Civnats are going to die; greatest concern among Americans now immigration

Immigration is now the top issue for Americans,

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They're already in, should have been a revolution in 1965 with a real mass killing of jews that did it.

And, now they want to formalize it as a human right, legally-binding even for countries that didn't sign on to the UN migration pact:
Just look at those fucking numbers:
If they did that for the US, it would equate to about 2.5 billion.

What does your subject line mean?
It's only Zig Forums that thinks civ nat means being unopposed to unlimited immigration. Apparently you don't know Trump supporters.

Doesn't listing immigration as the #1 issue also mean this could be libfags who are concerned it will be blocked?


It does though, because civnats are retarded.
They're civnats.

I can't help but laugh at civic nationalism - its a self-defeating meme.

Look at the US.

We hear civic nationalists talking all about these Constitutional principles that they hold dear.
Freedom of speech. Right to bear arms. Limited government.
Yet these same civic nationalist principles, they claim, demand judgement on the basis of the individual only, not as collectives… Of course, their claims are somewhat suspect, given the men who derived those princples initially were slave owners and created the US as an explicit White ethnostate, but whatever.

The point is, this hyper-individualistic outlook forces them into a cognitive box, limiting the extent of their philosophical-willpower. It does so, in that it forces them to reject judgement in the context of racial groups as a collective, despite races acting as collectives.
For example: Hispanics support gun control (60%+ in favor, 30% against). And hate-speech laws (50%+ in favor, 25% against). And expanded government (70%+ in favor, 20% against). And Hispanics overwhelmingly identify with the left-wing political parties (60%+, increasingly from generation to generation after entry to the country to upwards of 70% by the 2nd generation). AND Hispanics demonstrate an elevated fertility rate relative to White populations in the US (still above replacement levels).

Thus, by upholding civic nationalist principles in judging Hispanics as individuals instead of as a group, many Hispanics would be (and have been) allowed into the country - for example in the amnesty of Ronald Reagan - despite the fact that collectively they do not believe in the principles upon which the nation was founded… Not that they would say as much if attempting to gain entry - deception exists, and civic nationalist arguments as-goes vetting procedures are underwhelming, nevermind the prospect of enforcement of civic values after entry (let alone over generations).

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And this last point about enforcement is important, because evidence suggests that, like most ethnic/racial minorities in the US, Hispanics do not demonstrate a collective belief in the civic principles of the US (certainly not to the proportional degree seen in US Whites), but they DO behave as a collective, supporting left-wing political groups in overwhelming majority. Those promoting civic nationalist ideals do not demonstrate the philosophical-willpower to enforce these civic values, have offered no methodology to alter this condition, and all indications suggest they are bereft of such a method - if they were not, the populations which have been in the US for several generations, exposed to the values of the country and civic nationalists' arguments in that vein, would espouse those positions, but they do not.

While on the subject… Why do Hispanics support left-wing groups? Are they actually more left-wing in political view? Yes, but that's not the whole story - they vote as a collective, and they do so to serve collective interests. Left-wing groups in the US are the groups in favor of serving the left-wing predispositions of Hispanics (hate-speech laws, gun control, expanding government with more programs) as well as increased immigration, which they promote loudly, and increased immigration leads to an increase in population for the respective ethnic/racial minority in question, which in turn leads to an increase in the political power, electorally at the very least, wielded by that ethnic/racial minority. Hence, regardless of their political stance, Hispanics support left-wing groups as a collective to serve collective interest. We see the same sort of behavior on behalf of Blacks and other non-Whites.
In fact, we see the same sort of behavior on behalf of Asians, who also primarily support left-wing groups in the US (50%+, increasing generationally), even though polling of their political views suggest they may not actually be left-wing politically - they're merely acting as a collective in serving their collective interest.

