Paris has become a center of operations for Israel's Mossad,7340,L-5317287,00.html

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Marine LePen
>Partner: (((Louis Aliot)))

They co-opted the "new right" and simultaneously created its domestic enemy. Meanwhile, the Russians and the Zionists are working in the Genie Energy vein of kikery in order to disorganize any cogent energy plan for Europe, the Intermarium at the very least. Western Europe is fucked and the Eurasianists are clearly interested in influencing Eastern Europe. Before you know it, Europe might just be divided by the classic line: Germany, Austria and Italy, which are already planning to wall off migrants into Western Europe. The support has come at the cost of the Golan Heights being stolen and raped for its energy resources. They gave Europe cancer in order to put it under the knife. I'm fucking speechless. They have your balls on local (diversity), national (divisive politics) and continental (energy) levels.

Russia is probably just organizing an even larger conflict in the Northern Levant than would have been possible, while on the heels of Ukraine. RT has been on somewhat of a fucking kike streak lately. That Yuri Bezmenov lecture is just ringing in my head. We've been distracted with something we can't ignore and they're consolidating half of the globe, between the Chinese, Israel and Russia.

Mossad did Bataclan, Charlie Hebdo, and Chrismas Market

Fuck these kikes, they'll never settle for keeping Israhell as a dumping ground for their shitty people. These heebs also developed (((5G))) and won't implement it in their own state.

Therein lies the stupidity of the EU and the European Project. You create a borderless frontier all the way from Albania to the Atlantic and you are now surprised you suddenly have trouble tracking people entering the country…kek.

Here is a strong motivation for Mossad to plan, fund, and carry out such attacks.

Why wouldn't the MOSSAD operate in Paris if they have the political leverage to do it? The Russian SVR operates with success in Paris as well.

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They've probably carried out operations against the Yellow Vests also. Jewish media outlets and prominent figures have been 100% against the movement.

They do these so that France remains under a state of emergency.

I wouldn't put it past them. I could see them promoting right-wing dissident movements in order to install their prepped candidates to make the people feel safe again, plus the rising tensions get Jews to move to Israel.

That is by (((design)))

That is the plan all over Europe, the USA, and anywhere else that Jews live. Look up the AMIA bombing and study the results Mossad achieved with it in Argentina and beyond.

French kikes are the wort, especially in Canada.


Great bunch of folks, the jews.

Ya gotta love crappy little False Flag Israel.

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Can't forget where it all started

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So we must stop 5g at all costs.

Iraq was planned for attack a decade before 9/11. Hell, before the first desert storm. Oded Yinon speaks explicitly about it.

countering JTRIG

Every major European city probably is, you just haven't heard about it.

What do you expect when macaroni works for rothschilds and the rothschilds own israel

I think the left and right ends of the Judaic political spectrum are at odds. They Bolsheviks aren't done with us yet, but the Zionists are ready to unveil their cult to the world after all of this time/money wasted and blood shed.

I also wanted to see what the board thought about the second post. I'll reformat for ease of reading. Please correct me or add anything if need be. I'm trying to understand how all of this fits together and if Putin never let that Eurasianism business go.

They co-opted the "new right" in the West, albeit they're tamping it down in nations like Canada, and simultaneously created its domestic enemy among the Antifa types. Meanwhile, the Russians and the Zionists are working in the Genie Energy vein of Jewry in order to disorganize any cogent energy plan for Europe. Western Europe is fucked and the Eurasianists are clearly interested in influencing the nations of the Intermarium. Before you know it, Europe might just be divided by the classic line: Germany, Austria and Italy, which are already planning to wall off migrant flows into Western Europe. They gave Europe cancer in order to put it under the knife. I'm fucking speechless. They have your balls viced on local (diversity), national (divisive politics) and continental (energy) levels.

Russia is probably just organizing an even larger conflict in the Northern Levant than would have been possible, while on the heels of Ukraine. The support has come at the cost of the Golan Heights being stolen and raped for its energy resources. RT has been on somewhat of a streak of Jewry lately with Russia's aggression towards Ukraine being swept under the rug or outright justified. That Yuri Bezmenov lecture is just ringing in my head. Alexsandr Dugin's talk of Hybrid Warfare comes to mind as well.

