No Wall -- No Guns

Can't even get 5,000,000,000 for part of the wall.
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No more bump stocks
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amerimutts have been quite for weeks now. They have finally learnt that it is they who are the biggest slaves and not Europeans.
Now it is time for them to bulldoze that nigger memorial called "arlington" and forge a new "white" destiny they always crave.

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Yes, awake the sleepers

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This board is so dead. Trump bans guns and cancels the wall in the same day and nobody cares. Even the redditors from the election don't show up to defend their god emperor.

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Then Trump needs to be replaced.


His presidency is over. He'll keep selling hats to the gullible good goys in the Midwest though.

Would be 10/10 if he shot niggers instead.

We're sick of talking about the faggot. Every day for years at least one new thread about Zion Don. Even in threads that don't mention or involve Trump fags and shills tried to make it about him. We're not surprised in the slightest because we know that politics and democracy have been hijacked by the kikes for decades now.

Kike in chief goes back on his word.

Imagine my shock

Maga fags will say this is 4d chess while he waits for his 8th year of being president to lock Hillary up.

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toasting in designated, epic hasbaraCHAD bread!

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Sage negated.


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Trump is officially a JEW! He will sit down and eat his Gefilte fish dinner later while reading the Talmud in the oval office laughing at all you stupid little goyim who voted for him.

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negation saged

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You can't stop the globalist takeover of your nations sovereignty goys

Drumpf takes his marching orders from bibi and kushner. He is the jewish messiah who will build the third temple. He even has his own shekel.

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The end of hope in Trump, and the system, is best case scenario. Finally, the delusions are over.

Oh well fuck him, just vote him out in 2020. His support is basically dead now anyways, basically any other republican replacement is better

This, ZOG losing legitimacy is the best outcome, no one will turn in their guns.

Fucking asshole.

Wow. He spent tax dollars on a decoration for the fence bush approved. Not tired of winning yet.

Kill yourself, shariablue. That wall was something we all kinda wanted, but were never really all that invested in. Most true pedes supported Trump because he promised to get out of the Iran deal and move Israel's embassy, and he kept his promises in that regard


Nope. This shithole needs to burn.

I still can't believe the (((jannies))) burned down this board in an attempt to prop up this orange kike.

at the least I'm immensely relieved the trump cocksuckers of the imKIKEy era have finally fucked off back to reddit where they belong, only took 3 years

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Don't get your hopes up, they're still spamming their disinfo garbage.


We un-ironically would have been better off with madame president at this point.

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They're still here.

and to elaborate, all of those robotic sheeple who screamed "SHILL!!!11! GLOBAL REPORTED!" at anything contrary to their programming

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true, but at least it aint as bad as it was


Kikey is still a polvol(I think hes actually 2 of them 1 and 6).


Because now all of trump's shit decisions will be tied to us, pro white ideology, and nationalism.

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I hate to agree with this but it's true. The average white voter must be destroyed. Democracy is a failure that breeds failures. The only path forward is through destruction and rebirth. Pull the weeds to save the best among us.

When will you faggots realize that (((voting))) doesn't fucking work in a ZOGmocracy. This isn't about being Pro/anti-Trump. Its about securing the existence and survival of our people and killing those who want to kill and enslave us. Make sure to micrwave your HDDs and cellphones before you do anything.

Hilldawg would never come for the funs since she knew the republicucks would have been furious. Christcuck boomers will bend over and let zognald drumpf take derr bamp stacks cause it's what the jewish messiah wanted.

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No, it was very important that Trump explicitly lied about the wall. Could be heroic tbh. People still believed that voting mattered.

We need to normalize the idea of violence. This requires people not shouting others down when they suggest it. If enough people start talking about killing our enemies, we can shift the overton window to a point that killing our enemies and non-whites doesn't seem so radical.

This entire thread is (1) and done kike demoralization shills. Half the threads on this board are at this point.

accelerationism. because instead of playing defense to a jewish plant, we could continue to play offense and keep pointing out the ever growing flaws of leftist leadership that continued to screw us.

trump was a big pressure release valve for antigovernment sentiment, hillary would cause that pressure to only get bigger until something gave for real

Noahide already rules.

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Fuck off kikey. You have no power anymore you filthy roach.

Killing our oppressor is the moral thing to do, only through force and violence will we win. Don't see why people here like to think you can vote yourself out of a genocide.


Nice Satan digits kike. Your nose is showing trump nigger.

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A bumpstock ban could be good. Look I get that it's a backdoor ban. Yet hear me out. The reason the bumpstock exist because post 86-Mgs were banned. They were banned by cutting off people from obtaining tax stamps.

They can't ban guns, but they can tax them. Rather than wasting precious resources such as time & money on pure bumpstock lawsuit, there's the nuclear option which is going after post 86 stamps.

Yet the question is. Do we want to make a ruling on the bump stocks, before we demand the tax stamps. The reason being if we get our 86 stamps, the ruling might be used to say that the semi-autos can require tax stamps.

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I see you are well versed in the teachings of Dr. William Luther Pierce. Violence was always the only answer.

CIA glow in the dark niggers go over board with all the jew shit that's why you can spot em so easy

Fuck off

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No one is waking up because of this. They don't give a flying fuck.

You are a paid shill.

