Yellow Vest glorious protest

What the Jews want:

What the People want:

How the state mercenaries answer:

Read paragraph "Fiscal Contributions" on page 121 of the document "An End to Antisemitism": the Jews want your money to shut the goyim down, and also to rewrite the Bible!

Froggies have a similar report from the jewish terrorist organisation that occupy French gov, called the CRIF, see the other document:

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0.02%… I make that 516.6 billion us$…
That's a lot of euroshekels…

…doesn't seem right. I don't maths right now, but it's still a massive chunk of change.

That would make 3,500,000,000 USD from the EU countries! (3.5 billions!)

+ (((they))) ask for 1% of the institutions' budgets, read the report.

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Means more than 500 millions € for France alone

What fucking antisemitism? Telling the truth about these worthless parasites is not being "anti" them for no reason like they imply that it is. It's exactly what it is - telling the truth. The audacity of these subhumans is astonishing. Wow.

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Who's going to pay for it though? Nobody's got any money already.

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Looks like the gilets jaunes are making some serious headway; deputies are proposing laws that will allow important issues to be served by referenda,

Le RIC prévoit de redonner voix au peuple dans le débat politique, «dans tous les domaines et à tous les niveaux territoriaux afin que les citoyens puissent avoir le dernier mot pour imposer leurs décisions», selon les termes d'une pétition relayée par des groupes de Gilets jaunes. Il permettrait donc à toute proposition d'un citoyen français – qu'elle soit législative, abrogatoire, révocatoire ou constituante – de faire l'objet d'un référendum national, si tant est qu'elle regroupe un nombre suffisant de signatures.

Eventually you stop being astonished and start being bored when you just see them tell the same retarded lies over and over.

Jews won't let it happen without fighting

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Not really. Pure hatred towards these vile creatures prevents me from being indifferent to their constant and ongoing stream of utter shit. The dotr can't come sooner.

Imagine what this movement could've achieved if they attacked the JQ from the beginning. Have a million people on the streets demanding to expel the jews and this movement is gonna spread instantly across the entire globe. If those demons don't get the hint then, we can at least declare open war against them.


Wow, they're really pushing their luck there…

Because this was never a “movement”, just retarded Francophones protesting Macron’s bill to raise carbon taxes so he can help curb global warming. Now it’s just every side of the spectrum wreaking havoc for no reason.

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Any 'money' they demand just comes out of their own pockets.