4fags, get in here

It is down. Why?
Theories and conspiracies are welcome.

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More like Israel is losing their shit.

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It will soon be revealed that 4chan user was responsible for the piss story and that it was fed to Rick Wilson as a troll and made its way into the dossier.

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the jews, duh

This thread is what happens when OP spends 15 minutes trying to solve the captcha.

That 9chan faggot posted again saying the site was going to go down

sage and report


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W-what are they maintaining?

is 9chan actually a thing? Whos the owner? I keep hearing about 9chan lately

4 hours of downtime go figure

its the ZOG

JIDF vs Shariablue sank the board



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no joke, I posted my cock in britpol and the hole thing went down

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The entire Zig Forums catalog was nothing but shill posts by bots. Captcha was getting gamed hard. They're afraid of people finding out about Comey's failure.

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this is to cope with only 5 % actually doing it

Hey moron how about reading the catalog next time before you sperg over here with your sub 80 IQ (((MAGA))) Frog shit.
Already shitting up the board.
Containment thread here

likely the real honeypot

might aswell make this a permanent general

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uh, the database.

Welp, this explains the quasi-raid we are getting right now


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this sites layout is literally retarded

probably nothing, but it will be claimed someone posted an ayy selphy or the video of hillary cannibalizing a baby or anything similar, and of course it will be deleted from the archives and the harddrives of those that downloaded whatever was posted. screencap this

you have to have verified probable cause to get a FISA warrant
the FISA warrant was denied until the steele dossier and yahoo news article (also steele) showed up
comey testified the dossier was never verified
corrupt FISA, no way around it

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Please calmly fallow the line

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I'm not a leaf you nigger

Pretty comfy but not a lot of anons over there.

Q was right all along. Hillary and Podesta arrests coming before 2019, mark my words.

it is nothing. the board literally said they will go down for maintenance at 7 est


where did it say that? i didnt see it.

Oh, so it wasn't only me

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Sorry, I know, see

laughs in sessions resigning

It was in bright red text at the top of the page. Unless you're a phonefag, then you had to click the announcements button

I fucking hate this piece of shit site and it's design. the tomorrow theme is nothing like 4chan's tomorrow

how to fix plz???

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just wanted to shitpost in Zig Forums

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at the top right above

This. it was up all day today

got any more

ah nevermind, in the tomorrow style i use its just some small white font. i see it in the other tabs i have opened

post norfs

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You retards can't even say the word nigger without getting banned

fake news

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She's a jew btw (daughter of the famous songwriter Gainsbourg), but at least she had the guts to show her pussy screwed on screen.

I do

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this place is 100 percent 4channers from gamergate


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How naive are you, to think that's actually her being railed

thats a very convincing MTF

Too many black pills in one day

Please learn about the (((Federal Reserve))) while we wait.

*thumbs up emoji

Why would you even come here if you honestly like 4cuck more than this place? You won't get blazing fast threads or have to solve obnoxious captchas with every post. Shit eating faggots just disappear.

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what the fuck is happening?
i just saw this twitter.com/polbreaking/status/1075180785613848576 and tried to go 4chan, site won't load holy shit.
Was that guy inside man or mod or jannie or something

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"we" believe you buddy. Im sure it isn't a shriveled mutilated mess

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or chink, some ziphead was reporting people fpr racism in /g/ /csg/ for using the work chink… i was practically apoplectic

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it is not MTF lol

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link to archive
also pic related, you can't post comments at archive anymore

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You naughty goy

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would suck tee bee ech

that was an actress user

I say nigger everyday, infact because of phoneposting I say nigger twice as much. Im thinking of doxing the jannies of 4chan myself just for fun.

Sometimes the best way to get stds is with lesbians.

Ok guys. Someone uploaded that real alien photo again, right?

good opportunity to do some Q research while were here. this is Q's home after all

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Would you guys be in favor of a military coup if the only thing they took was your right to vote away?

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I have the technology to go on two or more chans at the same time. It may be mindblowing but it is real.

10/10 ASMR

Sure thing cuck. Defend your commie site.

she cute

there has been a note on 4c for the whole day that it was going to go down for maintenance 7pm est till 11pm

well, pussy can't be anything other than "it"

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i say nigger there all the time and never was banned.
4chan is kiked enough by mods and jannies without having tomake shit up mate


would be a nice christmas gift. but won't happen.
was 8ch down for you too folks? it went down for me the same time 4chan went down. was it because all the cucks came here?

my dick in your anus

well it's official, boomers know about 8 chan now, we must all go to 22chan now

I don’t think the 4chan.org and 4channel split is coincidental, regarding these freezes. It’s literally ‘the goyim know, shut it down’.

There's literally a thread of /b/ posting proof that you will get banned for saying nigger as we speak. Keep telling lies moot you cuck.

Supposedly it's just so that Hiro could put adsense on the "SFW" site. But who knows how much bullshit that is.

4chan mods post on whim. Not so long ago they started banning for posting mega keys in posts.

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move to mewch
no capcha no hiro no malware no data mining did i say no capcha?

oh and most importandly it doesn't go down daily like 4c does now and no jews and feds either

hello fellow pedes! where is the president trump general subreddit? MAGA!

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What kind of maintenance, faggot?

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