The MMApill

Started MMA three years ago. Nothing feels better and gets me grounded like martial arts, get in touch with my warrior/masculine side and beating the fuck out of another human being. It teaches discipline, confidence and is good for physical fitness. Even timid people who start end up opening the high T/Chad masculine side of themselves.

It also feels great to make niggers tap out when you get them in an armbar or knock out a spic with a flying elbow.

What are you doing for your self-discipline, strength and health, fellow goyim? Are you going to take the MMApill?

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Not giving myself brain damage

You wear headgear if you want to. But you're probably a pussy and low-T anyway.

Strength thru discipline.

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MMA is for fags


If I had the money I'd join a martial arts group just for some sort of masculine environment, my area's full of boomers and CIA niggers.

Fuck you, where else can you legally knock out a nigger?

GIF related. Take the MMApill.

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Boxing or even american football is far more damaging to the brain than MMA.

I was in the Army, as an Infantryman. You're a pussy.

You're an effeminate cuck that deserves an elbow to the temple for ridiculing men that improve themselves.

Fuck you, in MMA I can legally beat the fuck out of niggers and spics. You're fucking low-T and have man-boobs.

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This tbh. If I had the money I would be avidly pursuing this since I am currently in my mid twenties, but alas, financial troubles must be corrected first. Used to do boxing and I remember how great that made me feel, and always wanted to branch out into MMA. Respect user, more men should tap into their inner selves once in a while.

They are just as shit as MMA is.

Who would attack me?

Did you respond to the wrong post?

Fuck you, in MMA I get to legally fuck up niggers and spics. You must be JIDF, wanting whites to be low T with man titties.

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Seriously, unless you're good and getting paychecks for it, you're a pussy. Pick an art and master it.

Boxing ? shit ? user for fuck's sake, boxing is one of the oldest martial arts alongside wrestling.

I have a bullet that trumps everything you know, and everything you'll ever know in MMA. You're a nigger. The mind is why white men dominated the world. You lack that mind.

What's wrong with MMA for health and self defense? Oh yeah, you're an anti-white kike who wants European whites to become söyböys. Fuck off, kike.

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Shit like this is why I never drop my hands below my nipple level or lean in without at least my chin covered.


Really unless you fight professionally this isn't a problem and if you go to a place that spars at 100% do or die all the time you're in a gym full of psychopaths and should probably get out.

Lying man on man and asserting dominance seems more leftism tbh.

Training in the martial arts =/= sparring.

A lot of people train and don't get injured, plus when you do spar when training you typically wear protective gear.

Plus practicing fighting in general is good for you to understand a fighting pace, which a lot of people lack. Can even be transferred to gun skills in that aspect.

Sparring is essential for martial arts training, if the martial art you practice doesn't have full contact sparring, you better search another martial art to train because kicking and punching the air is absolutely worthless in a real life situation.

I meant that competition level is different from sparring.

Hi kike, keep trying to subvert white European masculinity. Fuck you.

You have no idea what MMA training is like, you're a weak man that sounds like a soft pussy.

MMA is Leftism? Fuck you like, kike that's pumping estrogen into our water.


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What competition you're talking about ? the ones which the retard kick and punch the air while a guy judge if his movements are "correct" or a full contact fighting like the ones we see in a Kyokushin karate ?
The second one requires a full contact sparring before the competition itself.

Stressing MMA is nigger tier. As I said earlier, we dominated the globe based on intelligence. Intelligence rules everything. It's why humans are the most dominant predator. Who the fuck has more power in our society, a banker or some lowly bum in the gym hitting a heavy bag?

You've got to be on welfare. 100%.

Fuck off low-T fedora. Go drink soylent or GTFO. Sparring and fighting raises T levels. White Europeans are under xenoestrogen attack from kikes.

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Quit your pilpul.

What's wrong with the MMApill? Practice mind and body discipline. I'm not saying don't go study or be smart. I hate you fucking kikes.

Stop your pilpul.

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Nice blogpost.

It's for health, look how you kikes attack threads that promote high-T levels in white European males. Fuck you, JIDF betas.

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Kike derailing pro white high testosterone thread.

Are you honestly this new and trying to fit in, or are you sliding something?

You know who makes it to the top in our society? People who dedicate their lives to it. You know who makes changes? People who dedicate their lives to intellectual endeavors. You know what "muh MMA fighters" do? Nothing. They have no power. Literla nigger tier shit. All for the sake of attracting whores and getting laid and "I'm tougher than you." Meanwhile the guys in control of the most power militaries on the planet, who have access to nuclear weapons, don't give a fuck about MMA. Oh yeah, you're making big changes.

No it's not. It's because you're an insecure pussy with nigger-tier intelligence who thinks "it's really cool beating people up." School yard mentality. You know who controls food production and the sciences? Not MMA obsessed niggers like you. You know who controls the FDA? Not MMA niggers like you.

Fuck off, JIDF. I'm pro high-T white European males. Kys at the Wailing Wall, kike. Quit the pilpul.

Pilpul video related. Stop it.


You're really not helping your case and I'm starting to think you're probably fat and ashamed of yourself.

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I stated in previous post here and I quote:

You can't get away with your pilpul. TAKE THE MMAPILL.

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That's why you'll never be great. Great people don't have the spare time to spend 10+ hours a week in the gym working on something as worthless to modern society as MMA. Literal school yard nigger mentality. Beating people doesn't make you cool. It doesn't accomplish anything. White men with good minds invented guns a really long time ago, and when that happened, martial arts became obsolete. Give me one reason why a scientist should spend 10 less hours doing research in favor of MMA. One good reason.

Checked and flagged for pilpul.
Nice pilpul, kike. kys

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OP likes being beaten as it reminds him of when his dad was still around.

Translation:nothing gets OP's juices flowing like the feel of a sweaty man on top of him as they roll around on a padded mat.

See? FAG. A straight man doesn't say, 'get in touch with my masucline side'. Also, you don't beat anyone in your local gym. You spare, with protective gear, but mostly you work pads and do weights and other exercises for the SPORT. It's not real fighting you faggot and 'mma' isn't even martial arts. It's wrestling with boxing and kicking.

Larpy asshole.

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Wouldn't want European whites to be strong, masculine and organized in MMA clubs, huh kike?

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MMA good for strength, health.

Nah the truth is unless you are on roids or HGH the training will eat you up and spit you out if you take it seriously and do it for any length of time. I love MMA but your body will be fucked up when you come out the other end of that meat grinder.

You seem to have a lot of experience. Is that what gay porno looks like?

The one that fucks you up is BJJ the kickboxing isn't that bad and a lot of professional gyms do a kind of point sparring stressing technique practice over "winning" but you'll get rocked a couple times I've had a glove pop my eardrum once.

The men in pics related were more badass than anyone ITT myself included*.
I highly doubt any of them did MMA.

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That's a dirty muzzie…..

So did you have issues with self confidence, or no father? Most martial artists fall into one or both categories.


A coward jew is more badass than anyone in earth ?
How do I know you're underage ?