We've been distracted with something we can't ignore and they're consolidating half of the globe, between the Chinese, Israel and Russia. It's essentially looking like the Russians are out to delegitimize the Western Atlanticist politic. For what, I don't know. My guess would be a vision of a neo-Soviet alliance of Eastern European nations and other Asian nations. Russia is joining China in the infrastructure projects in Africa. No one is talking about the implications of this (i.e. what it means for global trade or even the migrant presence in Europe).

I'd like to know how Saudi Arabia fits into all of this as well, seeing that the corruption turnout under MBS really only severed resource supply to the jihadists and justified more weapons sales to SA through America in the process. Israel seems to be using them as a bodyguard, but SA would get spanked in a war with Iran. Pretty confusing at the moment.

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this is a 200 year old slowpoke

Original article:

Nice digits. The kikes are coding up a storm trying to coopt the anti-globalist movement, as they always do.

They also spam /v/ whenever any thread on Zig Forums gets shilled hard. This is to mask their activity here.


Wasn't that China?

It's nothing new, there's a couple of state endorsed jewish gans running around and getting govt training, one time they burned down a library who was known for selling books who were somewhat criticizing of the jews, even when the owner explicitly disavowed the evil "fascists".
t. French.

jewish gangs*

Their website closes comments for any article critical of jews, or deletes individual comments on the rest.

Yet the insuperable problem for the Jews is that ancient curse on them.

That's literally the whole reason you have them, that's why they got started to begin with. How can France even call itself a first world country?? Fucking embarrassing.

It got destroyed. In my country counter espionage guys did training with american spies. Literally with guys they supposed to defend us against. Zogbots will take over everything.

Their comment plug-in is operated from Tel Aviv. Not even kidding.

You keep referencing the Golan and Genie Energy but don't mention Syria at all. Why exactly do you think Russia has anything to do with Genie Energy; or think they support Israel? Also what aggression are they doing with Ukraine? Seems to be the other way around as it usually is

That explains it

How does France depend on israel ?

After London and New York, Paris is the largest kike hive in the West. You think the US has it bad with kikes infesting every governmental, administrative and judicial structure? Wait till you see the situation in France, where you cannot spit without hitting a kike infiltrator. They are very active and extremely powerful. In addition, almost 80% of state companies are actually owned by kikes, so whenever the French government tries to do something they don't like, full-on economic blackmail begins. For example, they purposefully collapsed French nuclear energy industry and would not bring it back until the government centralized it and appointed a Rothchild-owned kikette Anne Lauvergeon to head it.

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the soul should be a hyena, not a wolf. they're scavenging opportunists, not predators. jews don't do their own killing.

They do plenty, but only covertly and when the enemy has no chance to fight back and retaliate.

that's why i didn't say 'never'

jews get other people to do the majority of their killing.

De les is simplified to des, correct your cartoon to satisfy my autism please and thank you

False flag ISIS attacks and driving demonstrations against the jew shill government so they can go full commie…

I thought Syria was a given. I mentioned the cutting off of arms sales to "rebel" groups after the clan purge in SA. I didn't mean to say Russia has any stake in the Golan energy extraction, especially seeing that they are a major energy producer themselves, but that they're becoming open to regional alliances and are at the same time willing to initiate conflicts with neighboring nations, while maintaining tenuous boundaries with Israel, so to speak. They're also joining China in investing in Africa's Transnational railway, knowing that China is their major military and economic competitor in the region. Russia is overflowing with Jewish influence, even in terms of America, plus there are a lot of Russian immigrants in Israel. Their whole attitude seems to be foreshadowing some larger geopolitical play. Russia has anti-holocaust denial laws, and, in my opinion, they will be friendly with Israel until they aren't, seeing that Israel has chosen China over Russia in the region moving into post-American military presence in Asia (i.e. handing the keys to a major port of theirs over to the Chinese).

