Trump Signs Enterprise Zone Executive Order, Why (((DemonRATS))) Leaders are Silent

Your Congressional Black Caucus members are not likely to promote this,. Ask them why? Reminds me of the father of the Democrat Party, the Dixicrats who terrorized Blacks who gained power after the Civil War ended. Unfortunately, today, many of them are Black.

I thought BET hated blacks…

(((MSM))) didn't even report on this. The 7 year old illegal alien who died and Michael Cohen were more Important. Never trust a Party like the Democrats that say they are for the poor. Cause those that are for the poor will only keep you more poor for votes. The word poor is a tool to appeal to Emotion…

Play this, we're only whites here:

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N O. W O N D E R. W E. A R E. B E I N G R A I D E D, (((T H E Y))) A R E. S L I D I N G. T H I S. T H R E A D

Seriously just fuck off back to thedonlad, you goddamn boomer/patriotard nigger-loving dumpster fire.



what are you saying? this is a certified Republican GOP board where we discuss how Democrats the real racist and support Israel.

With this niggers will finally vote conservative!

Quick rundown? Why should I care?

I can't wait until 2020 and this bullshit will finally be over

Daily reminder to murder Fusionist Republican scum on sight. Death to Trump. Death to israel. Death to niggers.

Trump btfo dem libs bruh

Not as much as Trump does.

This thread is filled with (((shills)))

The official spelling of "shithole" has been changed to "opportunity zone."

I just reported you to the FBI, enjoy getting raped by James the homo-aryan while his brother John fucks your wife/sister/daughter

Fuck off death breath.

based trump leading the charge for the based redpilled bbc

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How very Republican of Trump. Of course, niggers will not care, Democrats will take credit when possible, and Trump is only niggering up the Republican party even further.

Many say Republicans are stupid and that is true but more than that they are malicious. They do nothing but waste time chasing the Democrats to see who can suck kike and nigger cock the most.

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The Republican party has always been a nigger party. That never changed – they just convinced you otherwise with marketing.

I was wondering why

Democrats in the senate just called out saudikikes. With the democrat house next year it'll pass . It's over, the Democrat party is objectively better than the republikike party.

Literally a cuck who wastes his time re-texting original images to fulfill his cuck fantasies.

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Why do you have cuck porn photoshops from 4chan on your fucking hard drive?

This is now a gore thread.

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Not that anyone expects for you niggers to understand but the more separated the US is from Saudi Arabia the closer the US becomes with Israel. The US will not give up the Middle East and surround areas and the US has allied with Saudi Arabia and Israel. As the US shifts it policies against Saudi Arabia the "alliance" with Israel will grow stronger. Israel the parasite it is welcomes this move thus the support from the kike run media and Democrat party. Again, no one expects you niggers to understand.

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Jesus Christ you are fucking pathetic.


Donald Trump hates white people

The real question is why you care given they're two roastie slags willing to post their asses in Trump gear?
You think thats BASED or something?
They're no better than instagram thots you fucking pleb, what they've got written on their asses really doesn't matter relative to the fact that they're posting with their bare asses out on the fucking internet.
Jesus Christ.

basically trump is forcing the government to cut some of it's own red tape and make itself more efficient when it comes to fixing up some of our worst areas (like ghettoes)

Can you elaborate further?
I don't really see how this is anything worth giving a shit about from what I'm seeing thus far.

i didnt watch the video, I googled "enterprise zone executive order" and read part of one of the first entries

engaging with all levels of government on ways to better use taxpayer dollars to revitalize low-income communities;
TRANSLATION: "We'll try not to waste so much money while giving niggers free money."
'''improving revitalization efforts by streamlining, coordinating and targeting existing federal programs to economically distressed areas, including Opportunity Zones;
TRANSLATION: "No, really, we'll try to not waste so much fucking money while giving niggers free money, especially in the ghetto."
considering legislative proposals and undertaking regulatory reform to remove barriers to revitalization efforts;
TRANSLATION: "We'll also make it easier for niggers to get free money."
and presenting reports on ways to encourage investment in economically distressed communities.
TRANSLATION: "Oh and we'll write book reports about how to get big corporations to throw more money into the pit that is the ghetto."

