AI Generates Humans That Look 100% Real

Believe it or not, all these faces are fake. They have been synthesized by Nvidia’s new AI algorithm, a generative adversarial network capable of automagically creating humans, cats, and even cars.

The technology works so well that we can expect synthetic image search engines soon — just like Google’s, but generating new fake images on the fly that look real. Yes, you know where that is going — and sure, it can be a lot of fun, but also scary. Check out the video. It truly defies belief:

According to Nvidia, its GAN is built around a concept called “style transfer.” Rather than trying to copy and paste elements of different faces into a frankenperson, the system analyzes three basic styles — coarse, middle, and fine styles — and merges them transparently into something completely new.

Coarse styles include parameters such as pose, the face’s shape, or the hair style. Middle styles include facial features, like the shape of the nose, cheeks, or mouth. Finally, fine styles affect the color of the face’s features like skin and hair.,news-28869.html

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kill yourself kike

stories like these are preparatory for political reasons, when shit on Weiner's laptop gets exposed you can be sure they'll be used as references to say the video evidence was faked.
Good news is the videos on his laptop are older than the technology so thankfully there's no way to go back in time to change that fact

Looks like someone didn't read the title closely. It said AI generates humans, user.

AI race war when?

They can stage so much shit with this, whether it'd be on a small scale or a terrortist attack, the technology at hand is ridiculous and insane, everything is fucked, our only hope is chaos.

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this is why I contribute as little as possible to ZOG and encourage tech white people to stop doing so

0 negros in collage

I'll give it less than a year before someone pirates this and uses it for deepfake porn.

I'm going off grid in like a month, I can't stand this anymore. It's all so fucking evil.

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kikes will find you and get their pay either way

when negros take over they'll roam the countryside for bad goys

you have to starve it and fight it, simultaneously

You really think (((they))) would try and find me in remote Alaska? Just to get one goy? Would we see Ruby Ridges in mass?

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It could very well be that turbo nigger cranial features are outside the bounds of the programming. I mean, you want the results to look realistic, not like the Oblivion character creator.

This is why they're developing these things. Eventually they'll become so advanced, that they'll just hunt down and kill dissidents.

Serious question: Is there a single good reason at this point to not root for AI? Given the choice between a planet-wide Jew-nigger ghetto and AGI star-farers, I think I'd prefer to be part of the lineage of the latter.

No, votecuck, think false flags, crimes beyond comprehension, fake, synthesized media etc.

Bingo. If this thing can generate flawlessly realistic faces from disparate elements, it'll have no problem generating anybody's face over "evidence" of them doing just about anything.

Who is responsible for the push towards AI and transhumanism?
I'll give you a hint, it starts with j and ends with ews.

I came to the conclusion a few days ago that the kikes may be right. We need to breed out all intelligent life (whites and gooks) on this planet. If we don't there is a 100% chance that in the next 1000 years we will create a horror that will exterminate all life. It's only a matter of time. There will either be some evil asshole like Eliot Rogers who unleashes killer robots or there will be some dumb fuck at CERN who accidentally creates a black hole.

The future is either retarded brown people clubbing each other over a banana or killer AI. Which is better? Living as animals or death of everything?

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How long before this is used for porn?

The people responsible for creating the technology responsible for destroying the planet are right, and Whites, the only people responsible for giving any degree of a shit about nature, should be exterminated, to save nature?
How many levels of glowing kike are you on, Hasbarafaggot?

Imagine the shit the kikes will pull when they crack AI and combine it with designer babies.

They'll have underground lairs of thousands of Tesla/Kennedy/Churchill etc clones just to create memes and shill ideas for the CIA.

Someone made a spooky post once saying if you submit your DNA to 23andMe there's probably a clone of you in Podesta's basement right now. Maybe not yet but you know they'll use this to clone thousands of Marilyn Monroes in those underground tunnel slave complexes.

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How many non-whites are at CERN faggot?

How long before they make a mistake that sucks the entire planet into the void?