Left-wing groups are, for whatever reason (ideology, personal desire for power or wealth, etc), very happy to assist in this endeavor, and in fact, the left-wing political party of the modern US is an amalgam of minority groups acting collectively in their own interest despite an absence of shared political belief betwixt the tribes. They are, effectively, a collective composed of collectives, each acting to serve their own interests, and a great deal of their effort is maintained in securing each individual collective's support and avoiding conflict among those groups where their perceived collective interests conflict. Further, these left-wing groups - aided by left-wing political/social organizations (several particularly influential examples bearing an overt Jewish composition or philosophy) - explicitly advocate for, and support the explicit advocacy of, the respective non-White minority collectives, whilst simultaneously doing everything in their power to silence, slander, demonize and deplatform any and all explicit White advocacy groups through accusation of association with 'racism', 'White supremacy', 'Nazism' and/or 'anti-Semitism', amongst others.

That is to say, the left-wing in the US, particularly the influential Jewish wing, advocates against explicit White advocacy. Which is why no such explicit White advocacy organizations exist in the US today which are not so slandered, and certainly none which exhibit institutional power and perceived legitimacy as might be claimed on behalf of other ethnic/racial groups' equivalents (the latter of which often exhibiting a far more seedy character than the former).
Ironically, this seems to form a neat little circle for the left-wing (especially Jewish) actors: by advocating against White advocacy and White advocates using accusations such as 'racism' or 'White supremacy', Jewish left-wing organizations create anti-semitic sentiment in White advocates and White advocacy organizations, which those same left-wing Jewish organizations then utilize to further slander them through accusation of 'anti-semitism' or 'Nazism'!
Its important to note that the left-wing political factions and their accomplice political organizations in the US also employ such accusations in opposition to any efforts to inhibit left-wing political aims at increasing immigration into the US from non-White sources, promoting globalist multiculturalism and miscegenation, and degrading national borders, even national sovereignty.

The left-wing has been so successful in their efforts in this regard, that the US population demographics are beginning to disintegrate. The White population - the only population which demonstrates anything close to majority support for the ideals which civic nationalists claim to hold most dear - is being displaced.

What conclusion do we reach from such analysis of circumstance?
We can discern that the civic nationalist position is philosophically-unequipped to combat this hazard, in that their civic nationalist ideals demand they make judgements on strictly individual grounds such as to ignore ethnic/racial behavioral trends. They will thus seek to argue in favor of judging a long line of individuals, as individuals, on principle, who can and will present themselves as sharing a belief in the principles civic nationalists claim to seek to uphold if such is required to gain entry to the country, and who will subsequently act collectively in their own interests once in the US such as to create new demographic conditions within the US that are no longer fertile substrate for the individual - and thereby societal - espousal of civic nationalists' proposed ideals.

tl;dr: Non-Whites don't care about civic duties or virtues, they act as collectives to serve collective interests, and civic nationalists do not have any mechanism at their disposal to change, nor combat, this state of affairs, even as they vehemently protest, on the basis of their civic nationalist principles, White advocates attempting such a feat. These civic nationalists are thus demonstrating that they are operating from an obsolete playbook, attempting to espouse civic nationalist ideals of individualism that were only able to be maintained in homogenous White nations bereft of competition from myriad non-White collectives (each serving their own interests), and yet, despite this failure, demonstrable throughout electoral politics in the US (and the West overall) over the last 30+ years, civic nationalists continue to suggest the old playbook is valid. The conclusion is thus that, if civic nationalists are allowed to attempt to carry out their proposed policies in the US, there will cease to exist a substrate for civic nationalists' beloved Constitutional principles and these principles will cease to exist in application in the US. Self-defeating meme.

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No such thing, idiot

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Finally, I'd like to sink one last nail into the coffin of civic nationalists' hyper-individualistic ideals, specifically surrounding the conceptual notion of individual judgements in the context of immigration.
Regression to the mean.
This is a well-documented phenomenon in population genetics whereby the offspring of outliers within a population tend to gradually 'shift' toward a state more in-line with the average of their ethnic/racial group. The result is that judgement of individuals is an entirely static exercise.
Typically, those promoting such a methodology of selection will dictate a set of standards which are non-biological in origin, but which effectively act to indirectly ensure that only the outliers amongst non-White ethnic/racial groups will be able to gain entry. Of course, this is innately faulty in practice, in that the individual's offspring are not necessarily going to espouse the traits which meet those standards, particularly if the individual being judged initially was an outlier amongst their kind, which will be the case by-requisite as regards non-White ethnic/racial groups, yet those offspring will be granted voting privileges if born within the US.

