Operation #IchbineinNazi

#IchbineinNazi "I am a Nazi" is currently trending on Twitter

The tag #IchbineinNazi "I am a Nazi" is trending on German Twitter, as thousands of Germans are fed up with globalist propaganda and media branding them as Nazis just because they speak up against forced migration into their country. Of course the leftist NPC are going nuts over this!

Will user join the fun?

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Twitter is a circle jerk of SJWs and self promoters.

I have never come across a normal person that used it.

It's a billion dollar jew scam.

Anybody who wasn't banned on twitter yet except kikes, fags and antifa?

Saltmining leftist tears? Why not?

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Are they really now?
Also when did shills start training their 5 year old sex slaves to shitpost?

Some people stay on only by using massive block lists that have all the antifa on them.

Good for them, nice seeing the reserved middle class politely engaging in protest. But again…far too late. They still have not a hint of an idea what evil has coming for them. If you're German and reading this, get out on the streets and start chanting the word "JUDE" until your mind is free from their lies, and then for gods sake start preparing yourselves for a war of survival. Group up, stay close and stop showing mercy to the ones trying to steal, rob, rape, murder and genocide you.


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suspected of being a Nazi by police for having hair in braids

Looking at posted examples… the basic thrust of the movement isn't exactly a Zig Forums victory… It looks more like they're making by-now-familiar complaints of the elite demos gulf that has spread.

Actual nazism wouldn't work to assuage these complaints in any way.

Actual Nazism would solve every problem they think they have and more. No shitskin, no problem.

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Throw money into ! That'll cause which is sure to assuage the populous!

You know, these things actually would be easier if you'd quit lying.

People want something new. Something needs to change. Perhaps they want responsibilities big enough to fail at and safety enough to fail at them.

(I'm subverting the ID system.)

An all-powerful government would never do it. A safety net strong enough would promote dependency. How do you launch, catch, and relaunch people? What power is strong enough to juggle souls?

You're either a shill or delusional. There is only one possible outcome to the present situation and it sure as Hell isn't going to be "easy."

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How do you turn back time? How do you make the old young again? How do you give opportunity back to people? How do you make the stuck feet travel?

Lots of good reasons to be Nazi's there, for me i just think they had the coolest looking tanks.

People know they aren't nazis. They blame the rich. They blame the influential. What are they seeking in this allocation of blame? Kicking out foreigners doesn't make the rich and influential cease to be the rich and influential. Some of them complain about the influential; so they want more cultural refinement, perhaps. Others complain about the rich; that is why I think they want relaunching.

We are all shills here, with our shifting IDs and fake generation of a popular representation. There is no broad collaboration with so little insight as have I, and I have more than those who think the problem can be solved by exalting a new aristocracy of misery.

no u are

Use it for antijewish actions and dont pay them anything.


I had a dream once of Jesus keeping order in a household by acting through its residents to produce small miracles. But oh, how tired he grew! For there was no end of demand for small miracles.

Can we give to people the power to create their own miracles? There is a classic option, but the world is so crowded already, and if European nations were good at accommodating new entrants the present tempest would not swirl overhead. What other miracles may be allotted?

People complain of the influential, striding the earth as though they owned it. Can we re-regionalize the world? Do people not long for it? For if the height were lower, the low would be higher. Moreover, we could use the toys of modernity to fuel new little miracles. If there were a toy that would turn minor inputs into glorious music, only children would use it in a world where celebrities put forward a central glory, and yet in the absence of some pretender to the seraphim men and women might dedicate their lives to such an instrument.

Another option might be to break into the economy looking for and rooting up passive incomes to redistribute them. If there are things that people currently make massive amounts on in a few places with little action, can they be distributed widely to produce small amounts in many places with little action? That might permit people to buy themselves from the ditch.

There is no use in some awful coercive power to rise from below.


So to upset all the left npcs you are going to mindlessly tweet something like a npc yourself.

Solid logic.

Cada uno tiene su propio concepta de justicia.

Wir neigen eigentlich zue einer großartigen Fiktion.

Il y a une tâche sans fin du conscient.

Damn right I'm a shill.

Kjo botë do të ishte më mirë nëse do të kisha më shumë kujdes në kopshtin tim.

Aħna Ikoll għandna responsabbiltajiet.

Neviens nav patiesi atsevišķs.

Have a care for the future of the planet, muļķis

Why downplay this? The term Nazi has lost it's silencing power. There are thousands of Germans saying they are Nazis, and this is somehow not a big deal?

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Rydw i wedi gwneud cymaint o anghywir y byddai'r bobl yr oeddwn wedi cam-drin yn colli eu gyrfaoedd pe baent yn cyfadded fy mod wedi gwneud unrhyw beth iddyn nhw.

Má aithnítear, méadóidh roinnt teipeanna.

Har du nogensinde oplevet noget sådan?

Sellel veebisaidil on nii palju inimesi, kes räägivad valesid?

Have you told any yourself?

See maailm lõpeb, kui ta mind tajub.

Var ödmjuk.

What is this?


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Thread disruption is what it is. Kikes are scared.

Nice try shlomo

mirin' gyno

Agreed this is good progress, the fire is rising.
We have lit a flame that the ages shall not extinguish

Ahh, the old "I am Spartacus" trick. A nice gesture but I'll really be impressed when they start using swastikas.

Fuck off.

When everyones a nazi.

No one is. Lets hope the snowniggers don't go the same way the anglos did.

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That explains his new song

t. npc

I lost it at the taco nazi.