This will be used to claim anything that leaks online is "fake news" and it will also be used to create fake news the fake news media will claim is real.

Expect everything to get real confusing.

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These people deserve the rope.

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I remember reading an article back in the 80's saying that photographic evidence and even video evidence was about to be rendered invalid across the board by computerized image alteration techniques. This isn't new but it is disgusting to see the ((( liars ))) at the top exponentially blowing up their evil powers to an infinite degree while truth is left humbled in their shadow.

And they don't even mention how this relates to things like the "mandela effect". I have long posited that such could be a psyop in which alterations in digital media merge with known tendencies to misremember things, and that real world processes could be used to alter evidence as well and therefore lead to a climate of information ambiguity where those who hold the most authentic information and version of events can alter it and tailor it as they please and distribute it into the public through various media in order to cause disinformation and misinformation in ways that suit their agendas, both strategic and general and tactical and specialized and focused, whether on groups or individuals.

Then when it comes to interactions between agents through such media as the internet, what they can already do with mere text and image postings (to include email, social media, and boards such as this one) can eventually be done with full audiovisual representations of persons. With all this controlled in a structural MIMA configuration of the internet as information weapon platform, they can literally rewrite the the public mind and dig down into the individual minds of persons with greater and greater intensity and resolution.

Force multiplied by all the other vectors of influence, ranging from chemicals to psychotronics, the result is an open air mind control gulag.

The sooner the better, at the rate things are going in all the other aspects of technology and its application.

Sam Hoidel stole my idea about AI putting people in infinite torture chambers for that chinese AI hydewars vid. Not long after I posted it here he put up that video.

The most terrifying thing I ever considered was permatorture and how it would be used as the ultimate deterrent in the future, like thermonuclear weapon-proof pods they put people in and make their brain merge with a machine that maximizes the capacity for suffering and putting you on a EMdrive prison-rocket propelling you to somewhere in space where nothing can ever reach you and end your suffering.

I posited this as the ultimate WMD and that it would make nuclear war look like nothing and the risk of a sadist programming AI to use the technology to go around hoovering up all life in the universe and put them in permanent pain/fear amplifier pods. Every time I mentioned this some "rational skeptic" would say "akshually the AI would be high IQ and would see that as a waste of resources" like the singularity would just inevitably be smoothly rolled out and AI would naturally be super empathetic 5000-IQ and there was no way something could go wrong or be sabotaged.

This one is deep within the kike zone. He is a walking bagel head.

Huxley and Kaczynski were right, technology will become all encompassing and eradicate anything that does not participate within the system. Transhumanist fags are the biggest retards on the planet.


That's why I have not given any DNA to those places. But if they really want your DNA, they can acquire it through medical facility contact of any kind, such as when you give blood or tissue samples for any reason whatsoever, including just check ups. It's not like they are bound by ethics. I'm sure that by now they have so much going on underground, that the aboveground world is simply like an amusement park, open experimental zone. Such corruption cannot be resolved by conventional means. Perhaps those who would destroy the world by any means necessary are the true heroes.


Does anyone get scared at the psychological makeup of the scientific community? They all seem to be VSauce/I F*cking Love Science cornballs, too feminized and chipper. We already know the reason why metropolitan types favor open borders is because they have weak threat detection faculties in their brain. I don't trust them to foresee the horrors of scientific milestones because they live in this consumerist soft-focus false reality. They make discoveries from rote-learning a fuckton of info and experimenting with all the knowledge they've accumulated. That doesn't mean they have a fucking clue what the implications are.

My mother worked for CERN in Geneva, not as a scientist but on intellectual property but she lived with the scientists in Ferney Voltaire and even in the late 70s they were fucking cornballs going by her answers to me asking what they were like.

She brought up nuclear war ending the world when there was the North Korea nonsense in the news and I told her if there was a nuclear exchange it would be localized but she started talking about Russia and I explained it still wouldn't kill off humanity, that the northern hemisphere would be hell on earth and sadistic criminals would be able to operate unchecked and there'd be no police to protect you, no running water or supermarkets with stocked shelves to go to and that I would kill myself in such an event. She said it was nonsense and that people are naturally caring and everyone would band together and grow vegetables and rebuild and this and other things I've witnessed made me realize how fucking clueless women and feminine men are about the brutality of humans.

