PodShares - The future of living in HellA

PodShares - The future of living in HellA

A bed pod in a commune, no curtains so you can't do bad stuff in private like a bad goy.

Run by a jewess talking in a low tonality like a man.

The whole operation is of dubious legality just like most things that jews do, knowing fully well that kike judges will side with them or go easy on them.

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The Future is ACCESS not Ownership

At minute 23 she talks about her building an Interpol system because "bad goys should be marked".

The last fucking thing I would ever want would be living in a setup like this. I get the hostel system, if you just need a bed to sleep in for the night and you're leaving in the morning it's usually fine. I don't understand these people who are OK being around complete strangers with no privacy as a permanent living situation. Especially in a place like Los Angeles with so much crime and vagrancy.

Man we had this thread so long ago…

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can't live in burned down bed pods

And how are you going to start that fire if you don't get an approved lighter day license for using a lighter first, complete with pre and post approval screenings?

SO like what happened in Soviet era where neighbors would rat on each other to get a better apartment?

This is shit is just another kike incubator for degenerate subcultures to network and grow

"permeable intersection between social/privacy"

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I'm going to laugh when all the city people get fucked over hard

And once again the nips did it better than some commie Jewess.

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This video is two years old, and so are all the threads we already had about it.

You make it sound like a petri dish filled with mold spores.

Welcome to Hong Kong

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< Why you gotta harsh on my mellow, brah? A stranger is just a friend you've never met. One love.

Reminds me of this scene from the Holy Mountain.


These are for people who grew up on the internet and think every person is the exact same as them, believes the same things, and has the same principles. Sharing an area like this isn't so scary when you think every muslim, somalian, nigger, asian, male, female, etc thinks and feels the exact same way as you do.

Not to mention it's a kike set up to remove people's individuality.

they actually take pride in surrendering to the scourge of modernity

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Pretty sure disallowing someone who snores will open the business to a lawsuit, some (((lawyer))) will look at it as discrimination against sleep apnea.

I feel like I've seen this thread before… cause someone linked this very scene in it.

Linkola never ceases to amuse me.

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1. Being a hipster jewess, at some point niggers will be allowed to stay

2. TFW niggress starts dumping her crab lice nits all over the fucking place and commie jews get infested.

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well, from the outside with aluminum/ironoxide and diesel, be creative user. i'm sure you could find a license in the rubble, so that will save you any trouble

Bwahahaha now where have we seen this before? Atavism at its best.

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jews want you to police your thoughts and actions and that's best accomplished by zero privacy

i remember seeing that vid a while back. i also thought it a harbinger of bad things to come. its very brave new world.

damn that is grim. those look like animal cages.

housing for the r selected

cool just like in china!

This is a good tbh

Jews monitizing homelessness.
Is there any form of misery a Jew won’t sell?

We pay to live in a concentration camp.

based, the cattle finally officially living as such

This is just a hostel with marketing.

There are good reasons (autism, ADHD, being a writer) and then there are bad reasons (grifting, drug dealing, prostitution).

Lots of soft targets clumped close together.

"you get a podestrian number"


I wonder what proportion of the kids who stay there are jews. I'm thinking they're at least 80% jews with that natural kibbutznik mentality, just like Kleibold and Harris and their Trenchcoat Mafia demonstrated there's an innate Hagganah terrorist mentality that yearns to massacre goyim with the utmost savagery..

pretty sure you can get an STD just by breathing in the air there

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I think you mean Chabad house.



No Chabad is about religion. The kibbutz leans more to the secular non religious jew and their natural yearning for communal living. They tend to be Trotskyites, and atheists.

Some threads are basically "update" threads. Like YouShouldHaveListened.jpg

Truly living the dream.

Ah yes, the Jewish utopia.

The fact that bearded millenicucks don't see a problem with this is all you need to know about their generation from a personality standpoint.