Likewise. Still reading.

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How has that played out thus far, I wonder?
No, it doesn't.

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Sweet, business will have another reason to invest in rural communities again.

Let's hold off on that assumption for now slick, there's still more data to peruse.

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Put a fucking bullet in your head, you stupid fucking zionist neocon. We don’t support republicans here.


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Sure sounds like this is Trump going back to the cuckservative trough of attempted appeal to niggers and muds.

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I'd Make America Great starting with their vaginas, and ending with many white children.

I see no way this is a good thing.

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Yeah, but you won't, because they're not actually politicized and only do that because the guys they're currently fucking want them to - or to get guys like you to pay more attention to them.
You think those two dirty-ass cock-sockets give a shit about Trump or America? Get fucking real dude.

Its basically Zionist propaganda on-par wit the "sexy IDF girls" shit.

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We don't care about this. Stop shitting up this board with MAGApede threads. We don't care about Trump or the fact that he is helping niggers

Sincerely, Zig Forums

I'll laugh when Trump gets 10% of the nigger vote in 2020. He'll get 5% if the democrats decide to run a nigger against him.

Trump doesn't care about the nigger vote. He cares about disenfranchising Whites who don't see Europe or Russia as geopolitical enemies and who are no longer interested in fighting israel's wars.

Where exactly do you find information on an executive order without reading some article written by some sub-human journalist where he gives his opinion on how terrible it is instead of facts? I can't read something written by journalists. I just can't bring myself to do it. I want facts, not opinions and (((interpretations))).

Go back to reddit and shill there, nigger. You dumb-fuck shills have been trying to force this word on Zig Forums for half a year now, and all you've managed to do is scream out to every thread where you originate from and what your intent is. Filtered.


But I didn't do that, you stupid nigger.
I just pointed out that you getting triggered because some mudperson shooped some words on a thots ass into something that offends you is not the issue, the issue is that you shill thots using political ideology to get upboats to begin with.

They are going to adjust reality in 2019 to have a good economy. Buy crypto. My uncle is u.n.c.l.e and his boss gave him a bonus which consisted of a date and words under :tip: my dad never told me what his brothers tip was. Usmc bs or some 99h2 noise

Due to me pointing out your defense of the flood of fake interracial propaganda on the internet, I must therefore be a shill thot. Makes sense. Even though I have a dick.

Top fucking kek, they put the latkas on the computers again boys.

Bread is JUST full of discombobulaters muh mind is all like who's Jewin Who ? ….. So Basically Winning somehow? I don't no why if someones going out of their way This hard Jimmies are Rustled and that my Friends is a win

Vegans are gay
Zig Forums is always right

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like when they originally posted their bare asses on the internet?

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And not nearly half as much as Ivanka does. Behind Kushner's back.

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Wow this thread must really be upsetting to the shills, they're hitting it with everything they have.


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You are the shill, redditor.

Fuck off plebbit.

Hi OP.
Not this thread is upsetting because it's full of plebbit /r/T_D niggerspeak.

[8a4173] OP
[40ab40] first and only reply
[37f276] only reply to above raid post

All samefag.

https:// zigforums com/thread/12562531/politics/trump-signs-enterprise-zone-executive-order-why.html
copy pasta of that post on some shit forum.

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It's a shareblue jew containment thread. While you predictable faggots hammer on this obvious fracture point and larp to out-notzee each other, whites can have civilized discussions elsewhere.

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Correcting the record, aye?

Skaven! Skaven! Skaven!

gibbs from whitey to niggers to get the black vote. Trump so based for giving white tax money to niggers in ghettos. So based

Oh, man, you are so rightwing - making cuck captions on blonde women to 'show those ziocucks'

you totally owned them, by humiliating a couple women promoting a wall even more - you couldn't think of any better way to spend your time. Tell me, do you spend your time with Fuentes?

The real content of the picture (and edit) was super-based traditionally founded spreading of porn - nothing Semitic in character, no way

based and redpilled, friendo