nationalists, anti-white genocide activists.
Shit thread.

Aut kike was a term made by an antifascist kike.

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There was no 60s "counterculture." The 60s new left was created by the CIA.

Hippies (new left) were an "anti-communist effort" dumbass.

the South isnt alt-right. the alt-right is also no longer a thing.

the future is doomsday prepping and if you are lucky, militias. Whites will never effectively unite in America, and personally im sick of fucking with most White people.

remember this post

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Nationalist or National Socialist is sufficient.

So what you're saying is that the glow-in-the-darks invented the hippies. Were the glows hoping to steal energy from communist movements by providing a more milquetoast/hedonist alternative?

Why do you think that is? Atomization?

The alt-kike is done for. Time to just do our own thing.

I suspect so. We've never really had a unifying culture. It was the case in the early days of the republic, largely British Anglo-Saxon based, but overtime it began to disintegrate. The saving grace is the most conservative pushback in the interior of the country, but even there the (((leftist))) cancer is metastasizing, albeit a bit slower.

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Yes. The 60s new left was the left-wing controlled opposition (right wing controlled op was the John Birch Society). The strategy was to create a left wing movement that would reject the USSR as "fascist," and also to discredit anti-war protests by associating them with drug use and sexual degeneracy.

Viet nam was a hell of a drug. A real masterstroke really, it turned what would have been america's strongest defenders into it's most bitter enemies, simply by setting those poor boys out there to die in a war they were meant to lose from the start.

Just say nationalist. Patriotism is not nationalism. The word nation goes beyond country, it means an ethnic people. The Country of Japan is a border protected by a military force with an economy governed by another force. The Nation of Japan goes deeper, it is the japanese people, their heritage, history, and culture all rolled into one.

Nationalism is a good dogwhistle while simultaneously being normie friendly.

The Vietnam War was just a mass Jewish ritual slaughter of the goyim. 11 years after the last American troops left Vietnam, the country underwent market reforms, and are now just a largely communist in name only country producing goods for the West.Đổi_Mới

After a quick wikipedia skim, it seems they were anti NWO but refused to answer the jq/ were the le collectivism is bad. Is this right? If not, quick rundown plz.

Yep, that's pretty much it. They expelled anyone who brought up the JQ, and the Jews' ties to communism.

Still fucking here.

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The hippies weren't leftist and they weren't communists, just like Zig Forums isn't fucking "alt-right". The kikes created their controlled opposition groups, and had the media focus entirely on them, until the fucking newfags believed it and became the majority, while the hippies moved innawoods and had large families. The moral of the story, is that the enemy must ALWAYS be fought, at all times.

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Yeah, basically that. Revilo Oliver wrote about JBS being controlled op.

Alt-right is far from dead. The current wave fizzled out but the label alt-right still retains it meaning i.e. young white males with nationalist/right wing leanings. The name will remain because it's better than patriot/nationalist/dissidentright/nazi/etc

This site is a corrupt military outfit, it's great for purposes other than normal coordination.

Certain political systems are dying of terminal dishonesty, their potential replacements are failing of raw awfulness… It's all dumb. Humanity is dumb.

I can't even hate people. It's turned out okay so far. Modern marvels abound - and I'm not talking about comics.

I just wish people wouldn't do the things to which they would never admit. It's like… I've contributed a few lines of antisemitism to sites like this in the past, but I've also contributed a lot of prosemitism. I've also spent years working on antiwar causes. And everything I've done on the chans has been… admissible. I'm bounded, attentive, and I learn. Can the rest of you stagnant sots say the same? Or are all of your successes because you bent yourself to the ancestral patterns of dishonesty that have ruled humanity?

People who won't admit history fight forever, and history is the story of their losses.

One of the biggest things that got me to see thre JQ was seeing the stories that Ezra wouldn't cover.

