Belgium is rioting in front of EU buildings over UN migration pact

The government banned these rallies, but people showed up anyways and now it's turning into a riot. Police deployed teargas and water cannon to little effect.


Europeans seem very angry over this UN mass migration pact.

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They don't seem angry at all to me. Nothing is burning and no TRAITORS ARE DEAD. Everything is 'going along as the EU planned'.

What are they going to do? Pull their 401ks?

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Police don't use water cannons on scuffles.

It seems to me this is not going away any time soon. This is not like the nigger BLM movement that just kind of fizzled into nothing.

aka standing around whining about it with a meaningless worthless "protest." Until the jew orchestrators and traitors are gone after personally then nothing is happening.

Give it a while.

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BLM didn't fizzle. It was defunded because the election was over and Soros didn't need his racist movement anymore. It got a little funding and popped up a bit at midterms, then went away again.

2020 BLM will be back or something similar to it. Might even be worse because Trump has actually gained a lot of black votes and just passed an act to improve black communities, so Democrats will try to manufacture as much fake racism as possible.

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This is GREAT news. A European user over at Dat Sperger says a substantial percentage of this right wing nationalist Vlaams Belang group are university students.

Just the amount of attention this thread already is getting from the wet blanket hasbara heebs shows the jews are worried about this development.

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Only people in that crowd I'd be concerned with fighting are the suburban granddad hitler and the camo-jacketed duo flanking the illegitimate love-child of justin beiber and rachel maddow.

Bonus meme: Check out the Boomer fight on the far right.

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Pardon the US-centric appropriation of this idea; but the US needs this badly. We need balkinization, to re-instate self-determination, so immigration, legal or not, doesn't ruin the entire lower 48. Any immigration into non-Federal lands should be highly-regulated, merit-based and open to indigenous Euro's only.

Actually there was a court order that the rally was lawful despite the police order so the street fighting was apparently started by the police themselves at the end of the rally when the crowd didn't disperse quickly enough

If only people would have listened earlier rather than waiting until the destruction pact had been agreed upon. Know the globalist interest get to have their destruction and label the "rioters" as racist, xenophobic bigots. People refused to listen and now they will pay the price.

That image seems to be lacking a lot of quantum physicists, doctors, lawyers and engineers. Is the immigration they're protesting that coming from Europe, as opposed to the M.E. and Africa?

Did you think that was the real bonus meme? Just kidding you fam.

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Hyperborean trips of truth, do confirm. Balkanization is coming to the USA. Praise Kek for this message!

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How can you tell?

Oopsie doopsie.

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All these. There is nothign that can be done about globalist rule. (((They))) won, and everyone can see that. The only thing we should be doing is taking it like anal, as we wither away from this world, while nobody cares about us. We are losers eternally. Everyone hates us. We are nothing and we always will be.
We surrender.

When the oligarchy capitalizes profits while socializing debt and risk to the goyim, immigration is neither a Left nor a Right issue. All of the treasures being doled out of the pockets of the common Frenchman and into special projects by Macron & Co. have a huge impact. In the coming years the landscape will become far worse, where a Frenchman is now living a 3rd world standard, and the streets will be littered with gibz monkey's awaiting someone to bring them a free lunch. They'll all be living equally in poverty, in this egalitarian nightmare


Indeed. We already lost the war long before it began. (((They))) are literally more powerful and more influential than they have ever been in history. It will never get better. It's all over.
Deal with it, hopefags.

The image lacks diversity.

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Wow. First time I ever heard that one. You a Jew?

A lot of French are already living by 3rd world standards. Working 3 jobs and still poor. Paris is also littered with homeless people, and some of the homeless work but can never afford a home so they sleep in doorways.

Macron is taking their money to give free housing and everything to Africa and Middle East migrants while French sleep on the street.

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In this one instance it doesn't really matter. Since it's going to take a coupe/peasant revolt to oust the EU anyway, pulling out of or even outright dismantling the UN is child's play. Assuming it goes that far anyway.

As it stands the UN suicide pact changes nothing, since infinity niggers forever was on the menu already even without it. And a change in government, which you'd need to stop the mud flood anyway, is all that's needed to unsign the pact.

Fuck off asses, shit's actually moving in a positive direction for the first time in forever.

