How Native American tribes are bringing back the bison from brink of extinction

How Native American tribes are bringing back the bison from brink of extinction

On 5,000 hectares of unploughed prairie in north-eastern Montana, hundreds of wild bison roam once again. But this herd is not in a national park or a protected sanctuary – they are on tribal lands. Belonging to the Assiniboine and Sioux tribes of Fort Peck Reservation, the 340 bison is the largest conservation herd in the ongoing bison restoration efforts by North America’s Indigenous people. The bison – or as Native Americans call them, buffalo – are not just “sustenance,” according to Leroy Little Bear, a professor at the University of Lethbridge and a leader in the bison restoration efforts with the Blood Tribe. The continent’s largest land mammal plays a major role in the spiritual and cultural lives of numerous Native American tribes, an “integrated relationship,” he said.

“If you are Christian and you don’t see any crosses out there, or you don’t have your corner church … there’s no external connection, [no] symbolic iconic notion that strengthens and nurtures those beliefs,” said Little Bear. “So it goes with the buffalo.”

Only a couple of hundred years ago, 20 million to 30 million bison lived in vast thundering herds across North America. They were leftover relics of the Pleistocene and one of the few large mammals to survive the Ice Age extinction. But less than 400 years after Columbus’ direful voyage, white settlers pushed their way west into Native American territory in so-called manifest destiny. And the US government made the fateful decision to cripple the Native Americans through whatever means necessary. One of these was the bison: the government viewed slaughtering the great herds en-masse as a way to starve and devastate Native American tribes.

Within just decades, the bison went from numbering tens of millions to within a hair’s breadth of extinction. “Fort Peck was the first to stand up and say we want to help. We want to restore these important bison back to their historic Great Plains home,” said Jonathan Proctor, Rockies and Plains program director with NGO Defenders of Wildlife, who has worked with the tribes for years to bring the bison back. To do so, the tribe looked to Yellowstone’s bison herd. After the slaughter of the 19th century, 23 bison survived in a remote valley in Yellowstone. Today, the herd is 4,000 strong and is seen as a vital population because it has never been domesticated or interbred with cattle, maintaining genetic purity. While so-called pure genetics of the bison are often important to scientists and conservationists, Kelly Stoner – who heads the bison program at the Wildlife Conservation Society – said the issue is more complicated among tribal groups. (…) In 2014, two years after the bison came to Fort Peck, 13 tribal nations – representing eight reservations both in the US and Canada – signed a ‘Buffalo Treaty’. The treaty outlined the importance of bringing back free-roaming bison to both the US and Canada. “We used to always have an empty chair for the buffalo, for the spirit of the buffalo [at the dialogues], in our talking circles,” said Little Bear, who facilitated the dialogues. “It’s hard to explain but the buffalo was basically asking us, ‘you know, I’ve been gone for 150 years, why do you want me to come back?’”

The treaty is already making good. Last year, Blackfeet Reservation, also in Montana, received 89 genetically pure bison from Elk Island in Canada. Although the Blackfeet’s Iinnii Initiative – their name for buffalo – is the youngest, it’s also the most ambitious.

“Well never see bison roaming the entire Great Plains again,” said Proctor. “We’ll never see 20 million to 30 million bison again. No one is trying to go back in time. We’re trying to go forward. We’re trying to restore this important animal where we can, where people want them, and to the level where they will help restore the natural balance.”

For any of this to happen, Native American tribes will be key. They have the land and the desire to bring back the continent’s largest land mammal. And it’s not just bison, Proctor said. They have been instrumental in conserving wolves, grizzly bears, swift foxes and black-footed ferrets among other species. Magnan said Fort Peck’s “dream” is to have 2,500 buffalo in their conservation herd running on more than 40,000 hectares. Already the tribe has passed a resolution to purchase more land.

“It’s amazing … with limited budgets and widespread poverty, [Native American tribes] are the leader in wildlife restoration when compared to the state wildlife agency,” he said. “In reality, it was not the buffalo that left us, it was us that left the buffalo. So we have to do something.”

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1. Canada has been doing this for fucking decades, and it wasn't just natives that were responsible, although they WERE a part of it.
2. Buffalo is fucking delicious
3. I really wish they'd hurry up and start cloning mammoths because I bet they'd taste awesome.


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The Natives you've known to be sympathetic to the cause are probably ones who've experienced firsthand what kind of problems cultural and race mixing can cause. As a result of cultural dominance and interracial mixing there are barely any full blooded Natives left. Where I live less than 1% of all the people on the Reservation can speak their own language, and among the youth wanting to be black has run rampant. Under a National Socialist government, things for us would improve vastly… That is, if we haven't already become too soft from the way this materialistic life-style has made us, and that is why I am pro-Nazi. It's hard though, being a Native American National Socialist; people are so misinformed, ignorant, and closed-minded it makes your life a living hell.

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the white men slaughter of the buffalo is one of the worst things we've ever done. the artificial extinction of a species which is of enormous value to supporting human life is one of the stupidest short sighted decisions any man can make. ironically, the slaughter of the buffalo as a kind of primitive biological warfare against the Indians to eliminate their major food source has some nuances which contradict The Current Year's PC sensibilities.

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how many Bison originally populated the West before the white man killed them all in 1889?

Answer: around 60 million Bison. that is an enormous population of tasty wild animals who's bones also provide useful components for tools and weapons. one explorer reported seeing a 25 mile wide and 15 mile long herd of Bison.

of course i realize it is foolish to attempt to step twice in the same stream, so i don't expect the Bison population to return to anything close to its Natural state of equilibrium, but the Bison issue has always been near and dear to me of especial importance as a lesson to learn why Conservation matters (and i don't mean namby pamby limp wristed Leftist environmentalism, i mean Conservation in the sense of the word used by Hunters and Outdoorsmen who know what it means to live sustainably off the land and why that matters.)

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How Europeans tribes are bringing back the Native American from brink of extinction
Indian reservations

We do like funding our nature preserves. (((Some))) would have you believe rats are going extinct and need their nests protected. The buffocaust image above should get you to appreciate how like deer and rats they are if they survived that attempt at eradicating them.

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FUCK YES buffalo is delicious. Meinhards in Vancouver used to have a butcher shop at the back. They sold bison sausages with blueberries and a touch of maple syrup in them at $6.00 a pound. It was like eating fresh cake. You'd cook them and no grease came out. The meat was light, fluffy, tender, lean. The best. When they got rid of their butcher shop and stopped carrying those bison saucissons I was heartbroken

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Not to mention the Dust Bowl caused by the buffalo extermination and white people's short-sighted environmental destruction

I'm glad we've mostly moved on and learned from these incidents, but white people need to absolutely make sure to never repeat these again







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Iowa prairie being cleared means that a single state can produce the equivalent of canadas yearly supply of corn……in just 14 days.
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How easy would it be to domesticate and farm bison?

when that happened the Blackfeet went around conquering all the neighboring tribes and when asked to fight against the army they said no. then took all the horses and guns they stole and went up to northern Montana / Canada

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Nigger, the bison weren't in any danger until the white man decided to kill them all off as a method of exterminating the Injun. The natives used methods that were inefficient and killed many buffalo off, sure, but the Injuns weren't stupid, or at least were intelligent enough to know that the buffalo was their main source of food.
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