They're the first to cuck and start making exceptions. "Oh, well obviously I didn't mean your pet nanny who you claim is 'part of the family', she can stay and oh my what a great cook!" They give ground immediatrly because their moral uncertainty gives them no foundation to stand on and say, "No!" They are weak and deracinated.

I agree.

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I just realized…

This shit came out November 20th.

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Yes, like all civnats.
Yes, like all civnats.

God damn it this shit is retarded.

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Useful only in terms of its subversive qualities.

this, it's too late now

Who are you talking to nigger?

They're going to ignore it and pretend there's world government but the un charter says anything the un does can be ignored if it violates a countries laws, so the german whatsherface insisting a 2/3 un vote means it's law for the world is horseshit.

When wioll you realize the only law that matters is who can kill who?

America can kill everybody.

The absolute state of this fucked-up board

I doubt she's the only one to hold that opinion.
She may even believe her own bullshit, but, regardless, she represents a faction that would like to see supermajority vote by the UN become mandatory, and will continue to push until there is blowback; she wouldn't be so blatantly open about it if she didn't feel she had sufficient backing from like-minded officials.

You just gave me an idear: One cage: two cunts: Hillary and Angela in a no-holds-barred fight to the death over the future of humanity.
If Hillary wins, the UN is disbanded and she is granted immunity (a small price to pay, for only such evil can kill its own kind) and the world enters a Golden Age of Freedom; if Angela, the world descends into a thousand years of darkness Mad Max-style.

when did people stop attributing the appalling state of countries to the appalling people in those countries?
violent countries have violent people, rapey countries have rapey people, dirty countries have dirty people, etc

I made a general observation. Do you think it's appropriate to include yourself in it?

As if they're not related.

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(((Immigration))) is an interesting word, the media has spent years lumping illegal aliens in with lawful immigrants and now they're finding out that this backfired. The idea was to conflate illegal aliens and legal immigrants and only talk about them collectively. When people noticed that most of this class of "immigrants" was made up of beaners with a fuck whitey attitude, they decided they'd had enough of both categories.

Own goal by the dishonest media. Now they have to sell Americans on the whole idea of immigrants again.

Immigration was STILL IS american's top issue, it didn't stop being #1, where the fuck is the wall, where the fuck is the EO on birthright citizenship? why the fuck is immigration still the same as under obama(yes legal immigration is also a problem)?
Why the fuck is trump only working on giving based blacks and jews everything and nothing for whites, NOT-EVEN-A-TWEET?

Over-shilling is a serious problem.

Butthurt Muslim Libtard detected. Part of Making America Great Again was to ban you from our country. The Donald is on the road to restoring Pax Americana and you are just mad, little Mohammad.

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This isnt the Dailystormer you votingnigger cultists

Suicide, childfucker. Now.

Ah, good ol' foe news, the eternal enema.

The CivNats will die because 'civic nationalism' assumes that you can take the societal structure of an ethnic group (or group of closely related ethnicitiies) that took thousands of years to develop and just apply it to every other group of people.
Every ethnic group that comes here has a completely different 'vision' for America, and while you can sometimes accomodate a few new groups, if you just flood a country with the population of the whole world you end up without any cohesive idea of what it even means to be 'an American'.
Ask a Tennessee farmer, a New York Jew, an LA Korean store owner, a Detroit negro, a Pensylvania steel worker what it means to be 'American' and you'll get completely different and often contradictory ideas.
A society can tolerate a certain amount of variation, but the 'American identity' is now so fractured it's akin to a person with schophrenia and multiple personalities. There is no basis for 'civic nationalism' when nobody even agrees on the basics anymore, and they're never going to agree on the basics if their core identities are so different.

Yair, your dad would be very upset if he found you on this website.

Nice non argument and you are forgetting Zig Forums always hated israel right? Also dude on the right is a jew for fake news.