I have no doubt that the same kind of feminine cluelessness is pervasive at CERN and among AI researchers and it scares me. Anyone who works on AI should be ex-military from strategic planning, know history and have an anti-war stance and be polygraphed for empathy, because AI is and should be treated like a WMD. They set up game theory planners to delve into the philosophy and all kinds of weird possibilities of a nuclear-armed world, this was happening with RANDcorp and even pre-Trinity IIRC. They should have an AI regulatory commission like fuckin yesterday.

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If something we create ends up good enough to exterminate us, we have achieved our purpose and our (metaphorical) children will be stronger than us. What more can we, as a species, wish for?

Probably some Indians and East Asians, for sure.

You people overhype the shit out of AI. The best supercomputers barely match the human brain and they consume enough energy to power a small city. Not to mention digital computers can never achieve true sapience, but that'snot to say quantum computers couldn't. Genetic engineering has the best potential for creating a god. Why dick around with shitty AIs when we have a far superior platform to build off of? AIs wouldn't be able to compete with artificially evolved humans. Computers are tools, not our replacements.

This but unironically


Dubs confirm SIEGE's greatness.

So, deepfakes that aren't so shit?

Seej jews have to go.

like in "i have no mouth but i must scream"?

holly shit user what are memes

Its moments like this that we all have to take a deep breath and realize that at the end of the day the internet is just a bunch of ones and zeroes floating in wires between computers. It does not matter

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Are you joking? They'll just use it to make untraceable child fucktoys.

is the 40k universe the best possible outcome of our future?

I feel like it's either doom or 40k….

When they have complete control and trillions of dollars with nothing better to do. They will come after you. Why do you think Mossad spends so much time chasing down 90 year old Germans for execution because they once looked at a swastika?

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don't mind me

He invented the first practical amplification system of the vaccum tube to be precise, so this wasn't some random pundit. Look up all the predictions before the Wright Brothers first flight, non literally-whos saying powered flight wouldn't be possible for 10,000 years within a decade before the first flight.

And if you're going to say the moon landing was faked, that would be a bigger feat than landing on the moon. The 60s was fucking gnarly in terms of black projects, people don't realize that 'cutting-edge' weapons date back to designs from that time period. The MIC were and always have been ahead of everyone in tech and the space race was partially a cover for funding ICBM research.

This was in 1965.

Oh shit, someone beat me to the punch. I guess I won't be blamed as the first person to come up with concept and torture-cubed by some time traveler.

All I could think of is how picture and video evidence will no longer be reliable for the justice system, thus society will have another major tension point.

Found the SHILL

The biggest conundrum to come out of deepfakes is how it affects the pedo blackmail videos and pictures the CIA have on politicians and celebrities.

Does it mean that they have an excuse incase someone busts open the archive (probably Fort Knox) and uploads it to the internet?

Does it mean that blackmail won't work anymore and that their main mechanism of controlling career politicians will be destroyed? It might mean that high society pedos can go around being sick fucks without ever seeing justice but it also might mean that they can't be used as puppets to open borders and start wars anymore.

I won't mind you my good friend. My greatest ally.

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I remember there was a time when "AI" meant "artificial intelligence" and not "a computer program that does something interesting"

At least I'd die in style.

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I think that it's safe to say that we can begin to see an increase of "Hate attacks" in Europe done by White men that don't even exist to begin with. It really is a terrifying future that exists before us; never has been a total reset of humanity be more desirable.

Tecnically this could be done with Photoshop. The AI is trained on several faces and then mixes and matches.
It just speeds up the process of creating faces. It'll likely be used for generating stuff for ads /overt propaganda more than fake news.

