Facebook Gave Microsoft, Amazon, Netflix Unrestricted Access To User Data

Netflix, Spotify and a bank was allowed to read and delete users’ private messages

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This is only the beginning by the way.
Wait until you learn about the deal they pulled with cell phone carriers.

and foreign governments…remember how they secretly were trying to get patient data from hospitals? I have a feeling that they had a plan to use AI to try and match data with users, then if the jews ever needed organs they would have a database of matches. Mossad comes in and the person has an "accident" and they get the organs.

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Kikes kiking?
You don't say

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Anybody who uses Facebook is a fucking idiot.

Anyone who blames users and not giant corporations is a kike shill.

I warned everyone I could when I found out about it, no one wanted to hear it.

Here's the rundown. The permissions on your phone are fake. Any app that is pre-installed on a cell gets full access to everything.
Apps which are on the whitelist (they pay for this) also get full access.
When you are setting permissions for mic/gps/camera/etc the only impact it has for this class of app is on the UI, in reality, it already has permission.

Many free apps have a piggy-backed code blob that was monetized by MetrixLab/Macromill/Dentsu which records literally everything, originally for capturing ad data.
When this happened, they tried to pitch it to Google, Google ended up just stealing it, Facebook paid with a data sharing agreement.
This is why you see ads for shit you just talk about.

Anyways, permissions are fake and gay, smash your phone and never buy another one. If you have a TV purchased anytime in the last 5 years, it also has several mics built in which are recording everything.

Phone companies obviously would not appreciate the data streams from this, but it's tied into the technology from the Amazon WhisperNet method. This data is not counted and paid for by Facebook/Google/Dentsu/etc.
It's obviously become rather expensive, but they just sell it. Google and Facebook have agreements based on access and data sharing with the cell phone providers.

Welcome to hell. There are eyes and ears everywhere.

Lol I don't use any of that shit grt fucked normies

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Power, when used without conscience or love, always leads to catastrophe. All these platforms have the ability to do so much good for the world and they've all been used against us.

I unironically think that the executives at all the major tech companies are going to be receiving a slew of charges ranging from conspiracy to commit treason to crimes against humanity to conspiracy to commit genocide to espionage for foreign (((nations))) and more. Zuckerberg might be getting the death penalty after all is said and done.

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Nothing will happen to them unless it is carried out by lynch mobs.

Hahah, no. Mueller's gonna indict them all. They all got subpeonad months and months ago. You think that Mueller was going after Trump? Fucking kek. You're in for some big surprises.

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Everyone has known this forever and still they just get away with it and nothing ever happens

Don't forget about all of the idiots who voluntarily gave their DNA to orgs like 23andMe, setting themselves up to be harvested like livestock.

Can you get anymore AIDS infected than this? Oh, you re-posted Pewdipie on your facebook page. We told the banks you're a Nazi, we'll pull all your records so any organizations you talk to will also know you're a Nazi.


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This. Fucken negroids.

plz tell me this does not mean FaceKike is recording my phone at all times, even with the preinstalled FaceZike apps disabled and even with me not having a FaceKike acct nor a Jewgle Account?

if AppaGoogaFaceSoftZon are still spying on my every move, then i am madder than fuck at them. im talking drive to Silicon Valley and duct tape a bomb to Zucc's car level of mad.

worst of all, these FaceZerg preinstalled Apps cannot be uninstalled. not even from the ADB command line via USB.

i am definitely installing LineageOS tomorrow and saying fuck you Sony. i don't need any of Jewgle's nor FaceKike nor Amazon's apps.

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oh no they had access to all my nonexistent data because I've never used kikebook

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That's why you turn off all data and don't use apps. In fact, don't use a smart phone either. Also most fags probably aren't even running a javascript blocker with a blacklist, so kikebook uses the single pixel tracking on a shit ton of sites.

Yes. Where do think Parscale and Cambridge Analytica were harvesting their data from? They went right to Facebook directly.

Lol, you literally can't.

Guaranteed this has been known to authorities for ages. The real question is: why is this circus happening in the first place? What did Zuck do to ZOG that made them throw him under the bus?

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Essentially the issue is they have recognized the difficulty in trying to shut down the message.
So there is a faction that wants to blow it all up and let massive social media die
And there is a faction that believes that by exposing all of this and riding it out will further demoralize the goyim as nothing changes.

This is going to be a lose-lose situation. Go look at the 401k funds, they are all massively invested in kikebook. They are holding a gun to that demographic's head.

Me too.

Facebook is clearly a CIA operation and platform.


Not sure if this data breach stuff is government incompetence or a psyop to make us not care anymore and make plebs think "russia stole the election".

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The Russia shit is a loud front to obfuscate israeli subversion. Trump and Clinton are owned by israel, Trump especially by the Chabad/mafia clique. They make a shit ton of noise about Russia, just spray their shit everywhere to drown out the israeli connections. The Trump campaign specifically was literally run by Mossad. They went straight to Faceberg for the data they wanted.

Do you have a source on that or is this just your guess?
I assume Israel promotes all the Nazi like aspects surrounding Trump since it worked out for Israel very well last time.

The source is his entire administration.

Next time you can just say the campaign and admin is staffed and supported by Evangelicals. (Who are shabbos Goy for Israel but not Mossad.)
If you want to be specific. If you think words matter.

His administration is near entirely jewish.

Good thing I never used kikebook etc.

Voluntarily? Worse, imbeciles pay to hand over their DNA to people about whom they know nothing, and be misinformed that they aren't really White.

The corporation is shit and the users are retards who deserve what they get for being that stupid.

This. Leaks and such things are all just limited hangouts