Your post was tl;dr but I find it ironic these civnats are happy with mass-importing people who don't care for European ideals such as the constitution and rights, and will vote it all away in exchange for promises of free stuff.

lrn2 statistics

Civic nationalists are soyboys who follow Juden Peterstein and who can't wait for their mother's to be gangraped by Tyrone and have their throats slit by Jose. When shit kicks off they'll be sucking black dick. So just fuck them. Like some marxist idiot, they're done for. Just dead men walking. Fucking zombies to be used as human sheilds.

Nice try ShariaBlue.

Your suggesting otherwise? If so, HAHAHAHA fucking retard. Go back to 4chins, homo.

they are descended from the whites we imported who already thought that way

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Mods need to start doing their jobs. These kikeloving and sandniggerloving shills are getting out of hand.

It's just globalism.

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Thanks for the graph, a bit of evidence to throw in the faces of these retards who believe gen-z is going to be our salvation, or some such horseshit.

That's why they are just as worthless as Democrats, Trump included.

Multiculturalism is not the mixing of cultures, it is quite literally the transformation of a nation into either a muslim or a negro one.

Keep revving those VPNs and proving my point.

No way are they salvation. They seem to be better with critical thinking and willing to go off the plantation, but they're still growing up in a much more diverse world and still getting a solid dose of brainwashing at the government indoctrination camps.

same thing, the US was civic nationalist since 1965 see how worked out nothing but a nigger and spic take over since then.

The current one.

Sure there is. Once we blend together into a disgusting judeo-latino morass we will all be united as one people *:^)*

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Borders are reduced to mere 'economic constructs', by the 'only an economic system' EU, to accept a pact from a 'sovereignty (borders) are an illusion' UN system.

Non-whites don't vote libertarian. No shit! I mean you're absolutely right but it's amazing to think of how many lolberg stragglers didn't figure this out after Ron Paul's final defeat in 2012 or the subsequent European invasion by dark-skinned fighting age males. It seems clear to me now that nothing will change until there is massive turmoil. It really doesn't matter the circumstance, economic upheaval, riots. The white man just needs a bit of chaos for plausible deniability. Once the rope and bullets come out and taste their first blood without repercussions many men will discover it as their calling in life, and it should snowball from there.

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They probably didn't know how bad it would really get. I doubt they pictured in less than 100 years America would become non-white and it would become impossible for republicans to win an election

get ready for WW3

Not anymore it can't. Cant even kill based Assad. Soon US planes are going to start crashing because all the maintenance crews and ranking officers and minorities. lots and lots of money is going to be embezzled..

Oh yeah, we are so tired of all this WINNING. Yeah, Im getting really tired.

There will never be a Republican president, Senate, or probably House ever again starting in 2020. Also, right now whites are easily at 50% or less. So, the nightmare already happened.

They were sold non-stop bullshit by the msm, which had a vice group, about how nothing would change. No alternative media available.

*vice grip

I doubt America could even take Russia or China, let alone both. America hasn't actually won a war since 1945. And the military is full of low-IQ shitskins now. Even if we had the best tech in the world (hint: we don't), the US is flooded with 80 IQ spic and nigger numbskulls that form the pool of manpower for the military. Congrats: this is the result of zog policy for decades.

The fuck is going on? I leave Zig Forums for a while, and there are literal kike shills shilling for Israel and getting away with it.


That's pretty much a tldr of what he said. Civnat works if everyone has the same cultural background and priorities for a society. Let in self-identifying groups with their own agenda and a higher birthrate and, shocker, they turn the place into their homeland.

4cuck is down. Everything is shit right now.

this, we lose on EVERY other issue as we get flooded with shitskins, guns, free speech, taxes, war none of that shit matters since we will just be out voted

Shut the fuck up JIDF, no one likes kikes

WW3 started a few decades ago. This war wont be fought with bombs & guns, it will be an economic war against dissidents.

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visit other countries before you say something like that. zog picks on us like torturing an ant because they need our shit

Of course they didn't know, they were deceived, Ted Kennedy openly lied about it, but they were fools, because they had their priorities all wrong and were far more worried about (((media))) sensationalist bullshit like "muh watergate" "muh cold war" "muh stock markets" instead of the integrity of their own nation's culture, which they spit on with every passing generation.