I think the biggest factor is that they are mostly utterly apolitical. That's my experience from being at STEM. I was almost never able to discuss politics with them. Those that I could, they were usually rather redpilled. You can't go into STEM without being at least somewhat intelligent, but you can't stay without being apolitical because being aware of the current social and political situation of the world gives you tremendous stress to the point of not being able to study/research very efficiently.

If the world had always been run by and for retards like you, we'd still be living in caves throwing rocks at the people in the other caves.

happened before dont sweat it…

Except that's already happened. Don't you think your life is full of nothing but strife and pain? But not enough to drive you insane or make you kill yourself, right…? You wouldn't be here if that was not the case. The truth, user, is that we are in Hell right now. Whether it's the Christian Hell or one that humans made and placed you into makes no difference. But this suffering will continue for all of eternity from this day forward.

Enjoy yourself!

Soon, people will no longer know the difference between fake and real.

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Ahh fuck, I just realized.

You know when record labels hand out promo copies of albums/singles to members of their own staff to listen to, they have a hidden ultrasonic watermark to identify & fire the leaker if it ends up on the internet.

They are probably already getting in on the groundfloor of deepfake technology and will try and get total control of it. They can probably create some sort of watermarking system built into deepfakes like how they hide NSA backdoors on intel processors. The usual way they neutralize a politician they want out of a political party or to smear a candidate running for election is leaking sexting, infidelity emails, lovechild scandals or something like photos from a non-pedo sex party. Or a hidden taping of them saying nigger by a mole.

The super robotic career politicians are blackmailed pedos and most Americans think this is some sort of rumor that started with Pizzagate but if you look to the UK's Operation Elmtree and (((Independent))) Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (it was the perps investigating themselves) and Belgium's Dutroux affair you had investigative reporting, leaks and police reports confirming the hidden camera and blackmail elements.

Short videos: - UK Party Whip admitting to a blackmail system for pederast MPs - Former Mayor of London acknowledging MI5 was placing hidden cameras in a care home where abuse took place - one of many - in order to blackmail politicians.

Long watch but full of allegations completely banned via D-Notice in the UK, they cleverly give hints to narrow down serving MPs and Lords and explain how the pedoshit is still going on - the British media whitewash was gaslighting people into thinking this all ended in the 70s and they exposed a few dead pedophiles like Jimmy Savile to make people associate the scandal with the 1970s and Theresa May destroyed a dossier naming all the MPs:

What's crazy is this big qboomer pedo leak that everyone has been promising sort of already happened:–18_United_States_political_sexual_scandals
2017-2018 two suicides and countless resignations but fairly little coverage.

MK ULTRA, in Subproject 68 they put hidden cameras in the rooms full of kids and filmed politicians raping them to blackmail them:

Jeffrey Epstein's Island:

Too many people here coveniently ignore Epstein's island because they think it's anti-Trump to mention it, he never visited the island and he openly taunted Bill Clinton and Epstein about it: - not the actions of a man implicated with any crimes that took place there.

Hidden cameras and blackmail are the real reason for "elite pedos", it's not that they're pedos because they're powerful - they're puppets with the appearance of power in their position because of the dirt held over their heads.

You're missing the point: At that point, why believe anything?
People are already calling bs on false flag attacks. Soon there will be no crisis actors necessary, and everyone will know how to generate them.
Once that happens, news will be completely unreliable. Anyone with a pc or even a phone will be able to make anyone do and say anything.

At that point you cannot frame or expose anyone either. Even if the footage is real, no one will believe it.
In the future, only ideas matter.

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Looked better when it generated dog heads.

How physically vulnerable do we become to hit squads when that time comes?

Yes. Sociopaths cluster around the upper echelons of any society and they do not care for the consequences of their actions on any other humans, living already or yet to be born. Democracy is the favorite plaything of these sociopaths. Never before in human history has a philosopher-king, or a council of philosopher-princes been more needed.

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Ideas are worth shit. Only actions count.