This is a kike:

Attacks Mussolini. Hitler would have that kike gassed for dissing his buddy.

>implying this is the sort of racemixing (((they))) want to promote

(((white goyim need to die, and white shiksas gobble up schwartza dick, oy-vey)))

Well that's a new one.

Where in the name of fuck did this "braid" nonsense come from?

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But kicking out the foreigners will make Germany white again, and drop the crime rate back to almost nothing, again…not to mention ease the unreasonable strain on their social services.
Good enough reasons.

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ah cmon user
it'll be fun!

Yeah, I wouldn't be surprised if this was made (((on purpose))) to expose low IQ types. I'd rather be called a national socialist anyway.

1. Cops are retarded
2. They listen to sexed up derp state glow nigger "reports"
3. And they get it retardedly wrong (see? more integral accident)

Space Nazi motto: When a star twinkles, one of our ships has occulted your vision.

Think of this as the rebuttal to the "million points of light".

why so many zionists declaring themselves to be nazis?

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yeah this troll doesn't seem to be very smart, but more power to them if it accomplishes…. idk… something?

Checked. Informative. We seem to be dealing with bait :^)

Kikes do that all the time. It's also called the "agent provocateur".

The tactic is simple enough. The CIA/Mossad/MI-5/FSB/MSS throws the first molotov. Then they arrest everyone else who then joins in.

The "shot heard around the world" is typically by them.

Nazi means unapologetically white now.

And they aren't declaring that, dummy, they're playing off the ridiculous claims against them by using that term.

The kikes aren't keeping up with the game. They've cried wolf too many times, calling Trump, other very ordinary conservatives, "nazis". Now being accused of being a nazi is literally nothing.


Yes, this is the true meaning of "Prison Planet" - though those faggot kikes of infowars never understood this.

left being shit at memes intensifies

#IchbineinNazi is making kikes' brains go "error, kvetch, error, kvetch". So much derailing in this and the other thread.

kikes tweet though
It is an attempt to normalize pro-Israel neocohenism

Report these kikes

Have a bump!

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Fucking boomers

fixed that for ya

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It's milquetoast.
But hey, perhaps a few edgy anons can chisel away on the edge of this wave crashing against the narrative?

Still illegal after §86a
You have to keep to it too if you want to be effective in Germany.
So just put two sneks there, I guess?

At this rate people are just going to embrace being called a Nazi and actually become one.

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I dreamed about this years ago but rejected it as impractical, now it's happening by itself. And all because the Jew just couldn't stop himself from jumping up and down on the same spot on an old wooden floor.

It's probably a scam, but it just shows that the jews will never stop being grilled by Germans, ever. No matter how many time you beat them down.

Heil Deutschland.


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Well spotted and checked.

They might have reasons other than support that they follow those accounts. You could probably go through my twitter follows and find people I oppose politically.


This should have happened the moment Merkel personally ordered mass censorship of beheading of year old German baby girl by shitskin


Better late than never. Just checked and this is turning into a real shitstorm. Twitter is banning and deleting like crazy but the #IchbineinNazi tweets just keep on coming.


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Beautiful. Now they just need to support Der III. Weg

got a banned on 4chins for making a thread about it
they are also shutting it down

That's not trending, you asshole. That just shows you either 1) that a number of other people are searching that term or 2) that there are a number of other instances of that word across various tweets. Neither of these constitute as trending. Trending occurs when Twitter algorithms detect a very significant number of instances of a word or phrase used across tweets, at which point it automatically shows up in the trending section.

In other words, stop dreaming.

Its all fun and games until you rape our children..
@2:22 (((diaper punisment)))

Feel the noose tightening, shlomo?

Swastikas are the new "HOPE"

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People are fed up. Really really fed up.


Living under kike tyranny for long enough will do that to you.

user use invidio.us instead

Twatter controls what trends and what doesn't directly now. It is no longer simply a function of public participation, there are threads they won't allow to trend, even if the entire world is participating.
This has been documented. It is, after all, (((Twitter)))

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You have to understand that there are NO authentic opinions on Twitter. This is at best a false flag and at worst a honeypot so they can later use tweets that seemed to be in favor of this hashtag as legal leverage.

So what?
Do you REALLY care anymore about what the jewtards call you?
Are you so frightened of the puke spilling out of their gobs that you'll sit down and accept your genocide?
Fuck 'em. If they try something, escalate things even more.

All whites, everywhere, really have nothing to lose, at this point.

Burn the mosques and the synagogues, but chain the door shut, first.

I also hate schizoposters. Their lives should be ruined like what used to happen years ago on cuck/b/ when it was edgy.

LMAO, implying any of you fags have a grasp of reality and can do anything besides wishful thinking. Your memes are so shit I tend to think they're ironic Zig Forums memes making fun of you in sort of a "what if someone made memes this shit" way.

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So, how many niggers have you killed Cleetus?

Do glow in the dark's count?

"killed" or murdered?

Shut up mossad. :^)

So the answer is: None. Zero.
Tough talk from some 200lbs amerimutt who goes to sleep with his body pillow and his AR15 each night dreaming of the DOTR but knowing full well deep down that they will never actually do or achieve anything.

This is why Europeans will never take you mongrels seriously. Call yourselves patriots but too fat/retarded/lazy to do patriot shit.

Except he blew you the fuck out. "It's time to fight back" you say, but you refuse to fight back, either individually or as a group, in any capacity, anywhere on Earth. What the fuck is wrong with you? You're certainly not white.

Thanks for violating the rules, you goddamn kike.