Jews can't be atheist when their demonic patron "god" keeps constantly screaming for goyim blood in their heads.

lol I'll be living in my van by the lake before they'll force me to live in some commie housing

This will work with your soyboy millenials but have fun when you have actual streetniggers, also $1000 a month for a bunkbed. At least gives you something with privacy.

This makes me fantasize about arson.

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Auschwitz would seriously be a better accommodation. Nice, comfy brick buildings? Better than Jew nests any day.

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That is because they respect them as the people instead of being treated like a cattle. Having no privacy between the people in the communal house can prevent them from procreating the future children and the majority of podsharers are white so let the reality sink in.

haha good one.

and then it's Los Angeles..


A nig clipping their nails? fat chance. They deliberately cultivate long sharp talons to rip you up in the next senseless fight they provoke.

You forgot the part where the entire building is infested with bedbugs and lice.

How else you gonna clean snatch out a weave that was secured with 3 hair clips?

If the podshare house is in the harsh, cold and poor remote area then there would be no niggers and poofters in there.

I wouldn't mind living like this with a small colony of whites who I liked. There's nothing inherently wrong with communal living etc.

And this gay attempt at a pod hotel would probably work out alright in a high trust homogeneous society.

Oh fuck off boomer. Us millennials don't go for this faggot commie shit either. Just because a few cucks do this stupid shit doesn't mean everyone else is

People volunteering to live in a communist hell.
All the need now is some informants and the secret police .

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Only if they have privacy then this will work but not the commie style.

Mandatory mixed race and gender dorm rooms obviously. We would't want you to be racist goy.

Set cali on fire again

aw sheeeiiit

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They are much better off having their own microapartments but hey they are stupid cows.

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Fucking hell this is for homelessness what little houses are for trailer trash.

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Imagine the smell…

They are stupid cows.

No private property goyim.

looks like an average military bootcamp/ship berthing to me
those kinds of living arrangements should be shunned as they are generally used soley for ZOGbots


seems like the perfect place to court a woman and have a family with her :)

At least the soviets provided their living pods for free. Jesus fucking Christ just make it stop.

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Some of the presumptions are just wrong.

Its in LA … thats already a crime against humanity … and those people are already serving their time

were they really crammed like this or was this a photo op? Other pictures show bunk beds.

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It's a jail cell but you're free to leave it to go to work.

There's only one way I'd consent to living in a communal setting;

what is the american dream?

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This requires people cooperating with each other; trusting each other. What happens when you get undesirable people from LA using this service? This is why PodShares might fail.

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They are like concentration camps that you pay to live in.

The real kicker is that she writes a public review of every guest, and blasts them on the internet. This is about total control.

And the no-curtain policy isn't just about preventing privacy, it's about wearing the person down, depriving them of sleep, and making it easier to brain-wash them in subtle Jewish ways.

She's probably working with Faceberg or other surveillance Jew organizations. She can help classify these goyim in 20 different behavioral categories, just like the Chinese government, and cross-compare it with their social media, just like the Chinese government.

There's literally no benign explanation for no privacy curtains.


Picture on the left is a forgery.

Please burn this communist pod trash to the ground.

Odd, I have never been a weab or whatever that's called. Let's see. At that age I was watching anime regularly, I was spending my time learning about that fabulous internal combustion engine, practicing my Tux Admin skills, and had already been a skeet shooting champion. I was always hanging out with some of the smartest people I have met so far in my life. A few of which went to work for NSA. Forgot was a BoyScout before they turned pozzed.

that's big Motel 6 money right there… who the fuck does that spic jewess think she is?

Does your dad work for Nintendo?

Imagine that you don't own a whole lot of things, and that your house is effectively "just a place for you to sleep and put your stuff."

These people are probably not in their pods for more than the amount of time that they sleep - they almost certainly hang out at the coffee shop instead of around their house, and they don't have a significant other.

Moreover, imagine that you are broke as all hell, and rent is stupid-high. Now you understand why someone might take one of these shitty pods - they're a solution to a very real problem in LA (namely: "a place to sleep is expensive".)


No he's a head honcho in the Mormon cult of Chaos.