Berlin Bizarre: Maoist youth gang fighting jews and leftists

Berlin Bizarre: Maoist youth gang fighting jews and leftists.

A Maoist gang of muscle thugs that looks like football hooligans is fighting jews and fellow leftist who divert in thought is gaining traction in the former turkroach district of Berlin Neukoelln.

Seems like some psyop but then again Berlin is full of hard line leftists of various ideologies…

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Kill them all


I have been in leftist areas of Berlin and dealt with some of the people there (I don't look 1488 at all) and most of these hardcore commie guys look inbred / mutt as fuck, possibly crypto jews or other sorts of Untermenschen that often have noticeably darker skin than normal western Europeans. Not a single turkroach among them btw.

I can count the number of hardcore leftists I met there that look Aryan on one hand.

Reported for pedophilia

This is a shit-thread.
Show us some fucking respect, OP

It's the little things

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Watching slaves dance is less amusing when you're also a slave.

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back to days of weimar with it's anti semitic bolshevists, jewish facists etc. hipsters getting beaten up and robbed by maoist street gangs is nothing new, at least not for berlin.

So if we close our fists and salute its legal. Can we just adopt that instead of the open hand salute.

basically yeah, just make sure not to have political paraphernalia

What is and isn't political by now?
Kikes are so deranged that a common hand gesture is a white supremacist signal

If these guys in the picture are commies then I'll eat my own balls.

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Respect needs to be earned and you gotta be white. You will never be white so I can guarantee you will never get respect.

I mentioned this shortly in the Deutsch/pol/ thread but these guys are more of a curiosity than some serious political group.
From what you can read in that article the core of the group are German nice boys from nice families that went to nice schools outside of shithole Berlin. These Kevins and Maltes probably wanted to be hardcore like the Mehmets and Alis that took their lunch money so they became /fit/. They mix that Berlin ghetto Hip-Hop culture often found among turkroaches and lebbos in Neukölln with some commie larping to form some weird but strong group identity.
It's just an interesting twist of fate that made them into a commie larp group rather than soccer hools.

Pure cohencidence, they just forgot to blurr the white peoples faces.

Heh, okay.

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Communism generally appeals to those sorts.
The founder of their ideology was a jewish neet who never worked a day in his life, and the first guy to put it into practice was a jewish/kalmyk mongrel who was of a bourgeois family.

Some of your German football firms are Communist some are Fascist leaning. St. Pauli are leftist, East German ultras are mostly ultra-right. Like Italy and England but more beer.

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i wanna join youth gangsters

Commie muslims are a strange breed. They're still dirty roaches but easily the best of the muslims.

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And you fags said that Nazbol was just a meme ideology

Look like Germans are sick of waiting to die by someone else's hand. They want to suicide now. I'm not even surprised anymore. Are there any real Germans left, or just bolshevik rape babies?

Nasbol gang tbh

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It is, doesn't mean they don't do anything, I mean an AnCap senator is looking like a solid pick for president

I'd rather have those as my enemies than the neoliberal pidors