An overview of current user challenges and strengths.
The Problems we (a term I define here as shorthand for: anons who are aware of the truth around them from JQ onwards) currently face include, ideological ghettoisation: Wherein we are kept in a small contained pool unable to propagate memetic information into the world around us.
Second issue we face is the fact that the social rot infests neighbouring boards leaving us in smaller numbers. Third a seeming brain drain leading to less serious memetic work (however the yellow vests video looks a promising new touch and we need more anons like him) as well as a general shortening of information access (digging is now a rare occurrence) memetic warfare actualisation (too often are things left to pure chance for 4chan to handle. Further currently infiltration & subversion appears to have stalled as either an effective or a used strategy) this is supposedly the smartest of the Zig Forums boards left out there. However the rate of honest actual conversation as opposed to slinging around the term shill has been deeply damaging at times, although this tendency is not wholly an irrational charge now as it rapidly appears our structural nature is inverted against us, an anonymous hive only prevails through the continual comparison and analysis of various "Truths" by the collective whole and disemmination of the truth decided by said collective whole.

Essentially if I were to briefly state the situation: every Zig Forums board now is in an essential state of war. Tranny freaks now patrol various other boards, our memetic research stalled on the bureau, and I fear our advantages in this fight are decreasing slowly. But I do not know if the cancer that kills all boards is yet upon Zig Forums. I pray that this is not the case as it's unfortunate that we are almost all that is left culturally resisting (((filth))) anymore.

Rule 4.

Beautiful picture, user.
We are a complete joke because there is no reason to take the pro-White movement seriously other than the looming threat that White men might, eventually wake up.
Why is this so? Because our struggle has elected collectively to play by the enemy's rules. We keep trying to peacefully organize against them within their system and then getting shut down by the kikes who won't even play by their own rules but are never punished for it.
Doxing pro-White people is an act of treason no matter how much you dislike them. How would you like to be doxed by some variant of our ideological struggle because he disagreed with you on some irrelevant political issue?

Ben Klassen wrote a bunch about how the JBS was controlled.

Most of us will die in gulags. Those of us who survive the gulags will die in a nuclear holocaust.

You mean its jews

Nice fatalism, faggot. What are you doing about it?

Its useful idiots are also included

Saved image, there's even a few figures I don't recognize.

The ride never ends, nor should it. Stagnation is the greatest threat to humanity, not conflict.

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The label is bad because it doesn't explicitly identify that you care about race. Normal-fags use "Alt-Right" to refer to Milo Milo Yiannopoulos, Gavin McAnnus, Rebel Media, and similar people.

I already knew that.

yeah, as crypto-racists, crypto-misogynists, crypto-fascist/nazis. everyone knows the basic meaning. Most of the alt-lite people (infowars, cerno etc) pull away from the label BECAUSE it was associated with race/antisemitism

Most of the people you listed abandoned the Alt right label after cville.
I don't know what the genral public thinks of it, I assume leftists think it's like the kkk

The label is also bad because it has "right" in it, so it pulls in a bunch of conservative and libertarian trash.

Imagine being this much of a retard.

The claim Robert Welch made in the 60s (early 70s?) was the communist organizations in America (Daily Worker, for example) were accusing John Birch Society of antisemitism, while also having double agents accuse JBS of being controlled opposition because JBS would not "name the Jew". It was the same type of exchange you read on this site every day. Video related.. I don't have a timestamp for it, but it's somewhere in there if anyone want to dive into it

The alt-right has already failed. Lack of organization, inability to prevent the obvious subversion of it by its enemies, obsession with tangential/unimportant topics, and most of all a fear of actually standing up for their beliefs.

It was the last hope and it was fucked up.

inb4 i'm a jew

Jews always accuse everyone of antisemitism. It doesn't mean anything.
The difference is that this claim is true, whereas the claim of it being antisemitic is false.

Hippies were CIA from the get go, they were the products of CIA created drugs/psychedelics, social engineering, music, psychological expirmentation, etc. They were a bit of a taste to come in terms of society’s engineered future, culture creation is how the Zionist Industrial Technocracy stays in power, it always will stsy in power to unless drastic action is taken soon. Normies are the product of the modern social narrative and the Alt-Right are the product of DARPA/CIA astroturfing.

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alt-right = anti-marxist


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Some have predicted that the right is going to re-coalesce once 2020 comes around

No OP. Now I want you to go to youtube and search; how to tie a noose.

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Never existed.

I have some whitepill for you.
Watch this, then go to and participate in the conversation. The fact is nearly 10,000,000 people are far enough right to make a segment of the USA ungovernable.

Alt-right was a psyop. Alt-right was an attempt to demonize whites and it backfired.
We are going to win.