It's true. The White Western world is running out of places to run; but running is still an option. It's getting harder to hit moving targets, and White-flight is (to borrow a French term) in Entropy

Muslims go on rampage across EU cities and trash the place leaving broken everything in their wake along with rape victims…. no response from government

Non Muslims get together to protest migration and are met with a shooting (by Muslim), soldiers from the UN, tanks, people beaten in the streets, and basically entire areas being boxed in.

Yeah… these yellow jacket protests are doing a lot of good by standing around and chanting to change something.

The great thing about "flight" is that the Macron's of the world are running out of places to run. There will be no safe place for them to hide.
Though we have not seen a true revolt on a large level anywhere in the Western world; the maxin still holds true.
When people lose everything, and there's nothing left to lose; they lose it

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lose what? All my games are free to play

This is more or less why nothing happens with burgers. Niggers can burn down half the empire, and they only get chased off if they come too close to the jewish neighborhoods, but whites get gunned down or imprisoned and tortured if they so much as imply any discontent with the ways things are going. It's more or less cowed most into submission out of fear of any gathering turning into a bloodbath. So they all bunker down in their homes thinking "when they cross THIS line in the sand, then it's on". But given enough time that line always gets pushed in farther and farther.

At least the Belgians and frogs are out giving air to their grievances, more than anyone else is doing.

Strong? You jews now have armed Persians waiting for you in Syria just across Israel's border... protected by Russian S-300 missiles.

Hope? What you hasbarats have to hope is that the HJIC won't jerk you out of that cushy seat at an internet station and instead put your ass in one of those shitbox Merkava tanks to go face the Persians. The Merkavas, as 2006 in Lebanon proved, are just rolling steel ovens for IDF jewboys. Remember all the incinerations of Merkave crews and the court martial of the IDF general?.. Now the ATGM systems the Iranians await you with are better than ever. Oven time coming up soon.

Europe will win its battle, kike. But will Israel? The bullshit Book of Esther won't save you from the vengeful Persians..
pic related

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Huh, yellow vests?

Walk into CNN and scream free Palestine.

No self-respecting White man would want to live in a jWO surrounded by biological enemies anyway. The best way to maximize value to the planet on his way out, is to invoke the Bowers-factor and do Gods work; then make his own exit point. Suicide doesn't exist when there is a target on every White man's head. The smart White man moves from a victim-mentality to a Kamikaze.

On a scale of 1 - 10; How stoned are you?


where have I heard that before?

All these shills on here, you’d think someone was aggravated by the anti-globalist, anti-EU, anti-UN riots spreading throughout Europe.
Extremists took over the West 100 years ago. They’ve pushed their self-interest as far as it can go, not realising it is a scythe on a massive pendulum which must now swing back.

I agree I say this as a Burger even but we are all cowards. Waiting for an imaginary line in the sand to be crossed when we all know there isn't one. Neocons are a joke and the Democrats demographic replacement is going exactly according to plan. Soon the last great neocon strongholds will turn blue and nobody is going to do a damn thing about it.

That's it we all go out with not even a goddamn whimper.

At least in Europe they are finally fighting back because natives are broke. They can't afford all the immigrants and their old people at the same time. Problem is (((They))) fucked up because Europe ran out of monies before they could finish their plan. Hence why they tipped their hand early and accelerated the firestorm that will consume the EU.

At least this way some of the European nations can save themselves.

Canada and the US though we are so fucked.

It's not on TV so it didn't happen.
t.average person

Filtered for blackpill shilling and D&C.

Look at macron, the people walking around in the streets and pussy footing with zogbots has not swayed him, jew White genocide agenda still on track, the only thing that made him pucker is the thought of people going after him personally, so he had a helicopter on standby if people finally get a clue and go after him. That's what people need to be doing, cataloging the jew lackeys, traitors, minions, and letting them know they aren't going to get away with carrying out White genocide, stop or else, while protests are nothing but an insignificant inconvenience.

According to the Open Society Foundation leaks BLM was supposed to give Hillary the pretext to federalize all police forces in the US.
This and the fact that continous chimpouts helped Trump at the polls led to the defunding.