The Ukrainians have every historical reason to dislike the Russians. We've even seen a former advisor to Putin that operates a political party in Russia call for a genocide of white Ukrainians, that they are a race that "crawled up from sewage". It's a bit of a shitshow, to say the least, especially the internal conflict that Ukraine suffered, but the Russians have clearly shown interest in annexing their territory, knowing this would inflame the already existing tensions between them. Look at how Jewy this conflict has been. The Russians saw Ukraine as a threat to the influencing of the other nations in the Intermarium, given their horrid history under the Soviet Union and their revolutionary party, so they came up with a simple way to start a conflict, essentially, "this is my land". It's Hybrid Warfare, plain and simple. On its face, this is an unfair conflict and the Russia sympathizers wanted it their way or no way as well as the Ukrainian nationalists. My opinion doesn't matter, but I believe they should leave the Ukrainians alone.

You seem to not be aware that the previous neutral Ukrainian government underwent a coup by the west to be replaced with EU puppets.
I disagree with a lot of what you said, and origianally was going to ask you to prove your opinions before using them as support for any argument but then I realized that it doesn't batter.
It's all irrelevant because we both conclude on the same understanding one way or another that
It seems that they are getting less and less friendly when you consider Syria. The Russians are the ONLY reason that Syria is not a broken state, that Israel cannot even fly into Syria without losing all their airplanes.
Recently Syria has threatened "airport for airport" and they can only do this due to being emboldened by Russian technology and military on the ground within every Syrian airport.

So, if I ignore the part about Russians also working on Genie Energy (it's only the jews, it's always the jews) then I do agree with your post. In fact in that RT thread someone mentioned that simply expounding the truth the way they do itself may have a tendency to create a rift between East and West Europe. But if saying the truth creates division, who's fault is that?

So I don't see at all how Russia is organizing any conflict in the Levant (unless you consider that they are letting Turkey invade Syria on purpose. I for one foresee Russian backed Syrians allying with American backed Kurds with the way things are going. The Americans even threatened to break off all relations and strike militarily against any militias that attack the Kurds, as they have been invited by the Turks to take part on a new assault on the Kurds). However either way, I do think that the only mistake Putin has ever done is letting Turks invade Afrin and massacre thousands of Kurds, that's blood on his hands (not like anyone expected anything at all from the complete cryptokike that is Erdogan). Some say that it would be easier for the Russian-Syrian alliance to deal with Turkey than with Kurds backed by USA but these sorts of people could have never imagined that Trump and Kim would become BFFs.
I don't understand what this sentence is saying. What support, whose support, support for what. Are you saying the actions of Russia cost them Golan? What actions would these be?
You mean the Neoliberal/Globalist policy? This came from the Jews. It's the Globalists against everyone else and they are losing. Good riddance.
As Putin has said many times, this is just the way the East is transitioning into a multi-polar world. Why deal with Jews directly when you can let the Chinese deal with them. Any cooperation at all with the Jews will always be leverage for the Jews. In this way, China bending over for them creates leverage for the Russians because they know the secular Chinese will immediately get subverted and destroyed from within without any cooperation from Russia.

As for Saudi Arabia, Trump himself said that the Saudis are integral to the security of Israel. For now they are just quibbling with other sunni/cryptojew nations. There's no point talking about the roaches other than to point out that division between them is bad for Israel and good for everyone else.
I don't even know what to bring up, everything seems to be a stalemate in that part of the world and everyone is waiting for something to happen in regards to Palestine which it won't any time soon it seems. The only interesting part is how Turkey is out of control. Iran ain't doing shit but supporting Hamas, Houthis and spreading their dominating influence into Syria and Lebanon.

I'm aware, apart from the EU puppets part.

I'm aware. Like I said, I'm just confused about the long game.

I just said I didn't mean to imply that the Russians are benefiting from the Golan energy extraction, seeing that they are a player in the energy market as well. I know who's up to it. It's always them.

This was, for the most part, my point. I see a Eurasianist bent in some of their actions.

My statement comes from the misguided belief that there was any chance of Israel having to answer for stealing sovereign territory.

Exactly, but I'm afraid that the necessary dismantling of the Neo-liberal empire will extend beyond this and further delegitimize our nations. It would be hard to explain that both parties/sides were controlled and we aren't just warmongers and profiteers. Europe has a better chance with this than the U.S.

Hottest of takes, user. I really hope you're right. Although this Duginist shit makes me nervous. His 4PT is contradiction after contradiction.

Yeah that was quite the statement. I'd take Iran over SA.

Interesting. Care to elaborate?