OP is a faggot who left out the video associated with the article.
The video is even more scary

Speak for yourself my dude. I'm a highly redpilled and high ranking AI researcher yet those around me have zero clue. The poos, chinks, and kikes I am in contact with daily see me as a bubbly friendly and inoffensive white guy and have no clue I plan to eventually use our research to callously exterminate every one of their kind to the last. They have no idea that behind my friendly smile I am plotting their destruction every waking moment of every day. Don't underestimate how many STEMbros will crawl out of the woodwork when it's Time.

t. nu/pol/
You have to go back.


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machine learning is not AI my friend
a machine learning degree is a joke degree.

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People think this shit is new. Its new in that its being revealed to the public, but kikes are probably 10-15 years ahead of currently available tech and software.

fake but not gay

720p mp4

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Is this the cycle of all things?
Is this what happened l a s t t i m e?

What if (((they))) released their own risky sextapes, but overlace it with these AI generated faces as to make a deepfake and submit it to pornhub or whatever. Then when the real video leaks, you can say it's a deepfake, because "look thats not really me, they took it off pornhub lol".
I don't like this shit, I really don't

This might be confirmation bias because I am told that they are fake beforehand, but from 1:24 and onwards when they pull up changing big pictures of different faces, look deep into the eyes of those "people" depicted on the images.

There is no soul there. I can't put my finger on it, but there's a deeply rooted and creepy disconnection that occurs when I look at those images, like I can identify that it's an alien entity that's staring back at me and not another human. I consider myself agnostic, but if this isn't simply the uncanny valley effect triggering due to the technology not being good enough yet, it might very well be that since the people depicted never existed there's no soul or metaphysical entity connected to them, unlike the observer which picks up on it.

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It's because the source images differ too much from what they're trying to create.
All people apart from the little boy are already soulless people user.
You can't even edit the soul into them.


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Hmmm. Their 'bigdog' makes me laugh as well, they've just invented an extremely noisy, expensive horse.

What total bullshit. Go outside and walk in the woods and mountains, you ungrateful waste of consciousness.

Nowhere is 'remote' any more.

It will be seen as a ridiculous historical wrong that people like you were previously able to escape with your racism to rural areas.


This CERN posting is so fucking retarded. The energy scales of these accelerators are between 5-15 TeV compared to the cosmic rays 1-300,000,000 TeV. Those cosmic rays have bombarded our planet constantly for 4 billion years without fucking anything up. Those same cosmic rays(and even ones with higher energies) have bombarded every single neutron star(which are the perfect targets for particle collisions) for aeons which we have observed without seeing a single collapse attributed to particle collisions. The cosmic ray equivalent particle accelerators are centuries away and even they are too weak to do shit. Stop worrying about woo.

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I think most of us are more concerned with technology that we know already exists, or is well within near grasp, like deepfakes.


alphabet>google>deep mind (run by jew female)
>boston dynamics

Political correctness>nanny state>police state>Xinjiang>judgement day


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Why are you thinking this is bad? With this and a phone number generator, shitposting on the clearnet will be BACK. Feels fucking great man.

Fucking based AI!

I sometimes wonder how many times homo sapiens have reached this point, realize epigenetics is the key to our survival, expose the true horror of all things to humanity so that it is forever hard-wired into our brains what existential horror exists beyond the veil, and then kill us off and start over again hoping the next generation will be more philosophically-minded and empathetic. But then I see white genocide and fear we may have just been floundering about at random allowing only our sociopathic leaders to torture us/enslave us because we come up with coping mechanism like I just did. Ah well. At least some coping mechanisms lead to decent philosophic perspectives, not that mine is of course.

Through actions and actions only. If ideas mattered, why did our Fuhrer made the Beerputsch instead of writing letters to Bismarck. Backflip from a skyscraper you shill.

1. Piss on them
2. Makes short circuit
3. Problem solved

I'm OK with this. It will only push people to question everything because nobody will know what's real, that destroys the government more than it does regular people. And think about this, with this tech, anyone could make their own movies. The idea of Zig Forums studios sounds pretty awesome.

Notice, no spic nor chinks neither

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