As everything in Belgium, this protest was again highly sectarian. It was almost exclusively a Flemish event, as the Flemish largely oppose the pact. Walloons are too far to the left

FYI: last week our government fell over this pact, as the biggest party in the country and the coalition left because they didn't agree with the pact

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OP, you should watch the night mod situation. I hate to see this thread slide into oblivion.

North America was either already asleep or going to bed when you posted. At the same time every rat-faced hasbara room in Israel is filling up with its day staff.

If Zig Forums has any mods at that hour, they are mostly useless. At that hour whoever is or isn't on duty here will let the kikes spew bullshit all over your thread.

Great post though - this demonstration simply isn't being reported to American audiences by "our" MSM.

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The EUSSR has responded to the natives' complaints by literally enshrining infinity niggers and Muslims forever into an international treaty. They expect Europeans to go homeless and freeze to death while being taxed to support billions of subhumans on welfare who rape and murder them. The conditions for making this go away aren't forthcoming. In fact the EU is just telling everyone to shut up and expecting them to listen. Fighting is the only choice and it will continue until the EU turns off the flow of third world trash (which won't happen) or the EU itself is destroyed (which will).

Well. There's your problem!

Someone go arm those angry boomers with petrol bombs and get the UN building burned to the ground

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trump didnt make any gains in the black vote you disingenuous piece of shit look at the 2016 tally and compare to the midterms, the black vote remains at 10%
do you think he could pass an act for whites or even mention white people in a tweet?

Same shit will happen in the USA in about 10 years. Medicare will collapse with no way to retire or care for the elderly who never saved any money their whole indigent lives. All funds are going to spic invaders, many of whom will get cut off as well. It's going to take a bit longer in the USA but it's coming

Poor whites are expected to pull themselves up by their own while using having 2/3rds of their income taken from them.


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Time to start writing my books.
Echoes to Ashes: A History of the Jew
The Day the Jew Jewed Too Hard

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Oh shit nigga, it's happening!

Sorry you lived this long, greedy old scum. Enjoy watching the flames from the window of your nursing home.

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Re-armament when?

wtf is this woman reviewing?

The rioting is intensifying to the point they may not be able to contain it

By the sounds some investment scam that got absolutely totalled but still had to pay brokerage fees.

Bankrupt Boomer Bitching


You can't contain a real riot. A real riot is one that doesn't wait for the police to conveniently stand down for their benefit.

George HW Bush tapped-out the LA riots by threatening to stack corpses until the city skyline changed. He knew it was a game of chicken, and he knew passivity would result in uncontrollable fatalities. Those were the last of the days when attacking with fire got you fought right back with fire. Roof Koreans in 2018 would be arrested en masse then the police would open their stores to the public unattended.

When you want to fight the WHOLE country - not just a few thousand demanding agitators - you run into a problem. Soldiers won't shoot their own people. This wouldn't have mattered for LA because nobody gave a fuck about Californians even back then, but in France the EU army is needed to fill this role. That's the EU army's entire reason for existing. NO formal power is threatening to invade them, just the informal infinite swarms replacing entire communities under the guise of Greater Good™.

I miss when the leftists were against globalism too. They sure have gotten stupid.

EU army isn't big enough to contain country-wide riot, much less europe-wide riot. At most they can stop damage to some big cities.

It was Obama. He massively changed what it means to be a liberal.

It was already the norm for leftists to expect everyone else to shut the hell up so commies can spin all the illusions they want uninterrupted. But under Obama, these commies went from occasional pests to omnipresent street judges that swing their weight around in old media, new media, and brick&mortar space.

Some kind of mysterious gangsterism has resulted in entire waves of CEOs and senior politicians bending to the same will all at once. Immediately after this happened, all these companies and organizations and bodies of government all started applying the same pressure downward onto the public. A war by any other name is just as gritty.

That's why the riots are happening NOW, and not in 12 months when half of Europe's economy has been diverted into expanding that army. Dictators need their troops.

There is no EU-army retards, go back to cuckchan if you can't even bother to fact-check simple matters like that before posting-

I thought he just meant the gendarmerie armor that had EU flags on it. Anyway that's just enough to stop unarmed protesters in Paris that aren't trying to cause real damage beyond setting random cars on fire.

It's funny how Merkel and Macron were so vocal about the rush for an EU army you would think they were almost trying to warn people.