The Saudi cheerleaders I talk to are completely assblasted about this. Do you think anything positive will come of it?

I'd love to elaborate and I will later (Mainly was thinking how Qatar changing sides from the Gulf states towards Turkey and possibly Pakistan. I forgot about how Egypt plays in to this now, but overall considered all of them Israel friendly. But then maybe there might be some plan to replace the kikes with cryptojews. The Jews thought that all the kvetching about 6 gorrillianz would let them be Jews out in the open hence "Isrealis" but maybe they are going to go back into hiding, which would be worse. Easier to have an obvious target LOL.
Also there was an incomplete narrative that I had in mind regarding Ukraine but recently became aware of two more elaborate ones)

Am loving this discussion but I have to mention that now I'm more interested in the narrative that you were saying. The narrative that I have in mind, if true, does not benefit in being known except to be more hopeful, but people should be trying their hardest no matter what.

So if one wanted to shill the Jews into thinking that everyone isn't against them when they are… Maybe the Russians are on the Jews side and trying to delegitimize the Western Atlanticist politic. Yes yes. Jews still have lots of friends right? OY VEY

That's been my belief for some time, that the Zionists will get many to move to Israel and the power will change hands to preselected cryptos. I imagine they will all be in power before the power change hands. I think we're already seeing this in places like Brazil, Hungary, Italy and soon to be France. This leads me to believe that Trump is not our last play in the U.S., so I'm not willing to give up hope in the U.S.

I see the Zionists trying their best to make all dissent about the "liberals" and Muslims, which is just a racial moniker for Arabs among the right. They're actively trying to make the right stupid again, probably in order to just give them table scraps and call it utopia.

What narrative of mine are you talking about?

Well, Paris has a Black Cube implantation, so that must count for something.

Simplified =/= correct, mossad. Machinations like yours are why French is no longer the language of poets.

Are you one of the mongrels who are being catered to with the public bastardization agenda of the French language?

No? Then learn it properly.

Putin has talked about a miltipolar world for awhile. More so 10 years ago.

Western whites are slaves. Time to start thinking from a slaves perspective. Get out of your delusional. You are nothing but a slave. Accept it… accept reality and then walk forward on actions to stop it.

Jewish power comes from the central banking system.

Don't pretend like all Europeans don't live in the same system currently.

This man openly hates the Irish. Watch his narratives to see what mossad is up too. You'll need to read between the lines. They are confused on how to handle the Brenton Nationalist. They've been hesitating for weeks to form a stance on these protesters. The French need our help right now.

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What the fuck are you even talking about you derailing fag. Learn to communicate without going off into orbit with your sidewinder shit.

watch for poison in your gum, lads

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Watch for mossad to use ISIS to kill some of these Breton Nationalist.

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Read the first four word of your post I quoted carefully. Keyword: Western

What is your ethnicity?

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Get this garbage out of here. You buttblasted homosexual.

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So, I am thinking we are going to need French infographics: How to spot a French Jew
Flyers should perhaps be distributed to the public via typical methods. This whole thing is going to heat up after New Years.

Need to really to help the French citizens prepare for what is coming.

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Any French user's help in differentiating between a French citizen and a French Jew citizen is helpful. Even if we manage to alert / train a few thousand French anons with the skills to identify a French Jew citizen in the coming weeks; is an amazing success.

A follow up to identifying Mossad Agents operating inside of Paris, France. We can build off this rough foundation.

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It would be called normal in any other world, that didn't have jews

you missed:

Any faggot PhD who insists on being called 'doctor' like this faggot or Corsi is running an op.

Leave that poor MKUltraed roastie alone, Steve.

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Good observation there, lad. Sometimes the biggest tell is the one right in front of us.

Just talk about Jesus or something.

fucking this

Every synagogue in the world is at least a "would be" center of operations for Israel's subterfuge, schemes and operations.

pic related is in France

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Bad enough Paris has an infestation of shitskins and sandniggers of all types but now semitic rats too. None of them leave us alone so why would they dare ask us why we hate them so?

this was never given and it was a lot of back and forth with the matter, at the time I tore my hair out and wanted the us and even nato to start backing them…. turns out though, that the turks were right all along, it was a mistake to back them