Except the entire board is now completely owned by them and the mods do absolutely nothing except protect them. YOU ARE BANNED HERE IF YOU DO NOT SUPPORT MISCEGENATION, for fuck's sake.

You are a paid shill.

You are a paid shill.

I expected him to fulfil some of his campaign promises but even if I thought he would sit in his office like a potted plant and do nothing for 4 years, I would somehow still be disappointed. He has accomplished less than nothing. NWO kikery has steamrolled ahead as if nothing at all was in their way. His cabinet is full of jews, he's appointing an HW Bush crony as his new AG, he's thrown his white base under the bus and cucked out to niggers several times, the list goes on. What an abortion of a presidency.

Still hoping that the two Zionist supreme court justices he appointed will, at the very least, strike down Obamacare when the time comes.


If Hillary had gotten 2 justices, we would be in a racewar right now(assuming we hadn't been nuked by russia).

See, the wall has already been build. There's no need for extra founding because the construction is completed. I wonder (((who))) could make this blackpill thread.


Sometimes i wonder if they or their superiors ever understand that such bad shilling attempts have actually fueled Zig Forums with extra morale and drive, or if they'll get roped without ever knowing. I'm not even entirely sure if they actually know that most of them just get filtered and talk among each other.

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Yep. Not only that, anti-white federal policies would have radicalized the average white so much more. That's what we would have got with Hillary. The kikes in charge would have thought that the whites were done for, and they would have moved too quickly, just like with the Spartacist revolt in Germany. All we got from Trump was massive censorship by the (((tech companies))), so now we can't even reach the average white.

I was wondering when you reddit niggers would show up.

Get the fuck out, Dave Brock is not impressed.

That's because he literally has no more allies left. The moron pissed away all of his support and still somehow thinks Americans will give a shit if he gets impeached. Truly the lamest one term president in history.

He did both of these things on the same day. Holy shit.
Is this the most embarrassing day in the Trump presidency?


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Honest question; can you defend what Trump has done here?

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is this what winning looks like?
I can't imagine how shitty it's going to be with the next Congress in January. We're going to get (((Art of the Deal'd))) right in the ass.

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All he had to do was veto and build the wall. Hes not even trying on either account.

At this point, I'd expect him to run off with my 82 bucks. At best it might buy a fucking tweet, lel.

I believe in death for adultery. But I think BOTH the man and the woman need to be killed. Islam only murders women so adultery never gets weeded out of their population eugenically. Islam is for pussies.

Is this the 2020 platform?

He never had to build a wall in the first place the whole controversy is STUPID AS FUCK. All he had to do to take care of all the problems is
Mud people and 1/2 niggers get caught on our soil and they need to be executed as invaders or invading forces…men women children. That is all that is required.



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Zognald Chump does it again, libtards btfo, can't wait for the big BEAUTIFUL BROWN wave of BASTE minorities in 2020 to vote for Red Team!

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When has that ever worked?

Reminder that only whites voted for Trump. Reminder that Trump has literally done nothing but abandon, mock, and deride whites and publicly call for white genocide.

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Source for deride and advocate white genocide?

I think I'm not Aryan because I don't quite understand that esoteric metaphor…

You haven't been paying attention. Most recently after the dude shot those kikes in their kike church he went on a huge rant against whites and nationalism.

Reminder that none of us except the SAINTS have stood up and began exterminating our parasites either.

What is he going to be running on in 2020? I fail to see how he's going to try and market himself when he has literally been worse than Obama.

Wow. user displayed actual knowledge of history and the law, actual strategic thinking, and you fucking tards try to shout him down. This is why nothing productive happens here any more. There are too many shitty little 'empowered' 16 year old edgelords who think the game is about talking shit and flinging random slurs. I'm done with you, 8pol, good bye and go fuck yourself.

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'The wall' is never going to happen. We are going to have to be the HUMAN WALL who prevents the invasion of our nation by subhuman TRASH…IF WE CARE TO SURVIVE.

6'2" gay mutant frogs. Alex jones was right again.
Donald Trump On White Nationalists: "I Disavow And Condemn Them"
Not white supremacists. Not a specific group. Not a terrorist organization or violence. THE CONCEPT OF WHITE NATIONALISM ITSELF. THE IDEA OF WHITES HAVING THEIR OWN NATION.

Suicide now. No one cares about you.
You aren't leaving. You're paid to post here. Suicide now. No one cares about you.

Yep, they're mouth breathers.

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9/10 times, the 'shill' accusation is just a meme, but in case you newfags were wondering, this is what they look like - vapid, rabid, opposed to anything productive.

This. Also remember that the wall was an esoteric metaphor for the migrant friends we make along the way.

>pics related, the real wall we had all along!

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Suicide now. No one cares about you.

Good thing bumpstock's aren't firearms shithead.
They can ban whatever they want, they will never open the registry because it is illegal to make post 86 machineguns due to hughes, they'd have to repeal that to add things.

I am sure people love your overdramatic post but you aren't going to do shit but post here. Are you mentally unstable?

Defending gun confiscation is judaism.

So basically anyone who disagrees with trump is a paid shill?

Trump supporters are literally no different than Obama supporters at this point.

That law is unconstitutional and it only passed because it was a late rider.

Hello mein CIANigger.

Was drumpf supposed to go the epic full 1488 to appease you children?

Fuck off shills, real Aryans don't require bumpstock. If you were a pure blood, you would know that!