Usually you'd do this quietly now Merkel has stepped down and Macron is about to get beheaded, maybe the elites planned this.

But it's more than just money. There is a war on for the very soul of humanity. Do we medicate the symptoms or do we annihilate the germ?

Manipulation through the social medias. A lot of nefarious shit, masquerading as moralistic or progress, went down in 2007-08. The ripples of that time period will be felt for years to come.

Exactly why they are shilling for the EU army. Germans probably won't give a shit if they shoot French or Belgian citizens. Emperors have used this model for millennia. Make their personal guard foreigners, no loyalty to the land, more loyalty to the autocrat

Is all of Europe burning separately?

The UK won't do anything because its in our nature to just drink our problems away. No deal Brexit might force people into doing something but still. Europe is burning right now.

This is why muz, fags and women are being encouraged to join the police. They know that it is the indigenous white man that the police will be having to stop from lynching the traitors giving away our birthright.



Congrats burgers you even managed to piss off Germany/France which will lead(i hope) with them as lefty as they are to close they're borders to you and become more nationalistic,hehe……MAGA

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The greek would be on the ground decomposing and getting trampled by the unaware crowd.


Obama was a puppet groomed by marxist like John Brenan a CIA agent thats a muslim convert who he appointed as CIA director. So he definitely put a lot of commie agents in his reign of terror aside from (((them))). Both were part of the the muslim brotherhood being muslim isn't actually requirement just that you had to agree to get rid of Western influence which is their main goal and support marxism but, with (((khashoggi))) being killed and being part of the vegas assassination of course its been revealed that its somewhat of a loose joint operation with (((them))) seeing as (((kosshangi))) was from family of jews that larped as muslims to get close to the Saudis to spy on them as a mossad asset. Libya was one of the islamic states under Western influence and antagonized Israel since Gaddafi supported Palestine , he also had dirt on (((clinton))) an book of blackmail on many others and took money from everyone who offered so he had amassed one of the largest secret wealths with a large black book of dirt that disappeared when he was killed.

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And yet, somehow, we're still fucking signing.
And yet, somehow, every other party thinks the anti-Marrakesh party will take the brunt of electoral damage.

To add insult on injury, it turns out that James Cordier enrolled his clients into managed accounts and not a fund. This was the reason why his clients not only have lost all their money, but that they also owe money to their broker for margin calls. As Chris explained:

The media keeps referring to this as a "hedge fund." But that is NOT what it was. It was 290 separately managed accounts, all trading the same strategy. Whereas a hedge fund is an actual "company," typically a limited partnership or limited liability company, that insulates investors from losing more than they invest (unless specifically structured to make investors liable, which is VERY rarely done). The wheels started coming off here. Since these are block accounts, that means EACH client owns their own accounts and is responsible for them. So if he loses MORE than is available in the account, the account owner gets the bill….not the fund "manager."

The problem there is that we were all disconnected from one another in those days. People from other countries were the savages your country told you they were, because what else did you have to go on. Now we are all on the internet. We know who Germans are, who the French are, who the Italians are, who the Belgians are. We all have friends in different countries. None of us are likely to have at one another to save the EU of all things. The internet and social media has thrown a wrench into the works. Hence why they need migration.


It also was Occupy.
Which was a literal psyop where they tested using the progressive stack to shut down the potential of leftist unrest by using their own logic against them. Before that it was field-tested against orgs like Earth First.
There's a reason a certain somebody hacker who was ass deep in Occupy is now a right wing "dissident"



BLM was really fucking successful though. Even today in motherfucking Texas of all places, you can still see neighbourhoods harbouring BLM signs and other shit. Although, they're probably a minority, just a very vocal one.

I used to kill those kike threads
But, I guess Zig Forums is changing to a Trump Cheerleading Squad now.

Reminded me of this

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Fuck you hasbarafag.

It would be poetic if they all lost their pensions and knew what it was like to have nothing, like most youth of today.

If someone cost me a million dollar I'd get it back selling their organs on the black market and they'd better hope their organs cover my losses.

Are you retarded?

No molotovs yet? I am disappoint

Well the signing of UN agreement happend before the protest, and he stepped down as a result of it. As for the fallout, we shall see.

ayyy lmao wtf

what the fuck is this shit

They have been genociding whites just fine without it, pointless.

the truth